Here's a small drabbled centred on Hakurei-zan. I have no idea who or what possessed me, but here it is. The lyrics are from the dub because I don't have the Japanese version at hand. I do not own InuYasha, Hakurei-zan, or the song. Please read, review, and enjoy.

Hidden in the mountains to the east stands Mount Hakurei, the white soul mountain. Cloaked in the surrounding mists and covered with beautiful greenery, it is a holy place, purifying all its divine barrier touches, be it demon or sin. At its peek perches a small shrine to the Saint Hakushin, the venerable one who maintains the purifying barrier around the mountain.

Hakurei-zan is a quite, peaceful place, but something terrifying will soon happen there.

The saint's heart will become tainted, and a demon will take over the land. The only ones to know the end of the tale are those who wrote the childhood song, the one everyone in the villages at the base of the mountain knows. Although no one person knows the entire song, the answers lie within…

Pure has become impure, impure has now become pure

Good has now become bad, bad has become good,

Too live is to die, too die is to live

Saint Hakushin beneath the earth

Mount Hakurei will return to Hijiri…