I know I have rewritten this quite a few times, and I'm sorry but for some reason I just can't get it right. Hopefully this time is Okay?

Pairing: Seme Draco/ Uke cross dressing Harry.

Warnings: Anal, Oral, Rim, Mpreg, SLASH, SoloM, and probably gross SoloF, but look at in a gross way. And yeah other stuff will most likely be added later, thanks for reading everyone!!

Summary: Harry and Ginny were married, happy. Or so Harry thought. That was until Ginny came home one night saying she was pregnant with another man's child and wants a divorce. Harry looses everything in the trial because of a ex-death eater judge, but Harry is not about to go down easy, he's decided he will NOT live poor again, groveling for everything he got like when he was a child. That's where the rich and powerful come in, and Harry doesn't know anyone better than Draco Malfoy.

Prologue: Its over!

Harry yawned as he sat back and propped his feet up on the coffee table enjoying immensely that his loving wife wasn't there to yell at him about it , his eyes were intently watching the television, he was currently watching a romantic muggle movie with a hot guy. Well that was until Ginny slammed open the door and marched straight into the living room with a determined look in her eyes. Harry had seen it many times and just decided to sit back and let whatever happen.

"Its over. I want a divorce." Ginny said calmly most likely thinking Harry was going to flip. He did.

"WHAT!? You want a Divorce? Why!?" Harry was confused. Sure Ginny and him didn't really get along, and so what if they hadn't had sex in 14 months, and what if they tried to get away from each other at every turn…

"I am pregnant. And no its not yours of course. No you haven't touched me in ages, I'd be surprised if you knew I had anything down there anymore," Harry grimaced, he didn't particularly like to imagine what was down there anymore, but then remembered what she had just said.

"NOT MINE?! You've been cheating on me?" Harry was frantic, his magic coiled around him like a snake, jarring things off the shelves and smashing them to the floor, and rattling the windows and doors roughly, the light flickered ominously on and off, as if warning Ginny not to confirm what she had just said.

"I have been cheating on you. Yes. How could I not? All you do is watch TV, or fly on your broom, go visit Hermione and Ron. That's It. Well I am sick of it! I want someone that is worth something! I want a hero that's worthy of ME! and makes love to me and cares for me, buys me things, and does whatever I want. Your none of that. You have done nothing but stay in this house away from everyone since the war. You don't even like to go to Mum and Dad's anymore. I want a rich and powerful man. Not you. I want nothing to do with you. But rest assured, I will be taking your money, all your houses, and all your possessions, your not a War Hero anymore Harry, I need someone who is not you." Ginny said evilly.

And she did. She took everything except Grimmald place. Harry was left with nothing. The ex-Death eater judge believed Ginny's claim about him cheating on her and abusing her, she held her slightly pregnant belly for sympathy, idly rubbing it softly. Which he supposed was believable since his magic was so out of control all the time, but still she had no proof he cheated on her. He really didn't, he hadn't been interested in his wife for over a year, true, but he had never even considered being with anyone else, Harry had pretty much accepted his fate as forever being Ginny's husband.

But Harry told himself he would never live under a cupboard or in a box, never again would he go a week without food, and absolutely NEVER would he give up. He refused to back down and live like he had when he was a child, and even though the old black house was nothing like that, Harry also refused he would struggle in the dank and dusty house. Harry decided quite quick what he wanted, he wanted what Ginny wanted and every other woman wanted. Someone rich and Powerful, and most importantly someone who would care for him no matter what.


Harry sighed as he rubbed the back of his stiff neck. He had made the journey to the Ministry to talk to Hermione without Ron being their to yell at him for cheating on his sister. Ron had actually believed Ginny, as well as the other Weasleys, except perhaps the twins which were quite a bit pissed that Ginny would accuse him of such.

"Harry! Are you okay? I read the papers. I can't believe Ginny actually won that case! Its completely barmy! And that idiot Ron! I wish he and his girlfriend would get out of my house! I mean what went off in my mind that actually made me say yes to him being there. Harry…sit down." Hermione said flustered behind her desk.

Hermione was The Head of Discovery at the Ministry and had done very well in her line of work, she had even wrote a series of children's novels, which were even printed and sold to Muggles! Even though the Harry Potter books kind of annoyed him, it was nice that there was an alternative story to the truth out there. Harry would hate for any child to think or even know about the final battle, the war of wars, the ending of all evil: Yeah right Harry thought bitterly. Evil was very much alive anywhere you went, even though the Death War was finished. that's what they called it now, The Death War. That was truly what it had been, a field of endless bodies…

Harry would have never made it if he hadn't had his friends, even though Ron in the end didn't participate, he had plenty that did, all defending him, all watching his back, but Ron...Ron had ran. He had fled at the least second, when it all seemed hopeless, when Harry thought there was no way. Ron was swiftly replaced, and with numbers. Draco Malfoy leading a surprisingly huge group of Slytherins took up his left side, Harry still remembered what his face must have looked like when Draco actually smiled and said:

"I'll be right here with you."

Draco had seemed so strong then, his silver hair shining in the suddenly brighter sun that had only seconds ago seemed to be fading. So not the person he had thought the Slytherin was, not the evil prick and not Harry's worst nightmare. Draco was suddenly the friend Harry should have excepted from the beginning, the hand he should have took. Still at the end of it, Draco had came, and not by his self, he made sure there was people to watch Harry's back, he risked his very life for him. Draco had rallied the Order and everyone on the light again, giving what is now a very famous speech.

Harry remembered every calmly said word.

"Our friends and family are at risk!" Draco had suddenly shouted out to a losing hope crowd, "The only way to insure happiness and restore peace is to fight…If you don't curse to kill then don't curse at all. This isn't like petty school fights, this is a battle, a War, a time to fight for what you believe in and shatter the delusions a mad man has brought to our world! Fight for your friends! Die for your family! Because someone will always die, and what greater a moment than this? When all things seem to be at an end?!" Everyone had shouted in agreement, and were more motivated then when the battle had started.

Teachers, Students, Order members and Aurors took off to fight again, and Harry hesitated and turned to see Draco once again talking, to Slytherins this time.

"We are different. We aren't War Heroes like them…We are Slytherins, and we have no family to fight for because they are the ones on the other side of the field, the ones we are fighting against! So, Why are we here then? Well you need to think of that fast cause you are the only ones that can decide that. For me? I'm here because I believe in a difference, I believe that what happened years ago was wrong, I believe what is happening now is wrong, and for my future, for my children and grandchildren, and for my Father who was imprisoned by the Dark Lord. I want something else." Draco turned then and joined the battle, being the first out of the students to fire off the killing curse without even batting an eyelash, missing Harry looking at him in awe.

When Harry finally caught sight of Voldemort it had scared him, Harry was far too hurt to fight at that moment because of a large gash he had got from a particularly nasty curse, Snape had arrived and gave him a potion saying he needed to wait awhile before he could fight again, so Harry was once again escorted out of the field for awhile. And Harry was saved again. It seemed Draco knew someone had to hold off the Dark Lord until Harry was well again and had charged the snake man, and had fought for two and a half hours with him, blood had poured down Draco's body, stabs and wounds, punctures and gapping scrapes littered his body and yet whenever he caught Harry's eyes from across the field, all Harry could hear was:

"I'll be right here with you." and he was.

'You will be a hero Malfoy…' Harry silently promised.

When Harry knew Voldemort was getting very weak and Draco was about to pass out, he took up the reigns, fighting his heart out, for Hogwarts, for his friends, for Snape who always had two masters, for Lucius Malfoy who had risked his life to devulge information to the Order, heck for the Order of the Phoenix, and for those Slytherins that were beside him, the ones he thought were going to be at the opposite side of the field, for his Godfather, for Remus, Hermione, even Ron and for Draco, who was strong, and powerful, and who saved him til the very end.

Harry had struck, and Voldemort had died. Draco had disappeared. And Harry? Harry was devastated he couldn't thank him.

"Harry? You were spacing out. You okay? Have you read the Prophet?" Hermione asked looking worriedly.

"No." Harry sighed, "I haven't no doubt Skeeter has had a ball." Harry said rolling his eyes. Hermione smiled slightly and tossed the morning paper across the neat wooden desk roughly.

"Harry Potter? A Abusive Husband and A Cheat?" Was the first thing that caught his eye then flipped the page where another headline clearly stated:

"Harry Potter Poor and Pathetic?" Harry growled at the one. He would still keep his self proclaimed promise, he would NOT be poor, not again, not ever.

Hermione looked sympathetic to Harry as he sat across the desk staring blankly at the papers, she had no idea what was really going through his head, what desperate plan he was brewing in his mind like a potion that he never succeeded at.

"Hermione, I have a plan…" Harry said slowly, the clocks were working in his head ever as he said it.

"I'm going to get some powerful and rich to fall in love with me. A man to fall in love with me." Harry sighed, "I can't live like this anymore Hermione, Do you understand?" Harry hoped she did, he didn't know when he had come to the conclusion that he was gay, but it came rather suddenly one night as he thought he really wouldn't mind being bent over and fucked mercilessly, being held onto instead of doing the holding, being spoiled and loved, pleasing his mate in submissive ways.

Hermione looked at him a moment, processing exactly what he had just said. She thought for a moment, then another moment, and another...

"Harry...How do you expect to do that?! Who do we even know, well I mean we know plenty, that's the problem cause we also know...that they aren't gay...in anyway. Rich men want women with social standing to screw and have an heir with Harry, that's all. They want someone who doesn't care if they have someone on the side, someone that doesn't mind being used for a child and that's it!" Hermione sighed, "Just think about it...Blaise married some bimbo rich girl, he didn't love her but she was okay looking and was able to bear children, Ron married that way too, even though now both of them are sleeping on my pull-out couch... Crabbe and Goyle for Christ's sake! They already have 3 little ones each."

"I know! But its just got to happen Hermione! I can't live in poverty again, you know I can't! I need your help, and I will be that person, I just have to make myself appealing and submissive and I can have child no problem! They have potions for that stuff now. I will even dress like a woman if I have too..." Harry said, he actually wouldn't mind at all, being all sexy in skirts and looking pretty all the time.

"Harry, getting the looks is one thing, but you know I have no idea about scoping guys...Harry, I didn't even know you were...gay?" Hermione stared at him, her bushy hair hiding her frowning brows.

Harry had thought about this, being taken care of, loved, held, made love to, he was fine with all those things even if he had to take it up his butt, it actually might feel good + imagine having to do nothing and still be lavished on and pampered...

"I have no problem with it. Hermione lets just start with looks first." They both thought about who would be a good person to help them out...and it clicked in both their minds at the same time.

Luna Lovegood had become a Extreme Makeover type genius, so naturally they headed to "Love-Harmonies Studio" in Hogsmead.

"So let me get this straight. Ginny divorced you, you suddenly turn gay and want to be beautiful?" They both nodded, "Completely understandable." Luna of all people had to understand this of course, she always did somehow know a lot about Harry.

Harry smile, same old Luna, crazy logic, but that was his logic this time after all.

"Luna, he's going for the rich, gorgeous and powerful type, what do you recommend." Hermione asked getting into it. She found herself suddenly very happy at the idea of her and Harry going shopping and having girl dates, and maybe once she gets a man, they would have double dates, her and Harry being pampered endlessly of course.

"Well...Rich huh?...Then I suggest we go with...cross dressing, openly of course, dress like a woman not pretend to be one kind of thing, for the Gorgeous type I think we should do some laser hair removal…everywhere, there is nothing more manly and dominant than a hairy man, so you won't be needing that. Lose the glasses, and make the hair more layered and feathered to frame the face so that the hair will also fit the Powerful side, it will make you look submissive, since generally the powerful want to be dominating over the other, we will also dress you in more

submissive clothes for that reason, and to sweeten the look we'll add a smoky charcoal eyeliner to the eyes. It will look amazing." Luna said confidently.

"Wow." Hermione and Harry say in unison, also thinking along the same lines, 'Has she been thinking about this?'

Harry looked like a Chibi. That's all there is to it. And he liked it very much. Harry felt cute and sexy in his short skirt, his now hairless pale legs felt weird and seemed more sensitive and they also seemed to go on forever, wrapped around those smooth silky legs were white soft knee highs followed by black Japanese looking flats that were silky and embroidered with floweres, his torso was covered in a nice white button down that hugged his curves tightly and just ending right where the skirt began. Harry's hair was down to his shoulders and feathered softly around his face, black met with blue streaks in a cute mix, his bangs fell over his left eye slightly making him look mysterious, his glowing deep green eyes were smoky and bright due to the thick black makeup lining his eyes. Harry looked at himself again in the tall mirror Luna had in her 'Office'.

"Oh my God Harry, are you sure about this...you look so...vulnerable and innocent..." Hermione said, a blush tinting her cheeks as she eyed the short skirt that came down just past Harry shapely bottom, and further down his soft girly looking thighs and legs, she could just imagine guys going crazy to get those legs around their waist, she blushed even deeper at the thought of her best friend having HIS legs wrapped around a man, " I just don't want you to get hit on by the wrong people..." Hermione trailed off looking to Luna for help.

"Yes, Harry we did invent this look for the Powerful Sexy Rich type, which happens to be the most dangerous kind..." Luna couldn't help but feeling pride as she eyed her 'masterpiece', he looked better than any girl, even though you could tell he was a guy because of the lack of boobs, but that's the only reason.

"I know guys, don't worry about me. I can't wait til I get my perfect man!!" Harry squealed, "I can just see him wrapping his arms protectively around me, making sure no pervs get me..." Harry's eyes clouded as he headed off to dream world with his 6'3 slender rich man, he couldn't help but want to be dominated after yesterday remembering he wouldn't have to do any 'work' and he could just imagine staring up into the almost foot taller man with steal blue eyes and white blond hair...wait. Harry laughed, he knew who his 'Fantasy Man' resembled and to be honest, he would be very happy if that was his man. Harry knew Draco was brave and fierce, just what he wanted, oh and incredibly sexy, he wanted so bad to wrap his legs around him and never let go...

'Wow I sounded like a whore' Harry thought to himself as he blushed brightly.

"I know what you thinking and your getting ahead of yourself, you need to go on a few dates...oh! how about get a office job? You can work as a secretary to all those powerful men..." Hermione trailed off, looking smugly at Luna as she knew the wheels in Harry's head were turning at record speed.

Harry could just imagine being surrounded by all the money and power and salivated at the mouth, "But I don't want to work...I want to be spoiled..." Harry whined remembering what exactly his goal was, after all he couldn't let his future lover think he was a working type...cause after all that working as a child and all that suffering as a teen, he was never lifting a finger again unless it was to get his man.

"Oh honestly! You need a job to pay the bills until you get you 'lover'...Oh I know, Luna is it possible for him to do some work around here?" Hermione asked turning to the blond who was leaning lazily on the front counter.

"Oh sure, I could use a cute assistant, a lot of my customers would appreciate that." Luna said smiling as she looked at Harry.

"Well I guess, I can do that, it doesn't sound hard..." Harry sighed as he asked what time and days he should work.

"Alright thanks Luna!" Harry and Hermione smiled at the waving blonde, but couldn't wave back seeing as Luna had loaded both their hands with clothes for Harry.

As they stepped outside and Harry felt the cool breeze against his legs and sighed in happiness, he was this much closer to his goal. To bad he didn't notice all the lustful stares he was receiving.

Harry was adapting nicely to his new life, which included working at Luna's Love-Harmonies Studio, and wearing what he hoped to be devilishly attractive and sexy clothes. Which comes to say right now Harry was currently filling out fabric orders, sitting behind the front desk, with a blood red button up long sleeved shirt, with a short black skirt followed by black hose and black comfy flats. Harry's hair was cutely ruffled around his face, showing off his cute soft face, and his eyes were outlined with heavy eyeliner, making his emerald eyes ten times more intense. Harry leaned down to scratch at his ankle then straightened up and stretched with a yawn, his back popping back into place from sitting in a hunched position too long. Harry had, had no luck with finding a man, there had been many great looking ones that had wandered into the studio, but none had looked at him, that is with more than just lust in their eyes.

Many had asked Harry out, but with Harry's polite refusal, they left empty handed, except, of course with the purchases they felt required to buy. Overall Luna was happy, Harry was bringing in more male customers than she has had in quite a while, and although he had no luck finding 'the one' she was quite content with him waiting a little longer.

At the moment Harry was dreamily looking outside the storefront window and into the cold world, thinking about walking along side his love, bundled in scarves and wrapped tightly in his arms.

'GOD I AM PATHETIC!' He thought to himself.

Harry knew he would have to be patient in waiting for this to happen, but it already felt like years had pass since he started to try and woo a man, when in reality it had only been a few weeks.

The bell tinkled loudly over the door, but Harry paid no attention to it, still deep in his daydreaming.

A tall man walked into Love-Harmonies, looking around the studio before his eyes rested on the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, he couldn't quite tell if it was a girl or a boy, but they had to be young, they looked so small...and so sexy!

The man brushed his thick black hair out of his dull green eyes (Compared to Harry's

anyway), and took off his long coat and placed it on the rack by the door, leaving himself in his black business suit, he looked hot and he knew it.

"Ah! Haven't seen you in awhile Mr. Madison! In for another set of those lovely suits you always insist on wearing?" Luna smiled at her long time costumer, she had seen his wayward eyes fall upon Harry, and she had definitely seen the lust fire up inside of them.

Overall Luna's shop was pretty big, it was separated into several departments, she herself supervise all the 'Major' clients while her trusty employees handle the not so prestigious clientele.

Luna knew that if Harry got involved with Taylor, it would be dangerous...but she also knew, there would be no stopping it. For as soon as Harry got his head out of the clouds and saw their costumer, he would surely be swooned.

"Hello to you as well Ms. Lovegood. And pray tell, How are you this fine winter day?" Taylor said, once again brushing his hair out of his eyes, that once again fell on the captivating person at the counter, he wore a sexy smirk on his face, but Luna likened it to a shark smile.

But even Luna knew that Taylor Madison was gorgeous. But most importantly, he was definitely ruthless.

"Very well sir. What may I do for you today? I didn't expect you...Did you make an appointment?" she asked.

Luna knew he hadn't but she wanted to embarrass him, and take him down a step or two from his high ego.

"OH! Well...I didn't think I needed to..." Taylor looked at Luna with eyes that said 'I shouldn't need

to.' Taylor didn't like making appointments, mostly because he didn't like to keep them, he went where and when he wanted, and got what he wanted from anyone, and everyone.

This reminded Luna of a certain blonde from Harry's and her school days, but she knew the blonde was different now, much different, he apologized to Luna every time he saw her for making fun of her at school.

It was rather funny, to see him always greeting her with a sorry face and flowers, she wondered when he would come in again, it HAD been awhile after all.

"Well, you know I have always ask you to call. I happen to be out of the fabric you like, I will need to get Harry to order some more, which should arrive in about two weeks, I suggest you set up a appointment with him, at the front desk." Luna suddenly winced, and mentally slapped herself. She had forgotten that she didn't want Harry involved with this man...and now she had just gave Taylor the perfect excuse to meet him.

"But of course." Taylor didn't argue this time, happy with the excuse to meet this dark angel sitting by the counter lazily playing with a strand of hair, curling it around his long delicate pale finger.

As Taylor approached he realized that without Luna's slip of calling him 'Harry' Taylor would probably would have never known that this beauty was in fact a man, but as he step closer he could see no breasts, so he knew this beauty was definitely a man. Good.

Harry suddenly saw someone obstruct his vision from the window and looked up into a handsome face, with a very...very, very sexy smirk on it. Harry shuddered with desire, he hoped this man had noticed him, he quickly (but discreetly) adjusted himself on the stool, making sure everything was in place and looked presentable.

With a shy smile he asked, "What can I do for you Mister?" sexily batting his eyelashes.

Taylor smiled, the kid was practically his. The boy, 'Harry', had a sexy blush on his cheeks, and was obviously quite taken with him, if the shameless flirting was anything to go by.

"I was told you were the one to make an appointments with? How about...Saturday? Maybe 8:30?" Taylor smirked again, thinking that this was too easy.

"Umm; you mean...?" Harry gulped, was this man asking him out? Was this it?!

"Well, I was hoping I was asking you out..." Taylor drifted off suggestively. He thought this boy

would definitely make a nice new piece to his collection of 'Toys'.

"Well I-...I mean...Sure! Yes!!" Harry blushed even darker at his stuttering and couldn't even look into Taylor's eyes, but if he had he would have seen the evil, lustful gleam, that at that moment wasn't hidden in them.

"Alright. Just what I wanted to hear. By the way, I am Taylor Madison, I co-own Madison and DM Inc." Taylor waited for the recognition of his business.

"OH! Right, 'The TV for the everyday wizard.' That's amazing, I have one in my home!" Harry said excited, this man was powerful, wealthy, and very, very handsome. Harry couldn't believe his luck.

At that very same moment, Taylor was thinking the same thing.

"Well I'll be picking you up on Saturday then..." Taylor gave one of his killer smiles to the blushing teen and got his address after about 5 minutes of stuttering. Harry watched Taylor walk out of the store with longing, his dream was so close, he could almost taste it. All of a sudden his dream lover had a face, and a name; Taylor Madison.

Luna just watched the exchange with a sense of dread. Hating herself for that one small little slip. Hoping that her sixth sense, that was screaming to stop this relationship from forming, was wrong.

It was now 7:30 PM on Saturday and Harry was pacing around his small and dingy hotel room that he had been staying in and paying for with the surprisingly little amount of money he made at Luna's, since every time a new shipment came in Harry found himself buying a million new things he just 'had to have', he really was getting into this whole girl-thing.

'WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!!' Harry was freaking out and found himself stopping every now and then to pull at his dark delicate locks of hair in frustration. He was so nervous that he was shaking from head to toe, he had walked from his bed to his closet shaking his head every time he peered in.

That's how anyone would find Harry Potter on that fine Saturday evening. Nervous and afraid.

Harry finally settled on a black silky dress that fit him tightly but flared out at the hips so its would twirl when he moved, he tied a red ribbon around his neck into a small and loopy bow and slipped soft black tights over his pale smooth, hairless legs. Harry sat on his bed as he put on his black stilettos that Luna gave to him, allowing him to stand two inches taller, which still only made him come up to 5'8.

Harry walked into the very small bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, he fiddled with the dress, straightening and smoothing it down. He reached for his make-up bag and dug through it 'til he found his mascara and started to gently apply it to his eyelashes like Luna and Hermione taught him, when he was finished he blinked at himself in the mirror looking to make sure it wasn't clumping his overly long lashes. Next, Harry moved onto the eyeliner, he swiftly but accurately applied the black liner to his emerald eyes darkly making them shine brightly, adding just the right amount of silvery glitter on his eyelids, to accentuate his eyes more. Lastly he grabbed a can of hair spray and began to fluff and style his hair, so it framed his face in a just-ravaged look. Harry smiled at himself in the mirror brightly.

'OH, RIGHT! BETTER BRUSH MY TEETH!' Harry laughed at himself at how he almost forgot that small but very important detail.

He heard the news on the television in the background talking about WAAB (Wizards Against Animal Abuse) and how they are trying to make it a law that you have to walk your dog for a hour a day. Harry giggled, he loved animals but a law that required an hour a day was to much.

"In other news, today the billion dollar company Madison and DM Inc.; made a major deal that is said to open up over a thousand jobs to wizards and witches, hoping to put an end to job shortages. Millions of letters have been sent to the company in thanks for this new opportunity for many individuals to provide better for their families. The spokesperson for Madison and DM said that the main contributor and co-owner of the business has pushed this deal for over two years now in order to help the Wizarding World, he also says that it was done with of course the help of the other co-owner Taylor Madison. There has been reports of many parties of celebration going on this week. Back to you-"

Harry smiled at the TV when a picture of his hopefully new boyfriend popped up, but he found himself disappointed that it wasn't Taylor's idea for the bill that helped so many people, he bet that the other co-owner of the business was really nice and giving, but Harry was still overly joyed at still going out with Taylor. Speaking of which came a knock on his door.

Quickly Harry grabbed his small black and silver purse and opened the door to reveal one of the most handsome men in existence. Taylor Madison stood at the door wearing a black tux with the jacket open, showing a silky black vest and dress shirt, Harry let his eyes travel up and down the amazing body and finally landed on the sexy smirk on Taylor's face.

"Um...Hey" Harry said shyly looking down at his clasped hands quickly, with a light blush kissing his cheeks.

Taylor meanwhile wasn't having any 'shy' problems, when that door opened and this angel stepped out, he had no embarrassment over staring at the beautiful boys body. Taylor imagined those silky thigh wrapped tightly around him as he thrusted into the boy's tight hot body.

"Hey." Taylor said after taking his eyes off the breath taking sight, huskily; only to fall on the not so breath taking sight of the crappy hotel room the angel was staying at.

Harry caught the look of disdain on Taylor's face as he eyed his living arrangements and blushed deeply.

"Please forgive my living quarters, I know it's not very nice."

Taylor snapped his gaze back on the boy, startled from his own thoughts. He nodded once and said, "Definitely not somewhere you should be staying. Would you please allow me, when our date is over to find you a better place. On me, of course."

Harry didn't want to take the offer, but wasn't this what he was after? Someone to watch out for him and take care of him. He decided he would not let this opportunity slip past him and quickly smiled.

"Thank you very much. You are so nice." Harry winked and leaned up to kiss the mans cheek, having to get on his tiptoes.

Taylor's breath caught as he saw that saucy wink from the angel and his heart stopped at the touch of silky lips to his skin.

'God this boy is sexy. Can't wait to have him!…and break him.' was all Taylor could think of, "Should we go? I have a nice place in mind I think you will enjoy." he said with a smile, and put his right arm out for the boy to take, Harry did so. He threaded his delicate pale arm through the strong loop Taylor's own arm provided.

And off they went to their first date.

In the car ride over, a black shiny Jaguar, Harry could not keep his eyes off Taylor, and when he was caught staring he would quickly turn away and look out the window, blushing.

Taylor on the other hand was openly staring at the little minx, that sexy dress riding up his soft looking clothed thighs was irresistible, he was drooling and he knew it. Taylor had to stop his hand several times while it was trying to wander over to Harry's knee, he could just imagine that dark blush that would cover the angel's pale cheeks.

"We are here." Taylor said as he exited the car and rounded to Harry's side to open the door and offer his arm once again.

Harry could not believe what a gentleman Taylor was, opening doors and offering his arm, it was too good to be true in his opinion, but he would not questioning it he would allow himself to be pampered endlessly.

Harry carefully stepped out and grabbed softly at the strong arm, looking around he gasped. Taylor brought him to Velda Rose (I have been there once, it is very VERY nice) the most expensive restaurant and hotel in the whole Wizarding World.

Harry looked up into Taylor's smirking face and smiled disbelievingly,

"I-I" Harry stuttered softly.

"You like it right? I come here on business lunches and I like it. Does it not sit well with you? We can find another place…" Taylor didn't exactly understand what Harry was stuttering about, he couldn't understand why he wouldn't like the restaurant…it was nice even to his high standards.

"I love it." Harry breathed, "I just wasn't expecting anything like this…I'm not really worth it."

Taylor chuckled lightly and smirked, "Anything for my new Girlfriend. You don't mind being called that do you?"

Harry blushed at being called his GIRLfriend, but hey he WAS the one wearing the dress here.

"I- No of course I don't mind."

The rest of the date was a nice affair, they talked about ordinary everyday things, and learned more about each other. Harry found out that Taylor was 5 years older than him! And that he didn't attend Hogwarts but a school in New York, a state in America. Taylor wasn't that skilled as a wizard so he didn't do much magic, but the Wizarding TV his company invented, and he was helped then by his so called genius business partner.

"So who exactly is your business partner?" Harry asked truly interested.

"Ahh well maybe you will meet him someday…" And that's all Taylor said about it. Harry was a little disappointed but who was he to argue?

Taylor on the other hand had no intention of Harry EVER finding out about his business partner. The man was too charming for his own good, but soon he'd be married and Taylor thought maybe he could possibly let them meet then…

When the date was over and Taylor revealed that he got a penthouse suite for Harry at the Velda Rose, he was flabbergasted, he knew that Taylor was planning on getting him something better, but he didn't exactly expect the best.

"Thank you for tonight, it was wonderful." Harry said with a small shy smile when Taylor walked him up to his suite. Harry fidgeted and constantly pushed his black shiny hair behind his ears nervously.

"MMmm, anytime. In fact how about Wednesday?" Taylor asked smirking once again, it reminded Harry of a cheap version of a certain Blonde's smirk, it was still sexy but Harry's mind flashed a picture of Blonde's smirk and Harry mentally whimpered with desire, but quickly calming and reminding himself that he had a perfectly handsome gentleman right in front of him.

"Perfect. The same time?" Harry asked.

"Yes." Came the husky reply.

Harry blinked as Taylor cornered him against the wall and started to lean in until their lips were pressed softly together. Taylor immediately ran his rough tongue against Harry soft red lips, asking for a swift entrance, which Harry hesitantly granted. Taylor ran his hands down to Harry's soft curvy hips and grabbed them roughly causing Harry to break the kiss to gasp. Harry had never been kissed by a man and although something was lacking it still felt amazing to him to be controlled like that.

"See you then" Taylor said as he walked away, his cock harder than he ever remembered it getting on a first date.

Harry blushed darkly, the kiss was too rough for his taste but he did like being dominated.

When he opened the door he ignored the room in favor of finding the bedroom and going straight to sleep on the soft silky sheets. Which he did, however he ended up dreaming of a mysterious blonde kissing him instead of Taylor.