Gibb's gut was churning.

Something's wrong, he thought, he could feel it.

"McGee? McGee, do you copy? Tim?". He heard nothing but low, shallow breathing.

"DiNozzo, Kate, back to the car now!"

Tony sighed, "What's Probie done now?"

"Tony!" Kate said worryingly as she followed Gibbs. She liked Tim; he has grown so much as an agent since joining the team nearly a year ago. He has potential. He could run his own team someday…

They ran as quickly as they could down the numerous amount of stairs in the warehouse. Tony was behind since he wasn't fully fit after his spell with the plague and struggled to keep up.

They finally made it to the car. None of them were prepared for what they saw…

Tim was lay next the controller which had been destroyed by a bullet. Blood was oozing from his shoulder.

Gibbs knelt down next to him. "Tim? Talk to me Tim", Gibbs pleaded as he tended to his wound. "He's alive!", he told a shocked Tony and Kate.

Kate immediately opening her mobile phone to call for an ambulance and a replacement team to process the evidence. Kate knew that, despite Gibbs wanting to get the bastard who did this, he rather be with Tim in the hospital.

Tony knelt down next to Gibbs, using his jacket to stop the bleeding. "Come on Probie, if you go who else will, you wont anyone else to get my affection would you? Eh?"

Tim slowly flickered his eyes open, "I'd… be very… je… jealous Tony…" Tim managed to say above the pain. It was excruciating. He just felt like "falling asleep"; Letting all the pain drift away…

"Keep talking Tim. I don't intend to let you die. Actually, you will NOT die. You hear me?"

"I'll …try my… best boss" coughed Tim, "I have a… habit of… screwing things up"

"Ah, Tim, that's nothing, you're a damn fine agent. There was a reason I picked you. You have a fine career ahead of you. You can't give up. YOU WILL NOT GIVE UP!", Gibbs then held onto his hand, letting him know that he was there for him, like a father would be.

Closer examination of the wound found that the bullet struck his left collar bone. Gibbs knew immediately that even if Tim survived this, he would never be a field agent again; Tim is a left-handed shooter…

Tim, in the blur of the sunlight saw flashing blue lights, and let the pain take him…

"Tim, NO!"