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Little Girl Lost

The full moon cast an ethereal glow over the landscape, throwing long shadows across the nearly deserted backcountry road. The bare branches of the nearby trees, stripped of their autumn finery, give the impression of arthritic limbs reaching toward some unknown and unseen goal. Deep shadows collected alongside the ribbon of concrete. Hinting at hidden things, half forgotten memories of strange dreams and fantasy shrouded and buried in the deep of the subconscious. Luminescent eyes crouched in the nearby darkness. Watching with unblinking eyes, hinting at some obscure secret, they stare off into the light shining from the full moon overhead. The nearby undergrowth rustles softly while the tree branches sway to some unfelt breeze. Small tree limbs scrape against each other; the dry branches clacking like finger bones from some abandoned and forgotten corpse. Fallen leaves, caught in a whirlwind, circle and dance tracking a path across the concrete to disappear in a shower of red, gold and brown. This is the near wood, where man has treaded lightly. The only evidence that man has ever seen this place; the bright strip of concrete, illuminated by the moon, that weaves its way through the country side and disappears like a forgotten dream over the next hill.

Next is the deep wood, which man has no sway over. Here predator and prey dance to the eternal pattern of survival. The balance of the living and the dead in the great cosmic circle of life, played out in the endless cycle of time.

In this place of nature there stands a house in a small clearing. Here there is a feeling, an atmosphere of wrongness, which envelops this place. Suggestions of darkness not associated with the absence of light but, the absence of life as well. An impression of death delayed too long and tone of malevolence that seeps into the very ground and corrupts the surrounding area. No grass grows in the clearing, no flowers or anything that might suggest life. The nearby trees grow twisted and stunted, their trunks warped in a savage parody of the surrounding forest, they strain to reach the open sky as if beseeching some unknown power to release them from the constant torment they suffer.

A shadow passes along the front of the dilapidated structure. The form appears human but twisted and bent, a mockery of a man. Dressed in a shabby coat and cast off clothing it walks up to the front of the house and stands motionless before it. He then glances about him and shuffles into the woods again, disappearing into the trees.

There stands a figure just inside the woods surrounding the house, eyes focused on the structure. It watches the shambling figure retreat into the deep woods. Turning its head until the figure has departed. Again its head slowly tracks back to the house. A small smile creases its face and the movement of facial muscles causes the glasses it wears to momentary catch and reflects the moonlight, giving it an owlish look.

"The cycle is nearing its end." The figure whispers to itself. "Time to put an end to this evil, time for a small amount of justice for you and the peace you deserve."

The approaching vehicle was quickly becoming the most visible symbol of both: the young woman driving it, and the team that used it to respond to the local calls of assistance that regularly came the teen's way. The Roth SL Coupe rode the concrete ribbon underneath it with a smooth motion that paid complement to the technical knowledge of the two young geniuses who had modified the car for their sister's use. Kim possible sat behind the wheel of her car and sighed at the sitch she found herself in. Ron had been required to attend a family gathering tonight so her Friday night, Ron night, had to be cancelled. He had left right after the game and wouldn't be available until at least Sunday. That meant no Ron-shine this weekend. Then Tara had called for a favor and needed a ride to her boyfriend's house. That was the reason she was currently driving down this forgotten stretch of Colorado so late at night.

Kim's eyes narrowed at what she thought she saw ahead of her. As her car got closer to what she had noticed, she confirmed that what she thought she saw was indeed what was in front of her. It was a girl! Walking on the side of an almost deserted road at midnight! Where were her parents? What was she doing here?

Kim slowed the Sloth down until she was close to the child. Yep, she thought, child! She couldn't be any older than Jim or Tim!

Kim stopped and got out of the car, careful to show the young girl that she meant no harm.

"Hello, are you lost?" Kim asked of the young girl who had stopped walking and was now looking at Kim with an odd expression on her face.

Getting no response from the girl Kim tried again.

"Do you know where your parents are? Can I help you in anyway? Where do you live?"

The child suddenly looked down the road and pointed.

"I live down the road." She replied with an odd catch in her voice. "Just down there."

"Can I give you a ride?"

"OK, I guess."

Kim walked from her side of the car to the passenger side and opens the door for the young girl. As she climbed in Kim noticed that she is wearing a dress design she has never seen before. It was a shapeless thing, poorly made, with a lot of wear obvious to Kim. She also noticed she had no shoes on.

"Are you cold? Would you like something to wear?"

"A little."

Kim shrugged out of her Club Banana jacket Ron had given her and placed it over the girl's thin shoulders.

"Now show me where you live."

Kim climbed behind the wheel, shut the door, and started driving down the road.

Kim tried to make conversation with the young girl.

"What's your name? Can you tell me?"

"Abigail." The girl replied softly.

"Abigail, that's a pretty name. Were you named after someone in your family?"

The young girl just looked down the road until she spoke up again.

"There," the girl suddenly exclaimed. "Just beyond the trees."

Kim slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road, and got out to survey the scene.

"Are you sure about this? I don't see anything here"

The girl just nodded and got out of the car.

"I live just past those trees." The girl pointed to something in the darkness.

Kim continued to look around a spotted a path that went between the two trees the girl had pointed to.

"All right lets go and get you home."

Kim and the girl walked up the path until they came upon a small clearing with a small house in the middle. Kim was hesitant about taking the girl to the house. Her weirdar was going off, when an older woman came out of the house and exclaimed.

"Abigail, just where have you been? You gave me such a fright when I couldn't find you!" The older woman held out her hand for the child, who ran to her side.

"I was walking grandma and the nice lady gave me a ride home."

"You shouldn't be out walking this late at night child, it's too dangerous."

"Yes, grandma."

The older woman turned to Kim and started to thank her profusely.

"Young lady I can't begin to thank you for bringing Abby home to me. I tell her all the time not to go out alone but, she just likes to wander around."

"No big ma'am. I'm happy I could help."

The elder woman turned to fully face Kim, the moonlight catching on her glasses, giving her an owlish look.

"I believe that you have a partner don't you? The woman asked with an odd catch in her voice.

"Yes ma'am, Ron Stoppable. He's busy right now or he would be here; and he's more than my partner he's my boyfriend."

"It's good to have someone who loves you." The elder woman replied with a peculiar look on her face. "You should always remember to trust the ones you love."

With that unusual statement, the elder woman turned and started to walk to the house.

"Good night Miss Possible and thank you again for bringing Abby back to me." She called out over her shoulder.

Kim watched as the older woman approached the young girl and gathered her into a hug. Kim was about to turn back to her car when she noticed a red light glowing at the base of the young girl's neck. Before she could completely turn back around the pair was gone. She supposed they went into the house, so she started back to her car. It was getting late and she was tired.

Kim was half-way home before she remembered that the young girl still had her Club Banana jacket. 'I'll have to go back there tomorrow', she thought, driving down the road to her home and bed.

Sunday Afternoon

"K.P. are you sure this is the same road?"

"For the tenth time Ron, yes. I was driving down this road when I found the girl walking."

"I'm just saying, it was dark, you were tired, and you could have made a mistake."

"Sorry Ron." Wade's voice came over the on board communication system. "But G.P.S. coordinates confirm that this is the same road Kim was driving down Friday night."

"How can you be sure about that? I mean you weren't talking to her that night was you?"

"No, but the Sloth does have a tracking chip in it. I just accessed the computer records and found out where the car was that night."

"What a minute! You can tell where the car has been, even if you're not talking to us?"

"Of course, how do you think I can tack you both? I have full access to all the cars data. Including all those late night drives to Lookout Point."

At the mention of the couples favorite make out point Kim begins to blush and Ron looks worried.

"Wade my man, you might want to delete those files and make sure Kim's dad never sees them OK?"

"Chill Ron, my system is hacker proof. Your secret is safe with me. Kim, G.P.S. indicates you were stopped around here Friday night."

"Come on Ron, let's just get my jacket and go home OK?" Kim questioned as she pulled the Sloth over and stopped the engine.

Kim and Ron exit the car and Kim begins to scout around for any landmarks she might recognize. She pulls up short and points to a path partially hidden between two trees.

"That's the path Ron. See I told you. We just follow it for a short while and we should come to a clearing."

Kim and Ron follow the path until they come to the clearing. What they see surprises Ron and shocks Kim. The clearing is just where she expected it but the house it totally different. The one in front of her is broken down and in the process of falling apart. The clearing is devoid of any vegetation and there is an aura of despair and decay about the place.

"K.P. are you sure about this? I'm getting the spilly-willys about this place."

"Ron you heard Wade, this is the place."

"Well who did you meet, Dracula's mother?"

"No I tell you it was a young girl and her grandmother. That place looked normal then."

'K.P. be reasonable, that house hasn't been lived it for decades."

"Ron I tell you this is the place." Kim explained as she moved toward the house.

"Kim, please get back here, that place feels like five hundred miles of very bad road." Ron pleaded.

Kim had to agree with Ron. The vibes she was getting off this place was making, even her, uneasy. Kim was about to go back when she spotted something hanging from a nail on the porch, edging closer Kim realized it was her missing Club Banana jacket. Screwing up her courage Kim sprinted to the porch, grabbed her jacket, and sprinted back to Ron.

"Come on let's get out of here." Kim called as she ran back to the Sloth.

"Right behind you K.P.!" Ron called running after her.

Driving back home Kim began to calm down and helped keep Ron from hyperventilating and passing out.

Later that night Kim and Ron were upstairs in her room going over the day's events.

"I don't get it K.P. who would leave your jacket at a haunted house?"

"Ron what makes you think it's haunted?"

"Are you kidding? I remember you, Kim Possible, 'The girl who can do anything',running faster than me away from things that can harm you. When was the last time that happened?"

Kim had to concede that Ron had a point. She had taken off like, well Ron, when Monkey Fist was after him. That so wasn't her! She had to admit that the house and the clearing had given her the 'spilly-willys' as Ron put it. There was that feeling of wrongness that Ron had picked up on. There was just something else, something fundamentally off about that house. She wasn't sure what it was but she was determined to find out.


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