Chapter 4

Things that go bump in the night

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His thrust was stopped by the arm of a freed Ron Stoppable; glowing with a blue aura that was almost black in its intensity. Ron looked up at his potential murderer with eyes of cobalt blue. He forced the dagger away from him and then kicked out and sent a stunned Paisley flying into the back wall.

An exhausted Rufus lay, off to one side of the table; worn out with the effort of chewing through Ron's restraints and resisting the terrible drain of life force from the ceremony.

Ron rose from his sacrificial altar and stood before his assailant. He gestured with his right hand and the Lotus Blade appeared in it.

"No!" Paisley screamed, "The timing must be perfect or else all is lost!"

He lunged toward Ron with the dagger held high but, Ron batted it away and grabbed the man by the throat.

"Hear me now, most evil of men!" Ron intoned in a sepulchral voice. "For the scope of your evil there can be no just punishment; therefore I will leave judgment to the ones you worked your evil on. So says the spirit of the Lotus Blade!"

The chamber was filled with the sound of a rushing wind that carried the cries of the countless victims of Aaron Caruthers. Around the two men there appeared the ghostly forms of every one of the sacrifices that he had made. The eyes of his dead looked upon him with contempt and accusation. Caruthers clawed at the hand restraining him, his panic rising by the second, he looked wildly at the faces of his sacrificed dead and could see no pity there.

"No!" He croaked, "Not now! Not when I 'm so close!"

Ron released the man to fall in a heap at his feet; and looked down upon him with eyes that had no trace of the warm, compassionate Ron Stoppable. Instead he gazed upon the face of justice itself; a cold, stern, judgment that offered no hope for him.

On the far end of the room, with the disruption of the ceremony, Kim's slack form had dropped to the stone floor and her stolen youth was returning to her at an accelerated rate. She opened her eyes in confusion as her scattered wits returned to her. She used a nearby table to hoist herself up, why were her legs so weak? She wondered. She then regarded the scene before her. Ron. Her Ron, was standing before Paisley with the Lotus Blade pointed at him; and he was glowing blue!

"What's up with the glowing?" Kim wondered.

She saw that both of them were surrounded by ghostly figures that seemed to shimmer and dance in some unfelt wind.

"The ghosts Ron said he saw before I could get that door opened."

Kim was about to call out to Ron when a figure appeared next to Ron. It was Granny McDonald, looking sad, grim and triumphant all at the same time.

"You!" Paisley cried.

"Did you think that I had forgotten what you did? How you started this? "She demanded of the kneeling man.

With this statement, a small child appeared next to Granny McDonald. She was about ten years old, clad in a shapeless dress that had seen too much wear, with eyes that no child should have.

"You killed my Isabella to start this mad scheme of yours! Did you think that I would rest with justice unfulfilled?"

Kim was startled when she saw the young girl appear.

"That's the girl I gave the ride home to. Isabella? But didn't she say her name was Abigail? And where's that red jewel she was wearing?

Kim's eyes widened further as the man Granny called 'old Paul' appeared out of nowhere.

"Where did he come from?" Kim wondered.

The man's body began to change and shimmer as if it emitted a great heat, then it started to grow taller and fill out; large wings grew from its back, the body became thicker and grotesque. The head grew large horns from its forehead and the bottom half of its body took on the shape of goats' legs. It grew so large that its head brushed the ceiling of the chamber. Kim looked on as what could only be described as a demon stood in front of her BF.

"Release my servant!" The creature commanded.

Ron turned glowing eyes on the creature and intoned, "You hold no sway here demon!"

Kim almost thought she saw the creature flinch when Ron turned his eyes upon it.

"I beg to differ." It replied. "I have prior claim on this human."

Ron looked down at the man huddled before him and smiled a cold smile.

"So be it! He is yours!" Ron stated as he stepped away from the man.

"Little man you have failed me! You promised me slaughter and deliver nothing in return for my favors to you."

"Master." The prostrate man croaked.

"Silence worm, for your failure your life is forfeit!"

Following that last statement the creature picked up the shaking man and threw him into the far wall where the body slid to the floor. The creature then swept the room with his eyes until they rested upon Kim.

"A tasty morsel" it intoned and started to reach for her until it found the Lotus Blade inches from its face.

'You would not survive to cross this chamber." Ron warned.

"It was, but a thought." It replied with a trace of a smile. Then bowed to Kim, stepped back, and disappeared in a stench of death; taking Paisley's body with him.

Ron walked over to Kim and put a supporting arm around her. She glanced up at him and saw calm in his face that she usually didn't, a peace and contentment to his posture that spoke to her of safety and protection. She knew that whatever had happened to him it was nothing she should fear.

Granny McDonald spoke, "Thank you, Team Possible, for justice for all those trapped souls."

"I did nothing it was Ron who did it all." Kim replied as she brushed off the thanks she felt she didn't earn.

The older woman just smiled and motioned Isabella over to her.

'Just who are you anyway?" Kim questioned?

"Isabella was the first one Caruthers sacrificed all those years ago. She was my granddaughter. I swore I would track down whoever had done this to my innocent child. I searched for her killer until the day I died."

"You're dead? But how......?" Kim stuttered.

"People who die without finishing a task may choose to wander the mortal plane until their task is complete; If their will is strong enough. I was able to track him through the years but I was unable to do anything to stop him; not until the ceremony. "

"The girl you were with the first time, you called her Abigail."


"Is she still the same girl?"

Granny McDonald only smiled and moved back to her granddaughter's spirit; the apparitions that had waited patiently for decades for justice; began to vanish, one by one, with whispered thanks to the two teens.

Ron staggered back and grabbed the table behind him

"Kim, I'm bleeding! Why am I bleeding?" Ron almost shouted.

Kim ran over to Ron and helped him to stand.

"Ron do you remember anything about what happened tonight?"

"I remember Paisley babbling about his life story and me wishing he would finish up already. Why? What did I miss?"

Kim smiled at him and wrapped her arms around her BF's neck and kissed him on the nose. "Only that I have the bravest BF on the planet." She gushed.

"Kim what did I miss? Not that I didn't like the compliment and all....."

Kim was about to answer him when the building began to shake, dust and debris began to rain down on the couple in the now empty and dark chamber.

Kim started to run up the stairs shouting behind her, "Come on Ron lets get out of here!"

"Right behind you KP! Come on Rufus!" Ron shouted as he scooped up his friend and deposited the worn out mole rat in his pocket.

Getting out of the house was a nightmare; floors buckled and twisted under the couple's feet making the footing traitorous to their needs. Furniture danced and toppled barely missing them as they scampered up the steps and across the main floor of the house. Glass shattered as the walls buckled and the house twisted on its foundation. All through the structure crashes could be heard and felt as the house seemed intent on shaking itself apart.

Kim and Ron reached the main door to find it wouldn't open to them. A quick check revealed that the door frame had warped and the door wouldn't open. Both of them threw their weight at the door together just to bounce off the stout oak construction. During this the house continued to dance, shake, and was beginning to lose any resemblance to a structure. Finally the two of them grabbed a shattered support column to batter the door open.

With a yell of relief both of them stumbled out onto the wide porch and then into the overgrown yard beyond it. They didn't stop until they were at the edge of the clearing; only then did the two of them turn back to watch what was happening.

The house kept twisting on its foundation; dancing and shaking as it slowly seemed to fall into itself. Almost as if it were being sucked down into the ground beneath it, with a final shudder and groan it crumpled to the ground and gradually disappeared into the ground itself leaving just a hole where the house once stood; a scar upon the land to mark a place where terrible things had once happened.

Team Possible clung to each other for support as they watched the death throes of the structure before them. Then with a sigh of relief they turned to each other.

"Is it finally over?" Ron asked.

"I hope so Ron, I hope so." Kim answered as she leaned in to kiss his cheek. "Come on Ron lets Ace this place."

They made their way through woods that didn't seem so threatening or ominous anymore. Their way lit by the light of a waning moon the couple, lost in their own thoughts, made their way to the Sloth and home.

Epilogue 1

It had been two weeks since 'The Halloween Incident' as the newspapers were calling it had occurred.

Reports of strange lights, mysterious weaknesses, earth tremors and sightings of strange things; would make this a Halloween that people wouldn't soon forget.

But people were resilient and the talk around town had already turned to the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and the latest Team Possible rescue of several hikers in the mountains.

Kim sat on her bed and pondered the strange sitch they had been in two weeks ago. Some judicious questioning by her, revealed that Ron had no memory of what had happened to him when he had been Paisley's captive. He was still heaping praise on her for rescuing him and lamenting that he hadn't been more help. Kim was embarrassed by Ron's constant boasting about something she had nothing to do with. What troubled her most was if that was what Ron could do when he went 'full monkey', Kim had no doubt that his Mystical Monkey Power was responsible for their rescue, what was he capable of doing when he had full control of it ? And what would her reaction be to it when he did it? And just what circumstances would warrant it? Would she be shocked, frightened, or just run into his arms and embrace him?

"Kimmy, Ron's here." Anne Possible's voice broke through Kim's thoughts. Seconds later Ron's tussled hair appeared in her hatch way followed by warm brown eyes and his goofy grin.

"Hey KP you have a package here. The U.P.L man was just about to deliver it and I told him I would give it to you."

Kim took the package and opened it. Inside was a lot of packing. After she had removed it he looked in surprise at what had revealed to her: a Flamingoat, the rarest of the cuddle buddies. She removed it from the box and held it at arms length. She had only see one of these things once, well twice if you count when DNAmy's Mt. Middleton lair had blown up and one had flown past her; but here she was, holding one. Where had it come from? Who could have sent it?

She turned misting eyes to Ron and choked out. "Ron did you...?"

"What? Get you that? Do you know hard to find one of those things is? Sorry KP I didn't do it." As much as I tried Rom murmured under his breath.

"Well then who?"

"There's a note at the bottom of the box, maybe it's from an admirer." Ron stated as he picked up the note and handed it to her.

Kim opened the note and read:

Dear Miss Possible,

I wish to present to you a small token of appreciation for you team's invaluable help in collecting a wayward servant.

Perhaps, in the future, we will work together again instead of cross purposes as we usually do.

P.S. The Flamingoat was Paisley's; I doubt he has any use for it now.

Take care....

Kim's eyes had grown to the size of dinner plates by the time she had finished reading the note. Dumbfounded, she regarded the rare plush in her hands as the Flamingoat's glassy brown eyes stared back at her with an unsettling hollowness that sent a shiver down her spine.

Epilogue 2

"All right people listen up!" Steve Barkin, jack-of-all-trades, of Middleton High School bellowed.

"Miss Guide, our SKIP councilor, has informed me that we have another student that will be transferring here to Middleton High. She should be here shortly so let's make her feel welcome."

"That's an order people!" he shouted.

Kim and Ron watched as the door to the classroom opened and a young girl walked in. She was young, not more than eleven or twelve at most, slender in form with a mass of curly brown hair. Kim gasped when she turned to face the class. She had deep blue eyes, almost black, with a look of awareness that someone so young should not have. She was dressed in blue jeans and an oversized Mad Dogs sweatshirt. Around her neck a red jewel hung suspended from a delicate gold chain.

"Kim is that.....?" Ron started to question her.

"It sure looks like her, except she's dressed differently; I would swear that's......."

"Ladies and Gentlemen: let me introduce Abigail Caruthers. Abigail has traveled a great distance to be here with us. Let's make her feel welcome."

Abigail smiled and looked directly at Team Possible as she remarked, "I'm sure that I'll get along with everyone here just fine."

Epilogue 3

The bedroom was silent the moonlight fell upon the young woman who slept cradled in the arms of Morpheus. Her bright red hair was spread out and surrounded her head like a red halo; which caught the light and seemed to shimmer in its intensity. In her arm she clutched her ever present Panderoo; ensuring her a restful and untroubled sleep. On the shelf, across the room, her newest acquisition the Flamingoat, sat and regarded the young woman before it with expressionless eyes; eyes that briefly were tinged with a darkness that had no earthly compassion.

There was a slight shimmer in the air and a young girl, no more that eleven or twelve walked up to the sleeping girl's still form. Gently, almost reverently, she placed her hand on her brow and moved a stray hair from her face. She regarded the sleeping form before her and spoke softly,

"I'm sorry Miss Possible, but you saw things that you were not meant to see until much later. Your foreknowledge could disrupt a critical juncture in this Universe. I suggest you forget what you saw in that chamber. You did not see Ron Stoppable use his Mystical Monkey Power to stop Aaron Caruthers from killing him. You stopped him instead. He was just another whack villain you run into all the time and nothing special happened there."

During this speech the young girl placed her hand on Kim's forehead and closed her eyes in concentration. As she did this the jewel that hung around her neck began to glow brighter until the whole room was bathed in its radiance. She stepped back from the bed as the glow died down and watched Kim intently.

Kim took a deep breath, held it for a minute than breathed out and settled into a deeper sleep.

The young girl then turned and walked to the shelf where the Flamingoat stood. She regarded it with those deep blue, fathomless eyes and spoke softly to it.

"They are mine, under my protection, by the ancient pact. Leave and find your playthings elsewhere."

A presence seemed to stir about the rare plush and then evaporate in the night. Satisfied the young girl turned to the sleeping form of Kim Possible and said quietly, "You really should get rid of that thing Miss Possible it's quite ugly and unpleasant to look at, don't you think?"

Kim stirred slightly at the sound of her voice then drifted off to sleep again a slow smile formed on her face.

"Dream your dreams of love and laughter Kim Possible. Enjoy this time in your life. I see great things in your life; if you survive."

She turned to leave but paused to look over her shoulder. "Good night Kim Possible and pleasant dreams."


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