TacosXPieXAnime:I absoulutley...L-O-V-E this movie with alllllll my little heart. It makes me laugh and cry even harder now that I'm older and get some of the more dirtier stuff in it. By the way this is written in Anne-Marie's POV.

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Walking through the streets I smiled. It was a normal day in New Orleans, the sun shining bright and the sky a bright blue.

Suddenly my smile turned to a frown when I saw a young girl with a small collie walking beside her. Dogs would normally had this effect on me...ever since the day he left.

Charlie...Not a day goes by now that I can't think of him. I still pray for him every night. For him to come home.

Soon he'll come home...

That's what I told myself. That he would, as I sang so many years ago, he'd come home soon to my heart. I deluded myself into thinking I would be happy, with my newfound family, and I'd have Charlie and Itchy by my side.

If I believe...

And I did. For quite a long time. I still catch myself believing when I get home he'll be there. He'd be waiting there by the doorway, and he'd call me "Squeaker". I'd tell him about everything that happened since he left and ask what he had done.

Then the day Itchy left. It felt like the last connection between Charlie and I had been broken. I cried that night, my parents trying hard to console my constant tears. I finally decided to come out of my room.

Now here I am at a simple age of seventeen. I wonder about Charlie even still, I wonder how he is doing, is he alive? I'm sure he is, no matter how many years have passed. Charlie was like an immortal figure in my life. He could survive almost anything impossible.

Then when I was feeling at my worst I'd think of his promise. I'd see him again one day. Somedays I'd have to think about how many promises he had broken, then question this one. I kept telling myself that this one was true, and I would see him again. I knew in my heart that Charlie would one day pop up and it would be like old times. Perhaps he'd take me dress shopping again, or maybe we'd go to some sleazy party?

I recall that night he left. He was glowing, almost like an angel. He was my angel, my Robin Hood...then he told me good-bye. He had told me good-byes are not forever. That I would see him again one day.


Looking to the side, I saw lights flashing.

Then...pitch black...

Opening my eyes I glanced around. It was white.

Then I saw a paw. It was brown and large. Looking up...I almost cried.

"Hey there Squeaker."

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