Alright, so, you may be wondering, "Where is the Gary's Spitfire update?" and I'm here to tell you, "It isn't always easy to write something…" This is a Johnny Vincent story… Or rather, RP that Totally-T3ii3 and I started… We have plans to finish and we tend to work well together. There will be no in depth smut scenes, just mentions of it, so don't worry. If you like or even don't like Johnny Vincent from the Bully game, read this! It has fun stuff in it! There's a few fights, a splash of romance, lots of humor… A good mix of just about everything! The chapters may end up a little long, but who doesn't like a long chapter? Happy reading and go check out Totally-T3ii3's other stories that she does on her own and don't forget my stuff, either! Although… Her's is probably better!




Bullworth was going to be especially boring this year- Johnny decided. It was his final year and though he was secured a spot at his uncles garage once he turned 18 he didn't want to leave. He hadn't expected to want to stick around- he'd hated Bullworth. But he realized some time during the summer that he had to start growing up and rationalizing. He wasn't very good at that and Peanut liked to remind him of that fact often.

He'd just pass though the gates, flanked by the rest of his clique. They were heading to the Auto-Shop to get their schedules, he was a senior now so most of his classes were going to be in the Auto-Shop- but he knew he was gonna have to take advanced math with Hatterick. That put him in a terrible mood.

Before the group could pass by, an athletically fit girl exited the school with a piece of paper in her hand and a bag over her shoulder. Her dark red hair tied up messily, sun tanned face frowning down at her paper. Feeling as if she were about to run into some one, she looked up at Johnny and stared a moment, then laughed, "Johnny? Is that really you?"

Johnny heard his name and spun around, his eyes grew wide seeing her, "S- Sally?!" he gasped- unbelieving she was standing there. He thought he'd never see her again after their fling a summer ago when he spent it in Chicago.

She couldn't help but laugh and nod, "It's..." She inhaled with a smile and walked towards him, "It's good to see you, Johnny... How have you been?" Although, she was terribly glad to see him, she couldn't help but feel a ping of heart ache... Seeing an Old Flame was not on her 'To Do' list.

"Uhm- okay.." he replied glancing back at his clique- they looked confused. That made sense he'd never mentioned her to them. "What's with you? Why you in Bullworth?"

Sally chuckled, "I uh…" When she glanced down, she took another deep breath, "Mom and Dillan got divorced and now I'm living with Dillan…" Her head titled a little as she looked back at Johnny, "Dillan moved back in with his folks who live in town… The rich part… I've got a feeling they don't like me. Go figure, huh?" A forced laugh escaped her mouth as she glanced at the group following Johnny.

He rubbed the back of his head, "Bullworth Vale, huh? Yeah. Me and my boys're in New Coventry" he motioned vaguely behind him. "Sucks 'bout your mom.." he said at last.

Sally shrugged, "Thanks… It doesn't matter about her though… I think Dillan made her lose her mind!" She laughed again, but this was a little bitter than the others. "So… You've got 'boys'?" The hand holding the paper rested easily on her hip as she deftly swept away her life like a fly. "You gonna introduce me, or do I have to hurt you?"

He laughed a bit and turned, pointing at them, "Uhm, big guy's Norton, fat guy's Hal, that jerk in the black leather is Ricky, brown leather is Peanut- my best friend, that's Lucky, and Lefty. Guys' this is Sally Givanno. I- er, dated her back that summer in Chicago" he said. The others were polite enough- but after the whole ordeal with Lola they didn't trust any girls Johnny brought around.

Sally grinned, "Nice to meet you guys!" She grinned "Yup. Past tense. What a pity… Been with any one new since us, Johnny? I'd adore meeting 'er… Granted you like black eyes on your girlfriends!" her laughter was loud and she shook her head, "I'm kidding."

Johnny shook his head, "Nah- no one worth mentionin'.."

Norton laughed cruelly, "HA! Lola isn't worth mentionin'?!"

"She was everything LAST year!" Peanut hissed- he'd take then whole Lola obsession pretty bad.

Sally blinked and chuckled, "I like these friends of yours, Johnny. They are honest fella's..." She coughed a bit and tossed a light glare at Johnny, "Well... I'll keep an eye out for who ever this girl is... I've gotta go and see about Girl's Teams and all that jazz..." She proceeded towards the fields and her voice could be heard; "... Famous Mechanic! Please."

Johnny grinned- yeah now he remembered why he liked her even if her mood changed a lot. Maybe senior year wouldn't suck so much- he could try and get her back again. She always played hard to get and he loved it. They headed off to the Auto-Shop and he couldn't stop wondering when he'd see her again.

As Sally approached the field, she grimaced at the sight of only guys, then rolled her eyes, "I'll just have a chat with the coach, then…" making her way towards some one in shorts and a sports jacket, she couldn't help but feel a little anxious. Her anxiety was not from the upcoming argument or from the cat calls from the guys on the field. Nope… It was created by one guy.


She could remember that summer and it gave her goose-bumps. He was awfully romantic… For a guy like him, he was a lot of things Sally had come to adore… Then Sally inwardly rolled her eyes, telling herself to not fall for his teddy bear disposition. Never again, she had promised… It hurt to watch him leave and Sally was unwilling to let it happen again.

Johnny was distracted the rest of the day. Neil yelled at him to keep his mind on his work, use his head, focus but in the end he was driven by young-teenage-hormones and had one girl stuck in his head. She'd probably stay stuck there too- but he didn't mind.

Eventually the day ended- usually Johnny had book work the first few weeks and he hadn't gotten a single assignment done. Partially because of Sally, and another part because Norton started a war and they used cars as forts and threw paper balls back and forth.

Sally took a deep breath and walked through a group of fellow students who scoffed at her, as if they were too good for her. "Watch it, knave!" one snob called after her. Now, Sally usually can keep her cool with fools, but, due to certain thoughts on a certain leather jacket clad ex flame, Sally had no more mental capacity to hold down her temper.

With a swift turn and a drop of her bag, she walked up and placed her hands on her hips, "What was that?"

A tall, thin girl walked forwards and stood haughtily to one side, "Watch where you're going, Raggedy Anne."

"Raggedy Anne?" Sally laughed at the pathetic name calling ability of the snob girl, "Is that honestly the best you've got, Tramp?"

The girl gasped, "What did you just call me?" to which Sally smirked and replied slowly, as if the girl were slow in the head, "Tramp."

Johnny and the rest of his boys were heading out the Auto-Shop planning a big all-night drinking binge in the Tenements. However, to their annoyance, Johnny saw the argument starting and he headed on over to stand next to Sally.

"These snobs buggin' ya'?" he asked her- growing protective of her almost immediately.

Sally glanced at Johnny and could almost blush, "So far, only their little whore… Who, might I say has some lovely jewelry and by now, I'm wondering how much the local Pawn Shop will give me for her pieces…" the tone Sally was using was enough to make the snobby girl back up a step or two.

"That? Its all for show" Johnny smirked, giving Pinky a side-ways glare that would make in the most hard of people shiver, "Preps just like to act so rich. They ain't got nuthin' neither has her low-life man Derby." he purposely mispronounced his name to aggravate any other Preps.

Johnny's boys sighed knowingly and stood behind him, ready for any fight the preps could bring.

Derby stepped forwards and pulled Pinky behind him, "Now, we don't want any problems-"

"Like hell!" Sally growled and stepped right up to him, "Listen here, pretty boy… I don't take kindly to you freaks calling me names, so I suggest you keep your mouths shut, or I'll cut out your tongues!" she stepped back and lightly patted Derby's cheek, "How's that sound?"

Johnny grinned, and whistled low in admiration as he'd done when he was hitting on her the first time in Chicago. "Pretty gutsy from a little chick!" he had a smirk on his face and was just waiting for one of the Preps to move wrong. He was itching for a fight.

Derby ground his teeth and pointed angrily at Sally, "I don't know who you are or who you even think you are… But you cannot boss me around-"

Sally interrupted him again, "Is that a 'no' to what I have just offered? A 'no' to being safe and sound? What a pity…" She smirked.

Derby growled audibly, "You will do well to not interrupt me ag-" this time, his words were silenced with a hard right to his face from Sally.

The hit made him stumble and Sally wasted no time, punching him in the gut, then a hook to his chin as he doubled over, causing him to fall backwards.

The grin on Sally's face was that of pure spite and total pride. She enjoyed that very much.

Johnny rubbed his chin- he remembered her strike like it was just yesterday she'd given him one square in the jaw. He knew very well she didn't need help- but it was his duty as a man to help her even if she didn't need it.

"Aww, Derby, you got floored by a girl" he mocked and the other Greasers cackled at that.

The Preps behind Derby stood in shock, 3 quick hits and Derby was down! This girl was no one to mess with… That was for damned sure.

Sally tilted her head, emitting a few loud pops, "How much more you want, Pretty Boy? I can kick your ass all night if you so desire?"

Derby was partially on his side and he glared up at her, then placed a hand delicately to his now busted lip. Pulling his fingers back and his eyes away from the red head, he grimaced at the blood, "I promise, you won't get that lucky again, girl…"

Sally smirked, "Your threats quake my innards…" she taunted, "Be glad I haven't kicked you yet!"

The Greasers were now loudly cheering for her- and calling the preps any name they could think off- shouting taunts to ignite a fight between the two cliques.

Johnny was silent, watching Derby- it was possible he'd stoop low enough to hit a girl. Especially after that- and if he even tried Johnny would have to take him on.

Derby sighed loudly and stood up, "If you want to play rough, I'm sure we can accommodate you, Raggedy Anne." Fast as he could, Derby swung a low hit to Sally's gut, pushing her back and nearly winding her.

Johnny snapped and tackled him to the ground, hunched low, shoulder's rounded as they rammed into the boy's middle and toppled them both backwards and down the steps leading to the Harrington House.

"Don't you fuckin hit my girl!" he snarled kneeing Derby between the legs when they landed roughly onto the pavement.

Sally looked over to what had blurred past and swept Derby out of her sight. Johnny's girl made her gut flutter violently, but she pushed it aside and smirked, then turned to stare at the other Preps. "Who wants to be next?"

The Preps lunged and all chaos ensued between the two cliques with Sally having the time of her life right in the middle.

Norton and Peanut, having decided she was okay, fought along side her. Norton was enjoying battering them with the flat of his fists and Peanut was more into kicking. All the while Johnny battered away at Derby until he was unconscious- he stood and joined the big brawl.

"What's going on here?!" A voice yelled "Evil-Doers!!"

Johnny recognized Kolbe's voice- it was hard not to- he grabbed her hand, "C'mon let's scram!" he said urgently.

"But… I'm not done!" Sally growled, giving one final kick to whom-ever she had beaten to the ground, then she grinned, "Alright! I'm done, now!"

"Great" Johnny smirked at her and held her hand tight pushing through the fray as Bif was tackled to the ground. "RUN!" Johnny managed to yell to his boys who got the hint and they all took off through the Auto-Shop and out the back of the school.

Sally couldn't help but remember all the trouble she and Johnny had gotten into back home, and laughed while keeping up with Johnny, "Just like old times!"

"Yeah- only these Prefects are worse than Chicago cops!" he grinned back at her, "You sure got better- the uppercut to the jaw is definitely your most painful move!" he grinned- remembering how the bruise had formed there after she hit him once.

Sally laughed again, "No prefect is better than a Chicago Cop! But, I'll take your word for it!" she felt so giddy. Johnny's hand pulling her along felt good, she had to admit. Pushing her gooey feelings aside, she glanced to where ever they were going, "Where the hell are we going and how long are we going to have to run from these creeps!"

"Pretty far" he grinned "Because- they'll chase us to the bridge and if a cop see's he'll follow us to. Unless you wanna go back by all means.." he loosened hi grip on her hand- slowing down momentarily if she wanted to go.

Sally groaned, "Alright… Keep going! If these creeps are as bad as you say, I think I'll wait for my next confrontation…" she tightened her grip on Johnny's hand, "Come on!"

So, they ran, and he was pretty much giddy she'd decided to stick around. They made it to the Tenements and burst through the door. Staggering inside. Johnny let out a breath- he was only a little winded. Hal collapsed in exhaustion and the others laughed.

Sally leaned down on her knees and chuckled, "I haven't felt this good since you left me, Johnny… God, I missed this!" she admitted before she could stop herself.

Johnny blinked, surprised and knelt down next to her, "A tough chick like you missed a lousy guy like me?" he grinned acting flattered, "I dunno what to say!"

She chuckled and placed a hand gingerly on his cheek, "I changed when I met you, Johnny… You pulled out the best of me and showed me the greatest times… And…" She faltered, trying to push back the blush, then stood up abruptly, "… Then you left me. I've been looking for some one like you, but, you are quite original… But, the past is the past and I say we leave it there…" she left him on the ground and went over to a dusty partially boarded up window and watched out of it after wiping away the dust.

Johnny looked over at his boys, "Scram." he said and they obediently did because Johnny had that look in his eye. He went over to her when they were gone.

"I like the past more than I like the present, Sally" he said to her, leaning against the wall to the left of the window, "I miss the past." he said.

Sally felt her stomach tie into several knots, "I miss it too, Johnny. But, you broke my heart. What do you want me to do after that?" she shook her head and looked away, "I was naïve to believe that you would have loved me forever, like you said you would."

"I do love you" he said cocking his head to the side, "I always loved you.. even when I was with Lola." he said, okay, that was a bit of a lie. He'd gone crazy over Lola, but he'd gone crazy over Sally too only in secret because if anyone found out they'd be mad. He and Lola hadn't been totally broken up that summer in Chicago.

Sally shook her head rapidly, "Who the hell is Lola?! Do you still love her, too? Does she trump me?" Shutting her eyes and sucking in her lips, Sally crossed her arms… "Johnny… I am just a little lost right now… I don't-" she titled her head, "I don't want to get hurt again. And if you had gotten over me to go with this Lola person, what's to say you wouldn't leave me again?"

Her eyes were glassy, enhancing the dark blue of them as she looked up at Johnny.

Johnny rubbed the back of his head, "Well- I been goin' off and on with Lola since.. since we were Freshman but this past year she really messed up and I dropped her now for good. No, Lola don't mean no more to me, not now. I liked ya' a lot. Still do. I can't say ya' won't get hurt again but I'll try to not mess up this time" he said- hoping it would give him a second chance with her.

Sally nodded slowly, then glanced out the window again, "Were you with her when we hooked up?" her voice almost hollow sounding.

"Uhm.. not.. not really" he said- they were on the verge of breaking up- but never got around to that part since nether of them bothered answering the phone that summer. "But we weren't officially apart or nuthin'.." he hoped she wouldn't punch him again.

Sally smiled sadly, "Would you go behind my back like you did with her?"

"Nope" he said honestly, "But hey! She deserved it! She two-timed me at least five times!" he said, "I only deal what I been dished out!" he exclaimed.

Sally laughed lightly and glanced at her gym shoes, "That's surprising… You said you'd never hurt a girl…" she grinned up at him, her nose red from the on coming cry, eyes still very watery, "Liar." she joked, wiping away the tears that escaped.

"H- hey" he stammered, no good at when girls cried, "C'mon, hun, don't start up the water-works on me. I didn' mean nuthin' when I hurt ya. I- it was an accident, honest!"

She sniffled, "I'm sorry, Johnny…" She wiped away what was turning into a slow waterfall, "I just can't seem to stop…" blushing at how weak she felt, Sally looked any where but Johnny, "I think I should go… I, uh, left my bag at the scene…"

Johnny pulled her in close and hugged her. "Just go the main office t'morrow and get it. Say you ran when they started fightin'. No one knows you yet so its okay" he said- he didn't want her to go either. He did like her- he was just stupid and couldn't convey that.

Sally inhaled sharply at the embrace, as if expecting it to burn, but then shut her eyes and clutched his shirt in tight fists, "…Alright…"

Turning her head, Sally pressed her forehead against the center of his chest and inhaled, taking in the scent she never could get enough of… "I missed you…"

"I missed you too" he smiled, he missed her a lot- more than he thought he had but now, holding her like this he must've been stupid to come back to Bullworth.

He was thinking about what it would have been like to stay with his aunt and uncle in Chicago- with Sally- but then the door was flung open…

"Johnny I- OH MY GOD! Are you cheating on me Johnny?!" Lola screeched pointing at Sally accusingly.

Vaguely he wondered why Lola didn't get it through her head they weren't together but was too wrapped up- literally- with Sally to bother asking her.

Sally frowned and looked from the tramp that just decided to storm in calling to her Johnny, then looked at Johnny…

Blinking, Sally shook out the 'my' part she had just added to Johnny's name and stepped away from Johnny, "Who the hell are you?"

"I am Lola. His girlfriend. Queen of the Greasers!" she gushed.

Johnny sighed, "Lola- I been through with you for two weeks!" he sighed pushing his fingers through his hair.

"But you don't mean it! You always come back!" Lola shrieked at him.

He sighed- he wanted to hit her but had more class than that and controlled himself.

Fortunately for Johnny, Sally rushed up and socked the annoying short haired self proclaim 'Greaser Queen' in the mouth, "Pucker up, wench!"

Johnny grinned, that was another of his favorite things about Sally- she was just so reckless. Lola would only claw and scream but Sally would pummel anyone. He liked that a lot.

Lola gasped and fell back- Eyes huge and wide, "Oh! You bitch!" she lunged at Sally- wanting to claw her eyes out.

Sally smirked, "I've been wanting to kick your ass since I heard your name, Lola… It would be my pleasure to give you matching black eyes, since I did it to a few of the Preppy Boys!" she slugged the screeching girl again, then leaped on her, pushing her back to the ground and smacked her around a bit, enjoying her advantage over the skinny girl.

Johnny's eyes widened, he'd seen cat-fights but this was ridiculous. "Sally, c'mon, just let 'er go" he said, "She can't fight none!"

Lola tried to fight her but was pretty much useless. "Johnny- I hate- you!" she gasped when she could.

Sally groaned, "I was hoping to really get her, Johnny… Why you gotta ruin my fun?" she then stood up swiftly and crossed her arms.

"Listen, skank… You ain't welcome here any more… Don't even look in Johnny's direction or I'll take your eye as a souvenir! Got it?" Sally barked at Lola.

Lola stared in horror and looked at Johnny. "Are you going to let HER talk to ME like that?!" she gasped.

Johnny rubbed the back of his head, "Uhm, yeah.." he shrugged, "Seems to be the only way you'll listen, Lola."

The girl, though a skank, was close to tears as she stared at him.

Sally rolled her eyes, "Save your water works card for some other chump! This one is mine!" she growled, kicking at Lola's feet to get her to move it.

Lola stood and before she left gave a look at Johnny, "Well, now I know when you come to school who kicked your ass. Don't think about coming back to me! I hate you!"

He shrugged "I wasn't in the first place, but okay."

Sally waved at Lola like a child, "Go on! Git! Shoo!"

Lola was gone in a second and Johnny came up, he was grinning, "Two chicks just fought over me!" he said, "Never thought that would happen!"

Sally smirked and glanced up at him, "She fought over you, I fought for you… Plus she has the most annoying voice I've ever heard! How the hell did you stand that?"

Johnny shrugged- not wanting to mention that Lola was really good in bed. Girls like Sally just didn't want to hear that sort of thing. "I didn't notice" he finally decided this answer was suitable.

"Huh… How convenient for you…" She squinted at him, giving off a look that she could see what he was holding back. "Any ways…" with quick glances around, "Should I stay here till morning? Am I welcome?"

"Course you're welcome!" he grinned, "We can find a place for ya'. Or, we could share my bed" he raised his eyebrows suggestively, slipping an arm around her waist.

Sally couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Well…" she started, clearly teasing him, "I don't know.. It has been a whole year where I had no man to warm me up!"

He smirked, "You're in luck. I happen to have a room upstairs to myself and no one will even think of bothering me if I've got company over!"

Sally quirked a brow seductively, "Oh? What if I moan-" she moaned the word out, "-too loud?" she turned in his arms and reached a hand up behind his head, then swayed against him to her own rhythm.

He bit his lip and moved with her, his hands firm on her hips, "They won't care none" he said, his lips just slightly brushing hers as he spoke.

She groaned in a low tone, "Good… I'd have to kill them!" she pulled his mouth to hers by use of the back of his head, clutching tightly to his hair.