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Author: Birghtsidetolife

In Your Heart And Mind

Chapter Sixteen

Ice Cream And Cake

"Erm… is this really necessary?" Harry asked awkwardly eating his breakfast that his mother had provided for him on his bed.

"What ever do you mean sweetie?" Lily asked her son casually as she was eating her own breakfast on a round wooden circular table that she had conjured with chairs to match that had just enough room for four people. Severus and the twins were eating at the table as well. Draco, whom was enjoying Harry's discomfort across from him, was eating his breakfast, sitting crisscross at the end of Harry's bed.

"We're eating breakfast in my room." Harry pointed out.

"Well… theirs no telling when you might just up and disappear again, so I thought we would spend quality time together." Lily explained.

"We're eating breakfast in my room." Harry repeated.

Draco just smirked into his food.

"You just said that son." Severus replied whipping his face with his napkin.

"Dad! We're eating breakfast in my room! How incredibly awkward is that? You guys act like …" Harry stop in mid sentence as everybody stared at him wide eyed, except Severus of course. Draco had choked into his food.

Harry covered his face with both hands realizing that he had called Severus Dad in front of everybody, well his family. Now that he actually didn't have a problem with it, he felt more comfortable to call Severus his father; step-father.

"Can you guys please not look at me like that?" Harry mumbled out knowing that his face was going to go red in embarrassment.

Severus coughed before speaking, smirking in pride. "You were gone for two days; we had thought many dreadful thoughts of what might have happened to you. Basically Harry, every second with you counts and let's leave it at that."

"So basically you're telling me that I have to endure this embarrassing jamboree in my room." Harry asked sarcastically.

"Yup." Alec piped up giggling.

"Alec! You're supposed to have my back!" Harry teased him as Alec only shrugged.

"Kimmy and I missed you Harry." Alec said with strawberry jam smeared all over his face and Kimberly smiling shyly into her food.

Harry smiled. "I missed you munchkins to."

"Remus, thanks for having me over, my parents was suffocating me. I mean I'm gone for forty-eight hours and they're all over me." Harry said as Remus passed down a glass of butter-beer towards him on his kitchen table. Remus smiled in amusement.


"Damn it Dad, I'm tired of all this freaking fussing and not allowing me to do anything by myself like some helpless baby. You and the others are smothering me and I can't breathe. How many times do I have to say that I'm fine?"

"Don't take that tone with me Harry."

"Then leave me alone!"

"You are not to address me in that tone of voice, lower it." Severus said with a threatening tone in his voice.

"That's it! I'm going to Lupin's!"


"No problem Harry, but I must say I don't have the knowledge that you are looking for about your locket." Remus exclaimed sitting down beside Harry drinking his own butter-beer.

Harry nodded in understanding. "I know it's just I don't want to ask Sirius. Especially knowing how he feels about me."

Remus sighed setting his glass down. "Your appearance has caused quite a shock to everybody and some people deal with things differently than others. Your father for instance was in denial, he believed that you and his son were one in the same. Your mother accepted your appearance, Severus accepted your appearance, but was cautious, as was I-"

"I understand that, but you, mum, Severus, even Draco, you guys didn't avoid me like some plague or treated me any differently than you would your Harry and I appreciated that. I've been here for like a couple of weeks and I still don't fit in here because nobody wants me to." Harry exclaimed.

"How can you say that?" Remus asked shocked.

"It's obvious isn't it?" Harry laughed humorlessly, "I mean Dumbledore hasn't even said a word to me since I got here and then he goes behind my back and starts this private meeting about Voldemort without me! My best friends, their not even my friends! James, he's not my father, Sirius… I just can't see myself staying somewhere where nobody believes in me. I'm saying this to you because I don't want my parents to know. I don't want my mum and my step-dad, Severus to know what's going on in my head." Harry finished looking down at his half empty butter-beer.

Remus looked at Harry unsure of what to say, and then a thought occurred to him. "Do you know how your father reacted to your disappearance? It was like this black rain cloud was following him wherever he went-"

"I honestly don't care Remus. I know what you're going to say, that he was miserable, that he knew he made a mistake, which he regretted. I don't mean to be rude, it's just I don't want to hear it anymore. I'm sick and tired of his mood swings."

Knock Knock

Remus stood up and as he passed Harry, he gave Harry's shoulder a comforting squeeze.

Harry just sat and stared at nothing when Remus left out the kitchen. He had wanted to know how he could control his locket better, if he could go back and forth from his world and to this one where he actually has a family, a place he can actually say was his home, with Severus Snape. How messed up was that? Severus Snape was his step-father, man if Harry's friends in his world knew, they would have a cow. Harry smiled at that very thought.

"…CAN'T KEEP ME FROM SEEING HIM!" Harry jumped up at the obvious argument going on outside the kitchen door. Harry stood up wearily, preparing for another argument between James and him.

"James calm yourself this instance, you are under my roof and I will not have you making a nuisance in my home." Remus sounded like he was clenching his teeth.

"James, do you really want to do this right now? Especially with an overprotective werewolf in the balance of this?" Sirius said to him sounding a bit apprehensive.

"I want to at least see his face. He's all I've got left. Please Remus." James sounded pretty pathetic which caused Harry to feel bad for the man.

"James, don't make me regret this. You two are on odds ends as it is. Sirius and I will be waiting in the living room, if I hear shouting, you're forbidden to come back here. Do you understand James?"

"Loud and clear Moony." James said solemnly.

"Good, come on Sirius, we need to talk ourselves."

"Why? What did I do?"

"You know very well what…"

Harry hurried and sat down at the other end of the table, so that he was facing James when he walked in.

James looked stressed out and anxious as he sat at the other end of the table facing Harry.

"Harry, I'm glad to see you son." James whispered out to him.

Harry just gave him a look.

"I-I was relieved when I heard from your mother that you had returned."

Still Harry said nothing; he just sat there waiting for James to say what he needed to.

"Harry, please say something. You have no idea how worried I was!" James exclaimed a bit agitated with Harry's silence.

"Give me a reason James; give me a reason to stay here." Harry finally said drained with all these emotions he was feeling.

"I…I'm not half the man that your father was; I know that, I don't think I could ever be. It's like I'm finding out that I have another son and I don't know how to act around you. You're so bloody different from my son. I don't know what to do." James sighed, running his hand threw his hair.

"You said that Severus treats you better than I do. Well Severus understands you better than I do and it isn't fair. He has more of a connection to you than I do, more than I could ever hope to."

"If you're trying to get Severus in trouble by telling me about the blood oath, obviously it isn't going to work. And that's another strike against you isn't it? How about you try to be the bigger man and just admit you're jealous of my father." Harry exclaimed now irritated.

James looked at Harry in confusion. "I already told you how I felt about your father-"

"By my father, I meant Severus, not my biological father."

"Harry this isn't-"

"No come on James, lets get down to it shall we? You James Potter are jealous of my father, Severus Snape. Say it." Harry said sitting up straighter in his chair.

"You can't honestly believe-"

"Why couldn't mum have Slytherin friends?"

"Every Slytherin is dark!" James exclaimed looking outraged at the thought.

"I'm a Parselmouth, am I dark?"

"Theirs a difference-"

"Neville Longbottom can speak Parselmouth, is he dark?" Harry said trying to get his point across.

"Harry! It wasn't his fault that some dark wizard cursed him and made him have those powers!"

"Why not? I mean Voldemort is a dark wizard and he put those powers in him and me, so that can only mean that both Neville and I are dark wizards right?"

"No it doesn't!"

"Why?" Harry asked faking curiosity at his fathers' angry face.

"Both you and Neville made a choice to be good wizards, and that's what you are! You two are good-"

"Because it's the choices that we make that makes us who we are, right? We made a choice to be good people, just like that graduate at St. Mungos- Ethan, whom chose to be a Healer instead of a dark wizard. Just like Remus, his illness causes him to hurt others at the full moon, but he doesn't let being a werewolf control him because he chooses not to harm others. Severus Snape is a Slytherin, and a jerk at times, but his number one priority has always been his family. He looks out for me; he doesn't have to, but he does because he cares. He cares even though I'm a Potter by blood, but I'm his son by heart. Do you understand what I'm trying to say to you?" Harry asked him with a plea in his voice.

"Okay Harry, okay. I can't stand Severus Snape, wither it be that I'm jealous of him or simply the fact that I hate his guts. He stole your mother away from me and now you! You and your mother are the most meaningful people in my life and it got taken away from me. So you'll have to excuse me for being a bit prejudice towards Slytherins and bitter towards Severus, excuse me, I mean your father." James said sarcastically.

Harry heaved a sigh and shrugged indifferently. "Did you think I was going to call Severus by his name forever? I'm living with the man after all."

"I guess so, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it."

"Nobody is saying you have to. Just deal with it. When I'm under his roof I'm going to be calling him Dad and so forth. He deserves that much after what he's done for me." Harry said sincerely.

"And I appreciate that-"

"Do you really? Or are you just saying that for my sake?"

"I'm thankful that he has taken care of you when I couldn't, when I couldn't be the man that you needed me to be." James said fiddling around with his clothing.

Harry ran his hand threw his own hair trying to figure things out. "So are we cool?"

James looked up surprised before giving Harry a cheerless smile. "Until our next argument I suppose."

"If you can just chill out with your judgments towards Slytherins and think before you speak," Harry sighed closing his eyes, "Sometimes, I just need you to stay away from me." Harry replied opening his eyes, shrugging his shoulders as he stood up from his chair.

"I know I didn't hear what I thought I heard coming from your mouth." James said standing also.

Harry just stared at James.

"Sometimes I remember the darkness of my past, when you and mum died and then I land here and it brings back these memories I wish I didn't have. Memories of what it could have been like if it hadn't ended all bad. I think of leaving a lot because- because you're supposed to be here for me, not Severus and it bothers me. It bothers me that Sirius is just as bad as you are when in my own world he treated me like his own son. I shouldn't have to feel like this. When I imagined what my father would be like if he were alive, it wasn't you." Harry swallowed breaking eye contact.

Silence was met for several seconds before James finally broke it.

"Above everything else, you're my son, Harry. I may not be the father you imagined having, and I know I don't say it often enough, but I do love you.…"

"I just wanted a family you know?"

"You have a family here Harry, you do…" James couldn't finish his words; he just swallowed and walked towards the kitchen door.

"Oww my nose!"

"Sirius? What are you doing standing behind the door?" James asked suspiciously.

"He was eavesdropping of course." Remus replied coming from behind Sirius with a smug smirk on his face as he walked inside his kitchen.

Sirius just glared at Remus as he rubbed his nose walking in also. "I was just about to apologize to Harry and I didn't want to interrupt anything is all." Sirius exclaimed.

"How thoughtful of you." Harry said sarcastically rolling his eyes.

"Uh yeah… so mini prongs, I'm sorry kiddo. I didn't mean to be so harsh towards you; I just didn't want to get attached to you after what happened." Sirius exclaimed apologetic.

Harry didn't comment. He didn't know if he wanted to accept Sirius apology or not, he was still holding on to that grudge, but the man after all was his godfather. So Harry just settled for nodding.

"Harry, Severus has requested that you go back home." Remus replied.

Sighing Harry said his farewells.

"Dad." Harry coughed out when the dust went in his mouth once he had come out the fireplace by floo.

Severus came up to him and gave Harry a pat on the back trying to help with his coughing fit. "I should get Minky to clean the fireplace for me." Severus replied once Harry settled.

"How did it go with Lupin?" Severus asked dusting Harry's clothes.

"All three marauders were there."

"Sirius and James? They were at Lupin's?" Severus asked calmly.

Harry just shrugged. "Yeah."

"Well I must assume all went well seeing as I didn't feel any kind of strong emotion of distress coming from you." Severus commented motioning Harry to walk with him towards the kitchen.

"Yeah well, I didn't want you to be the hero and come save the day again. I can handle my emotions." Harry commented.

Severus gave Harry a sidelong glance. "I thought the blood oath did not bother you."

"It doesn't really; I just don't want you to think I'm in trouble when I'm not. I get stressed out a lot and the only way I can release it is by letting my emotions out." Harry explained.

Severus just gave Harry a 'don't be ridiculous' look. "Surely you don't believe that I can't tell the difference between hormonal teenage emotions and my son is in trouble I need to see if he's okay emotion."

Harry's face flushed in embarrassment. "I don't think we need to have this discussion any more."

Severus stopped them at the kitchen door and put his hands on Harry's shoulders. "We are going to have a 'family' discussion, but we'll have it later on tonight, is that understood?"

Harry nodded in understanding. "I suppose we'll have to." Harry said meekly. Severus ran his hand threw Harry's hair.

"Go on inside." Severus said nudging Harry at the door.

Frowning at the darkness when Harry pushed threw the door. Harry was about to ask Severus what was going on when,

"Happy Birthday!!" yelled everyone in the room, jumping out of their hiding places. Severus flicked the lights back on with his wand.

"I see what you mean Hermione. Hiding in the dark is quite exciting." Luna said to Hermione whom was smiling beside her and Ginny.

"What's going on?" Harry asked confused as Severus patted him on the back.

"Happy belated birthday son. This your mother and my gift to you." Severus said quietly.

Both Alec and Kimberly ran over to Harry and gave him a huge hug, followed by Lily and Draco.

"Did you just hug me?" Harry asked Draco teasingly.

"You make fun of me and I'll beat the heck out of you Potter." Draco threatened Harry whom merrily rolled his eyes.

"Why would Harry make fun of you about that when he has the bounty that is your face?" Ron exclaimed smirking giving Neville a high five at his joke.

"Good one Ron." Both Weasley twins laughed.

"Hey! Cut that out. No teasing my cousin but me." Harry replied good humored.

"Can we open up gifts now?" Alec asked.

"He hasn't even had time to sit down Alec." Lily told her son.

"Cake?" Kimberly asked.

"How about we all go into the dinning room where theirs more space for everyone to sit. Our houselves have been preparing dinner." Lily said leading he way.

The group moved from the kitchen and into the dinning room which had been decorated. 'Happy Birthday Harry' was hanging on the ceiling and confetti was everywhere, party hats were on the tables, everything you could imagine.

Throughout diner, Harry was unusually quiet, listening to the conversations of his soon to be friends...his awe. That these people that he was eating with would go through so much just to throw this party for him.

When dinner was done, Alec was ready to explode with excitement, for he had helped out with making Harry's cake with the houself Minky. Harry's cake was chocolate with white frosting and had red writing on it. The cake read: Happy Birthday Harry Love Your New Family And Friends. Harry looked at them grinning happily.

"Well, make a wish." Lily urged, and that's what Harry did.

"What did you wish for?" Kimberly asked.

"Kimmy...shhh. It won't come true if he says." Draco said to Kimberly.

"Does anyone want ice cream with their cake?" Lily asked as Severus cut the cake.

"You brought ice cream for the cake?" Alec asked excitedly.

"Well yes Alec sweet heart I did." Lily answered.

"I want ice cream!" Alec shouted.

"Me Too." Kimberly said shortly after.

"Me three." Fred said with a grin.

"Me fourth." George said.

"Shut up." Ginny said pushing her twin brothers lightly.

"I would like some too, Mrs. Snape." Luna said during the shouting.

"Okay, what kind?" Lily told the crowd after they quieted down.

"You bought different kinds?" Harry asked surprised at this point.

"Well ya. Alec likes chocolate fudge, Kimberly and Draco like vanilla, and both your father and I like Strawberry ice cream." Lily explained.

"Well, I'm going to have to go with Alec with the chocolate fudge ice cream." Harry commented giving Alec a wink. Alec smiled big at that.

Lily smiled and left the room to go into the kitchen to get the ice cream. She came out with three tubs, with one smaller than the other two. The smaller one was vanilla that went immediately to Kimberly and Draco. Lily left the tube open so that if anybody wanted it they could get some as she did the rest of the ice cream.

After everyone was done eating their ice cream and cake, they had moved back into the living room to finally open presents.

Alec and Kimberly's present were first; once everyone had sat down after dinner, Alec rushed over and gave Harry their first present. The twins present was in a yellow bag, Harry took the bag gingerly from Alec and looked inside the bag, pulling out the tissue paper he found a medium sized box. Harry then pulled out the box opened it up and found a whole collection of Maverick comics. 'Batman', 'Superman', and 'The Hulk'."

"Thank you Alec, Kimberly." Harry said grinning stupidly.

"You're welcome Harry." Both twins answered, giving him another hug.

"Personally I think giving you 'The Hulk' was a bad idea, I read some of those and I'm afraid it might give you ideas. Some of us have seen you when you're angry." Draco commented cheekily.

"Shut up Drake, as if." Harry replied rolling his eyes.

"Our turn." Both Fred and George said enthusiastically as they jumped out of their seats and hurried over to Harry with his present.

Fred and George's gift was a tiny red bag. Harry took the gift cautiously and both twins sat back down where their spots had been across the room and grinned mysteriously.

Harry slowly pulled the strings apart to open the bag. One object laid in there and it was a pair of keys, the chain had the words 'Ford' written on it. With a quick laugh, Harry grabbed them and twirled them around his fingers and looked up to see the twins face beaming.

"It's a Red 1960-" Fred started.

"Ford Thunderbird." George finished.

"I can't believe you got me a car?" Harry asked shocked.

"Not just any car mate." Fred said smirking.

"We put some little tweaks in it, here and there." George commented grinning widely.

"Is it dangerous?" Severus asked the boys with narrowed eyes.

Both twins looked at each other before answering. "Is Sirius Black's motorcycle dangerous?"

Severus snatched Harry's keys away. "You're not driving it."

Both Harry and Draco gawked at Severus.

"What?" Draco asked in disbelief.

"Why not?" Harry asked him upset.

"Severus, let the boy have the keys. He's old enough and if you're worried about Harry's safety then you can test drive it yourself." Lily said coming to Harry's defense.

"Can I test drive with you Uncle Severus?" Draco asked eagerly.

Severus sighed and handed Harry back the keys. "We shall test drive it before you can ride it Harry."

Harry smiled. "Thanks Fred, George."

"You're welcome Harry." Both twins answered.

Luna then quietly picked up her gift and brought it over to Harry. "This is from Neville and me." Luna said and than walked back to her seat near Neville.

Luna and Neville's gift, was in a blue box. Harry unwrapped the blue papered box and found that the box contained a small polished wooden case. Harry unlocked the case and found a golden snitch laid inside with his initials engraved on the golden ball, 'H.P'.

"Thanks you guys." Harry told them beaming up at them.

"You're welcome Harry, but I must warn you not to touch-" Luna started but was too late for Harry had touched the snitch.

It had glowed bright in Harry's hand and then it took off zooming around the dinning room, flapping around its wings.

"Maybe we could have a game sometime." Neville replied sheepishly to Harry.

"Yeah, I think I'd like that." Harry commented taking his eyes off the golden snitch and at Neville's face, which look guilt ridden.

Draco was sitting next to Harry so Draco used his wand to summon his gift. Harry opened the card and found a few words written in it.

I didn't want the gift to be obvious so I left it in your room. She's a white owl.

Happy Birthday,

Your cousin Draco Malfoy and Friend Ginny Weasley

"Thank you Draco, Ginny." Harry said with a huge smile on his face.

"You're welcome. Ginny picked it out." Draco replied causally.

"You'll like her Harry, the owl is so pretty." Ginny commented.

"I'm sure I will." Harry said hoping that it was his familiar Hedwig. This gift was more than Harry could ask for.

Next it was Hermione to give Harry his gift. This gift was the most different from everyone's. Hermione walked over to Harry with a neatly wrapped object that was quite a tiny square size. Hermione handed it to him than walked back to her seat next to Ron. Harry slowly opened the object, only to discover the reason for the size of the object was that it was a red I-pod nano in the contents of the small box.

"Thank you Hermione. This is exactly what I needed." Harry called to the smiling girl.

"You're welcome Harry. I thought you would like it." Hermione called back.

Then it was Ron's turn. His gift, like Hermione's was small, but it had some weight to it. Ron awkwardly walked over to Harry and passed him his gift. He then sat in-between Hermione and Neville.

Harry began to open the present, and then noticing that he couldn't get into the gift, he looked up at Ron.

"You attack the present with tape didn't you Ron?" Harry asked.

"Maybe I went a little over board." Ron replied sheepishly.

"A little Weasley?" Draco asked as he waved his wand at Ron's gift as the wrapping paper split open.

Ron's present was a gold watch which reminded Harry very much of the clock in the Weasley family home.

"It's not an ordinary watch, it's supposed to tell you if you're in danger or if you missed a schedule date or well… you'll be able to figure it out." Ron finished embarrassed at his ramblings.

"Thank you so very much. I'm sure this will come in handy." Harry said giving Ron a small smile of gratitude.

"You're welcome Harry." Ron replied somewhat relieved.

"Your father James thought it best if he just sent your gift, but obviously you can tell what the gift is." Lily said with a roll of her eyes and she summoned the long box onto the table in front of Harry.

Harry grinned widely knowing what was in the box as soon as he opened it.

"A firebolt." Harry said taking the small card inside with the broom and reading its words.

Happy Birthday Harry!

I hope you enjoy this gift, from what I understand, you were already into Quidditch as soon as you started your first year! A seeker at that! That's my boy!

Love your father,


"It's wonderful." Harry said as everybody went to take a look at the broom.

'Now I feel bad for giving James the third degree.' Harry thought to himself as he felt somebody put their hand on his shoulder and give it a squeeze.

Severus smiled down at Harry as Harry returned the gesture.

"Harry, how about we have a match now?" Ron inquired as the rest of the guys agreed to this.

"Actually I would love that, I haven't been on a broom for awhile." Harry agreed as some of the girls groaned at this.

"Quidditch, quidditch, quidditch." Hermione muttered to herself.

Harry just smiled.

James entered the group with Sirius and Remus; the night carried on quickly and slowly people started to leave Severus house, starting with Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. The three of them bid Harry good night and then they left. Harry and Neville had spiraled into an intense conversation about what Professor Dumbledore had been discussing during the meeting and had managed to loose track of time.

"Harry! How's the birthday boy!" Harry gasped when Sirius picked him up from behind him and gave him a huge hug.

"I would like to be able to breathe." Harry croaked.

"Black! Unhand my son!" Lily said with a scowl on her face as she walked up to the three Marauders.

"Relax Lily, no harm done; he's still in one piece." Sirius replied ruffling up Harry's hair.

Harry just scowled and tried to smooth back his hair with no such luck.

"I think it's about time Luna and I leave." Neville replied to Harry who nodded.

"Yeah, thanks for coming Neville." Harry said as Neville gave him a pat on the back as he went to go gather Luna so that they could leave.

"So where's my present?" Harry asked both Sirius and Remus making them both laugh.

"You rotten little prat, aren't we good enough?" Remus asked teasingly.

Harry just shrugged smiling, "I suppose so."

"I suppose so," Remus repeated Harry's words, "come here and get your present from Sirius and me." Remus replied pulling out a red card from his brown jacket.

Harry grinned widely and took the card that withheld three small V.I.P cards inside. One golden card read 'Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour' and a silver card read 'Honeydukes Sweetshop' the last rainbow colored card read 'Weasley's Wizard Wheezes'

"You get a full year of free ice cream, sweets, and jokes on those cards. It was pretty expensive to." Remus replied as Harry leaned in for a hug.

"Thank you Remus, Sirius, I appreciate it a lot."

"You're welcome Harry; it was well worth the hug." Remus said returning Harry's hug just as happy as Harry was feeling.

"Isn't that sweet." Lily replied smiling at the pair.

"I do need to strengthen my wards it seems, you three just keep aparating into my home." Severus replied walking up behind his wife.

"Severus do try to be nice wont you?" Lily said to her husband as he did nothing but glare at both James and Sirius whom returned the favor.

"I suppose I could try." Severus said like it was killing him.

"Hey I'm going to head home." Draco replied pulling his black hooded jacket on.

"Really?" Harry asked moving away from his family and to Draco whom was by the dinning table with Alec and Kimberly.

"I think I should, the party is over, no more ice cream and cake."

Harry gave him a small laugh.

"Thanks for coming Draco."

Draco ruffled up Harry's hair. "Any time Harry. I'll see you tomorrow to hear all the gossip."

"Why must everybody mess with my hair?" Harry asked scowling.

"Your hair is an easy target." Draco replied back waving his goodbyes as he made his departure.

"Okay, Alec, Kimberly, bed time." Lily said happily ushering them up from their seats.


"Yes, let's go." Lily said holding onto their sticky hands from the ice cream and cake.

"Goodnight!" Harry called after his siblings.

"Night Harry!" The twins both said waving as they were both lead out the door.

"We are supposed to have a family meeting, am I correct?" Remus asked Severus.

"Yes, it's about Harry and that locket." Severus replied leading the way to the living room.

Harry sighed as James came up and put his arm around Harry's shoulder walking in line with his son. "Did you like my gift?"

"Were you trying to buy my love?" Harry asked back.

"Depends if it worked or not." James said sheepishly.

"I love the broom, had a match to out in the back yard." Harry commented as James smiled happily.

"Are you just as good as your old man?"

"Better." Severus replied summoning some tea once they had arrived into the living room.

Harry flushed in embarrassment. "I wouldn't-"

"That wronski fenit that you pulled off, James would have crashed. I don't approve of that sloth grip roll that you did, it nearly gave your mother a heart attack." Severus said sitting at one of the cushioned chairs.

Harry laughed.

"Wronski fenit? Really? You should try out for the quidditch league once you finish school." Sirius asked cheerfully.

"I've always wanted to be an Auror, that's what my parents were." Harry replied sitting across from Severus in one of the brown cushioned chairs. Remus, Sirius, and James sat on the brown leather sofa.

"Its all on you Harry, personally I'm pretty sure your old man would have been fine with either one." Remus replied happily taking the cup of tea that Severus had offered him.

"Yes well back to Harry, Sirius, we need to know more about Harry's locket. His two day disappearance was not acceptable." Severus said sipping his tea.

"Don't you have some wine or something?" Sirius asked wrinkling his nose in distaste at the tea.

"Sirius!" Both Remus and James said at the same time.

"Sorry, sorry! Okay, relax. It's kind of hard to explain. Harry must have wanted something really bad in order for the locket to work. It's … kind of like a part of Harry's soul so to say." Sirius tried to explain.

"It's a part of my soul?" Harry asked confused.

"It protected you from the curse that both James and I threw at you right? It knew you were in danger so it was protecting you."

"You threw a curse at-"

"We didn't know who Harry was! We thought he was a Death Eater." Sirius exclaimed ignoring Severus glare.

"Can I control where I go?" Harry asked trying to prevent an argument.

"Well you should be able to. Just speak it out loud. For instance say you want to go back to your world, you could do that,-"

"I could go back to my world if I wanted to?" Harry asked eagerly.

There was a short silence met at Harry words. Reluctantly Sirius nodded.

"You can go wherever you want to go Harry, that's the design of the locket."

"What happens if I never return to my world, will my friends-"

"Harry, by now in the world you came from, you don't even exist, you've been gone for way to long. Of course that isn't to say that once you returned that things wouldn't go back to the way it was, it would be like you had never left."

Harry looked up at Severus whom was giving him quite a few of emotions through his eyes. One of them was sadness, hurt, understanding, love. Harry took a deep breath tearing his gaze away from his step-father.

"It would be nice to pop in there once in awhile." Harry commented.

"And that will be fine as long as you inform us first." Lily said walking into the living room.

Harry smiled at his mother as she sat at on the arm of his brown cushioned chair.

"So you guys think you can put up with me here?" Harry asked jokingly.

"You know we love you, right?" Lily whispered to him running her hands in Harry's hair.

Harry looked around to see everybody agreeing to Lily's words.

"I love you guys to."

Author's Last Note: Yup, that's it! Finally right? Thanks to everybody who read and review this story, it was very much apreciated! A sequel? I don't know yet, maybe. I'll consider it if that's what everybody wants. this didn't end how I thought it would, sorry, I did try though, I hope you guys liked it anyway :)