In the town of Amity Park, there lives a boy by the name of Danny Fenton. With his sister Jazz and his parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton, they study the science of ghost hunting. One day, Jack and Maddie built a machine that was said to lead to another dimension called the Ghost Zone. They called their invention, the Ghost Portal. However, it didn't work at first until one day, Danny and his friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley went to check out the portal. Pressured by his friends, he wanders inside his parents Ghost Portal and unwittingly pushes a button inside turning it on. Upon pushing the button, the machine also zaps his entire body, infusing his DNA with ectoplasm. When he exited the machine, he found out that he was turned into a half-ghost. With his new-found powers, he can fire ghost rays, fly, become invisible, overshadow people, and turn his entire body intangible. From that day on, Danny has called himself Danny Phantom. At first, he had trouble controlling his powers, but becomes stronger each time. He has made many enemies, from the evil billionaire, Vlad Plasmius, to the Ghost Zones greatest hunter, Skulker. At first, people have seen Danny as an enemy, but later, they see him as a hero. Danny has had many adventures from saving Amity Park from the Ghost King, to preventing his evil future self from ruining his life, and stopping a human from ruling the world with a gauntlet that allows him to warp reality. But his greatest adventure yet was when he saved not just Amity Park, but the whole world from a giant meteorite. After the crisis, Danny became a worldwide hero, and Vlad flew off into outer space never to be seen again. After that, his friend Tucker became the new mayor of Amity Park, Sam became Dannys new girlfriend, and his identity was revealed to the whole world. Life couldn't be any sweeter for Danny. . . . .and it won't.

I hope you all enjoy this story. It will talk about what happened after the episode, Phantom Planet, and how his world was taken over by the Organization from my other story, Ultima: the Crossing of Universes. Now updates might be kinda slow, but keep in touch please.