Summers drove his red car after the motorcycle, keeping a distance that was hopefully not noticeable to the man who was driving the vehicle. He had the feeling that the wind was currently blowing in their favor. One change, and the older man would smell all four of them and giving Scott's car brand new claw marks to the paint job.

This thought caused the boy to let out a sigh. "And we are doing this why now?"

"For the fun of it!" Kurt blurted out, a huge smile on his face.

"Because we are supposed to be a team," Shadowcat smiled.

"It is seriously untactile for him to go without backup," came Abernathy's reply. "Then again, Scarlet kind of hinted he was like Snakeyes. If that is the case, then I want to see him in action."

"Vell… has anyone noticed that Volverine has disappeared?" the blue fur ball suddenly piped up, just as a car suddenly came dropping out of nowhere. The older Scott turned into an alleyway that was nearby and parked his car.

"I really think this was a bad idea," he groaned. "We really need to be going to class, else we'll end up with many people angry at us, including Jean. We don't want Jean mad at us. Her aim is really good with her telepathy."

"I guess you would know as you are a guy and one of those types that would tick her off easily," Kitty stated phasing through the door and running the parking garage. Abernathy began doing some diagnostics with Scott.

"Do you think that Volverine knew we followed and dropped a car on us?" Kurt suddenly asked.

"Well… he does have a temper, but I don't think that he would purposely do that," Summers sighed. "Unless he purposely made it miss…"

"I don't think that was him," the younger Scott piped up. "Spud's sensors pick up another person in there."

"Yeah… Kitty vent in there," Kurt sighed. "To get sliced and diced by the madman!"

"No… I meant, someone other then Kitty and Wolverine," Scott clicked the board shut.

"Come on Kurt, we have to get in there, teleport us in," Summers stated. "And you're staying in the car as you're supposed to be under out protection!"

As they got into the room, Nightcrawler and Cyclops found that they had to bamph again as a car came flying at them.

As they ended up in a new location, they saw Kitty phase through a car. "That stupid cat was mumbling something about destinies where one squashes the other. Rubbish if you ask me."

"We didn't" the boy with the visor muttered and adjusted the knob to let out a blast at the giant brute. This caused the man to turn around, growling as he did so, running to make a lunge. However, Kitty went and phased him downward and Logan nailed him one on the skull.

"What the hell do you think you two are doing dragging half-pint in here? And I guess that Abernathy is near by too?" Logan growled, very angry over the whole matter.

"Ve came to help!" Kurt protested.

"No… we came to spy from the shadows because we were curious," Kitty stated.

Logan gave her a glare. "You do know that curiosity killed the cat, right?"

"I know… my code name can be Shadowcat!" Kitty stated as the two teenaged boys groaned. "Now we only need to find a code name for Scott… the smaller Scott."

"You are going to school now!" Logan growled. "I have to take care of this piece of trash."


Lance couldn't be even more miffed as he watched the huge African American lift up the car and replace every single one of the tires on the jeep. Todd was having a nice conversation with the man called Tunnel Rat, though he doubt if one could call disgusting what bugs tasted the best as a decent conversation, but at least they were civil.

"So… the two of you are opening what… a cyber café?" the teenager asked.

"Uhh… yeah," the man smiled, pausing from his work.

"Then why did the moron have road spike?" Lance suddenly asked, catching both of the men off guard. "I may look stupid, but I'm not that stupid."

"Ahh… I was conned into buying the spikes instead of the nails," Tunnel Rat stated. "So I kind of had them left over.

"Is he and idiot?" Lance asked the big guy.

"No more then your buddy over there," the man smiled.

"First off, Todd is not my buddy. Second, he is an idiot, and a major pain in the neck. I am already having to baby sit his sorry ass," Lance grumbled so that the younger boy couldn't hear him.

"I have to do that for Tunnel Rat too, but it doesn't mean he is unintelligent. He's just… doesn't care about such things and likes to goof off," the man sighed, finishing changing the wheels.

"Thanks for the replacement," Lance commented, getting into the driver seat. "Oi! Tolansky, you coming or not!"

"Oh… yeah!" Todd leapt into the other side and Lance took off.

"Nice kids," Tunnel Rat sighed.

"Except they probably have had the same sorry life most Joes had when they were kids," Heavy Duty sighed.


Jean was waiting outside the school, glancing at her watch. That was when Darkholme came up behind her. "It isn't like you to be missing class, Ms. Grey."

"Oh, sorry. Scott is supposed to be bringing the two new students today, but they haven't arrived yet and I'm a little bit worried," Jean sighed.

"I think that Mr. Wagner might have convinced Summers to head off to a certain burger joint," the woman snarked. "I'll end up writing passes for them, but only because of the fact that Summers is bringing in a new student. Now, hurry along to class please."

Jean nodded her head and took off.

Author's note – Long time not updating, due to school and other things. Anyways, I saw the new X-Men Movie yesterday, and if you haven't seen it yet, it is worth going to see it in theaters.