-1"Harry, my boy. Where have you been all this time?" After shocking his potential mate Harry had made his way to the dreaded office of the one and only Dumbledork. As the Headmaster had conveniently forgot to tell him the password he had merely forced the statue aside with the help of his family's magic. The look on his face was worth the effort as he kicked the door open.

"Around." His eyes wandered the portraits in the room noting the ones that had other's outside of the room. If he had learned anything with the entire year he spent with his family it was to always look for openings. If the portraits here had others he would be able, if the portraits trusted him, spy on his old Professor.

"You have caused the entire Wizarding world to go into nearly chaos when you vanished. You must tell me where you were." He demanded of the young Savior. But the younger snapped in his direction.

"Frankly Dumbdoor. You have no right to demand things from me. As Hogwarts Headmaster or as my magical guardian. The day after I escaped your manipulating hands I found my real Magical Guardian. And he is nothing like you." You could nearly see the steam coming from the Professor's ears as Harry talked him off.

"I've only come here for two things. And after I get them. My family and I are leaving the wizarding world." He paused a bit thinking and spoke again. "Well. At least the England one. Oh and its Mr. Potter to you."

"Very well. Mr. Potter. May I ask what these two things are?" He pretended to think for a bit his hand scratched behind Duo's black ear. Who took it greedily and whined for more, which the white wolf glared at him for lowering himself to such a position.

"I don't believe you have the right to know. You no longer have the trust I foolishly gave you all those years ago." Dumbledore kept a straight face this time.

"Well then Mr. Potter. As I can see your not going to tell me anything else. May I ask if your going to continue your education here?" He knew if he even had the slightest chance of keeping the boy here he had a shot at taking his puppets strings back.

"I've already completed what I need from you wizards already. I guess the only thing I would have to do now is take your NEWTS. So I'll be staying at the castle until the rest of the students take the test themselves. I'll take it along with them." The Headmaster had a plan forming in his mind.

"But I need to have my own quarters. I'm quite sure that the students parents wouldn't like the fact of having a Wolf Demon sleeping near their children now would they?" He butted in before the Mastermind could even form a strong idea.

"No they wouldn't. Let me arr-"

"Dobby!" Harry's voice rang out before Dumbledore could finish his word. The friendly house elf popped into the room just as the last letter left his mouth.

"Yes sirs! Oh Harry Potter! Master has come back to Hogwarts!" The wolf demon smiled gently at the thrilled house elf.

"Master Harry Potter sir, what is it yous need sir? Dobby will carry out anything yous ask sir!" He pretended to think a bit.

"Well, Dobby. I know you enjoy being a free elf hereā€¦ but I was wondering if you would like to become my house elf?" The question surprised the small elf and the Headmaster. Dobby's surprised went away quickly and excitement took its place.

"Of course Dobby would Love to serve you Master Harry Potter sir! Dobby used to dream about it while working for the Masters Malfoys!" Harry grinned his teeth gleaming white and dangerously at the Headmaster.

"Right, then as Head of the Potter family I accept you into our household. Please work hard for my family and any others who may come after me." The old wizarding tradition initiation started. Then both the elf and Harry glowed an eerie green.

"Dobby the house elf pledges to serves the Potter family till his last breath and promises to hold every secret, carry out every will, and tend to his house he assigns Dobby!" The house elf ended happily a large smile breaking out on his face threatened to tear the corners of his mouth.

"Thank you." The glow diminished into nothing as the two words were spoken. Harry had a strange feeling he might regret this later, but he pushed the thought of a certain bushy haired person aside.

"Wait what about his contract with Hogwarts?" The headmaster intervened, a bit of irritation started showing in his voice. The boy knew that the elf belonged to the school by contract that they both signed. He was the one who even suggested the thing in the first place!

"Ahh, right about that. A few days ago I contacted dear Dobby here. And he quite happily agreed to break the contract with the school in favor of serving me. Of course since we'll be staying here in the castle we came to an agreement that he'll still work here. That is, until I believe our time here is up and he'll join me in one of my other homes. The price of breaking his contract will be taken from my family vaults. As he now is, part of the family." The poor headmaster sat shocked at the child's careful thinking and planning. Harry wore a grin on his face, the headmaster didn't have the money or power to break the contract made with the elf. Neither did Dobby until the young wolf took him in as part of his pack.

"Now that it seems we're done here. Dobby did you prepare the rooms?" The elf nodded enthusiastically a wide grin formed on his face again.

"Oh yes. Right where yous requested thems sir. Please let Dobby show yous the ways!" The little elf started to the door. The pack followed with Harry in tow.

"Wait. Harry, please reconsider this decision. The wizarding world needs you!" He was standing now a look of desperation on his face, the lines on his forehead deepened.

"The only thing the wizarding world ever needed was someone to be their hero. Chose someone else, because I refuse to go along with the "benefits" that go along with it anymore." With that he turned sharply and walked out the door slamming behind him.


"Dude! Did you see the look on his face! Man I thought he was going to have a seizer!" Duo was doubling over the ground cracking up, his face turning a slight pink.

"I do have to agree with him. The old man did deserve it though. I congratulate you pup." Wufei hugged his adopted cub around his waist with a rare show of emotion playing on his face.

"Hey I want in!" Duo grabbed the two and slightly spun them in the air laughing. Harry laughed as Wufei's face turned red.

"Let me down!"

Upon leaving the office Dobby "elfed" them away to their rooms as Duo called it. Their rooms were connected to the Chamber of Secrets through some of the pipes for Quatre and Trowa to gather the ingredients left there by Salazar. Quatre had been itching to get his hands on the basilisk body there since he heard the tale from Harry. Its entrance was a hall down from the Slytherin's common room. Harry wanted to be as close to his little snake as he possibly could.

Their rooms were actually not really rooms but more of a mini forest and den then anything else. As you enter the room through the door there was a small half-circle of stone pathway around the door and then grass. There were even trees that grew with the power of the ceiling spelled like the Great Hall's. A sun was currently happily shinning on the trees in the room.

After the tress a carefully hidden hole opened in the ground. Another hole, a few feet down from the den's hole sprouting from solid rock, streamed water. As one went into their den it led on for about five feet of pitch black(with a little help from magic) and then sudden open to their main room. The large den was layered with dirt and carefully laid leaves. The stream from the outside started at the far left of the main den leading to a small pool and then the rest of the water would leave through the hole leading outside. A small circle of pelts in the middle of the den surrounded a camp fire that currently had a kettle sitting on an invisible stove.

On the right of the den were five other holes leading to individual rooms. One was saved for the wolves so it was closest to the entrance. Next came Trowa's and Quatre's. Then Harry's, or as he liked to call it, Harry's and Draco's den. Then last the pack Alpha's den of Heero, Duo, and Wufei. The last room was well, storage or whatever they needed it to be.

"Well pup? How do you plan to win over your little mate?" Duo swung an arm over his shoulders after they had all settled down. Quatre started tea for them to drink.

"I want to first borrow Jinsoku and Kyousou with the Alpha's permission of course." He smiled sweetly at his stern Alpha who shrugged and looked away.

"Permission granted." His face never changing.

"Thank you otousama." Heero flinched as he heard the name given to him. He swore Harry used it to spite him, he was no father. Never would he ever be responsible enough to be one.

"Jinsoku, Kyousou." The two wolves walked out of their den a wide yawn stretched through Jinsoku's face. Harry stood shrugging off Duo's arm and approached the two wolves.

"Ok, from today you'll be guarding one Malfoy, Draco. Jinsoku. You'll come to me at any sign of hurt or harassment. Kyousou, you protect him at all costs. Do remember the spells I taught you. Especially the shield one alright?" The two wolves barked affirmative.

"Good. Ok. Who wants to go with me?" Wufei shifted into his wolf form a word not even spoken. Trowa saw the look on his Alpha's face and changed along with him.

"Ook. I'll be back soon." The russet wolf dashed off in front leaving the others to follow. Harry shifted, his body stretched into the lean form of a adolescent wolf, his coat a beautiful ultramarine(shade of blue) color. The blue form dashed out of the den after transforming completely. Chasing the red wolf his tongue hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

The door, when they reached it, opened automatically letting the small pack into the hall without any problems. It was the end of classes soon so the halls were empty of life. Harry preoccupied himself with chasing his father down to the snakes nest. He reached his father and knocked him down on his side and proceeded to "wrestle" the wolf way. Nipping and growling softly. The two fought it out. Trowa stood guard on the two Jinsoku and Kyousou sat a little behind him.

"Very dignified Potter. I can see living in the woods helped you a lot in manners." The voice brought back the two fighting wolves. There standing a few feet away from them was Draco along with many of the Slytherin house. Harry quickly shifted and ran to his to-be-mate. No one moved as his speed was eye blurring. And in a second or two he was at Draco's neck his newly grown fangs hovering over the blonde's slender neck.

"Should I bite? Should I claim you now? In front of all these people?" He teased the young Slytherin prince. A pink tongue whipped out of his mouth and tasted the skin right under it. Draco's hands moved up to push him away, before they got even half way his wrists were in a death hold.

"Hey! Let him go!" A girl shrieked next to Draco. She moved to grab her wand but a growl stopped her. The wolves Jinsoku and Kyousou stood blocking her their fangs showing to her as a silent threat.

"I'm afraid you have no voice in this matter girl. Now Draco. I'll save the claiming to later. Its way to early in the courting to do that anyways!" A happy grin broke out on his once sadistic face. Harry let him go and danced away as Draco reached for his wand as soon as his hands were free.

"Jinsoku, Kyousou. Back off. She's no threat." The two nodded and went to stand at his sides. Wufei and Trowa lounged in the back. They knew Harry and the two wolves could take care of the students if they needed to.

"Now. As a step to courting you. I give you protection. Jinsoku and Kyousou here are now your guards." The two wolves closed in on the Malfoy's sides. Chasing away the other students that had been around him. Harry gave a small bow to the other, his arms opened wide presenting his gift.

"Their also my precaution that you wont leave before I finish my courting. I'll have you know. My parents are very interested in you. I'm sure they didn't seem like it when you first met. But they kept asking questions the entire time here!" If Draco's irritated face didn't tell Harry enough he would have suggested Harry take human interaction classes. But the wolf demon just laughed at the other rushing up again and kissed the other boy thoroughly on the lips before dashing off to his den laughing. Wufei and Trowa following swiftly behind.