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Chapter One

It was raining as I made my way to my best friends' house. Not a big surprise since it was always raining here in my small town of Forks. I drove along the highway until I found a driveway that was almost completely hidden, with the trees and green shrubs being so thick through this area of town. I pulled up the driveway, and came to a stop, turning off the ignition, looking up at the large house in front of me. I walked up the porch steps and knocked. Edward and Alice Cullen had been my best friends for as long as I can remember. Since Kindergarten, actually. My mom and dad had gotten divorced when I was younger, but I told my mother firmly, that, I did not want to move with her to Phoenix. I loved Forks too much. I loved my dad too much. And most of all, I loved Edward and Alice too much.

After a moment, I could hear footsteps, then the door opened, revealing my green-eyed, bronze-haired best friend. We'd stuck together through thick and thin. He was my secret-keeper—Alice couldn't keep a secret to save her life—and he was truly my very best friend.

"Hey, Bella." He said with my favorite crooked grin.

"Hey there Eddie." I said happily as I walked into the house, ducking under his arm as I did so, shedding my jacket. I was the only one allowed to call Edward by the nickname I'd given him back in Kindergarten. "So what was so urgent?" I asked him with raised eyebrows. Just this morning he'd called me—woke me up at eight o' clock, actually—and wanted me to come over around ten. He said he'd had something urgent to share with me.

Edward smiled at me excitedly, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the foyer where the piano was located. He sat down on the bench, and motioned for me to sit beside him. When I did, he began playing a song, following a piano music sheet that looked handmade. He'd written the song he was about to play. I was getting excited.

Edward began playing, his eyes closed as he did so. His hands swept over the keys in such a fluid motion that I was mesmerized by him. I got entranced every time he played the piano for me. But the song…the song was nothing short of spectacular. The notes seemed to hit me right in my heart, making my veins come alive like a livewire.

When Edward finished, he opened his eyes and looked at me. "Well?"

I was speechless. "Edward…." I said, shaking my head. "That was beautiful. When did you write that?"

"All last night." He admitted, a bit sheepishly. "I couldn't sleep, and it just…came to me. I had to write it out."

I smiled. "That's truly amazing." I said sincerely and he smiled his crooked smile. I could feel my heart flutter in my chest.

Why would it do that? I puzzled myself sometimes…

Then Edward did something I didn't expect. He took the handwritten music sheet off the small ledge that held it there, and took a black ink pen, writing something across the top in his fluid handwriting. When he handed it over to me, I saw what he wrote. Bella's Song was what it said.

I could feel my eyes tear up. "Wow…" was all I could say.

"You can keep that. I made a copy for myself, but I wanted you to have the original." Edward said, his voice seeming strangely shy.

Then, a voice filled the room excitedly, ruining the moment. "Oh, Bella!" came the overly hyper voice of Alice, her pixie-like form prancing into the room to give me a hug. "What are you doing here this early?" she asked, seeming confused but pleased.

"Edward just wanted me to come over so he could show me something." I said and Edward smiled at me.

"Oh," Alice said, nodding. "Anyways, I need a new dress for this weekend. Jasper is taking me out to dinner." She said happily. Jasper Hale had been Alice's boyfriend for the last four years, ever since they were freshmen in high school. Edward and Alice's older brother, Emmett, was dating Jasper's twin, Rosalie.

I closed my eyes, knowing the question was coming….

"So I was wondering if you would go into Port Angeles with me to help me find the perfect one?" Alice asked excitedly and I sighed.

"Alice, you know I can't stand shopping." I said exasperatedly, and she gave me her best pout.

"Oh come on, Bella! Edward hasn't slept all night. I should know because mom made me come downstairs about a zillion times to tell him to go to bed, so he'll probably fall asleep when we leave, and be awake by the time we get back. Right Edward?" She used her best menacing tone at him, but Edward just looked at her, his eyebrows raised.

"Maybe, but who knows?" He said vaguely. Alice didn't like it at all.

"Please Bella!" She begged, and I sighed, not wanting to see her get on her knees like she usually did if I held out any longer.

I grimaced, hating what I was about to do. "Alright…" I said, cringing. "I'll go."

"Thank you, Bella!" Alice seemed to shout at the top of her lungs and threw her arms around me. "I just know you'll help me find the perfect dress!"

Behind Alice's back, I looked at Edward, mouthing 'Help me!'. He just chuckled.

"Now, I am going to run upstairs and get my purse, and when I come back down, we can leave!" Alice said happily and danced up the stairs in her red, sparkly ballet flats. I must say, her shoe choice fit her physique. She looked, and walked like a ballerina. I envied her, since I was probably the most uncoordinated person that you could ever meet.

I sank back down onto the piano bench beside Edward, and he put a hand on my shoulder. "Aw, don't worry, Bella. It shouldn't be all that bad…especially because she only has until four o' clock to shop. You know how long it takes her to get ready."

"I heard that!" Alice said as she skipped down the stairs. "Ready Bella?"

I sighed, and nodded, ready for my doom to begin. Standing up, I gave Edward a parting smile. "See you later."

"Goodbye, Bella." He said, before Alice shut the door behind us.

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