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(As Jack piloted the Specter Speeder through the Ghost Zone, everything was quiet. Jack was determined to face Vlad again. Dani just wanted some payback for how the evil halfa treated him in the past. As for Danny. . . .well, he hasn't said a word since they left. He remembered everything that Clockwork had told him. About his world being destroyed, the strange journey ahead of him. It was all overwhelming to him. Danny decided not to tell his friends about this, in fear that they may panic. They have enough troubles as it is. Sam was starting to become very worried as she sat next to Danny holding his hand.)

Sam: So. . . .this is it?

Danny: Yeah.

Sam: Are you alright? You sound very nervous.

Danny: (sigh)

Sam: Well, to tell you the truth, I am a little scared myself. I'm scared that, what if Vlad succeeds? What will happen to us? Our home? What will happen to you?

(Danny looked at the horrified expression on Sams face almost like she was going to cry. Sam hardly ever cries. Danny knew that she had to tell her.)

Danny: Sam. About how I got here. There's something I want to tell you.

Sam: Huh?

Danny: Before I came to help you guys, I paid a visit to Clockwork and. . . .

(Danny didn't want to tell Sam out loud so he just whispered in her ear. As Sam learned everything, she was even more scared.)

Sam: What? You mean. . . .we're going to LOSE?

Tucker: What was that?

Jack: What's this talk I hear about losing? The Fentons are a family of winners!

Dani: Yeah! Get all those negative thoughts out of your head! Let's find Vlad and kick his butt!

Danny: But guys. . .

Maddie: Don't worry about a thing sweetie. We'll be right beside you.

Jazz: We will beat him. Right?

(Danny and Sam exchanged nervous looks to each other as they saw the happy determined faces on their friends. Danny had a change of attitude and started to become confident.)

Danny: Everyone. Vlad is going down. I don't know what happens, but he will not get away with this. He has threatened our friends, tried to kill us, and he wasn't any nice to us either! We will WIN!

Tucker: We're with you all the way dude!

(Jack continued to drive the Specter Speeder through the Ghost Zone. Danny started to become nervous again as he tried to rub off the fact that they might lose. Elsewhere in the Ghost Zone, Clockwork observes their progress.)

Clockwork: Good luck Danny Phantom.

(The Specter Speeder had soon arrived at it's destination. The ancient castle of the Ghost King.)

Dani: Is this where Vlad is?

Tucker: Eeesh. Creepy. Big. Death written all over it. Definately the lair of a grudge-holding has-been multi-billionaire.

Danny: Then it's time to finish this!

(As Jack steered the Specter Speeder in the direction of the castle, the ship was suddenly bombarded by green fireballs.)

Dani: What's going on?

(Everyone looked out the window. Apporaching them is a terrifying black knight wielding a green sword riding a black horse with dragon wings.)

Tucker: The Fright Knight? I thought he worked for the Ghost King!

Dani: The ultiamte ruler of the Ghost Zone?

Sam: How did you you know?


(Appearing next to the Fright Knight was the ultimate ghost, Pariah Dark. a.k.a., the Ghost King.)

Danny: He didn't!

Sam: Why would Vlad free the Ghost King?

(Instead of getting an answer, Pariah ordered the Fright Knight to lunge forth and attack the Specter Speeder again. Danny and Dani took on the ghost forms and flew out of the ship to fight their new opponents. Danny took on Pariah while Dani fought the Fright Knight.)

Maddie: Jack! We can't just let them handle this themselves!

Jack: You're right! Let's go!

(Jack pressed a button and lasers shot in all directions from the Specter Speeder.)

Pariah: ENOUGH!

(Pariah Darks mace started to glow as it shot lightning at the ship. The Specter Speeder was out of power and fell down into the abyss of the ghost zone.)

Danny: NO!

(Danny flew down to save his friends until the Ghost King grabbed his foot.)


(Dani flew down as well, but was unfortunately hit by one of the Fright Knights fireballs. The flames engulfed Danis body as she dissappeared into nothingness.)

Danny: NOOOOO!

(Danny was deeply saddened when he saw his friends and family gone before his very eyes. Vent in anger, he unleashed a plethora of punches all over the Fright Knight and the Ghost King. But with a powerful backhand, the Ghost King swatted Danny away.)

Pariah Dark: It's useless boy. Your punishment was just. And now I shall destroy you just as I have already destroyed your loved ones!

Vlad: Out of the question!

(Pariah, Danny, and the Fright Knight turned and saw Vlad Plasmius walking out of the castle.)

Fright Knight: How dare you defy Lord Pariahs judgement!

Pariah Dark: No! He is right. We have bigger buisness to attend to after all.

(The Fright Knight and the Ghost King both opened up a portal leading to who knows where leaving Danny to face his most hated arch enemy.)

Danny: I have said this once, I'll say it it again! YOU ARE ONE CRAZY, CRUEL, POMPOUS, GREEDY, INSANE, SERIOUSLY MESSED-UP FRUIT LOOP!

Vlad: Insults? Is that all you can dish out after what I did to your friends and family? For shame Daniel. For sha. . .

(Vlad was interrupted as Danny fired a ghost ray at Vlads chest sending him flying back into the castle. Danny flew inside and glared murderously at Vlad as he recovered. Danny flew up to punch him in the face, but Vlad fired ghost rays from his eyes sending him flying as well.)

Vlad: Why do you keep fighting when all hope is lost?

Danny: Hope is not lost!

Vlad: You will never see your loved ones again!

Danny: That is not true! They're alive! I KNOW THEY ARE!

Vlad: You just watched them as they fell down an endless abyss Daniel! Amity Park is in ruins! It's over!

Danny: No. It's not over. So long as there is hope, you will never truly win!

(Danny unleashed his ghostly wail attack on Vlad as an explosion surrounded the area. Danny got off the groud as the smoke cleared. But to Dannys shock, Vlad was unharmed as if the wail didn't do anything.)

Vlad: You're that stubborn, eh? Well enough of this then. It's time for the final step in your universes destruction!

(Vlad snapped his fingers. For a while, nothing happened.)

Danny: That's it?

(Apparently, no it wasn't. To Dannys surprise, huge black portals popped up in all areas of the castle. Crawling out from the portals were small black yellow-eyed creatures kind of like bugs. Danny had never seen anything like this before.)

Danny: What? What's going on? WHA. . .WHAT ARE THESE THINGS?

Vlad: Hahahahahaha! Surprised? I thought so! These delightful little creatures are not ghosts if that's what you were thinking. No. These beasts are special. Born from the darkness in peoples hearts. They will not stop until all light in eradicated. The darkness attracts them. And only a being of true darkness (such as myself) can control them.

Danny: What are you talking about?

Vlad: The ultimate power! The key to universal domination! Using their power, I can rule all worlds!

Danny: I don't care how many of these creatures there are! They can beat me!

(Vlad just smirked as the black creatures surrounded Danny.)

Vlad: Kill him.

(The creatures pounced, but Danny put a ghost shield around himself. As they bounced off the shield, Danny sent an onslaught of ghost rays on them. Upon contact, the creatures disappeared in a puff of smoke.)

Danny: What are these things? I've never seen anything like them before.

Vlad: Tick-tock Daniel. Time is running out.

(As Danny destroyed all the creatures, more just kept coming.)

Danny: AUGH! This is pointless!

(Danny turned his attention to Vlad as he flew towards him. But the evil halfa disappeared as three more of him surrounded Danny.)

Danny: Oh no you don't!

(Danny also mulitplied himself into four of him as the copies began to fights. The first Danny clone disappeared and then a Vlad clone was destroyed.)

Vlad: Ho-hum. To think, if you team up with me, I would've been a little more merciful to you.

Danny: You never keep your word!

Vlad: It's as if you know me so well!

(The real Vlad shot two ghost rays from his hands destroying the other two Danny clones leaving the original to fight the three Vlads. One of them flew forward for a punch while the other two stayed their distance. Danny grabbed the charging Vlads arm and threw him at the second clone. And then Danny let loose a blizzard freezing the clones and destroying them.)

Vlad: Oh, what? No more silly banter to go with that?

Danny: Maybe I've run out of new material.

Vlad: Well, I think it's time to get to the HEART of this battle!

(Vlad snapped his fingers again as one of the black creatures pounced on Danny. The creature pushed his hand into Dannys chest as he dug right into it. Danny yelled out in pain as it felt like his heart was being ripped out. Danny was finally able to push the cretaure off as he then destroyed it with a blast of ghost energy. But Vlad came in with another uppercut punch.)

Vlad: Well, I hope you enjoyed that little demonstration of my friends powers.

Danny: Powers? You mean it. . .

Vlad: That's right! That thing was after your heart.

Danny: My heart? But, what does it want with my. . .

Vlad: So many questions, so little time. And speaking of time. . .

(A portal suddenly opened up as it showed the city of Amity Park being overrun by the same black creatures. Danny watched in horror as this was all happening.)

Vlad: Now do you see? I have beaten you. Amity Park is no more. You. . .have. . .lost.

(Danny clenched his fist and gritted his teeth in anger. Danny let out a primal scream as he let out one more ghostly wail. This time, it was so enormous, that it surrounded the entire castle. All the creatures were destroyed and the castle started to crumble down upon him. But Danny wasn't finished. When the castle and creatures were destroyed, he focused his powerful wail on Vlad as it sent him flying far back. But Vlad just kept on smirking despite being decimated by a powerful attack. As soon as Dannys attack finished up, he turned back into Danny Fenton and lied on the floor totally helpless. Vlad got back up and looked down upon the nearly conscious boy.)

Vlad: Well, there's no need to throw a hissy fit about it.

(The black creatures appeared again as they surrounded Danny.)

Danny: Dani. . . . .Jazz. . . .Tucker. . . .Mom, Dad. . . . . . . . .Sam. This. . .can't be. . . .happening.

Vlad: Oh, it happened alright. And now, your fate is sealed. You were a worthy opponent Daniel, but all good things must come to an end.

(Danny watched in horror as the black creatures jumped on Vlad completely covering him. But Vlad just kept on laughing maniacally as this was happening. As soon as Vlad was completely covered, the creatures vanish in thin air along with Vlad. The creatures surrounding Danny were anxious to finish the job and pounced on the ghost boy. Just as Dannys life was about to end, time completely stopped. Appearing before the frozen scene is the time ghost, Clockwork. He floated up to Danny as the disappeared together. As time moved forward again, the creatures stood there wondering what happened.)

(Danny opened his eyes as he looked around. He found himself in Clockworks lair. He got up and saw the giant pendulums, windows showing what's happening in different timelines, and. . . .the thermos containing Dannys evil future self.)

Clockwork: He's still in there. Vlad and his henchmen have not recruited him into the Organization yet.

Danny: The Organization?

Clockwork: You will know more about them later on Danny. But first, to discuss important matters with you.

Danny: Does this have anything to do with what you have told me?

Clockwork: Yes. Vlad has succeeded in his plan.

Danny: How could I let this happen? AUGH! THIS IS MY FAULT! I COULD'VE PREPARED FOR THIS! AND NOW MY HOME. . .MY FRIENDS. . . .SAM. It's all gone. I've lost.

(Dannys eyes started to form tears as he grieved over what had happened.)

Clockwork: You are not to blame for this Danny. No one in this universe could've prepared themselves against the Heartless.

Danny: The Heartless?

Clockwork: Those black creatures who attacked you. Creatures that are attracted to darkness, and fear the light. That was why they wanted your heart. The light in your heart was what stalled them from attacking your world.

(Danny remembered when one Heartless tried to pull out his heart. He didn't want to go through that experience again. And it certainly didn't cheer him up either.)

Clockwork: If it makes you feel better, your friends are not lost.

(Dannys head rose when he heard this.)

Danny: What?

Clockwork: Your friends and family were actually teleported to an alternate world.

Danny: Wha. . .Where?

(Clockwork pointed to a window as it showed a picture of the world where Dannys friends were lost in. It looked like a city in ruins. The sky was red and the buildings where completely destroyed. In other parts of the world, there were no plants, snow, and absolutely no life whatsoever.)

Danny: They're here? What is this place?

Clockwork: This is the world the Organization has taken residence in. Like your world, this one was also brought to ruin by the Organization. Except with a more drastic effect.

Danny: Other worlds? Other worlds are going to end up like mine and this one?

Clockwork: That is their plan. When all light has faded, only darkness will reign.

Danny: And my friends are HERE? HOW CAN THEY BE ALRIGHT?

Clockwork: I'd be lying if I said they perished.

Danny: I'm not sure if I can trust you but, you gotta send me there! I have to go to that world!

Clcokwork: Say no more Danny. I have intended to send you there myself.

Danny: I have to find my friends and family and defeat Plasmius. I'm ready.

Clockwork: Good luck, Fenton.

(As Clockwork raised his staff, and pointed it toward the window making a portal to the world. Danny gulped nervously as he stepped forward. As he went through, he found himdelf in an open desert. He was in the right place. Danny looked around and saw nothing but dirt and large rocks that are probably ruins from old buildings. Danny was on his own now. A look of determination on Dannys face came up as he shouted out his signature phrase.)


(In a bright flash, Danny Fenton transformed back into Danny Phantom. He immeadiately took to the skies looking around.)

(Back in his lair, Clockwork watch Danny flying through the land through his magic window. There were two other ghosts there as well called the Observants.)

Observant #1: You do not really trust the boy, do you?

Clockwork: It is as you said before. He is my responsibility.

Observant #2: But even he cannot possibly take on a task so perilous. And to think otherwise would be foolish.

Clockwork: You argue with the one ghost in the universe who knows everything there is.

Observant #1: Very well. We will trust your decision.

Observant #2: But if your little champion fails, don't say we didn't warn you.

(The Observants left Clockworks lair as he looked back into his mirror.)

Clockwork: You are ready to take on the Organization Danny. But you are not alone. During your travels, you shall ally yourselves with friends old and new. Team up with them, and return your world and other worlds back to their original state. The journey will be difficult.

(Clockwork turned and looked at other windows showing other figures walking across the wide desert. A yellow sea sponge, a child genius, a kid and two fairies, a red haired girl along with her boyfriend and hairless rodent, a young girl and her blue dog-like creature, twenty-two teenagers from a gameshow, a little boy with some strange bizzarre characters, a red dragon, five super-hero teens, three flying super girls, and five secret agent children. Clockwork knows when Danny meets them, they will stop the Organization. But do they have what it takes?)

Clockwork: As I said before, good luck Danny Phantom.

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