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It was another usual afternoon after school and Christy sat in her room looking over her homework assignments for the day. She had Social Studies, English, Science, and Math. She really didn't like doing homework, but it needed to be done. However, this got in the way of things she liked to do, such as playing games and writing stories.

Above all, it was the Math assignment that she dreaded the most. Math was her worst subject and she was already failing the class. She tried to follow the methods that her teacher would tell them, but it didn't seem to help her much.

It looked like a lovely day to be outside. From her window, Christy could see the sun shining down on the grass and the street, and there were some nice, fluffy looking clouds in the sky. The slight breeze that was blowing swayed the grass gently, and squirrels ran around, looking for food.

Christy sighed quietly. "Well, I guess I better get this done," she murmured. She started with English then moved on to Science. After that she went to Social Studies but as soon as she was about to start her Math homework, she frowned.

"Maybe I'll do that later," the girl said softly, putting it to the side.

As she did, she remembered some of the trouble she had today. She had always admired a certain young man from afar. His name was Kyle and he was the school's basketball superstar. However, he was very popular and she had difficulty approaching him.

However, she thought that today would be the day. She walked up to the brown haired Kyle and tried to start a conversation with him. He smiled at her, but two girls dragged him away. Of course, that didn't boost her spirits much.

She tried several other times before then and it almost always ended up the same way every time. Christy would say hi, and ask if he would want to hang out with her. Just as Kyle would smile, two girls would appear and would always drag him away from her.

Christy wasn't asking for much. She didn't admire Kyle because he was a great basketball player, or because he was popular. All she wanted was for him to be her friend that was all. She sighed quietly to herself just thinking about it.

Suddenly, a weird sound came from her closet. Christy stood up in confusion, and started to head toward the closet when it popped open unexpectedly and two figures came tumbling out, causing the brunette to gasp in surprise.

"Ow…" a familiar sounding voice groaned on the floor. The girl sat up, and rubbed her back. She was wearing a pretty pink dress, and a silver tiara that had a sparkling green jewel on it. The startling thing was, she looked exactly like Christy; the only difference was that her eyes were an emerald green color, instead of chocolate brown.

"We did it, Princess!" another voice exclaimed which caught Christy by surprise. "We got here in one piece!" The girl turned her head noticing what looked to be a white mouse that wore a red cape and had pink rimmed glasses over his green eyes. He was also floating and was holding onto a yellow staff that had what looked like a piece of cheese at the end of it.

"Yeah, I guess," the Princess looking girl moaned as she got up. "The landing could have been better but…?" She turned her gaze to the surprised girl, who had been stunned into silence upon their arrival. "Hey, you look like me! You must be the me in this world!"

"W… what?" Christy murmured looking confused.

"It is nice to meet you," the Princess said politely, ignoring the girl's puzzled expression.

"Um… n… nice to meet you too," Christy said slowly, not sure if she was just seeing things or not. "My name is Christy."

"Christy?" the other brunette questioned curiously.

"Well, my full name is Christina, but…"

"Really?!" the Princess exclaimed with a smile. "Then we have the same name! My name is Christina too! And I'm a Princess!"

"I… I figured that with the way you are dressed…" Christy said slowly. She reached up to pinch her arm and winced when she felt pain shoot through her arm. And the Princess and her flying animal were still there.

"And this is my tutor," the Princess went on, motioning her hand to the flying mouse.

"Hello there! Kip Hamoon Stallon the 777th at your service!" the creature said with a bow.

Christy was surprised for two reasons when she heard that. The first was that the creature was talking! The second was that he had quite a long name for something so small. And what a number he had! That must have been a lot of Kips!

"Oh, you were just thinking about my name right?" Kip questioned suddenly, taking the girl out of her thoughts. "Well, you see, it began…"

"Kip, not now," the Princess said quickly. "I know you lose track of time when it comes to your name and it will take all day to tell that story."

Christy found herself sitting down in a nearby chair. "I… I don't know what's going on here," she murmured.

"Oh, sorry about that," the green eyed girl apologized. "You see, my kingdom, the Flower Kingdom, hosts an annual ball called the Ball in Saint-Lyon. I'm supposed to partner up with a Prince for the dance. But, I…" The Princess looked down and shuffled her feet nervously. "See, I'm really bad at dancing, so I ran away."

"Well, I can understand that," Christy agreed, slowly standing back up, but she almost fell down again. "But, what does that have to do with me?"

"It actually has everything to do with you," Kip remarked calmly. "You see, we came here to ask if you would take the Princess' place and participate in the Ball in Saint-Lyon!"

"Please? Will you?" the Princess begged.

Hoping that maybe they would leave her alone, she shook her head. "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't help. I'm bad at dancing too you see…"

"Yeah, but I keep getting dance lessons, and I still do badly. Maybe you'll do better than me," the Princess remarked.

"Look I'm telling you…"

Christy gasped in surprise when she saw that Kip flew over and opened the door to her closet. "Don't worry!" he called reassuringly. "Just follow me!"

The common girl watched as Kip flew into the swirling vortex. For a moment, she just stared. She had a feeling that the Princess was going to insist until she did this, even though she really didn't want to.

"Please, will you do this? You'll be doing me a huge favor!" the brown haired Princess begged.

"Okay, okay," Christy groaned. "I'll go."

"Great!" Princess Christina gushed happily. "Oh, but before you go, I need to tell you something. I have an Emerald Necklace hanging up in my room. It is very, very important to me! So whatever you do, please don't touch it!"

"Emerald necklace, don't touch. Got it," Christy murmured. She gazed at the swirling vortex in her closet and with a sigh, forced herself to jump in and the door closed behind her. She screamed as the strong winds whipped around her.

"No, no! I'm not the Princess!" Christy cried for the hundredth time as a servant, a blue mouse wearing a green suit, handed her a silver tiara. "I'm telling you, I'm not the Princess!"

"You tried this last week, your Highness," the servant remarked, trying to have his patience with the protesting girl. "Come now, Princess Christina. That isn't something a Princess should be wearing!"

Christy shook her head and sighed sadly. To think before she couldn't talk to Kyle, now she had to say she was the Princess?! There was no way she really wanted to agree, but the Princess insisted.

"Come on. Just put that on your head and you can transform," Kip instructed.

The girl stared at the tiara for a moment, and then finally did as Kip told her to do. The moment it touched her head, she was covered in a small flash of light. When it cleared, she found herself in a pretty pink sequined dress in with a red bow on her chest.

"Whoa… that was weird!" Christy gasped. "What is with the tiara?"

The servant stared at the girl oddly for a moment. "It's a magical tiara, isn't it obvious, Princess? That is yours to have."

Christy sighed a little and slowly looked around the room. It actually looked very cute. The walls were covered in a nice pink and white pattern, and there was a mirror too. Nearby, on the wall, a silver necklace with three green jewels hung there. It must be the Emerald Necklace the real Princess Christina told her not to touch. The bed was also very soft, nothing less for a Princess. But Christy just couldn't seem to get comfortable. As soon as the servant left, she looked at Kip and pleaded.

"Come on, Kip! Send me back to my world! I don't think I can do this!" she begged, clasping her hands together. "Please!"

Kip sighed and lowered his paws and head. "That is impossible," he replied. "You can only go back to your world if you have the key that connects the worlds, and the Princess has it."

"What, you mean I'm stuck here?" Christy cried out in alarm.

"At least for now," the white mouse informed her. "It will be for the better if you just resigned yourself to this fact for now. Now come on! We need to get to the dinner party right away!"

Christy said nothing and allowed Kip to open the door of the Princess' room to lead her all the way down to the dining hall. On the way, the girl noticed some guards patrolling the area, but they all looked like dogs or some other animal! And she saw many Princes and Princesses around the dinning hall. Kip claimed it was her job to find a Prince to partner with at the dance among the Princes there.

The fake Princess sighed, deciding she better get it over with. She tried to put on her best smile, but her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the first Prince with his short blonde hair and green eyes. He seemed to be the shortest of the Princes around and he wore mostly blue.

"Yo! You're the Princess here, right?" he asked.

"V… Victor?" Christy gasped out. "What the…"

"Victor?" questioned the Prince confused.

"What are you talking about, Princess?" Kip whispered in the girl's ear. "That there is Prince Vincent of the River Kingdom!"

To say that the brunette wasn't shocked would have been an understatement. "Are you kidding? He goes to my school!" she whispered back.

"But this is a parallel world," Kip reminded her quietly. "He may be just a student in your world, but he is a Prince here."

Christy blinked her eyes a couple of times before looking back toward the Prince. "Oh, sorry, about that," she suddenly said. "It is nice to meet you."

"Same here!" the blonde haired Prince agreed. "My name is Vincent, but you can call me Vince!"

The fake Princess managed a small smile when she heard this. "My name is Christina, but you can call me Christy."

Kip was about to make a comment about that, but Vince spoke before he could. "I see. You know, this castle is really huge! Maybe you could give me a tour sometime!"

Christy didn't know what to say to this. How could she give a tour of the castle? She didn't know this place at all! However, she forced a smile back on her face. "I'd love to!"

"That's awesome! I'll see you later okay?"

The brunette watched as the blonde haired Prince walked away. She wondered if Vince had even more similarities to Victor, like if he pulled pranks or something. She almost always lost her temper with him because of it.

As she stood there, a purple haired Prince stepped forward. Christy quickly turned to Kip, recognizing the brown eyed Prince as someone else she knew, the flirt, Carlos. He was always flirting with any girl he saw in the hallways. However, if he was like Vince, then his name wasn't Carlos.

"That's Prince Cesar of the Sea Republic," Kip explained in a hushed voice. "He was rejected by the real Princess once before. He keeps trying, but has yet to be successful."

Christy turned back to face the Prince clothed in red just in time for him to hand a rose over to her. "Well, if it isn't my beloved Princess Christina. You are as beautiful as ever! I know you are looking for a dance partner. You should have accepted when I asked you before so you wouldn't have to worry, honey!"

"Um, Cesar," Christy started to say, but he acted as though she hadn't spoken.

"I am the only one that is fitting for a rose such as you! Goodbye for now, my Princess!"

The brown eyed girl watched as the purple haired Prince walked the other way. She almost wanted to drop the rose, but she decided to hold onto it for now. Cesar acted exactly the way like Carlos would! That would mean that most likely, there were the same connections with Vince and Victor as well.

As she walked around aimlessly, wondering what the next Prince would be like, she bumped into another Prince who was clearly in a big hurry. "Hey, watch where you are going!" he snapped.

"I… I'm sorry!" Christy stammered in surprise, looking at the black haired Prince. She barely had time to look into his brown eyes and seeing his black princely clothes.

"As long as you are sorry, then there is no trouble," the Prince said before continuing on his way.

"Are you okay?" Kip questioned concerned.

Christy nodded slowly, not realizing that she had dropped the rose. "Yeah, I think so… that Prince reminded me of Lucas though."

"Oh well, he is Prince Luciano of the Garadium Kingdom. He seems to be a bit testy lately," Kip murmured.

The fake Princess didn't respond. So far, she met three Princes that resembled three of her classmates. Lucas was also fairly known for his bad sense of direction. She briefly wondered if Luciano was the same way, when she discovered a lone Prince wearing glasses standing in a corner. The lilac haired Prince reminded her of Keith, who was always reading some book.

"That's Prince Kiefer of the Nezzie Empire, who is known for his great intelligence," the mouse explained quickly.

Christy sighed softly. What in the world could she say to this guy? She never even tried talking to Keith before in her world. Well, she had no choice but to try. "Um, hi," she called as she walked over to him. "Kiefer right?"

"Yes, that's right," he said simply.

"Um… would you like to talk? You see… I… don't have a partner for the ball yet. You?"

"No," Kiefer remarked coolly. He walked away a moment later. Well, he could be a little nicer. But she didn't expect much anyway.

When she caught a glimpse at the next Prince, her eyes widened. His dark brown hair and sparkling green eyes she would know anywhere! His clothes were mostly white, with a red scarf tied to his neck. He looked a lot like Kyle! And from the look of two familiar looking girls, it looked like he was still quite the popular one.

After hearing from Kip that this Prince was Prince Klaus from the Republic of Lamor, she steeled her courage and walked over toward him. "Hello, Prince Ky… I mean Prince Klaus! It's nice to meet you!"

Klaus smiled warmly at the girl before him. "Yes, it's nice to meet you too. You are Princess Christina, right?"

Christy nodded slowly. "Yeah, say, Prince Klaus…" The fake Princess had to take a calming breath before she decided to ask her next question. "Will you be my dance partner?"

Klaus gazed at the girl with a smile, but pointed to his ear. "Sorry, I didn't catch that. Could you say that again?"

"Will you be my…"

The next thing that happened was very familiar. The two Princesses came forward, told her to go away, and dragged the Prince away from her. It didn't matter what this world was like, either way was painful to her for some reason.

"Don't worry about Princesses Lauren and Brenda. They are always hanging on to him to like that," Kip explained. "It's not your fault he was dragged away either."

The fake Princess did not respond. She just sighed sadly and decided to stop looking around then. She just couldn't do it any more.

Klaus smiled to himself as he stood out in the night air. Other than Lauren and Brenda it had been a pretty good day. He noticed something odd as he danced with his girlfriend Cynthia though, or maybe it was just him. He noticed that while he was dancing Nocturne with his partner, Princess Christina had left. At least, he thought she did. He wasn't sure.

Suddenly, he heard the sounds of someone crying coming from the garden area of Waltz Castle. Confused and curious, the brown haired Prince followed the sounds until he found the source of the sobs. What he found was Princess Christina of the Flower Kingdom on her knees with her face buried in her two hands. Kip was hovering nearby with a paw on her shoulder.

"Princess, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Kip asked, his voice sounding concerned.

"Stop it, Kip! Just stop it!" the girl pleaded, her voice quivering.

"Stop what?" Kip questioned confused.

"Stop calling me Princess! I… I don't think I can take this anymore!" She removed her hands from her face, tears brimming in her brown eyes. "Kip, please take me back home! I can't do this! I… just can't!"

"Take her home?" Klaus thought to himself. "What is she talking about?"

Kip sighed and shook his head. "I'm sorry, but like I said before. You can only go back to your world if you have the key, and the real Princess has it. So, you are the real Princess for now!"

Christina shook her head, put her hands back up to her face and continued to cry. Klaus was very confused by this point. What were these two talking about? Was he just hearing things? She seemed cheerful before.

Just as he was about to come closer, to make absolutely sure he heard them both correctly, he heard two familiar voices. "Prince Klaus!"

Before the Prince could react, he found that Lauren and Brenda grabbed him by his arms and began to drag him away. However, he found himself gazing at the crying Princess even as he was being taken away. He hoped that she was going to be okay.