Final Smash Theories Part 12

You are watching the next part of Final Smash Theories! I like to mention and thank the user BoshiBasher555 for providing me the description for about half of these characters. I guess that's something I haven't thought of, but you can provide me with descriptions for any of the characters that you send me if you like. Personally, I wouldn't recommend that you do that, but I'll be the judge of that myself. Anyway, enjoy!

1. Boshi- Spiky Eggs. 5 Spiked eggs bounce around the stage as fast as Sonic's, dealing moderate damage to whomever they hit. Boshi is not invincible, but then again the eggs move pretty fast... and Boshi isn't exactly a pushover when it comes to fighting.

2. Mallow- Great Thunder. Lightning strikes around the stage, electrifying any platform it hits for 3 seconds, culminating in a shockwave from the cloud, guaranteeing a hit for high amount damage with moderate knockback.

3. Geno- Geno Whirl. Geno fires a disk of light that bounces off the boundaries at an insane speed, instantly KOing anything other than Geno and his allies it touches. It only lasts for 3 seconds.

4. Bowser Jr.-Paint Wave. Bowser Jr. waves his paintbrush from Super Mario Sunshine and a wave of paint appears. No damage, but hard to avoid on single-platform stages such as Final Destination. Pushes off any enemy it can keep in contact with.

5. Baby Mario Bros.-Chomp Frenzy. A giant Chain Chomp rushes 3 times across the stage aiming for opponents. Deals moderate damage with huge knockback.

6. Roy (2nd)-Flame Storm. Roy calls forth a burning cloud to rain fire upon his enemies. Deals large amounts of damage, no knockback, and passes through platforms. Cannot be avoided. Lasts 10 seconds.

7. Iku Nagae- Thunder Cloud Stickleback. Iku charges herself with a jolt of lightning that radiates in a short distance. Lasts for 10 seconds, and anyone caught up in it will take huge damage and little knockback. She can perform her normal attacks and is invulnerable to all attacks.

8. Tenshi Hinanai- Earthquake Enlightenment. Tenshi stabs the sword on the ground, and tremors can be heard and somewhat seen. It rumbles once, then twice, then three times for 7 seconds. Finally, shockwaves are done! The Shockwaves will take up all of the ground in the entire stage, but does not affect airborne enemies. It lasts for 3 seconds, and you will take insane damage and huge knockback if caught on it!

(9). Cirno- Perfect Freeze. She is the strongest! Cirno jumps up in the air, and ice bullets are shot everywhere across the stage. After 5 seconds of shooting, the entire stage and all enemies will be frozen for 5 seconds. The bullets do little damage, but there is a ton of them. The freeze does moderate damage. After everyone is unfrozen, the shots, which were also frozen, will go in random directions. They do the same damage as before they were frozen. Cirno can move and attack in 2 seconds after the freezing effect.

10. Hong Meiling-Great Roc's Assault Fist. Meiling does a palm strike for the first attack that does a good bit of damage. Then, does a stomp that is short ranged, sending the target and nearby opponents flying and unable to recover. Then, Meiling charges up and strikes with an Upper China Punch that sends the opponent flying greatly, with huge damage and massive knockback!

11. Sanae (2nd)- Esoterica Lasers. Sanae takes 8 seconds to charge in lasers that will have a hint of where they will strike. You can hit her at this setup stage, but she will not flinch. She then sends the colorful lasers into action. Covers the entire screen so there's no way to escape it. Lasts for 10 seconds, will cause continuous damage, but no knockback. Sanae can move and attack for 2 seconds after activating the lasers.

And another part is done! That's it for now! Until next time, See ya!