Well, I did it. I finally graduated from Forks high school with my best friend Alice Brandon. Unfortunately, I managed to do it without a single boyfriend. I went on a few dates with this guy Mike Newton, but he was creepy and a tad over-obsessive. Alice and I were going to freakin' Dartmouth! "C'mon Bella, we're gonna be late!" Alice exclaimed. I gave Charlie a long awkward hug before scanning the house one more time. I slipped out the door with a goodbye and climbed into Alice's Porsche. She revved the engine unnecessarily loud, and tore off down the street.

"Road Trip!" she screamed. Alice turned up the radio as we sang American Boy at the top of our lungs. I was really tired; it was only 6:30 in the morning! But we wanted to get a good head start for our three day drive to New Hampshire. After 10 hours, we stopped at a 5 star hotel, insisted upon by Alice. All of the bell boys were drooling all over her, but she swore they were doing the same to me. Whatever.

When we hit the road again early again the next morning, I was beyond drained. The whole road trip was kind of boring. If Alice wasn't always talking I'd be sleeping most of the time. Every time I would start to drift asleep, either guys honking at us or Alice yapping away would bring me out of my drowsiness. We finally arrived around four o'clock on the third day of driving. Alice drove fast. We found our dorm room, number one-oh-seven. I wasn't expecting much since it was a college dorm, but boy was I wrong! "Oh. My. God," we both said is unison, dropping all of our bags and running around the room. Alice started squealing so high-pitched that I'm sure all of the dogs within a ten mile radius would soon come running into our building.

Our dorm was at least three plus times the size of a normal college dormitory room. It was empty, and we came a week before school started so that we could furnish and paint it to our liking. We had complete creative freedom over our room since Alice's rich parents practically bought it for us; it was the biggest dorm on campus.

"Shopping!" Alice cried, pulling me out the door as she locked it behind us. We drove to the mall, catching quite a few looks in her canary-yellow sports car. First we went to Vous Niche, a trendy furniture store. We picked out two mahogany desks, and two bed sets that fit our style. I picked out a two-toned blue square patterned comforter. With that I picked purple polka dot sheets and pillowcases. Alice picked out a pink and white flowered comforter with white sheets and pillowcases with red lips all over them. Also, the two of us picked out a three cushion white leather sofa and a blue and pink shag rug. We walked over to the cash register where Alice flashed her platinum card. Our furniture would be delivered early the next morning.

It took four days and half the college football team to put our room together. We all painted the walls a baby blue with pink polka dots. The guys screwed around the whole time, especially the quarterback, Emmett. But after all the hard work, our room looked fantastic! Emmett's girlfriend Rosalie, the gorgeous cheerleading captain, also helped out since she too was Alice's friend. They knew each other from Emmett, who was Alice's goofy, buff cousin.

That night, Rosalie spent the night in our room since her roommate hadn't arrived yet. We were playing poker; loser had to jump in the lake naked. It was 11:00 at night when the game ended. I lost. We were giggling all the way down to the lake.

"Go on Bella," Rose goaded, cracking up. I slipped out of my clothes and ran to the end of the dock. I stuck my toe in the water and shivered. It was a bit nippy. "Jump girl," Alice shouted. I took a deep breath and plunged into the chilly water. As I surfaced, I saw Alice and Rose running away with my clothes.

"Bitches!" I called, though the situation was pretty funny. But it would be funnier if I wasn't the victim. Knowing Alice, she will come back for me…Eventually. The water got nice after a while, so I decided I'd enjoy my little midnight swim. As I was swimming, I saw a flashlight beam shine on me.

"Alice, finally! You did bring my clothes right? And maybe a towel?"

"Wait, you're naked?" a voice purred. I froze. That was definitely note Alice's or Rose's voice. I heard at least two different guys laughing. "Wait, wait," a familiar voice sounded. "That's Alice's roommate, Bella!" By now my face was as red as the lips on Alice's sheets. "Ha-ha Bella. How did this happen?"

"I lost a poker game," I mumbled. "Besides, what are you doing out this late? And by the girls' dorms nonetheless."

"I came to see my Rosie, and since Edward's my roommate I invited him to come hang with everyone." I could still here that Edward kid laughing. "Tell you what Bella, me being the nice guy that I am, will go run back to my dorm and get you a towel and some pj's.



This was too funny! Here me and Rose are, laughing our asses off, while Bella just got discovered naked in the lake by Emmett and Edward. I saw Emmett run off, probably to get her some clothes. He's always been a softie at heart. But that Edward, he is a player. I'm not sure if I trust him with Bella out there nude, but this is too entertaining. Bella doesn't even know that Rose and I are hiding behind a tree nearby.

Edward definitely has his flirt on, and I can see Bella blushing from here. Poor girl, though she'll probably kill me when she gets back in. Can't say that I blame her.