I was watching Season 4 Ep 1 Shalom recently and that is the safe house I am referring to in this chapter.


"I thought you were on Ari's side"

"I am. It's just that I need some answers and this Agent Todd has something to hide…"

Gibbs gave Ziva the stare. She was one of the very few people who just gave it back to him. He was extremely impressed by this.

"Well, I'm listening"

"I organized a safe house for Ari. She could be hiding there"

"I'm still not convinced that Ari and Kate are working together"

"Neither am I. if she is, then Mossad does not know about it"

After another long silence. Gibbs spoke again.

"Well? What's the address?"

"I will take you there. I want answers Agent Gibbs and you can protest all you like but I am coming with you", Ziva said and them she walked off towards the elevator.

Tony sat in awe and stood up, "Hey! How do we not know that you're just working on getting secrets from us?"

Ziva stopped in her tracks. Thought about what to say and turned around.

"You don't. But then again I could think the same of you. But I look at you two and see the same dedication I saw from Ari on his missions. I then think, "how can someone with that much dedication be against us?". This means that I trust you. And while trust should go two-way, I believe that we should work it out together"

Gibbs looked at her for what seemed like forever. He then slowly walked to his desk, and got his gun out of his draw and walked up to her.

"well… lead the way Officer David"

Tony looked at Gibbs in shock as he and Ziva walked to the elevator.

"Hey, DiNozzo! You gonna gawp there all day? Come on!"

Tony then came back to his senses and followed Gibbs and Ziva to the elevator.


Kate sat in front of the TV staring at the screen. The news was on. She had just finished watching the report on a "federal agent's death" when she switched it off.

She then lay on the sofa, looking at her gun on the coffee table and closed her eyes…


Kate unlocked the door and walked into her apartment. After putting the chain on she collapsed on the bed and stared at the ceiling. What a long day…

Her sense then told her she wasn't alone. She stealthily jumped off the bed and opened her cabinet, where her personal gun was hidden. She held it up and walked out of the bedroom. And, as she suspected, there was a man stood at the window.

"Hello Caitlin", said the man.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't shoot you right now"

"Well, you tried in autopsy and failed"

"Only because you're stronger than me"

The man laughed, "That was only the case because your strength stiffened all of a sudden"

The man then held up what looked like a magazine. "I know where you keep your gun"

She checked the gun and found he was right. Now she came to think of it, it was a little lighter than usual.

"What do you want?"

"the only think I want… is you…"

Kate opened her eyes from the memory. At first, she said no to his advances. He was a real gentleman about it and kept away. But the longer he was gone, the more she thought about him. She didn't see him again until a year ago, when NCIS finally ID'd him as Ari Haswari. It was then that that they decided to get married…

She then heard a knock at the door. Kate grabbed her gun. Ari had told her that the only person who knew about this place was his sister…

"NCIS Federal Agents", she heard Gibbs say and she grabbed her gun and quickly ran to the window, knowing that Gibbs would have the back of the house covered as well as the front. She climbed through it and ran as fast as she could, towards the trees.

"There she is" she heard a female voice say, which was quickly followed by the sound of a gunshot.

Kate was just outside the trees when she fell down. She looked down and found blood…


"there she is" Gibbs heard Ziva say. He ran to the side of the house and saw Ziva shoot her gun.

Gibbs, enraged, pushed Ziva to the ground and got on top of her.

"What the hell are you doing?" shouted Gibbs, centimetres from her face. "We want her alive!"

"Which is why I aimed for her leg"

The next thirty seconds remained silent, each breathing heavily from the fall and staring angrily into each other's eyes, when Tony finally appeared holding his gun up.

"Am I interrupting something?"

"Only Ziva trying to kill Kate"

"Let her go right ahead then"

At that last comment, Gibbs stood up and his hand sharply met the back of Tony's head.

"Don't you dare say that DiNozzo! Kate-" but Tony cut him off.

"Look Boss, I know that Kate was a valued member of the team. But she went completely Nina Myers on us and was involved in Tim's death. And If I was her you would most likely kill me slowly and painfully. What makes Kate any different?"

Gibbs didn't answer. Tony was right. What makes Kate different? He will never know how he felt about Kate…

He looked back towards the trees and saw no-one there. He didn't notice whether Kate took the shot. But whether she took it r not, she was gone.

"I'm going home. You want a ride?"

And Tony bluntly replied, "Sure"