Final Smash Theories Part 1:

Hi there. This is a special story on me thinking of Final Smashes of Characters that's not in the Brawl Character Roster. Now, if you know what Brawl is then ok, but if you don't what it is and you want to know what is, go to Smash . Otherwise, if you don't about this game, unless you enjoy all of stories, then leave, since this story is only for either people who like my stories and/or enjoy Brawl.

Now, this is my opinion, please don't argue about what you think could be the final smash of certain characters, this is strictly my opinion. The reason I am doing this is because I'm sure you wander about certain Final Smash to certain characters that we wish was in Brawl. There are maybe a certain number of characters that I'm going to miss, but oh well, so, oh and at the end of this story, there's something I might want you guys to do, if you want to. So, enjoy. BTW, if there are any characters that you don't know who they are, just go to the internet, cause I am not going to explain every character I put on, Sorry.

Shadow the Hedgehog- Chaos Spear Explode. Shadow will be surrounded by a black aura, and will start flying with his Boots and will shoot Chaos spears at his opponents. Hold the button, then release to shoot a bigger spear that does more damage, a bigger impact, and a bigger knockback. At the last second, Shadow finishes with a Chaos Blast with a limited range that has huge knockback. Shadow is invincible at the time.

Silver the Hedgehog- Esp Boulder Barrage. Silver calls up 3 boulders, and throws them onto the field. Then he goes into a 10 sec Psychic mode, so that anything (characters, items, ect.) he picks up, he throws them really far. He is invincible at the time.

Blaze the Cat- Tornado Summoning. Blaze calls up 12 Flaming Tornados, and they pop-up vertically at random places. They cause lots of damage, and Blaze is invincible at the time.

Knuckles the Echidna- Super Maximum Heat Form. Knuckles changes into a Maximum Heat form, and is similar to Wario-Man. He is invincible, and all of his attacks are much stronger, but he can't fly using mid-air attacks like Wario-Man.

Daisy- Crystal Crossing. You know how Daisy has a Crystal Super Item Attack, if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's in the game, Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii, its a Soccer game. Well, Daisy calls up Crystals in random spots in the stage, and can even shoot Crystals out of her. She is invincible at the time.

Dr. Mario- Virus Attack. Dr. Mario calls up the 3 Virus colors, Red, Blue, and Yellow and they start finding the opponents. If they attach onto one, they start sucking life from them, 1 equals 10 damage per second, 2 equals 20 per sec., and 3 is 30 per sec. They all last for 15 Seconds, and they can't be removed once they are attached and they can't be destroyed. However, you can still do attacks, and Dr. Mario is only invincible at the time he summons them up, after that, he's not.

Mewtwo- Psychic Field. Mewtwo covers the whole field with his Psychic attack. It is similar to Luigi's Final Smash, except everyone takes damage a lot quicker, it covers the whole field, and no other negative effects. The damage they will take will be 3 times as fast as Luigi, and Mewtwo is only invincible for the first 5 seconds of the Final Smash.

Tails- Tornado Fighter. Tails summons up the Tornado (his plane) and it transforms into a fighting robot like machine (just like Sonic Adventure 2/Battle). It's Invincible, it can uses the Homing Shots, it can hover like in the games, and at the last 5 seconds, Fires up many rockets that home in on enemies.

Sailor Moon- (giggle, Sailor Moon in Brawl, yeah, like that'll be the day) Moon Scepter Elimination. She uses her Scepter to blast in the direction she faces. It is similar to Samus's Final Smash. But, it looks are a lot different, and is kind of like Mario's, it's not as 'unescapable' as Samus's.

Naruto- Summoning Jutsu. Naruto summons the Toad Sage and goes in and attacks in various ways. It's somewhat similar to the Landmasters. It's big and it's powerful.

Inuyasha- Wind Scar. As we all except from a demon slayer, Inuyasha uses his Wind Scar that has incredible knockback and causes lots of damage, and is pretty much a 1-hit K.O., most of the time.

Dr. Eggman- Robot Invasion. He summons Robots to take down the opponents. Similar to King Dedede's, except there is a lot less number or robots, and they stay in the stage a little longer than normal.

Look, I know this seem short, but that's' all I got as of this time. Uh, however, I gonna think about other characters that look like good candidates. And as a treat, you guys can put up suggestions. What that means is, in addition to reviewing my stories, you can put suggestions on what characters you want me to put on here. I might not know the character, so putting what game or what TV show they are in can really help.

I will also look online for whatever character you suggest if I still don't know who that is. Still, that doesn't mean it isn't an absolute guarantee that I put that character in. I will more that likely make a new Chapter for this story, seeing as it can be continuous, oh, and don't put what you think the Final Smash it will have for whatever character suggestion you give me, I'm sorry, but this is my opinion.

So, until I have at least 10 Characters for another chapter, this ends my story and will be added as complete, but you can still give me reviews here, which makes it a possibility of another chapter. So, give me you suggestions in the reviews of this story, but please, still try to review my story of what you think about my Character suggestions for the Final Smash. And remember, I recommend looking on the internet for whatever character you don't know, but you don't have to.

Well, that's it everyone, hope you enjoy my theories on the Final Smashes. And make sure to R&R and also make sure to leave suggestions in the Reviews. See Ya!