A New Role in Life

Ch 12

"Preparations for Jeanette and Simon's Big Day pt2 and The Big Day"

Friday afternoon the school bell rang and Alvin and Jake headed to the hotel suite where Simon's bachelor party was being held. Alvin looked at the strip club where they were taking Simon and he looked.

"Wow a strip club…..I wonder whose bright idea that was? Are you all aware I'm a married man and shouldn't be at places like this? Oh whatever…I just hope you didn't get a stripper named Jeanette to give my brother a lap dance? Jake I told you no."

He sighed.

"Oh Alvin will you relax bro? We're not going to a strip club either she's coming here just for your brother and her name is Gillian!! Actually I got all of us a stripper for our pleasures get my drift!"

Alvin glared.

"You did what…hello I'm married!! Do you see the band on my hand? Hello and I have two sons!! I'm going to kill you!!"

Dave looked.

"Alvin will you relax? Don't listen to him; we got a stripper just to entertain us…there is no harm in that is there?"

He sighed.

"No I guess not. But still why did you do that?"
Dave looked.

"Alvin it's the last night your brother is a bachelor he has to go out with a bang right? You did right?"

He stared.

"Yes I guess you're right. Ok fine let's just hope Simon doesn't kill us. Speaking of Simon he and Theodore arrived. Everyone hide and then we'll jump out and yell surprise and then she can umm do her thing away from me!!"

Theodore had a blindfold over Simon's eyes and Simon asked.

"Theo what are you up to? Take it off my eyes right now or I'll pound you?"

Theodore gulped.

"Not yet we're almost there relax will you? Ready now you can look."

The other guys jumped out and yelled.

"Surprise and now to enjoy your last night as a bachelor!! Oh Gillian you can come out now!!"

Simon's eyes widened as she danced toward him and pushed him into the chair while she danced on his lap. He started to sweat and stared deep into her eyes. She removed his glasses and used her hands along his face causing sweat to drip down…..

"Alvin remind me to…kill you!! I told you no…aagh never mind very interesting indeed!!"

Then she got back up and started to strip off her clothes as the guys all stared with their eyes wide open. She made her way to Alvin and he gulped as she grinded on him…then she made her way back to Simon and grinded on him….he froze and a smile came across his face. Alvin sat on the couch and sighed with relief. Then he ran into the bathroom and cooled off!! Jake stared and tapped Alvin…

"Come on and join us she is giving all of us a lap dance with no clothes on at all!! Oh look at your brother he's enjoying himself!! Aren't you glad we booked her!!?"

He gulped.

"Umm no I'm married you idiot!! I'm not joining you'll I have a wife and a family of my own!! You better tell her not to come by me…I rather look at my wife than another woman!! You're single you go and enjoy yourself I'll pass!! Oh my God look at my baby brother? Oh man….now I am regretting this…."

Simon watched as she made her way back over to him and gulped as sweat dripped down his brow. Jake took a picture as she gave Simon the lap dance and laughed…Dave also smiled as he joined Alvin in the small kitchen.

"He is just like you were when we threw you the bachelor party. Stop being so angry! Gee Alvin!"

Alvin took a sip of his wine cooler.

"I'm not mad Dave just don't want her to come by me. We booked her for Simon nobody else and I think he's had enough of fun don't you. Oh no man he's gotten himself drunk!! That's his 5th wine cooler!!"

After the stripper left Simon ran to the bathroom and got sick. Then he went after Jake.

"That was not funny!! I should kill you!! All it was supposed to be is a damn lap dance nothing else!! Not you screwing her in the other room you idiot!! Oh man my head is pounding I have a hangover!!"

Jake sighed.

"You could've but you passed so I took advantage is that a crime?"

Alvin ran and broke them up.

"Simon calm down it's over in two days you'll be married to Jeanette. This was just a celebration of your last night as a single chipmunk!! Take deep breaths; be glad it was 2 days before your big day not the day before!!"

Back at Jeanette's bachelorette party Brittany watched as Jeanette totally let loose and sighed. The male stripper came by her and she gulped and backed away! He cornered her and she froze and all the women grinded on him as he made his way back over to Jeanette as she removed pieces of his clothing…..Shana and Valerie put dollar bills down his briefs and egged Jeanette on as she sat still in the chair enjoying the lap dance he gave her! Then he made his way back over to Brittany and she gulped as he pushed her against the wall. She stared.

"I'm not the one you should be entertaining I have enough from my man thank you!! She's over there in the purple…..You're fine and all but I have my man……go back over there she's waiting!! Bye now!!"

Finally the party ended and Jeanette took several deep breaths and ran to Brittany hugging her.

"Oh thank you so much! What a way to end my last days as a bachelorette!! Thank you sis!! Oh my I'm going to pass out I'm totally thrashed! I need the bathroom move!!"

Brittany moved and sipped her wine cooler. Then Ms. Miller smiled.

"Whoa how you stay in control with a fine man grinding on you is beyond me."

Brittany looked.

"Oh I have Alvin and all the satisfaction I can handle…..You seen our sons. Besides I'm married now and can't be getting loose like that. Besides I'm a mother of two boys Ms. Miller! I'm just glad my sister enjoyed herself! She deserves to enjoy her last night as a single woman to the fullest!"

On Jeanette's wedding day she woke up and stared at her gown. Brittany ran into her room and grabbed her.

"Aren't you a blushing bride to be? Just think in a few hours you will be Mrs. Jeanette Seville! I bet you never thought this day would come so soon did you?"

She smiled.

"No not at all but I'm so glad it did. 10 years is a long time to be with someone as great as my husband to be. Where's your hubby if I may ask?"

Brittany laughed.

"Waiting in the car for me. We have a lot to do before you walk down that aisle Jenny!! We have to pick up our boys, mom, and of course pick up the bands! See you in a while. Elle come on now we have a lot to do."

Eleanor ran down the stairs and behind Brittany as they got in her car and drove toward the bakery, the dress store and the hall with the decorations. Vinny and Dave were already decorating with the help of the designer! Brittany walked over and smiled as she watched the ribbons purple and blue getting hung up all over the hall and read the banner. Theodore was in the kitchen with Alvin watching as the caterer cooked the food. Alvin Jr. tugged on Brittany's dress.

"Mommy pick me up please? My feet are hurting."

She looked down and realized he put his shoes on the wrong feet. She smiled and put them on the right feet. Then she picked him up and he smiled.

"Oh it's so pretty. Oh my feet feel better. Daddy put my shoes on for me?"

Alvin looked.

"I did not. He said he could do it himself. I know my right from left thank you."

Theodore laughed as Brandon tugged on Alvin's jacket.

"Daddy up please. I wanna help grandma and grandpa fix the banner!! Thank you for helping me with my shoes."

Alvin picked him up and walked to where Vinny and Dave were having a hard time with the banner. Brandon reached up and helped Vinny straighten it out. Then he laughed.

"Grandma I a big boy I helped fix the banner! I'm smart!"

Alvin laughed and winked at his mother. Then they went back to the kitchen. Alvin Jr. was playing with Brittany's necklace cause he was bored.

"Ooh shiny gold chain. Mommy see all fixed now. I'm smart too just like you and Daddy. Can we go see Uncle Simon and Aunt Jenny?"

Alvin looked at Brittany.

"Yea we have to get their bands then I have to go see my brother. I know he's a nervous wreck. How's Jeanette?"

Brittany looked.

"A nervous wreck. Yea let's get moving I have to go pick up the dresses with Elle in a bit. Maybe you should take Jr. and I'll take Brandon. He doesn't listen and knocks stuff down in the store."

Alvin sighed and he held Junior while Brittany held Brandon. Then her and Elle got in her car and pulled out after she buckled Brandon in his car seat. Alvin and Theodore got in his car and he buckled Junior in his car seat.

"What did daddy tell you about listening to mommy? You better listen to me or you will be in big trouble now stop pulling my chain. Junior I said stop it now put your hands down so I can buckle your belt! What did I say! JUNIOR!!"

He saw Alvin's face and finally listened. Then Alvin pulled out and Theodore laughed.

"Whoa he's a mini you! Told you he doesn't listen to his mother. You thought I was kidding!"

Alvin sighed and drove toward the store. Then he and Theodore got out and he held Alvin Junior's hand as they walked up to the counter.

"10 suits for Seville and 2 Toddler suits also for Seville. Thank you have a nice day."

Junior behaved himself as Alvin put the suits in his trunk. Then they drove toward the ring store and they picked up the bands. After he pulled up to Dave's house Junior ran into the house and into Simon's arms.

"Uncle Simon pick me up please."

He picked him up and smiled.

"Hey you're getting big. Where are your father and Uncle Teddy?"

He hugged his uncle and Simon walked outside looking.

"Did they have them all and the right sizes? Man bro in a few hours I'll be married to the girl of my dreams. I'm so nervous and hate the part I can't see Jenny before the wedding."

Theodore stared.

"Just like they told Alvin there's a reason why. Well at least the stripper wasn't named Jeanette right? Are you alright you drank a lot on Friday night and nearly killed Jake while you were at it."

Simon laughed.

"Very funny Teddy. Here can you take Junior I have to take a shower. I'll be out in a few the others should be here shortly."

Theodore smiled as he took Alvin Junior from Simon.

"Wow your Uncle is right you're getting pretty big young man."

Alvin looked out the window and Junior looked.

"Uncle Teddy put me down please. I wanna go by daddy."

Theodore put him down and he ran to Alvin tugging on his shirt. Alvin looked down and smiled. Then he lifted his son up and put him on the window sill. See your Aunt Jenny, Mommy, Auntie Elle, and your brother. That's where mommy lived when she was younger just like you. Come on junior time to get ready. Your suit is the one with the red shirt. Bring it to daddy so we can get you dressed?"

He walked over to where the suits were and handed Alvin his suit.

"Here you go daddy. Can you put my shoes on this time so my feet don't hurt?"

Alvin smiled as he dressed Junior and tied his dress shoes. Then he used the comb and brushed back his hair.

"Now go sit down on the couch and don't get dirty. Daddy and Uncle Theo have to get ready. Don't move from that couch young man."

He went to the living room and sat on the couch. After Alvin got ready he sat on the couch and smiled. Then Junior got on his lap and smiled.

"Mommy looks pretty in her dress. Oh here she comes with Brandon. "

Brittany entered and looked at Alvin. Then she fixed his tie.

"Oh you look very handsome honey and so does our son. Where's the groom?"

Simon exited the bathroom and fixed his tie then he sat on the couch and sighed.

"Come on Brandon time to get ready. See your older brother doesn't he look handsome."

Brittany laughed as Brandon handed her his suit. She took him in the room and dressed him. Then she fixed his hair and he tugged on Simon.

"Look at me I look handsome like daddy, Alvin, and you also look handsome Uncle Simon."

Theodore exited the bathroom and fixed his tie by the mirror and combed his hair. Then the others arrived and got ready while they waited.

Back at Ms. Miller's house Eleanor was helping Jeanette with her veil. The she dialed Brittany's cell. She picked up.

'Yes Elle I know. I'm getting my youngest ready and then I'll be right over. Hmm should we take the boys with us or let them go with their father?"

Jeanette overheard.

"Tell Brittany to drive up with Alvin; he's her husband. Beside the last thing we need are our nephews to be exposed to the press coming out of the limo. We'll meet her there."

Brittany nodded.

"Ok then we'll meet you there. Are you sure you don't need me? I am your older sister Jeanette."

Jeanette took her cell.

'Yes you are but you are also married and have two beautiful boys. They shouldn't have to be exposed to the press. They will be safer in their father's car don't you think? You know as soon as I exit the limo cameras will be flashing and same with Simon.'

Alvin also overheard.

"Well your sister is right honey. Our boys don't need the exposure from the press. Anyway I rather take my car, cause after the wedding and after the cake we are taking our sons home so they can sleep. Besides Simon and Jeanette also leave for their honeymoon after the cutting of the cake."

Brittany sighed.

"Ok you do have a point. The boys really don't need the exposure just yet they're not even 1 yet. But Alvin your brother needs you…why don't you let me drive your car and we'll meet you there? What about that?"

The boys overheard and grabbed Alvin.

"No we want to go with daddy…."

Simon laughed.

"Whoa talk about close to their father bro? One of you is going to have to drive your car. Because the limo takes Jeanette and me to the airport after the reception anyway so we can catch our flight."

Dave sighed.

"Alvin give me your keys and I'll drive your car there. You can't risk the press getting shots of the boys. You have to be with Simon and Brittany has to be with Jeanette. Brittany hurry up kiss your son and get over there the limo is there to take you all down to the church. I'll be following behind in my son's car."

The boys started to cry and Alvin shook his head.

"Dad let me drive there. They don't want to be away from me for some reason. Besides I'll meet you all there."

Simon shook his head.

"Alvin tell them you'll be there. We can't risk the press flashing pictures of them they are way too young!! Dad is right they are better off going with him; you are my best man hello!!"
Alvin sighed as Junior clinged onto him,

"Junior go with grandpa Dave. I'll see you there. Be a good boy like your brother Brandon please. I have to go with your Uncle Simon; now promise me you'll be a good little boy and go with Grandpa Dave and Brandon? Junior?"

He frowned.

'No I want to go with you daddy. '

Alvin thought fast.

"Junior listen to me…if you come with me, Uncle Simon, and Uncle Theodore you'll be spotted by the press and we don't want to risk it. Your uncles and I have been in the spotlight since we were like 5. I don't want the press to have a field day with you 2. Please be a good boy and go with Grandpa and Brandon. I'll be in the limo right behind you and grandpa. I promise…be a good boy and listen to your grandfather."

He looked and smiled.

"Ok daddy but give us a kiss before we leave. We'll see you there and what about mommy?"

He smiled.

"Mommy is already at the church junior. We'll be there soon I promise. Here give me a hug and a kiss and we'll see you when we get there."

He hugged Alvin and his uncles. Then he got in the car with Dave and Brandon. Alvin sighed with relief. Then he looked at Simon.

"Whew that was close. I'm so glad dad took my car with our boys. I don't want them to deal with the exposure like us. Come on groom your limo awaits. You can't be late for your own wedding. Theodore, Jake, Mike, and James let's go the limo is here."

They exited the house and Alvin locked the door. Then they got in the limo and headed toward the church. As they arrived the fans surrounded the church and Simon sighed.

"Here we go again. Didn't I specifically say private wedding? Man I really am not in the mood for our fans bro. It's my wedding day for Pete's sake, and I'm a nervous wreck."

Alvin saw the cops come and break up the fans.

"Sorry ladies and gentlemen it's a private wedding no fans are allowed. Now break it up or get a ticket."

After the fans left the cop gave the chauffer an ok.

"Alright it's safe. You all can exit the limo now."

Simon sighed with relief and they all exited the limo. Simon made his way to the front of the church and Vinny helped him fix his tie.

"Oh my the 2nd of my babies is all grown up like his older brother Alvin. When you see those doors open you'll understand why you weren't allowed to see her before the wedding. Just know this your father is very proud of you for taking this step in your life just as I am. Oh junior and Brandon daddy is here."

They both ran to their father and he picked them both up.

"Daddy we saw all the reporters and people taking pictures. But they had no idea we were in the car with grandpa.. Oh Aunt Jenny looks so pretty in her gown. Which of us is holding the cushion? Mommy said it's up to you?"

Alvin sighed.

"Hmm how about you both one on each end? So neither of you start fighting. How's that sound?"

Both boys smiled as they took their position by their father after Alvin fixed their ties.

Simon faced the priest and watched as the door swung open. He smiled as Dave took Jeanette's hand and walked her up to the altar. She grabbed Simon's hands and he smiled causing Vinny and Ms. Miller to cry.

Brittany took her position on Jeanette's right and Eleanor to her left. Alvin was on Simon's right and Theodore on his left. The boys held the cushion up with the rings on them and smiled at their father. The priest looked up and began.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join these two young rock stars in holy matrimony."

The audience went silent as the vows were read.

"Do you Jeanette Miller take this man Simon Seville to have, to hold, love, and cherish until death do you part?"

She smiled.

"Yes I do take Simon Seville to have, hold, love, and cherish as my husband. When I was lonely he was always there to cheer me up, When I thought I was no good he was always there to boost my confidence, he was my support and my everything."

Simon smiled and Alvin took the band and handed it to Simon. Simon took it and slid it on Jeanette's finger with a smile across his face. Then the priest looked at Simon.

"Do you Simon Seville take this woman Jeanette Miller to have, to hold, love and cherish until death do you part?"

He smiled and looked at her.

"Yes I Simon Seville do take Jeanette Miller to have, hold, cherish and love as my wife. Through all the tough times we've been through seeing her smile always made me cheer up. I always knew her smile could brighten all the bad days. She is my everything and the one I want to spend my life with."

Jeanette smiled and Brittany took the band and handed it to Jeanette. She took it and slid it on Simon's finger. Alvin and Brittany's boys grabbed a parent's hand and smiled. Then the priest looked.

"With the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Simon lifted her veil and smiled at her as their lips met. She threw the bouquet and Eleanor caught it as they exited the church. The limo carrying them drove toward the hall right behind the limo with everyone else but Alvin, Brittany, Brandon, and Alvin Junior. He drove ahead in his car. Then he parked the car and armed the alarm. Brittany looked out and shook her head.

"Oh no Alvin the press is everywhere! What are we going to do? There's no way to escape it this time. They are too young to be exposed to this life. It's hopeless they're bound to get pictures of our sons. Now I feel bad for dragging them into this."

Alvin put his hand on her shoulder.

"Britt honey calm down. I know what to do just relax and trust me."

She sighed and stared out of the window as the cameras started to flash when the limo carrying Simon and Jeanette pulled up. Simon took Jeanette's arm and they exited the limo smiling while Lou followed behind them. Then Alvin shook his head and dialed Lou.

"Lou we can't come out of my car. I am not risking my sons being photographed do something please. I know I'm a rock star and so is my wife but they are to young to be exposed to this!"

Lou stared and shook his head.

'Alvin I understand that but there is nothing I can do. A lot of celebrities have their children photographed. Alvin that's part of being a rock star. Unless you're going to miss out of your brother and sister in law's reception.'

Alvin looked at Brittany and she shook her head.

"Oh man this is not happening to us. We can't miss it Alvin they are our siblings. We're going to have to chance it."

He shrugged and stared.

'Fine…Lou have Ron help you hold back these fans after you get everyone else gets in. Just make sure you both surround the 4 of us.'

Lou got everyone else inside and then he grabbed Ron and they escorted Alvin, Brittany, and their sons from his car. The cameras flashed and Brittany held onto her youngest while Alvin picked up junior and walked inside behind Lou and Ron. After they got inside safe and sound Alvin gave Lou his keys to arm his alarm. Lou entered the hall again and handed Alvin his keys.

"Sorry about getting wasted in Hawaii when you and Brittany were on your honeymoon. It'll never happen again I promise. Are your sons alright?"

Alvin sighed.

"Yes they're fine. Thanks again. Check this out Simon and Jeanette are having their first dance as husband and wife. Wow they really look happy. Brittany honey shall we join them?"

Alvin Junior and Brandon looked.

"Yes mommy go dance with daddy we'll ask grandma to get us some thing to eat. Go on."

Brittany smiled and took Alvin 's hand as they made their way to the dance floor. Then the boys tugged on Vinny's dress.

"Grandma can you get us something to eat please? We're very hungry."

She smiled and took both their hands. Then she made them each a plate as she sat down with Dave and Ms. Miller to eat also. Eleanor smiled at Theodore.

"Can we go join them also? I'm not really hungry right now."

Theodore smiled and took her hand as he led her to the dance floor with his brothers and their wives. Simon smiled at Jeanette as she rested her head on his shoulder as they moved across the floor to the music.

"Can you believe it? Our first dance as husband and wife? This is definitely the best day of my life. What about you Jeanette my precious?"

She smiled and looked into his eyes.

"I'm your wife aren't I? Of course it's the happiest day of my life to; I love you Simon honey."

Brittany smiled at Alvin.

"Well now the press knows how adorable our boys are shall we try for a girl or two?"

He looked.

"Britt our boys aren't even a year old yet? Don't you think we should wait until we have more kids? Maybe on our second honeymoon a year from now. At least until we graduate college?"

She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Yes you do have a point. Maybe it's too soon to have more kids. But I still love you with all my heart!! Oh Alvin they're about to cut their cake. Oh and the slow song just ended. Let's go sit down with the others. Now I'm starting to get hungry aren't you I hear your stomach growling."

He smiled at her.

"Yes let's go and eat."

He took her hand and they sat down. Then Brandon crawled onto Brittany's lap. She held him close and smiled as she wiped his face with the napkin. Alvin junior was still eating when he saw Alvin sit down and hand Brittany her plate. Then he crawled onto Alvin's lap and hugged him.

"Wow daddy look at that big cake Uncle Simon and Auntie Jenny are about to cut."

He smiled and wiped off his mouth with the napkin. Then he also ate his food while he watched Dave hand Simon the knife. Jeanette put her hand over his and they cut the first slice. Theodore and Eleanor also sat down and ate their food in silence. After the cake was cut everyone finished eating and they passed the cake out to their guests. Simon cut a big piece for his nephews and Alvin cut it down the middle giving each of his sons an equal slice. Simon and Jeanette finally sat down and joined their families while they also ate their cake. Theodore took his finger and put the frosting on Simon's nose. Jeanette smiled and licked it off. Then Eleanor put it on Jeanette's nose and Simon licked it off. Alvin and Brittany's sons started to laugh.

"Look at that mommy and daddy they have cake on their face.

Alvin and Brittany both looked and started to laugh. Then Simon looked at his watch.

"Sorry to cut everyone short but my new wife and I have to catch our flight to Hawaii. See you all in two weeks. Junior and Brandon behave yourselves and listen to mommy and daddy. Come on then give me and Aunt Jeanette a kiss and a hug."

Both of the boys jumped on Simon and Jeanette's laps. They hugged them both and also gave them each a kiss. Alvin junior yawned and he pulled on Alvin's jacket.

"Daddy can we go home now? I'm very tired and want to go to bed. Oh no look at that Brandon fell asleep on Aunt Jenny."

Alvin smiled and also hugged Simon and Jeanette after he picked up Brandon.

"Have fun on your honeymoon and enjoy it while you're at it. Oh Simon don't get her pregnant to soon. At least wait a few months. We have to get our sons home and to bed. See you when you get back."

Simon stared.

"Ha you're funny bro. Sorry but I'm not you."

Alvin stared.

"Of course not I am still the best. Goodnight everyone. Brittany come on our boys are falling asleep we have to get them home and into bed."

Brandon rested his head on his father and fell back to sleep. After the limo left with Simon and Jeanette. Alvin and Brittany got in his car and headed home. Alvin junior fell asleep in his car seat while they drove home. In the mean time Jeanette looked at Simon.

"Where are we going for our honey moon? Can we please change before we get our plane. I'm really suffocating in this gown."

He smiled and looked at the chauffer.

"To our house Charles. Then we can head to the airport. Life as a rock star does have it's advantages if I do say so myself."

She smiled and they both headed inside and changed. Then they took their suitcases and put them in the trunk. Charles closed the trunk and drove toward the airport. They got on their flight and Jeanette fell asleep on Simon a few minutes after take off!!