Disclaimer – I don't own Soul Eater and the characters.

This poem is mostly about the awesome insane Dr. Stein!

I'll try my best, if I can't good at poem then I'll try a story, I'm quite good at mystery, gore, and horror stuff.

But… Please don't kill me! Or don't flame me either!


The Scythe's blade under the laughing moon

Listening to the undead zombie croon

An insane grin across the shadow's face

To keep up an insane wavelength's pace

Holding the bloody knife ahead of you

I want to dissect you

Chasing the bloody dream

Smiling when the victims scream

The laughing moon look down

Watching you in blood, drown

Demons in my head laughing

The Ghost from the past haunting

I want to dissects

All these disgusting insects

Which parts should I cut?

Where organs should I gut?

I want to aught

To see your fright

Grinning like an insane

It's so hard to stay sane

To hear the snake in my mind

I want to grind

I want to shred you into pieces

Should I cut you into pieces?

Use a knife to shave your skins

Or pull out the organs?

I want to live in a world without God's reign

That kind of world is rotten

Chasing the bleeding moon

To hear the vile snake croon


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