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"So, Potter, it's come to this, has it? Just you and your pathetic sidekicks against me, the all-powerful Lord Voldemort! You three are all that's left of the glorious Light side!"

Harsh, cruel laughter echoed throughout the battlefield. The ground was charred and broken, tortured bodies of Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix lying all around them. Only four people remained standing. One was a short, wiry man with messy black hair and bright green eyes. Blood and dirt coated his tattered robes and matted down his hair. His ridiculous healing capacity ensured that little to no scars littered his body. His face, unmarred save for one scar on his forehead, was hard and gaunt, making him look like he was in his forties, instead of having turned twenty just that day.

Beside him stood his two best friends. On his right was a tall, muscular man with bright red hair. Or, it would have been, if it weren't singed, bloody, and grimy. His crystal blue eyes were cold and hard. Three diagonal slashes ran across the left side of his face – cheekbone to ear, across the nose, and from just beside his nose to his jaw.

On the raven's left side was a woman with a thick brown braid. She was well built, though her oversized robes (courtesy of the redhead) did her little justice. An ugly burn crept up the side of her neck, still in process of healing. Her eyes were haunted, her expression stern, making her out to be far older than she was.

They had lost their wands long ago, relying now on runes and weapons and wandless magic. They each had their strengths, the raven with his magic, the brunette with her runes, and the redhead with his weapons. In the last legs of the war – for they knew their end was near – they were all each other had against the monster before them.

"It's over, Tom. This will be your last battle. You're more wounded than we are. Your reign over terror ends today," the raven spoke.

Voldemort snarled, his alabaster features twisting grotesquely. He prepared to throw another curse. It was the Darkest of Dark Magic, the destruction of life, the eradication of existence, infinitely more potent (and more power-consuming, but he paid no mind to that) than the Killing Curse. It was a last resort. As the wave of Dark Magic raced toward them, the redhead and the brunette linked arms with the raven, who had a ball of energy in his hands. The brunette murmured and runes swirled over their bodies.

"It's been great knowing you."

"Absolutely, friends until the end."

"We were together when this began, we'll be together when this ends, mate."

The ball of energy grew in size and two more colors swirled inside it. The raven released it. Black collided with white, gold, and silver. Their magic, fueled by love and friendship so deep, the monster against them could never hope to understand it, destroyed Voldemort's spell. Magic lashed out everywhere, destroying everything it touched. When the chaos ended, all was still. At one of the battlefield lay the withered and decrepit corpse of the Dark Lord Voldemort, the Dark rituals he had used nullified by the positive energy. At the other end of the battlefield lay three warriors, three best friends, so peaceful they could have been asleep, if not for their wounds.

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley passed on to the next great adventure. After five, long, grueling years, the Second War Against Voldemort was finally over. They could finally rest in peace.

Too bad Fate's a bitch.

Uchiha Sasuke strolled down the street leisurely. He had his fangirls the slip. Itachi often laughed at him, even if his own fan club was just as large. He entered the Uchiha compound, and a wave of anxiety washed over him. It was really quiet, not even the rambunctious Hikari was running around with her cats. It was far too quiet for a clan of about 300 people. The shops were deserted… It was too early for everyone to be sleeping, right?

"Kaa-san? Otou-sama? I'm home!"

There was no answering call of "How was your day, Sasuke-kun?"

Something was very wrong. The house was cold and empty. There was no sound of the stove from the kitchen, no patter of the feet of his cousins as the asked his mother for some of the delicious monaka. There was sound of metal hitting metal, or of flesh hitting wood, as the older Uchihas practiced in the adjacent training fields.

They weren't… no, he wouldn't think that. He wouldn't allow himself to dwell on the scent of death assaulting his nostrils. He wouldn't allow himself… but how could he not, with his family lying on the streets, kunai sticking out of their backs, Auntie Shizu dead at his feet… NO! This had to be an illusion!

Panic began setting in. Sasuke ran, throwing open the door to the council's room. No one was there. It was as if no one had ever been there. The dread increased tenfold as he turned to the door to his parents' room. They were behind there, they had to be. Otou-sama would be helping Kaa-san put on a necklace as the got ready for some festival or function that he had forgotten about.

There was a thud within. His mother had just dropped something, she was clumsy like that. He would go in and she would comfort him, and have his father yell at Shinji for messing around with the genjutsu scrolls.

He threw open the door.

KAA-SAN! OTOU-SAMA! Oh Kami, no! Let this be a genjutsu! Please, please, let this be a genjutsu! Please don't let them… have… have…

The figure standing above the dead bodies of his parents stepped into the light.

"Nii-san… Who… who killed…"

A shuriken flew past and nicked his shoulder.

No. NO! Itachi-nii WOULDN'T!

"Nii-san, what are you – no, why?!"

"To test myself."

Sasuke was in shock. To test himself? TO TEST HIMSELF?

"To test yourself? You bastard! That's the reason you killed Kaa-san and Otou-sama and Auntie Shizu and baby Mika? Stop screwing around!"

"Foolish otouto."

Itachi shifted his katana.

"Don't kill me!"

The plea was spoken before Sasuke could help himself. Itachi's normally emotionless face twisted into a light sneer. His Sharingan began to spin and he replied, "You're too pathetic to kill. Cling to life, foolish child. Run away like a coward and cling to life. Hate me, detest me, and perhaps then you be worth my time."

The Uchiha prodigy whispered so Sasuke wouldn't hear, "Tsukuyomi."

Reality twisted and Sasuke stood frozen in place as Itachi murdered his family before him.

"Yamate… Nii-san! Don't show me this! Nii-san!"

Sasuke clutched his head and tried to block out the vision. Reality twitched again.

He was in someone's living room. There was a fire crackling in the hearth. A man with scruffy black hair and a woman with long red hair were playing with a black-haired child.

There was an explosion from outside the door. Horror, followed by determination, crossed the black-haired man's features.

"It's him! Lily, go! I'll hold him off! Take Harry and run!"

"James, no-"

The door exploded inward. A hooded figure stood at the threshold of the house.

"Expelliarmus!" James shouted.

"Pathetic, Potter," the figure hissed, "Avada Kedavra!"

James hit the wall, and crumpled to the ground dead, his eyes glassy.

The figure continued upstairs to the nursery.

"Not my son, please, not Harry!"

"Stand aside, foolish girl."

Lily continued to plead, "Not Harry, please, not Harry! Take me instead!"

"Stand aside!"

"No! I won't let you touch my son, Voldemort!"

"Avada Kedavra!"

Lily joined James in death and Voldemort turned to the baby. Harry glared back defiantly.

"Avada Kedavra!"

The light hit Harry and rebounded, tearing Voldemort from his body, and giving Harry a lightening bolt scar. The babe began to cry.

Itachi looked at his catatonic brother. He shunshined away. It would almost six hours before the ANBU sounded the alarm and Sasuke was given medical attention.

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