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Chapter Two:

Luna watched as Harry came in threw the door making the bell above jingle lightly. His cheeks were slightly pink from the winter air outside, and he smiled at her as his hands smoothed his ruffled hair and straightened his skirt.

"Morning, Luna. Good night?" Harry's smile was so fake Luna wanted to throw up.

"As to be expected. Yours?" Luna watched as Harry tensed. Perhaps in remembrance?

"It was great! Taylor and I spent the night snuggled on the couch…" Luna sighed at the utter lie she had just been fed.

It had been two months since Harry's first date with Taylor Madison. Harry had moved in with the man he had fondly called 'The One' after about two weeks, following the move came bruises on the Boy-Who-Lived body. Luna knew he tried to hide it, but a slipped wince here and a skirt hiking up a little there, she caught sight of it quite quick. Once Luna even tried to confront him, but he just smiled and said Taylor was the best and he loved him.

"Oh that sounds nice. Any thing else interesting happen?" Harry shot her a look, he knew she was aware of what was going on, and he also knew that she didn't like it.

"No, Luna." Harry sighed and sat down softly at the stool behind the front desk.

Harry knew what was happening was wrong, but he couldn't bring himself to believe that Taylor didn't care or love him. He had to. Taylor was suppose to be his hero. But he turned out to be just another battle Harry Potter had to face.

Harry often dreamed of soft caresses and sweet murmured words that he knew would never come. Every night when he went to sleep, Taylor was in another room down the hall with his mistress. Harry never was abused sexually, in fact he was never even touched after he moved in and they had never had sex before that either.

Soon after he moved in, in fact it was the very first night Harry had asked if they could paint the living room a different color since the black kind of put him off and he found himself being slapped over and over again.. Taylor had told him that he was not to ask for anything.

The next morning left on the fridge was a list of rules for Harry.

1) NO makeup. EVER. (Because he would attract other men which Taylor didn't want)

2) No leaving the house without strict permission.

3) Must be up before 7:00 A.M and be showered and dressed for Breakfast.

4) Never talk to any women in this house.

5) Never enter my room.

6) Never address me as Taylor. Its Sir.

7) Help house elves with chores.

8) You may work three days a week. 4 hours a day.

9) You will give your earnings to me every payday.

10) You will wear a uniform. (it was a maid uniform)

11) Be in bed by 8:00 P.M

12) Never ask questions.

13) Don't tell anyone about your personal life at Home.

14) You are to wear glamours to cover up anything "questionable". If you can't, You will cover it with your clothes.

15) No wandering the House at night.

16) You will not touch me.

17) Mind your own business.

18) Don't talk unless spoken to.

19) Don't answer the phone.

20) No talking to or looking at other men.

21) No talking to or owling your friends.

Rules will be followed, if You fail to comply, You will be punished severely.

Harry had cried for days. He found that he couldn't leave, for he tried . Harry's punishment that particular time had been broken ribs and a bruises littering his body.

Harry found himself crying everyday. He cried when he heard Taylor's mistresses moan and whimper in the night air. He cried when he was beat every night before bed. He cried when he thought about his friends he was no longer able to talk to. He cried when he dreamed of a blonde haired man cuddling him and comforting him, whispering soothing words to him.

Harry didn't want to give up, but it was so easy. Easy to forget what he wanted when it was beat out of him every night. It was hard even think about things being different, much less hoping they were.

" Harry can you go help Miss Larane find a suitable dress for her party…?" Luna asked, hopeful that it would snap Harry out of his thoughts. It did. After all Harry rarely got to have human contact anymore, even though he pretended he didn't really care about it.

"Yes, I'd be happy to. Follow me." Harry smiled softly at the elderly lady and helped her find a decent dress for her occasion.

After work when Harry got home he went straight to his room. He quickly showered and changed into his uniform.

'This uniform wouldn't be so bad under different circumstances.' Harry thought sadly. Maybe if it was purely sexual, but this? This is all about control.

Harry busied himself helping the elves cook dinner and set the table while waiting for Taylor to come home.

When the tall handsome man finally did step through the large oak door, Harry was again reminded how those killer looks had deceived him.

" I see everything was done as it should have been." Taylor said stiffly looking down at Harry with clear distain.

Now that he had Harry under his control he didn't feel the need to talk or look at the boy more than necessary even though he found himself still sexually attracted to the feminine male.

"Yes Sir." Harry said keeping his head bowed, he was often hit for making the mistake of looking into the dull green eyes.

"Well go do something, I'll find you later."

Harry knew what that meant.

He was going to be going to bed sore.

The next day Harry was permitted to go to work and greeted Luna much the same way he had many times in the recent months.

"Morning Luna, good night?" He saw the pity look in Luna's eyes. He hated it.

Harry never liked to be pitied, that was obvious to anyone that knew him even a little bit.

"We are going to be having a busy day today you know? Many weddings this time of year and today being Saturday. A lot of people of work and such." Luna smiled at Harry for real this time, "I'm glad you here."

"Me too." Harry caught the second meaning. 'I'm glad you're ok.'

As the day went by many couples had come wandering into the studio. Some just looking around, some trying on and some even ordering right on the spot. Many people now admired Luna since she was getting pretty well known, even the occasional muggle related to a wizard somewhere down the line would come in.

"I wanted to go to Delora's. I don't like the looks of this place." Harry distantly heard the snooty female voice say.

"Dear, I told you this is where we will be going. Ah! Luna!" Harry stopped dead where he was. That silky voice! Harry would recognize it anywhere.


Harry turned around so fast he almost fell over. He found himself entranced immediately. His eyes focused on the tall blonde eye candy that was situated perfectly in front of him. The icy eyes and smooth pale skin…

Harry never remember Draco looking this good. Of course he looked good before but now with his body fully grown to at least 6'3 and his hair left loose and silky to brush lightly against his shoulders, he looked like an angel.

Harry swooned. He already could imagine those large soft looking hands roaming over his much smaller body lovingly.

"So what can I do for you?" Luna asked in a cheerful voice, her eyes darting over to Harry, smirking when she saw his dazed expression. 'Maybe…' she thought.

" Not coming here to torture me like you did in school hopefully?" Luna teased knowing full well any moment Draco would go off into 'I'm sorry' mode.

"Oh. I was so utterly dreadful in those days. Rather pitiful." Draco sniffed and dusted off his shoulder.

Harry chose this moment to step out of hiding and out a brave face on.

"How js business Lun--?" Draco locked eyes with Harry.

Draco was frozen. Time had to have just died because Draco couldn't see or feel anything moving. Including his heart. The shocking green emeralds that met his eyes made his heart come back to life, doubling its beating in his chest. Draco's eyes roamed over the body, it was beautiful, looked so silky smooth and soft. Draco found himself wanting desperately to cling to the small body and beg for this person to be with him forever. But Draco wasn't stupid. He had recognized those eyes the moment he saw them. Harry Potter. But God did he looked delicious in that skirt.

"Dear?! Draco. Are you ok?" A shrill voice knocked him out of his dreaming.

"Harry. Its been a long time." Draco said softly, just then remembering the flowers he always brought for Luna.

Draco took them out from behind his back and split the bouquet in half.

"I'm sorry once again Luna." Draco handed Luna a half of the flowers which were a assortment of orchids, roses, and lilies. An uncommon mixture.

"And for you." Draco smirked as he handed a shocked Harry the other half of the flowers.

Harry shakily reached a hand out to grab the beautiful gift, he blushed and pulled them to his nose to smell the sweet scent, and to hide his red face.

Draco seemed strangely proud of this reaction.

"Thank you." Harry said softly, he wanted so bad to curl himself into those strong looking arms and have Draco hold him forever.

"Yes well…" Harry noticed for the first time a tall pretty woman standing next to Draco, her hand resting on his shoulder (Harry scowled) . She was rather beautiful Harry had to admit though, she had long brown hair and deep brown eyes, and her skin seemed to glow like honey, but Harry sensed something bad about this one. Or maybe that was just him thinking that so he could make a move on Draco without feeling bad.

"Yes. To business. Harry, Luna this is Alyssa, my Fiancé." Harry choked, he had just once again met with the savior that helped him win the war, with this angel, and now already so soon was his hopes being dashed. But in reality Harry noted his chances never were there. Taylor had told him specifically NOT to talk to or look at other men. Harry just couldn't help himself.

"We were hoping, or rather Draco here was, I would have rather went to Delora's, not that your not…capable..Luna was it? That you would have something suitable for our wedding attire." Harry was very unhappy to the way the spoiled woman referred to Luna but was also rather disappointed she seemed so eloquent and well spoken, Harry would have rather had her be completely submerged in her stupidity, or maybe drown in it and then Harry would have Draco to himself. 'Taylor.' Harry reminded himself.

"Oh Luna is very capable, did you know she made the Minister's wife's wedding gown. Very elegant if you ask me." Harry beamed at Alyssa even though he wanted to choke her.

'Was Draco even Bi-sexual? Obviously not gay if he's with this bimbo…' Harry thought sadly, 'Draco is way to good to even consider someone like me anyway, besides I'm under lock and key by Taylor.'

"Yes well good thing I didn't ask you. I was hoping for a little something more revealing then the Minister's Spinster of a wife." Alyssa looked to be bored as her eyes roved over Harry, obviously displeased with his cross dressing tendencies, "In fact you should understand perfectly, your clothes are rather…revealing." Alyssa nodded to herself as if patting herself on the back.

"Alyssa. I advise you to remain quite for the rest of the duration. Either that or go entertain yourself else where." Draco bit out harshly. Alyssa was always embarrassing him in these type of situations, specially when all he wanted to do was wrap a blanket around Harry and not let ANY of that body be revealed to anyone else but himself.

"Hmph. Well I suppose I could use a new table for in the garden. I'll go next door to the furniture show and look. Ta-Ta" Alyssa kissed Draco on the lips, making sure to smirk and wiggle her tush on the way out the door.

"Excuse her. She's not the most grateful of women. In fact she's a lot like I was as a child. My apologies." Draco touched a hand to his chest and slightly bowed his head to both Luna and Harry.

"Oh its not problem. Honestly she may turn out as nice as you one day. After all if you can change anyone can." Luna smiled brightly. Harry was just glad the woman was gone so he could stare semi-openly at Draco.

"I would hope she changes sooner rather then later. The wedding is in only a few short months." Draco's eyes moved freely up Harry's legs now that his fiancé was gone. He would love to have them wrapped around his waist. 'What am I thinking all this for…I'm not even gay…even if I was, this is Harry Potter the boy I treated horribly as a student.'

"I suppose your relationship fits. You both seem like the aristocratic type." Harry said, admitting it to himself as well as them.

" Yes well you seem to have found yourself also." Draco looked pointedly down as Harry's choice in clothing. Not meaning it in a bad way of course because God did Draco love it.

"Oh well…" Harry trailed off blushing more than he had his entire life.

"Anyway Draco, I have a client coming in soon but I think Harry should be able to help you, just leave your orders with him and I'll get right on them." Luna hoped Harry would work some kind of magic and make Draco like him even in the slightest, which seemed had actually already happened.

"Of course I know your busy Luna, Thank you for your time." Draco turned to Harry, feeling butterflies fluttering in his stomach, "Shall we?" Draco gestured to Harry.

"Alright." Harry let Draco guide him over to a table with lots of books on it. The books were the logs that Luna kept with all her merchandise in it, modeled and everything. Harry sat down and noted with joy that Draco sat next to him instead of across from him.

As they looked through the books, Draco telling Harry how he had wanted a quieter wedding while Alyssa demanded a big ordeal, Draco couldn't keep his eyes off the cute male sitting next to him. Every thing Harry did made him adorable, the shift of his little body as he adjusted his skirt, the collar of his soft shirt moving down to reveal soft looking-

Draco stopped dead. He had saw it. Bruises. They weren't the hickey type of bruises either, Draco didn't let himself stop and think about putting some there, They looked like someone's hand prints.

Draco gasped, barely audible.

"Draco? Are you ok? what's wrong?" Harry asked worriedly. He wanted badly to reach up and touch the man but contained himself.

Draco looked angry. Murderous even. Harry wondered if he had done something wrong, but God even when he was angry Draco looked sexy.

"Who did this to you?!" Draco hissed, his hand moving up to Harry collar, fingers snaking in to softly brush over tender bruised skin.

Harry flinched but did nothing to remove the hand, it actually felt good to have them caressing him sweetly, but he couldn't let Draco know…

"Draco, please stop." Harry murmured quietly looking deeply into ice cold eyes.

"Tell Me now." Draco was stern but his hands never changed their soothing pace up and down his bruised skin.

"I-I can't." Harry looked away in shame. Draco didn't need to be involved in his problems, he should be happy and not have to deal with Harry and instead focus on his wedding.

"Harry…" Draco sighed, "I want to help…Tell me who he is." Draco knew it was a lover most likely, and definitely male seeing what Harry's recent dress code was.

"I can't tell. Draco please don't ask. There'd nothing to be done." Harry looked down at his hands in his lap, not wanting to meet the angry stare that wasn't directed towards him exactly.

"I'll help you anyway I can. I promise. I can get you out of there, you can even stay at the manor with Alyssa and I." Draco said softly, already imagining how amazing it would be to have Harry there. But he had to stop and be serious. He was to be wed to Alyssa.

"You'll help me?" Harry asked sniffling, trying to hide the tears and he looked up into Draco's eyes.

"Yes." Draco said.

"I don't know what to do." Harry broke down and cried, luckily they were in a secluded corner of the studio so no one would hear, but just in case Draco wandlessly cast a silence bubble.

"Come here." Draco opened his arms and allowed a sobbing Harry into his arms. Draco rubbed his hands up and down Harry's back, marveling at how big his hands felt against the small back, "Come stay with me, I'll take care of you." Draco added.

Harry once again looked up, searching in those eyes for truth. Whatever he found he nodded. "Please."