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Welcome to Bayville

Dear Journal –

I think I need to come up with a name for you other then Journal or Diary. I mean, that is so boring! How about combining it into J.D, or D.J? I like D.J. for now, as it has to do with one of my favorite things to do, DANCING! So, until I change my mind, your going to be called D.J. Hope you like the name though.

Anyways, yesterday was completely cool, yet completely uncool at the same time. My powers, they are real and defiantly no fluke. I can also use them, well, sort of. But I am sure now I can get the hang of them, well, sort of. I am Kitty Pryde, so there… I think. If Riley were here, she'd tell me I'll just mess up.

But Lance… that boy, I think his name was. Well, her didn't think I was useless like Riley, which kind of surprised me. Of course, he could have only found me useful to get into the school computer room. Something told me though he was sincere about saying those things about not knowing what it is like to fit in.

But as for fitting in, something tells me that he has had it a lot worse then me and has had problems with lots of things. I wonder what's going to happen with him, I think I might be a little worried about him, considering what happened. However, he wouldn't want me throwing a Kitty Pitty Party for him. Hey, I found a better definition for one of Riley's taunts!

I'm not at home now, but at the institute! It is the coolest place ever, with tons of rooms to play hide in seek in. Sorry if I sound childish, but I mean, hide and seek has always been my favorite games as a child and I can now ghost through walls and stuff, what an advantage!

Professor Xavier promised to never read my mind, though I don't know why… some of the kids in school said it was rather empty… kidding! Cyclops, he's an interesting person, but way too boring in personality, unless someone makes a REALLY good joke. Kurt is weird, I've found his blue hair in the drain in the bathroom… yuck! Can't he clean it up. Logan is Mr. I don't want to be disturbed.

Storm is mondo cool and has the air of a queen. I think she may be a descendant of Nephrite or some other Egyptian queen. I want to learn how to put on makeup from her too. She wears quite a bit of color, but it looks good on her skin, so she must know what might look good on mine. Mum said I could start a little since I'm leaving home, but not too much! Oh, and not to tell dad of course.

Jean is, well… I thought she was just like Riley. In the popularity thing, she is there, but she is also nice, but very demanding. Where Riley would give comments about how bad I look… well, Jean is wanting to give me a make over. I think it doesn't help her that I am the first other female student… so, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Then there is Scott Abernathy and Spud. Scott is the non-human computer specialist on our team, or so I guess. I like his dog Spud… expesully when I found out I tend to mess up electronics, but with Spud… yippee! I don't mess up the doggie, which makes me mondo happy. Scott surmised that is because Spud is A.I., what ever that is. I only care that Spud and I are great friends.

Anyways, I need to go get ready for school.

- Kitty Pryde


Sabertooth had been smelling the faint smell of his enemy once he had gotten to Bayville, indicating that he had left the general area, but Sabertooth figured that he would come back, as it was a scent that seemed to flutter instead of fade, with different traces from the mans coming and goings.

He had then decided to sleep in the construction site, knowing that he would get the scoundrel on his tail soon enough. He was awoken by two construction workers, whom he bashed the heads in, then walked away to find some breakfast before seeing what mischief he could get into to attract the person to him… it wouldn't take much.

He came across a hotdog stand and grinned. He walked up, growling as he did. "Fork it over."

"A… a… all I have is change," the man stammered.

"Not the money," Sabertooth commented. "I want five dogs, tons of toppings, no charge."

"Ahh… ahh, yes sir," the man said, preparing the dogs and handing them to the monster of a man. Sabertooth chuckled, getting on his bike, some how holding all five in one hand and eating them at the same time… as he was driving away.


Scott Abernathy was clicking on the small communication device Mainframe had given him as a somewhat going away present. He hadn't realized that it was getting close to when school was about to start. "Hello?"

"Hello Scott. I wanted to let you know about what I found on the computer," Mainframe stated.

"Sure!" Scott said, excited.

"Well, looking through it, that kid that hacked the computers did in fact hack it twice. He was stole the test results, then he was going to go change someone's grade. I believe it was a Kitty Pryde's failing gym class grade. It's the only class she hasn't gotten straight A's in. I'm surprised that he hadn't tried to change his, his are so dismal… but they really wouldn't surprise me,"

"So… what do you know about him," Scott said.

"I'm not going to go prying about that," Mainframe said, laughing through the vid screen. He then paused. "Are you worried about something?"

"I'm just wondering what's happened to him. He doesn't seem that bad of a kid… just misguided… like some of the Joes," Scott said.

"Tell you what… I'll tell you where he's going since it popped up while I was doing this. Apparently he was scheduled for a transfer to Bayville over two weeks ago,"

"That's weird… as if… someone planed it," Scott said. "Xavier was holding back."

"Well, from what I can tell, it wasn't someone from the institute. The transfer is to some place called the brotherhood, or something. Don't go spreading theories around about someone planning on transferring him, not at least until I look into it. It's actually one of the things they have me looking into down at the café,"

"What café?" Scott asked.

"I think you'll hopefully hear more about it at school. Silence until then, but it is going to be one might say, our down base for the time being… and it's in Bayville,"

"Cool! I get to see you guys!"

"I guess… Scott, do you know what time it is?"

"No, why?" the boy asked.

"I just realized that your not ready for school yet, and you need to get going," Mainframe commented.

"Ahh shoot!" Scott said, hurrying off, then coming back to turn off the vid monitor and put it beside his bed.


Lance had been up and showering, getting ready for school. Mystique had given the news to him that he would be taking, of all things, placement testing, which made him not very happy. He had been in the shower for a while when the toilet flushed. "Todd Tolansky."

"Huh? What, yo!" Todd said suddenly snapping to attention. "I'm sorry dude! I was half asleep and didn't realize when I had to the bathroom."

"Man! I did not need to know that!" Lance said, shaking his head.

"Well, sorry! Why the hell are you up so early?" Todd said. "I'm going back to bed."

Lance quickly turned off the shower, glad that all suds had already been washed away. He pulled the curtain away slightly. "You do know we have to go to school, no?"

"What do you mean? I'm all ways late!" Todd commented. "I mean, there is really no big deal, unless your fluffy. Hah… out of everybody, she seems to like to get on his case the most."

"Who the hell is fluffy?" Lance said, glaring at the boy.

"He's… I'll explain later," Todd said. "I'm going to bed."

"No you aren't," Lance said. "When I'm out of the shower and ready to go, you had better be ready too."

"Yeah right," Todd commented. "Really… I can't understand why you want to go to school at all… unless it's that girl that Mystique mentioned is going to be going here too… you know, the one you had a run it with?"

"Shut up!" Lance said, causing the walls to shake and Todd to scurry off. After the boy was gone, Lance got out of the shower and began to get dressed. Of course, he had to close the door first and the little bugger had gone and purposely taken the towels with him, so Lance's clothes were sopping up the water instead.

After he was finished he knocked on Todd's door. "Come on… we're going now."

"NO! You're not my mom! Or my dad for that matter!" Todd yelled through the door.

"Fine! If you don't want to come now, you'll have to walk to school," Lance said, beginning to walk down the stairs.

"Hold on… do you mean to tell me… you have your own vehicle?" Todd asked.

"Yeah… a jeep," Lance said, looking back at the cracked open door. Suddenly Todd was running down the stairs… or more of hopping.

"I get a ride to school! Woo hoo!" Todd said, going out the front door.

Lance, looking at Todd, thought that something was missing, but he couldn't place his finger on it. Then he realized Todd was still in his pajamas. This caused the boy to slap his head and march down the stairs. Today was going to be a long day.