I would have recognized him anywhere.

His body was forever etched in my mind; there was no need to ask myself 'is it him?' It was him…facing me yet…I could not see his face. Shadows always kept him hidden behind their dark and mysterious walls; a visage of pure beautiful masculinity that I was sure was there if only I could see him.

He raises his hand, he crooks a long lean finger at me…telling me to come to him, and I cannot refuse.

There is no resistance in my body to his sensual bidding. My feet start moving, the prospect of what is about to happen - pure erotic enticement. My mind attempts to halt my fall from grace - danger, heart breaker – but I do not listen. The pleasure that awaits me in those sure and all consuming hands drive me forward.

I am but a slave to his passion, to his every desire and want. My submission is the spark that ignites my cravings to a fevered pitch.

I can feel the beginnings of desire moisten my panties with each step I take. It's exceedingly pleasurable yet uncomfortable at the same time as the satin material clings to my engorged lips, but I remain steady on my path to destruction, to despair.

I sense the intensity of his eyes as he stares intimately into mine. I want to see the color of those orbs. I want to bask in the depth of emotion that I know is there. But I can't and it frightens me but I do not stop…I keep walking.

My hands are getting sweaty and I frantically rub them down the sides of my thighs. I can feel his eyes follow my hands path, caressing me so sensually, yet not touching. It's just one more stimulant to my overheated body. Coaxing me to walk faster. To claim my pleasure prize.

I stop.

I'm right where I need to be…in front of him.

He doesn't speak. He doesn't need to I know what he wants, what he demands of me, and once more I submit to his unspoken command.

I feel his eyes follow my lips as my mouth moves closer to his. My hands lay flat against his against the stubble of his hair, and the instant my skin touches his, my breath hitches and my pulse races faster as I feel the electric current soaring through my body.

He stands still letting me explore him, giving me control.

At first my exploration is slow and steady. My lips lightly graze his top lip and I feel the light yet seductively heavy touch of his hand on my bare back. I groan softly as I pull his bottom lip gently in between my own, sucking lightly then laving it with my wet tongue.

He is pure masculinity.

One hundred percent alpha male.

His primordial essence has me dripping wet and ripe for his taking, yet…he doesn't move.

My lips casually slide across his, I can feel the tension in his body and my preconceptions about his alpha male persona are confirmed. My slow pace is killing him. It feels like he's straining to control his own desire, to change the tempo and take control. And the fact that he doesn't, that he's willing to just stand there and let me lead the kiss tossed another log onto the already flaming fire of lust that was ablaze inside of me.

I continue to probe that luscious mouth, kissing him slow and unhurried…playfully seducing him with my mouth when I feel his able hand pushing against my back and his fingers flexing greedily into my skin. His other hand is suddenly on my cheek, grasping my chin and forcing my mouth to open wider. He's had enough of my slow sexual pursuit.

I moan as my foot steps forward and my heaving breasts painfully press up against his hard chest. My mouth opens wider and my tongue pushes forward into his warm mouth just as his lips completely close over mine. His tongue reaches out and meets mine in the middle. They slide over each other, tasting, and exploring.

The kiss turns deeper, ravaging…hungrier. Moans of unsurpassed pleasure and need become ever louder, deafening me. His hands are holding on to me so tightly so…possessively, that I shiver with intemperate lust.

I never want it to stop. I want to stand there all night and love him with my mouth, but he doesn't allow that.

He yanks me against him. His hand slides down my back then rests on my waist. He's all business now. He's decided that he's taking over this conversation of unspoken words and lustful advances.

I can feel his eyes lingering on my face with the most intent sexual predatory gaze that I ever felt. Then he moves in, determined now to finish what I started. His lips hover above mine, my tongue sensually slides over my lips, wetting them, making them ripe for his plundering.

He takes another step closer, my breath hitches, my body blazes as I feel his tumid desire nudge my belly. I can't help but push against him and I'm rewarded by the playful yet urgent twitch of his arousal against my silk covered skin.

He turns us around and throws me up against the abrasive wall, completely manhandling me. But he goes no further then that. He's completely still and I can't stand it. He's so intense, so obscenely male and determined that my clit throbs uncontrollably. Yet he just continues to stand there, his brawny appendage impatiently lurching against me, just as angry with him as I am with his lack of momentum.

My eyes smolder showing the raging emotions that are coursing through me and though I can't see his, I know that his are volatile. Stormy and unsettled, expressing to me what his lips did not.

It was a test, this unbearable motionless route that he initiated, on our way to the perfect peak that we would discover with one another. It was madness, of the most brutal kind, sadistic in its silence, and it was driving me crazy. I didn't know what this assessment was about nor did I know if it was for me or him, I only knew that I could not take much more of it.

I can sense the struggle in his shadowy gaze, the confusion, the deep soul-binding passion that was consuming him the more he just stood there, the more he fought it. I understood because it was what I felt as well but my compassion for his puzzlement was empty. He might have been unsure, testing the waters of his own powerful attraction to me, but I wasn't. I knew what I wanted and I knew that he was the only one to give it to me. My heart tugged at my callousness but I ignored it, feeling no sympathy for his puzzled state. Instead, I decided that I would give him just one more minute to act and if he didn't then I would take that choice away from him.

Thank God I didn't have too.

His fingers slowly move against the thin barrier of my silk dress, burning my skin, heating it to an explosive degree.

His mouth decisively covers mine on the husky note of a breathless word that I can't make out. I am his for the taking and God help me but I want nothing else.

He grabs my arms, lifting them over my head and against the wall, as he fully leans against me, pressing me back against the cold brick of the building.

His mouth continues to ravage mine, and the small whining noises that left my mouth as he slides his lips over my cheek, were mewling and so full of need that I don't recognize it as my own.

My hands flex under his relentless grip, desperately needing to touch him. And I find that I'm not above begging…not when it comes to him.


He complies with my plea, his hands release mine then quickly grab the sides of my face and tilts it up to the sky, as his mouth moves down my throat, sucking my skin, licking the flames of desire to an unfathomable height.

My hands are free now and they move…quickly…down to his strong shoulders, my fingers flex hungrily, my nails dig into his flesh as his mouth latches on to a sensitive spot on my shoulder blade.

My whole body tingles in a mix of fear and insatiable hunger. I want so much from him, everything that he has, everything that he still had yet to give me. My mind imagines what it would feel like if that hot mouth was settled over my heated core, tasting the very essence of my desire. It's so detailed, so graphic, that as his mouth latches on to a protruding nipple I shiver as my body responds to the visual tapestry of the fantasy playing out in my head. I come, brilliantly so, my breath expels in shallow pants as my lower body rocks against his hard member. It was the most divine orgasm I ever had, given to me by the simplest of touches. It was sweet and unhurried, yet exceedingly potent in its response, but it was a tease, because I instinctively knew that what would come next would be a hundred times more explosive.

He moans as my body shutters against him. I can feel his hands as they palm their way down the sides of my body, pressing into my skin, shaking with need. It feels so good, so unlike anything I ever felt that my own desire is rejuvenated quickly.

I grab his head and take his mouth into mine, plundering him endlessly as he plundered mine.

His hands leave my body, and I whimper with the lost. I hear the sounds of a zipper being undone, the swoosh of clothing moving against hard muscles, and then before I have time to catch my breath, to even wonder how he would flawlessly fit inside of me, he was there.

His turgid flesh slides effortlessly inside my wet heat. I release his mouth, my eyes close as I lean my head against the wall. We moan in unison at the joining that felt like it was always meant to be. Behind my eyes I can see him, his strong body moving inside and then out, muscles flexing as he strains against the need to go faster, to plunder my body with strong sure strokes.

He stops moving. I feel his intense gaze on my face and I open my eyes just as I hear his hoarse yet muffled demand.

"Look at me."

I do. Quickly. Needing him to move, needing him to fulfill this desire that's been brimming inside of me.

He nods his head, pleased that I obeyed him, and with his hands gripping my waist, I raise my leg wrapping it around his hip and then…he slowly pulls out.

I know my eyes were once more stormy with my disgruntlement over his measured entry and the lack of the roaring fire that I so desperately needed to feel. His shadowed face keeps looking at me, I sense a spark of something in his dark gaze, but I can't decipher what it is. And frankly, in that moment, of his slow unhurried strokes of my wet and welcoming flesh, I don't care. I want only one thing and I'm not afraid to demand it.


His facade is that of control but the twitch of his cock inside of my sheath, his fingers that dig into my waist evermore are clear signs that he liked my throaty command.

I stare back into his indistinct face, waiting for him to once more comply with my wishes, but he continues to just watch me, as he once more pulls all the way out and then inch by godly inch gradually sinks back in, hitting my womb.

My head falls back again, unable to look into the hidden passion that is so strong yet so controlled. The depth of his self control puts my own lack of to shame. But with my next husky plea I knew that the control he had was tenuous at best, only requiring one small sensuous and full of need push to send him over the edge.

"Please…I want more…"

I can feel his full smile touching my skin, as he grunts his approval then pulls out and slams back inside of me.

His thrusts are forceful now, hurried, moving fast and hard. My naked back is scraping against the rough brick but I don't care, the screams that are coming out of my mouth are not of pain but pleasure.

Once more he grabs my chin, bringing my mouth to his as he thrusts his tongue inside, fucking my mouth as fast as his cock fucked my body.

Just as I knew it would be…it was perfect. And although we made love in a darkened alley behind a noisy club, though the sounds that echoed off those barren walls were pure animalistic cries of heady lust and need and not devote cries of love and affection, it did not matter…it did not lessen the rightness of our joining.

And in that moment, when a billion lights exploded behind my closed lids and my body shook uncontrollably with the most exemplary and commanding explosion it had ever been gifted with, I knew…

…that this had happened before…

…I knew it would happen again…

Authors Note: I know it the story seems OOC but I had little time to edit and re-write and I was satisfied with this outcome.. Hope, you enjoy it!