Disclaimer: I own nothing. Chapter title after Lifehouse: Everything.

Author: Brightsidetolife

Summary: Harry inherits a magical locket from his Godfather after his death and in doing so, Harry lands himself in a different dimension where he has a family, but it's not the family Harry was hoping for, but close to it.

In Your Heart & Your Mind

Chapter One


Harry laid on his bed staring up at his ceiling. That's all he had been doing since he came back to the Dursley's. What happened last year in the Department of Mysteries just kept playing over and over in his mind. Sirius. He was gone and he wasn't coming back. He felt so depressed that he hadn't left his room for what seemed like months in actuality it was his birthday today, but Harry didn't know that.

Harry looked towards his window as his snowy white owl, Hedwig, came flying through his opened window with a letter and a small brown package.

Sighing Harry sat up and took the letter and package from Hedwig. Hedwig flew back to her cage and started pecking at her wings.

Harry opened the letter first and immediately recognized the writing as Sirius.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this, than I'm dead, hopefully I died punching Snape in the face before I left, (one of my many goals before I die).

Harry had a small smile of his face as he read on.

I really hate that guy, seriously Harry how he was made a professor I'll never know. That greasy git a professor? Ugh! He's soooo ugly and he has a big nose and a ...

Harry rolled his eyes skipping through the parts about Snape. Honestly it was like two paragraphs about him! Harry couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Anyway, I hope my death does not bring any sadness whatsoever from you. I want you to be happy Harry, I wouldn't blame anybody for my death but myself. I kind of act before I think which Remus said would be my own downfall someday. He's such a kill joy! Why do I keep getting off subject? Okay, the days I had with you Harry made me really happy. It made me realize how much strength you are, that keeps me walking.

How much hope you are, that keeps me trusting.You are the light to my soul. You are my purpose for living, you mean everything to me Harry. I know that I'm dead and I have no way of showing you what a great godson you are, but I hope this family heirloom helps to show you. It's been passed down to every Black generation, it's very magical and what's inside comes from the heart.

Be safe Harry and know that I love you.

Your Godfather,

Sirius Orion Black

Harry wiped his eyes, tears falling. Sirius really did care about him. Slowly Harry unwrapped the paper and opened the brown box. Harry slid the silvery object in his hand and examined it; it shined bright for a second when it fell in his hands, but it was gone before it even happened.

It looked like a locket. There was a golden lion in the middle of the locket with it's mouth open as if it was roaring. On the back in gold it had Sirius initials on it, only to have it fade away, disappearing completely and showing Harry's initials in it's place instead.

Harry slowly opened it to see what was inside. A clock, if it was the right time Harry didn't know, but the part of the locket Harry was really paying attention to was the left side of the locket, which held a picture of Sirius and himself with Sirius tickling Harry on Sirius living room couch that snowing afternoon. Harry felt his eyes tearing and immediately shut the locket close clutching it tightly. He couldn't handle seeing Sirius picture, not when they were so happy.

"I wish we had more time to be a family." Harry whispered sadly closing his eyes as tears started to stream down his face. By saying those words, Harry didn't notice when his locket started to glow white and red and yellow sparks surrounding his body.

Harry gasped when his body gave a jerk as if he had touched a port key.

"Ouch!" Harry landed hard on his side, it felt like he had sprang something. Feeling dizzy and disoriented Harry stood up trying to get his bearings. It look like he was in a house, there was a door not far from him, but before Harry could really take a look around-

'Intruder alert! intruder alert! intruder alert...'

Harry covered his ears dropping his locket he had forgotten that was still in his hands on the floor in the process as he tried to block out the horrible noise.

"Halt! Stay where you are! Do not move! I repeat, do not move!" Harry was breathing heavily, he couldn't see who was shouting at him from behind, but it was the fact that he didn't have his wand with him that was making him even more nerve racked. He felt so defenseless.

"State your name!" A man shouted at him.

Harry didn't know if should or not, it could be a death eater for all he knew.

"State your name or we'll be force to stun you!" This sounded like a woman.

"H-Harry Potter."

There was an eerie silence at Harry's words.

"Turn around!" The man shouted at him.

Harry very slowly did so. What he saw when he turned around shocked him to no end. He felt he was about to faint at the sight.

"No, it couldn't be." The woman with long red hair and emerald green eyes was saying to the two men that were protectively standing on either side of her.

"It's not Lily, it's a death eater, I'm sure of it! Stupefy!"

"James no!"

Harry tried to shield himself with his arms not knowing what else to do. Not feeling the curse Harry looked up to see that a white visible shield in front of him. Harry looked down to see it was coming from the locket itself. Picking it up, Harry just ran for the door. This was way to much for him! He just got a glance at his mother and father and Sirius, alive!

"Impedimenta!" Harry could tell that was Sirius voice as he ducked, the spell nearly missing him. Harry swung the door open almost slipping down the icy stairs outside; it looked like winter.

Harry didn't get far though as somebody grabbed him around the waist. Harry thrashed around trying to get lose.

"Let me go!" Harry shouted to stubborn to believe that this was actually happening.

"Somebody stun him already!" Sirius yelled struggling with Harry but ended up letting him go as Harry bite his hand.


Harry ran, he didn't know where he was running to or away from. Harry didn't stop running until he tripped over a tree root. Harry got to his knees and just stayed that way for a while trying to catch his breath. He was in some kind of forest he saw as he looked around at all the trees. It was nothing like the forbidden forest at Hogwarts, no, this looked like a more friendlier area.


Harry fell back as the one and only person that loathed him apprated right in front of him. Severus Snape. Was everyone trying to give him a heart attack? But he must admit that seeing the man did give him hope that he wasn't going insane.

Snape just stared down at him as if he was searching for something in Harry's eyes. "Why are you just staring at me?" Harry asked irritated pulling himself up clutching his shoulder, it was starting to bother him really bad.

Snape looked at Harry's shoulder in concern and was making his way towards him, but Harry was backing away from him, eying Snape suspiciously. "What's going on? Why aren't you talking?" Harry asked backing himself into a tree.


"Get away from me!" Harry shouted knowing that this wasn't the Snape that he knew. This man was looking at as if he cared about his well-being.

"Severus! Severus where are you?"

'mum' Harry thought panicking. This just couldn't be happening! Harry tried to make another run for it, but Snape just kept blocking him.

"Stop trying to run away." Snape said quite calmly.



"Potter!" Harry snapped at him. Snape just glared at him.


"Stop calling me Harry! You've never in your life called me Harry so don't start now!" Harry argued with him clutching his shoulder, he must have really smashed his arm hard against the ground.

"Do I need to immobilize you or you going to let me inspect your shoulder?" Snape asked him quite irritated now. Snape didn't give Harry a chance to think on it as he walked up towards him taking up all Harry's escape routes.

Snape barely touched Harry's shoulder when Harry hissed out in pain, maybe he had hurt something.

Snape picked Harry up carrying him in his arms. "Hey! What do you think-" Whatever Harry was going to say was lost time him as he totally blacked out.