It's a rather windy day in the Forenn Region as Vance Juno stares out his window into a cloudy mourning, quite unusual for weather in his home of Bright Town. Vance had just turned ten last night along with his best friend Julie Kall, both had decided that they would meet each other at Professor Hulls' lab at around ten o' clock so they could choose their first starter Pokemon together. Since the age of four both of them had been quite inseparable, although they had many similar interests Julie was always more head strong and tom-boyish while Vance tended to stick more to his book smarts. It was around eight thirty right now, Vance had woken an hour earlier to the sounds of his Oran berry tree outside rubbing against his window. He had since gotten dressed into his blue khakis and green jacket with the elite four symbol of the Forenn Region. He had his matching plain green cap, which hid his brown hair, which his uncle had given to him three years ago before he left to explore the other regions.

"Vance sweetie, breakfast is ready." Yelled Vance's mom from downstairs.

"Be right there!" Vance called back.

"Vance don't forget to meet your girlfriend at Professor Hulls' later." Teased Vance's dad. Everyone always joked that one day Vance and Julie would go out and eventually be married the truth was he had even thought of this sometimes but every time he thought he managed the strength to actually ask her how she felt about him… lets just say you could have understood a growling Tranidon better.

Vance walked downstairs to find his dad reading the local paper with his Robitz perched on his shoulder. The fully evolved form of Robit, Robitz was about three feet high with a wingspan of five feet. Its dark red body was in contrast with its bright yellow beak and the back of its head was pointed upwards as most older Robitz's were.

His mom was heard humming in the kitchen as the sweet smell of waffles, French toast, jam, eggs, bacon and sausage surfaced from the table. If there was one thing that made Vance a man it was his ability to eat almost anything. He immediately began stuffing his face with Waffles as his dad lowered his paper to see his feasting son. Robitz had also awoke to his master's child happily swallowing a piece of toast in one bite before going back to sleep.

"Trying to put on a few pounds son?" His dad again teased. Vance shot him a playful look as his mother came to the table with another full plate of waffles.

"Leave him Richard, he's obviously trying to impress Julie." Upon hearing his mother's words Vance started choking on a newly bitten piece of waffle. It took him a minute after finally swallowing the tasty treat before replying.

"What makes you think I'm not just hungry?" Vance asked his mom.

"Son, a man will do anything to impress a girl." His dad said smiling.

"Hey dad can I see the paper?" Vance asked noticing his father had finished reading it. His father handed it to Vance who skipped to the third page which contained today's weather. To no certain amazement the forecast said sunny all this week with zero percent of clouds, a slight shudder from the tree brushing against the house proved otherwise.

"I know, crazy weather, but I guess that's one of life's little mysteries." Said his mother as she seated herself and began politely taking a small portion of her own cooking. Vance knew that weather wasn't a hundred percent accurate all the time, but it still didn't make him feel any easier. Then he skipped to the fifth page, trainer stats, gym leader stats, and the ever fearful elite four stats.

"Hey listen to this, Julie's dad was challenged by Elite Four Isaac yesterday!" Vance said aloud. Julie's dad Eric was the sixth gym leader in the region and specialized in Electric Pokemon. He was often being challenged by world famous trainers for his specialized tactics when in a battle. Elite Four Isaac, specializing in Water Pokemon, was equally renowned for his highly strategizing Pokemon Battles and came as no surprise when the Elite four again tried to recruit Eric.

"That Eric, why doesn't he just join the Elite Four? It's hard enough for people to beat him as it is." Vance's dad said. Vance's dad and Julie's dad have had a sibling rivalry since Eric had followed his dream to become a Gym Leader. Vance's dad was head weather man in the area, this didn't embarrass Vance, still he wish his father's job could have been more exciting. It was about nine o' clock now and Vance had long been watching the news for any updates on the weather. His dad's weather woman was holding her hat down in the gusty winds from a no doubt live weather feed.

"Jolly Sun here updating you on this continuing crazy weather. What was just an hour ago a class two breeze has escalated into a class three! We advise that residents begin boarding up their windows and we are urging everyone to stay indoors." Vance's jaw dropped.

"Well I guess I better get down there. Said Vance's dad looking at his watch.

"But dad what about my starting Pokemon?" Vance asked in a worry. As Vance's dad put on his coat he recalled Robitz into it's pokeball and turned to face his son.

"Now what was that old saying I used to tell you?" He asked.

"Never trying when the weather got rough made the men into Beautiflys?" Vance replied. Vance's dad gave him a wink.

"Go on, I bet your girlfriend is already waiting for you." He teased one last time before heading outside.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Vance yelled back to no avail. Vance's mom had finished cleaning up the table and held Vance's back pack in front of her.

"Now I packed extra food for you, and a couple supplies for cooking." She said handing him the bag. "I also put ten Oran berries in there for your new partner, have you decided on which Starter Pokemon you want to get?"

"No, I really haven't put to much thought into it." Vance replied.

"Well that may be for the better, a random pick can sometimes be the most rewarding." Vance's mother said hugging her son. "Vance there is are many adventures out there waiting for you, just remember no matter what happens you're home will always be open."

"I know mom, and don't worry." Vance said heading towards the door. "I got Julie with me, what more could you ask for?" Vance opened his door to the cold gusty weather outside. He zipped up his jacket and headed north towards Professor Hull's lab, and his new adventures.