-1"Harry Potter is missing." The solemn voice announced to the room of people. A burst of grief, surprise, and anger went around the room.

"How Albus!?" Molly Weasley's frantic voice rang above the others and the room quieted. The one who first spoke looked down his usually sparkling eyes were dimmed and filled with fear.

"I have no idea when or how. Mrs. Figg was watching their house one night only to see a black blur running away from the Dursley home and when she went to investigate, all that was left was a distraught Vernon Dursley and petrified Petunia Dursley. Dudley Dursley was at a friends house and wasn't present for the kidnapping." A man stood his bright red hair easily identified him as a Weasley.

"So your sure it was a kidnapping?" Albus nodded grimly.

"All of his things were gone so she first thought that he had ran away. But the Dursleys were questioned. They had said that a 'wolf man' had come in and demanded Harry's things and then the man proceeded to pick Harry up and jump down the street at an eye blurring rate." Harry's two closets friends for two years were devastated. Hermonie Granger burst into tears after hearing this information. While Ron Weasley patted her back while she cried on his shoulder. Albus continued on.

"The man was described as a 5'7 teenager with ears on his head resembling wolf ears and a four foot braid of brown hair. Mr. Dursley also commented that the man said that he was a "Wolf demon"."


"I'm sorry to announce that Harry Potter has still not been found. All we can do is pray that he is returned to us unharmed." Albus Dumbledore stood in front of his hundreds of students in the Great Hall. His announcement was no new news but the school continued to mourn its lost Savior. Well until now that is the Great Hall suddenly became pitch black thunder clouds rolling in the fake sky. The hall fell silent in fear.

"Albus don't look so sad. I haven't been gone for that long!" A loud voice boomed through the hall. A couple people yelped and then not soon after the sound of a wolf howling sounded though out the room. Everyone froze in terror. The ceiling became a clear sky again light filled the room again, and to everyone's surprise what appeared to be Harry Potter and an entire wolf pack stood before the Head table. The Savior smiled deviously.

Then as most would except the entire room went up in gasps and cries. Of course after a year a person could change, but Harry Potter's change was quite visible. The biggest change was the new ears and tail. Yes you heard me, he has a tail, and ears. No not the human kind, the kind that wolves have that are on top of the head, pointed and furry. His hair was grown out from its previous messy black and hung in a pony tail that draped over his right shoulder. His head was missing something important too. His glasses were gone replaced with large beautiful green eyes that couldn't be seen from behind the thick rims before. Under his left eye was the tattoo of a black snake, it was definitely a magical tattoo because it moved its head around too look at the people in front of it. If you looked closely you could see that he also had claws now, his nails were sharp and thick. Another one of those big changes was his clothes, he now wore a tight green shirt which in turn showed the new muscle that he had gotten. His pants were long and black it also had a red dragon stitch along the right leg. His wand was no where in sight strangely enough.

The new and improved Harry took a step towards the professors who all stood in surprise. The wolves at his feet moved with him. There were ten wolves all together, but five were distinctly different from the rest. One was completely black with odd Persian indigo color. On its side stood a white wolf with Persian blue eyes. On the other side of the white one was a russet wolf, its eyes were a pitch black. In the second row was a small looking wolf with large ears and wide turquoise eyes, with a pelt of a sandy yellow color. Next to it stood an oddly taller wolf with a Raw umber pelt and emerald colored eyes. The other five wolves were all the regular gray color but all had eerier yellow eyes.

The three in the front glared around the room their bodies tense. The two in the second row had their behinds to the front room and watched their backs. The last of the group were walking cautiously around the small group some bared fangs at those who even attempted to breath.

"Harry? Is it really you?" Professor Dumbledore was surprised beyond belief, everyone could see it too. Harry gave out a small chuckle and pet the black wolf's head before answering.

"Of course its me, aren't you all just flooded with joy to see me? Can't really say the-" Harry paused in mid sentence the wolves with him tensed even more along with him. Their Savior turned and scanned the room. His eyes met with those of scared, confused, and happy human eyes. Until it stopped, on the Slytherin table. His eyes were locked with none other then Draco Malfoy. Who was glaring right back at him. Harry looked surprised and a bit shocked.

"Well, this is a surprise Malfoy. Or should I call you cousin now?" The room burst into whispers and Malfoy stood but two wolves already stood on either side of him. To everyone's surprise instead of bringing out a wand as most wizards do, Malfoy growled at the wolves, to which the wolves growled right back. But sadly the excitement ended when Professor Dumbledore moved toward Harry.

"Stop this at once. Harry, please call them off and come with me to my office." Harry glared at the man for ordering him around and stood his ground.

"I'll come if I get a chance to talk to Mr. Malfoy. Alone." Dumbledore nodded trusting Harry with Draco's life.

"Come straight after and please keep your-… friends in check." The boy merely smirked at the older wizard and motioned for the wolves to move. Draco was prodded along until they disappeared from the room.


"Potter. What do you want?" Draco's voice was filled with malice. As he was backed into a corner by the other wolves. Harry chuckled and called them off.

"I simply want to call a truce, dear cousin. You know the rules." Draco sneered and eyed the large wolves that were edging closer to him again.

"I know them. But when did you become one of us. I didn't smell anything on you even when we first met." Harry moved toward the other wolf demon and grabbed his chin.

"What are you doing?" His protests were silenced when the wolves started growling in warning to him. Harry brought up his other hand and brushed under Draco's left eye. Sure enough what ever spell or makeup he had there was swept away. Under his eye was a tattoo of a prowling blue tiger. It was a rare Maltese tiger(which is a rare morph tiger, its pelt is usually a light blue). Though it didn't seem to surprise Harry much. He always excepted Draco to be some kind of cat by the way he was always stalking him.

"Very fitting Malfoy. You always seemed to be extra clean for some reason." The other boy just growled a bit but silenced when the wolves around them came in closer.

"Oh, I don't believe I've introduced you to my friends yet." He spun on his heels to look towards the wolves, releasing Draco, and stepped away a bit.

"You guys can turn back for now. I hardly think anyone is going to try find us." The five odd colored wolves all sighed dog like and their forms shifted. They grew taller and their paws turned to hands and feet. Their fur sank into their skin leaving skin of five different shades. Hair grew from their heads and only their ears and tails stayed from the entire transformation. Their fangs and claws probably did too but you couldn't really tell since the person who's eyes you were looking at just dropped out of their face. That person was Draco by the way.

The one who used to be a black wolf jumped and pounced on Harry sending them tumbling to the ground. "Man its GREAT to have hands again." The one who had been white stepped toward the two and picked up the other that was on Harry. His voice came out as a deep monotone.

"Wait till we do introductions before pouncing on anyone Duo." The Duo person had a long four foot braid of chestnut colored hair. His ears and tail were the same color as his wolf form and it was the same for all the others. Along with their eyes. Duo was wearing a odd outfit that was completely black, long sleeves and pants that easily gave him loads of freedom in movement. Duo had a tattoo of a glossy black panther under his left eye, its tail lashing and it paced under the small space under his eye.

The white wolf had changed into a taller boy with a stoic expression. He wore a simple forest-green tank top and long black trousers(sorry no spandex). The aura around him said literally to back off and surrender. Under his Persian blue eye was a large Black Tiger which was currently glaring silently at Draco's Maltese Tiger, which was growling right back at it.

"Is this the one you were talking about pup? He doesn't look very bright." A Chinese looking teen took the place of the russet colored wolf. A tight ponytail of black hung to the nape of his neck. He wore a black tank top and a pair of dark blue martial arts pants. He had a Melanistic jaguar sleeping under his left black eye. His mouth in a small thin frown turned towards the Malfoy heir.

"I think he's kinda cute!" The smallest wolf had turned into a petite blond. His pelt had turned into a white tank top with a dark blue collared shirt(Duo made him burn his pink one). His hair was a short platinum blonde hair that glowed a bit in the dark room.

"He looks like Quatre." Raw umber colored hair and emerald eyes were all that was left through his transformation. His tail flicked soundlessly behind him as he made a step to the Malfoy Heir, trying to get a better look.

"You were talking about me Potter?" The Slytherin scowled at the grinning Gryfindor. Who merely brushed him off addressing the wolf demons instead.

"K, guys this is Malfoy, Draco as you may know by now." He spun around facing Draco. "And as for you. These wolf demons are my pack." The white wolf demon stepped in front of the younger demon glaring down at him, a low growl sounding from the back of his throat. Harry smiled sheepishly and bared his neck to the other.

"Correction this is my pack. He's getting ahead of himself, though he is the next in line for Alpha. I am Yuy, Heero. Current Alpha of the Gundam Wolf demon pack of the East. Whose pack do you belong to." His words were more of a demand then a question and the Malfoy heir took a step back unconsciously baring a bit of his neck to the Alpha wolf.

"I am of the Blood pack of the West. My father had been our Alpha but is now the Beta of my pack." Heero glared the younger demon stepped back again, a hint of fear glowed in his gray eyes.

"I asked whose not what pack you belong to." The others knew not to interfere with their Alpha and let him confront the current lone wolf demon. Duo and Wufei had pulled Harry between them though their eyes trained on the lone wolf.

"He- uh he's not really a wolf demon. He commands our pack though." The glare directed at him intensified. "Alright already, its Lord Voldermart!" Harry snickered his hand facing Duo palm up.

"I win that'll be two strands please!" Duo sighed his face frowning.

"Darn I cant believe you were right!" Draco looked at them confusion written on his face. Duo pulled two strands of his long brown locks and handed it to Harry(1).

"You bet on whose pack I was in?" The Slytherin asked his eyes leering at Harry, who nodded a stupid grin forming on his face.

"Yup I had the strangest feeling about it and I guess I was right!" Quatre who was quite up until now.

"Duo! Harry! I can't believe you two." He sighed stepping between the two pushing them apart. Harry slyly grinned and stuck the strands into his pocket before Quatre had the chance to take them.

"I'm sorry the rest of us haven't introduced ourselves yet." He calmly glanced at the Alpha who was still looming over the Malfoy. Heero backed off giving a nod to the blond as he stepped back to snake his arm around the Chinese man's waist. The Alpha trio gathered around their pup again.

"I am Quatre Winner and this is my mate Trowa Barton, we are the Beta couple of our pack." The blond went on pulling the auburn haired man to his side. "I am also the healer of our pack."

"The three surrounding your peer is the Alpha trio of our pack. As you know Heero Yuy, the one with the braid is Duo Maxwell, and the other is Wufei Chang." Draco blinked not really knowing what was going on.

"So what do you want me for?" Harry stepped up pushing though the overprotective wolf demons arms. His mouth turning into a smile to stare at the unsuspecting Slytherin.

"Isn't it obvious? Being introduced to the family and all." Harry smirked, Duo rolled his eyes. Mouthing "full of it" to the blond.

"I need a mate."