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Cullen Vampire Family includes: Carlisle, Bella, Esme, Emmett, and Alice
Humans include: Edward and the usual
Not 'Normals' include (AKA: Fighters): Edward, Karina, Lee, Anthony, Jesse, Jon, Boris
Volturi Vampire Clan includes: Rosalie and the usual

Pairing of concentration:
Bella & Edward
Other Pairings (Not necessarily sexual) : Bella & Emmett, Bella & Edward, Emmett & Rosalie, Jasper & Alice, Alice & Edward, Edward & O.C (Karina)

: After first chapter; it will jump around from Bella's and Edward's perspective. Will have a chapter or two eventually using Emmett's and Alice's PoV.
Setting: 2002 - ; California, Italy, and Forks.

: This tests a lot of boundaries of society and will have a lot of radical point of views. It will eventually get very graphical and very emotional. I appreciate all polite, critical, or encouraging reviews and comments. It really does help in the writing process :) Please do not shy away from asking any questions, I will do my best to answer them.

Story Dedicated to: Sarah-Jess

Isabella Cullen sat in the right corner of a wide football-stadium sized ice-burg that floated west through the cold dark blue oceans waves. She lend against an erected ice mound, with her head pushed back.

She wore nothing but a black faded t-shirt and old raggedy jeans that were two sizes too big. Her pale white skin blended in with the ice and she looked like a corpse, waiting to have her remains eaten.

But she wasn't dead.

Not yet.

Not exactly.

Her deep fiery orange eyes stared out into the horizon where the distinction between water and sky became hazy. She didn't blink; her chest only rose slightly to indicate that she was breathing – sometimes.

She tipped her head upward and saw fragments of the celestial lights dancing about the sparkling stars.

An unnoticeable smile dared to escape her lips. At least she had something in common with nature. She could shine like that too.

The waves sang to her in a soft rhythmic tone, warning her of the danger of an approaching storm. She could hear the penguins 15 miles east and some type of whale feasting on plankton 2 miles under her.

She could also hear him finishing off his dinner.

She sighed a useless and pointless sigh and looked out into the horizon once more.

If her eyes were human, she would be poetic and say that there was no line between sky and water – and you could make it as you wished. You could be flying in the sky when you were really swimming in the water. And swim in the water when you were really flying in the sky. But she wasn't human, nor was she a poet.

She saw a disruption in the waves.

He was coming.

She usually saw and noticed what other people missed—she always saw what other humans missed.

She wasn't sure if she believed that vampires could be considered as 'people'. Vampires were monsters, and monsters weren't people. Only child murders, rapist, serial killers and such were referred to as monsters. The majority of the time they were right. They were vampires.

Bella heard a change in the rhythm of the waves. He was swimming quickly.

A sudden gust of wind blew her brown tangled web-like hair from their resting place on her shoulders. She took a deep breath, inhaling the scents the breeze brought to her. There were humans 23 miles away and Bella was felt her mouth begin to salivate with poison.

She was hungry.

She wasn't in control of herself yet.

"Fucking Aro." Bella whispered under her breath as she wiped the edge of her lips with the back of her hand – she had started to drool. She stopped breathing while the winds of the north danced elegantly around her as if they were confused by her very presence. She didn't belong in this world. She didn't belong in any world. She belonged in the graveyard, buried 6 feet under, since 1918.

Suddenly two large pale hands gripped the edge of the ice-berg in the middle and broke it in half. Bella was not in the least bit disturbed; she only rolled her eyes in response. The two hands disappeared again. She watched the other piece of the ice berg float away. And humans thought the ice-bergs were breaking because of global warming. Silly silly humans.

"So fragile." She whispered without moving her lips.

Moments later, out from the waters leaped a blurred figure that Bella didn't even bother looking at. It fell a few feet away from her.

It was a man, much like Bella with skin the color of pure white untouched snow. He had liquid golden eyes and a narrow ovular smooth face with a pointy chin. He was 6 and half feet tall and didn't have a shirt on. She noticed his defined chest muscles and round biceps, triceps, and everything in-between. It was as if he was a newly carved statue made out of the finest marble in the world. The outline of his jaw gave him a very mysterious quality and his bear like stance added an essence of predatorily instinct that he displayed.

He was a monster too.

He straightened his body out after securely landing on the ice. He turned to face Bella, not seeming to care that he was soaked and that the winds were showing no mercy. The water on his body turned into patches of crystallized ice. He simply brushed them off.

"Mmmm mmm mmm. Yummy little bear." He said in a deep and powerful voice. She doubted the bear was little.

He walked towards her slowly, at human pace, and sat beside her.

"I didn't think I'd break the Ice-berg." He continued speaking as he put his arm around Bella's strong unbreakable shoulders.

Bella turned to look up once more. The sky was beautiful. If only she could be marveled like the sky.

As a mysterious beauty.

She didn't say anything as her eyes traveled down from the sky towards his breathtakingly beautiful face. He was a beautiful monster.

"Hi." He said softly to her, nuzzling his head into the gap between her neck and shoulder. He didn't feel warm or cold to her. He was the same dead temperature as she was. There was no distinction, because there was nothing in existence colder than a vampire…

"Hi." She spoke loudly and clearly. Her voice was soft and angelic. It sang like holy music. It was the kind of voice that opera houses died to get, and the kind of voice that could hypnotize people with ravishing desire. It was the voice that could lour victims into a dark alley to be killed.

"Mmmm, I missed this." He said placing small kisses on her neck.

She didn't move.

He took a small bite at her neck, making sure his teeth were not glazed with lustful poison yet. She didn't respond.

He arched his back and moved his head up to look at her.

She was looking into the horizon.

One was the sky.

One was the ocean.

She breathed. It was a mistake; the winds still carried the smell of humans.

One was human.

One was monstrous.

"I hate when you get like this." He whispered, sitting up.

"Emmett?" She asked turning her head to meet his. "Why do you come to Italy?" She asked him, her voice showing no emotion but still did not lose its divine ring.

"Because the longer you stay in Italy the worse you come back."

"You shouldn't have come."

"Like hell, how the fuck was I suppose to know if you were dead or not?" His voice was filled with anger. Emmett was quick to feel and always demonstrated his emotions without thinking.

"Alice can't see me anymore?" Bella broke their gaze and looked away. Sadness tried to escape through her voice but failed. She still sounded bland.

"Bella, it's not your fault. Alice could see some foggy things, but nothing clear. There was no one there that she had an emotional connection with that was near you. It was hard for her." Emmett explained as he brushed her dark brown locks behind her ear. "Bella look at me."

She turned to look at him.

"Please don't be upset." He paused for a moment and then added, "Alice was able to see you coming back."

Bella nodded but it gave her no hope. Her expression remained blank.

"Please relax honey. You're home. Well almost home. We're moving to Forks next year. Freshmen all over again." He rolled his eyes. "Puberty!" He said as he dove back into the cavity of her neck to kiss and lick her.

She didn't move.

He knew she knew.

She knew he knew.

"Oh Bella." He whispered into her neck. "Please. Forgive me."

With one of her hands she pushed him off her forcefully. Emmett retrieved his arm from her shoulders and sat up once more staring at her.

"How long have you been fucking her?" She asked him, her voice once again hiding whatever she was feeling. Even she wasn't sure how she was feeling yet.

"A few years." Emmett replied truthfully.

"Each time you went to get me from Volturi?"


She let out another useless sigh. She wasn't sad because he was messing around with another vampire. She was sad because she did not feel anything that she should be. She didn't feel anything towards Emmett, when she kissed him, when he kissed her, when they touched; when they fucked…She could never look him in the eyes when they were fulfilling their lustful desires. She never moaned. She never said anything when he asked her what she wanted to do. She never said his name with any indication of pleasure.

She felt nothing. She was empty. She was just as cold on the inside as she was on the outside. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't feel anything towards anyone.

Just emptiness.



And then sadness would come to her from being unable to feel anything. She would feel sad when she should be happy and sad when she should be furious. It was a depression. An inescapable depression. And most depression led to suicide. But no one would kill her.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked while swiftly bringing her knees up to her chin.

"I don't know. It's hard. Between us. You know how it is. You had that thing with Jacob."

"Yea I guess so." She agreed with him. She didn't feel anything towards Jacob either.

She tried and tried. But felt nothing.

She leaned away from the wall of ice she that kept her sitting straight and scooted to the left of it, further away from Emmett. She laid on her back, staring up at natures frozen rainbow. Emmett mimicked her motions and laid beside her. Close enough to touch with effort, but far enough not to touch without an effort.

Always out of grasp.

The both stared at the celestial lights for hours; neither breathing, or moving, or blinking. Just looking.

"Do you love her?" She asked after hours of silence.

"Yes." He said without hesitation.

"Can I ask some things of you?" Bella turned her head on the slippery ice to look at him.

He turned his head to meet her gaze.

"What is it dearest?" He called her pet names out of habit. A 50 year relationship had habits that were hard to break.

"Can you promise me that the next time I go to Italy you will not follow me?"



"Bella, Aro destroys you. Each time you go to him, you lose more and more of who you are. I don't even want you to go to him at all. I just want –"

She interrupted him. "He keeps me alive Emmett. I will go to him as long as he invites me and it's none of your god damn business how long I stay there." Her voice was harsh and loud. Finally some sort of emotion escaped her lips. But the emotion had no meaning. It was as worthless as sounding bland.

"Bull-fucking-shit Bella! You go to him to die!" Emmett growled.

She sighed, it was a human glitch that she carried with her into her death, and looked up again. "Please stop coming for me."

"Alice can't see you well anymore. How will we know if you're still alive?"

"Alive? Is that what we are Emmett? We are bloodsuckers, we are murderers, we are the undead, we are everything that alive is not."

"That's not true." He protested.

"Not true? Have you ever felt your own skin up against a humans'? Do you feel their warmth? They are warm creatures Em. They are alive. They have a heart that beats."

"Heart that beats has nothing to do with –"

She interrupted him again. "A heart means that they have the ability to love. All we do is lust and –"

He interrupted her. "You lust." He corrected her. After all, he was in love.

"Whatever." She looked away from him back up at sky.

Eventually he spoke again, "you could have resisted him. His food I mean."

"Yes and starve until I'd go mad and massacre half of Italy."

"Well Aro would have to allow you to be killed then."

"Hah, he would force feed me. He won't let me die till he finds someone who can break me."

"You should just stop going to him. Jeez, not that hard to tell the guy to shove it."

She didn't respond to Emmett and they laid together till daybreak without another word. As the sun rose in the horizon, fragments of rainbow bounced off their skins. They glittered in the sunlight. She turned her head to Emmett; he was looking up at the sky.

"What are you thinking about?" Bella asked.

"Rosalie." He answered.

"Tell me, what is she like?"

Emmett turned his head to look at her. "Different." He answered.

Bella looked away from him, what the sun did to his skin irritated her because it meant that it was happening to her too. It was proof that she wasn't human. She was different.

She was the sky.

They were the ocean.

Bella breathed in. The smell of human wasn't in the air anymore. Only Emmett, marine mammals, and fish.

"Different from me?" She asked him suddenly.

"Everyone is different from you." He replied still staring at her. "Rosalie is special in her own way, just as you're special in your own way."

Bella shook her head; she didn't like his response.

"What is making love like?" She asked him.

He cleared his throat. "It's wonderful. The way she moans my name. The way her skin feels against mine. The way we kiss. I have never felt a kiss so powerful and intense. It's all…it's magical." He chuckled at himself.

Bella pressed her lips tightly together.

They remained quiet till the sunset few hours later and the celestial lights over powered the skies once more.

Bella preferred the sky to shine and sparkle instead of her own body.

Emmett got up and offered his hand to her. "Shall we head back?"

Bella sat up slowly ignoring his helpful gesture, and raised herself to her feet gracefully. "I suppose." She fixed her hair that had frozen in its place when she was laying on the ice. "Can you grant me another favor?" She asked turning to him as her fingers finished running through her hair.

"I never said I'd grant you the first."

"You will…but can you ask Carlisle to register us as brother and sister?"

"So we're over?"

"Yes. No more pretending."

"Race you." Emmett said.

They both dove into the water like first class Olympic champions and swam like sharks through the water.

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