The Meaning of Denial:

Description: Nudge tries to convince herself she's not falling for Iggy… and fails miserably. Niggy

Chapter One: Nope. Not at all. End of story.

I'm not in love with him. I hate him, truly I do.

The fact that I can't stop looking at him, worrying about him, means nothing. He's my brother, of course I'm going to worry.

Maybe if I could stop playing around with this stupid quarter I could…

Crap, I broke it in half. Stupid magnetism.

Moron. That's what you are. A completely moronic idiot. Get a freaking grip.

Great, now Max is looking at me funny.

OK, no big deal. Shove the pieces in your pocket; make a lame joke out of it.

Yeah, that worked.

Calm down. Yeah, that's it. You've got nothing to be anxious about. It's not like it's the end of the world if you l…

No. Do. Not. Go. There.

Your fine. Breathe. That's it, breathe.

Wow, his eyes are really blue. Like really… really..

Stop it, Nudge. Just shut up.

Stop thinking about his eyes. Stop thinking about all of him His blonde, wavy hair, his lean body, his lips…


Hot chocolate. Angel made hot chocolate. Perfect. That's the perfect thing to get my mind off of…

Don't, don't even think his name.

Crap. Napkin. I need a napkin. This chocolate is HOT!

I wish he'd stop looking at me like that. You'd think I'd sprouted a second head. Then again, that'd be pretty preferable to…

Oh, covered in hot chocolate. Right. All gray matter no longer functioning properly.

Stupid pyro.

This has nothing to do with Iggy. Stupid brain. Get a grip.

Stop lying to yourself. It will get you nowhere.

Shut up conscience, no one asked for your impute.

Calm down. Calm DOWN. You are NOT in love with Iggy. Get a freaking grip. You're not.

Not. Not. Not. Right.

NOT In love with Iggy. In love with Johnny Depp. Like a normal, average teenager.

Yeah, that looks like a safe train of thought.

Johnney Deep. The caring, the funny, the insanely hot.

Not like Iggy. Not annoying or egotistical or sexist or… or…


I did NOT just think that. No. No. NO. My mind is playing tricks on me.

Or maybe, you are playing tricks on your mind.

Shut UP! Way too confusing.

I do not like Iggy. I do not like Iggy. I do not like Iggy. I like Iggy's though, nice diner in Nevada. Good hamburgers. Do not like Iggy. Like Iggy's, the diner.

Iggy's… I like the sound of that. Iggy's girl…

Wait a second. Back up.

I must be hallucinating. I have a fever. Or a tumor. I'll ask Angel later, she's good with brains. We can watch a movie on the DVD player Fang stole afterward Maybe Pirates…

Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp Johnny Depp.

Johnny's girl.

Yeah, just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Maybe I need a new crush. Dylan Sprouse. Yeah, he's cute. And actually not thirty years older than me. Yeah, much less creepy.

Wait, did someone just ask me something? I wasn't paying attention.

Oh, Fang said something. But Gasman answered for me. Thank you Gazzy!

Have to pay attention. Can't keep zoning out. Going to miss something important.

Got to stop dwelling on Iggy…

Yeah, that's not working.

Let's see. The sky is very nice today. Very bright. Very… blue.

Oh, we're landing. Right.

Max wants to talk with me. She's worried. What can I say?

It's got nothing to do with the fact that Iggy's sitting off by himself in the corner. All alone. Nope. None at all. His presence has nothing to do with how fast or slow my brain works. None.

That'd be stupid. Really… really…

Max is gone? When'd that happen? Oh well.

I need to go for a walk stop thinking about Iggy's eyes… and his hair… his lips…

Crap, Shut up brain, your giving me a headache.

Oh, a clearing, there we go, somewhere to clear my head.

Oh crap, why of why does the universe hate me?
Iggy is standing there; he wants to talk to me.