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Gasping, Sally smacked Ricky to the ground, "Don't you dare speak to Juri like that! You have no right to call him names!" Eva took a step away from Ricky and Sally… Who, if he was correct, was about to lose her cool all over Ricky's face.

Ricky stood and glared at her, "Chicks like you are what make men like him!" and he pointed at Juri, "Big and stupid, doin' anything they say! That's what it is!!" he yelled "And NOT what Johnny is or ought to be!!"

"What ever she did to you does not merit you being an ass hole!" She shouted back, "If you do not stop this non-sense, I swear to God, you will be unrecognizable in the morning." she pointed into his face, getting up close.

Ricky smirked, "That's fine. I said my piece." he said, eyes set in a glare. "When Johnny starts asking you to drink a beer I'm going to take out a picture of him when you met. When you tame Johnny Vincent--"

"You sound like you love him." Juri interjected.

Sally ignored Juri's statement and just punched Ricky, "You stupid shit! You'd rather watch him drink his life away?! You'd rather him get mixed up with Smith again?" she punched him again, "You'd rather him die than be healthy and happy?! Does it even occur to you that he needs me as much as I need him? He nearly died, wasted away after breaking it off with me! Is that what you fuckin' want!?" she kicked his legs out from under him, "You'd prefer Johnny dead? What the fuck kind of friend are you, Ricky? Sounds to me like you're in league with Gary? Tryin' t'destroy everything that is remotely happy… How sad a person you've become, Ricky…" she then kicked him in the gut and stepped back, being pulled away by Eva.

"Chill. He isn't worth killing, Sal." Eva said quietly, trying to calm her down.

She shrugged out of Eva's grasp and pointed, eyes tearing up, "Who the fuck are you to judge mine and Johnny's relationship!?"

Ricky coughed and groaned- getting himself back to his feet, he looked at her and rubbed a bruise forming on his cheek. "You just don't get it. Chicks never get it."

"What's to get?" she growled, earning Eva to pull her back a step.

Ricky shook his head, "I... can't fuckin explain!"

Eva glared, "You better fuckin' try, ass hole. Or she will find ways to make you pay… Or did you not pay attention to what she did to the Preps?"

He sighed, "Okay.. look-- to guys like us Greasers.. 'cept Vance.. chicks are kinda a rare thing cuz any girl like us is a skank, like Lola, and if they come form outside the group they take over their heads. Johnny's.. Johnny'd fuckin' leap in front of a car for you- for any chick he was dating. You ain't gettin special treatment- he as the same way with Lola. Thats how it is. And I am sick as fuck of seeing my pals get dragged down by bitches who try to change them!!"

Sally felt offended, "You think I'd drag Johnny down?" she paused, "I'm risking… EVERYTHING TO PROTECT HIM!"

"THATS THE POINT!!!" he yelled, "He's not ueless! He can protect himsleff!!"

"Oh? Like he did last time?" she growled. "You want to go tell Johnny? Fine. You go tell Johnny… And afterwards… You better watch your back… I can do much worse than tabloids and photos." she growled.

"And just so you know… Johnny will be devastated once you tell him… He'll never be the same, you know… And so soon, after he and I just got back together… You really want to reopen that wound, Ricky? Seems to me that you're the one doin' the draggin' down on Johnny. It's friends like you that makes people like Johnny jump off bridges." she said calmly.

He glared at her, "You really think he'll give a fuck you're talkin' to Gary? I don't think if he's smart enough to get upset over that!"

"You think that's what I'm worried about?" she smirked then frowned, "Get the fuck off my field. I'm sick of seeing your pussy ass."

"THEN WHAT ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT?!" he yelled at her.

"What the fuck do you care? It's obvious you'd prefer me gone rather than around… So fine. Go do your dirty deed. Tell Johnny. See if he believes you. Shit, I mean… I place my life in your's and the boys' hands and you're gonna be a prick and trash it. Thanks… No really…" she scoffed, "Thanks. Now go away."

He glared, "Why the fuck does it matter?! How's he gonna be hurt?! Why ya' doin' it if it'll hurt him?!"

"I'm keeping Gary as far away from Johnny as possible. I told you this… I told all the guys this. That's your problem… You never listen to women… I think that's why she really left you, Ricky…" she growled out.

"Ease up, Sal." Eva whispered, trying to keep Ricky and Sally from all out just killing each other… Although, he was sure she'd kill him first.

He tensed, "You have no idea what I did for her!" he yelled, "You weren't here! I was.. I was as obsessed with her as Johnny is with you but its stupid! Letting women in is stupid! You're right, I don't listen now because women don't give a fuck!!" he glared hard at her.

"If I had a gun, I'd put you out of your misery, Ricky. I don't hate you, to be honest… I pitty you for your blindness…" she said, which would probably the lowest blow of them all to Ricky… Her words could be seen as her being the bigger 'man' than Ricky.

He glared, "I won't tell Johnny so I can rub it in your face when it ends!" he hissed, walking away from her.

Sally watched him as he left, face straight, "He's a danger to me, Eva… I need you here, Cuz… Because if things go bad… I can't stay here."

Eva looked at her sadly, "You shoulda knocked his memory loose."

She snorted, "Shoulda coulda woulda… Didn't happen." she sighed, "I want you to be prepared for when Johnny and I end…"

"You got a feeling?" he asked curiously, wondering why the fuck she'd just let it go like that.

"Yeah. He'll freak out when he does find out… I do love it here and I've made fantastic friends and such, but… I wouldn't be able to handle the same fuckin heart break a third fuckin' time. It'd kill me." she sighed out, suddenly extremely depressed.

Juri looked at her, "Why would he freak out?" he asked.

"It was like, one of the first rules Johnny put on me; Don't get mixed up with Gary Smith… Well! I'm mixed up with him… And although I'm doing it to protect Johnny from Smith, I'm quite positive Johnny won't see it that way." she explained.

Juri nodded, "Make him see it that way."

Sally sighed sadly, "It won't be that easy… Johnny, he… He freaks out before thinking… He'll need a while to calm down, if he calms down at all."

"Hit him!" Juri grinned, then looked over, "Oh- Damon is calling. I see you later, Sally- hope it all is good!" and he tossed her the football as he ran to catch up with the other jocks.

Sally watched him run off and let out a long sigh, "I need something to drink…"

Eva nodded, "I'll hook you up. And, don't worry… I got your back. Always have and always will."

Sally nodded sadly again, "Same to you, Eva. Thank you. For everything."

"Hey! No problem! Cheer up! The apocalypse that is your future has not happened yet!" He shouted happily, leading her away, trying to cheer her up.

Sally snorted, "Yeah… But it will… And I'll die on the inside… A-fucking-gain!" she sighed, nose turning red slightly with the need to just cry.

She felt a hand on her arm, "What did Ricky say? Ought I kick his ass again?" it was Johnny and he was looking at her very concerned- not as bad looked as earlier, just some bruises and a black eye. But he was damn serious and the other Greasers were behind him where they belonged.

She shook her head, then just hugged him tight, "Don't worry 'bout it, baby…" she whispered before burying her head in his neck, "I love you, you know that, right?"

Johnny hugged her tightly and nodded, "Mhm. Just like I love you... Eva what happened?" he asked, looking at the boy.

"Ricky was bein' sore is all… He's just jealous that you and Sally are happy together while he's got no girl and is miserable." Eva snorted angrily. "Boy's got it out for Sally… He seriously don't like her or something." Sure, it wasn't completely true… But Eva couldn't watch Sally get depressed… He even wondered how things would be after everything blew up on Sally.

Johnny nodded and kised her, "Ignore him. His girl was.. weird as fuck! He ain't got no idea how a real relationship is and he thinks he's the worlds victim. Sally, I love you and nuthin that guy can do'll ever change that. Ever."

But something I've done sure as hell can, she thought while nodding, "I know… But he hates me!" she said quietly, staring up at him, eyes large and watery, enhancing the blue of her eyes once again.

He kissed her again, "I'll kick his ass- will that help?"

She snorted lightly, "I forgive him… It just hurts that he doesn't like or trust me…"

"And no worries… She got angry at him, first, before she forgave him… Gave him a bit of an ass kicking." Eva gushed proudly, grinning his pearly whites, which looked odd against his darker skin in the dimming daylight.

Johnny nodded and hooked his arm around her waist, "Well good. My chick ought to fight- and no- not like you're meat, Sally, just like I'm your boy." he said. Proud he could quote something she'd said when eva first showed up.

Sally beamed up at him, "God, I love you, so much, Johnny. I don't know what I'd do without you." she kissed him hard and fast, then pulled back to smile brightly up at him.

Johnny blinked and grinned, "Alright! I said something right!" he pumped his fist in the air. "I got a question" he said.

She giggled lightly, "Shoot."

"Why was Ricky goin' on 'bout Smith?" he asked blinking in confusion.

Sally blanked as she stared up at him and paused.

Eva jumped in quickly, "He's tryin' to hurt your relationship with Sally. Tryin' t'say shit that just ain't true. Right Sal?"

Sally glanced gratefully at Eva, then nodded at Johnny, "Ricky likes to run him mouth when he's angry or hurt, I've noticed… He fights me constantly, and not in the fight like punching and kicking… I told you, he does not like me. He thinks I'll walk all over you like Lola. Or that you'd jump in front of a car for me, as if I'd tell you to. I swear… He's lost his mind." she said quietly.

Johnny smiled, "Well he's kinda right- I'd do anything you told me to- but... that ain't bad- aw, he's just a nut! Let's go beat up some preps!" he grinned. He felt like a fight and she wouldn't let him go beat on Ricky.

Sally laughed, "I don't think the Preps could handle getting their asses handed to them a third time… Especially after the publicity they got."

"No shit." Eva laughed, too.

Johnny frowned, "Nerds then! Bullies! I don't care who or what!"

Sally shook her head, "Let's not mix up with the Bullies tonight, Johnny…"

Eva nodded, "You never know, Boyfriend! You may need all the muscle in the school one day."

"What? I am all the muscle!" Johnny bragged, leading his clique out.

Sally shook her head as she laughed and let him lead the way. "You're about to start another argument, Johnny. You know that, right?"

Johnny smirked, "With who? Eva's not in our school." he said.

"With the guys. I mean, it's what you guys do, all the time!" she joked.

"Them?" he motioned to the Greasers behind him, "Aw, hell no. I beat them easy!"

Sally rolled her eyes, "Uh-huh… Don't pick on Hal though… I still have much to teach him! Got high hopes for him, you know?"

Johnny nodded, "Right- protégée or whatever" he nodded, "Sure sure."

"Protégée? You teachen' Hal to fight?" Eva asked.

Sally laughed loudly, "God, no! Teachin' him to be home maker… And to cook good food."

Eva blinked in disgust, "Eh… Alright." Then brightened, "I could always do with a man-wife!"

"Jesus, Eva!" Sally laughed again.

The conversations went on strangely like that until they sat around on the couches.

Hal was arguing he was not a man-wife but would someday be a great chef and would be on tv not cooking babies.

Johnny was busy cuddling with Sally as she spoke and didn't pay too much attention even when they were laughing at Hal's ramblings about fame.

"Aside form that!" Vance gushed, "Sally- Peanut and I gotta ask ya' something!"

Sally blinked a bit, "Does this have anything to do with Ricky or Smith?" she asked cautiously.

They shook their heads quickly, "Its got to do with him!" they pointed at Johnny.

Sally frowned, "Uh-Alright…" she patted Johnny's leg, "Vance and Peanut need me for a second to chat… I'll be right back, promise."

Johnny sighed and let her get up, "Hurry." he whined.

Peanut and Vance lead her into the kitchen, "We've been thinking" Vance began.

"And we don't like Johnny coming at us like he does." Peanut continued.

Sally blinked again in confusion, "Then… Shouldn't you be talking to Johnny, not me?"

Eva glanced at the kitchen, then sat next to Johnny, "Hey. I been thinking, Johnny…"

Johnny looked at him, "Bout what?" he asked then added quickly: "I ain't in'trested in a threesome!"

"No! We want the protection you give Hal!" Vance nearly shouted.

Sally opened her mouth, "Oh… I thought you guys could handle it?" she then frowned at herself, "Before last night."

Eva gasped at Johnny, "Boyfriend, that's just wrong! Sal is like my sister, or really close cousin! I would never think of her like that!"

"We've been thinking about this for a long time." Peanut admitted.

Johnny shrugged, "I was half-kidding. But, ok, so what is it?"

Eva shook his head lightly, "Sally loves you to death, Johnny. And I know you love her just as much…" He paused, "You know… I'm an ordained minister…"

Sally nodded at Peanut, "You realize I can only protect you when I'm here and he's about to hurt you without good reason, right?"

"You're a what?" he blinked, clueless.

"Yeah. Which is most of the time." Vance said.

"I can marry you and Sally together, legally." Eva stated, "Granted you never try to break it off with her again… I couldn't bare to see her upset… I may have to kill you if you hurt her again, Johnny." he half joked.

Sally sighed, "Uh… Alright… But, don't you dare go and pick a fight with him then run to me for protection… It doesn't work like that, you got it?"

Johnny shrugged, "I- I wanna wait.." he mumbled.

"Do we ever pick fights with him?" they asked in unison.

She placed her hands on her hips with a raised brow, "Those are the rules, is all. Alright?"

Eva blinked, "Wait? Why? You love Sally right? So, why wait? What if something happens and it's too late?"

"Alright" they nodded obediently.

Johnny sighed a little loudly, "I... I don't wanna ruin it again- I jumped the gun. We WILL get married but I forgot no one gets along all the time... so... maybe... I just wanna make sure before I do something stupid and hurt her."

Eva nodded, "I see your point. And I also know how big your sexual appetite is, Johnny… What if she does get pregnant? Will you marry her because she's pregnant, which is a wrong reason for you two, because you both love one another?"

Sally sighed again, then glanced over at the couch, "What the hell is Eva talking to Johnny about?"

Johnny sighed, "IF she gets pregnant- which she won't! I neevr forget the condom- but IF she does.. we'll have to get married- but I love her anyway- it would just be a little sooner than I'd like.."

Vance shrugged, "How should I know?"

Sally nodded, "Right… I'm gonna grab a beer… I need one after tonight… Fuckin' Ricky…" she muttered, moving to the fridge and grabbing two for her and Johnny.

Eva sighed, "Alright, fine. But…" he faltered and grimaced, "I got a bad feeling about what's been going on in this place… Shit could go all wrong really fast, Johnny… If you're too slow… You'll regret it for the rest of your life."

Johnny looked at him, "What's that mean?" he asked Eva seriously.

They stared- she never drank!!

Sally popped hers open and put it to her lips, sipping it with a grimace, "That's fuckin' God Awful! What is it with men and nasty tasting drinks?" she referred also to Eva's morning Coffee, then noticed Vance and Peanut staring, "What?"

Eva inhaled, "Listen… My gut usually don't fail me, Johnny. And I just want you to know, my gut is screaming to remove Sally from this place before she get's hurt real bad…"

"...why you drinkin'...?" they asked.

Johnny was quiet a moment, "Why's she got to go? What do you mean? Like- away from me? Or Bullworth? Is it Ricky?"

Sally sighed, "I feel like it. Ricky, he… He could have destroyed everything for me… It really shook me up. He's something that will blow up in my face, I know it. And… I got this feelin' that Johnny will find out, real soon 'bout my involvement with Gary and why I've been so hard on the Preps… And then he'll break it off with me again and that'll be it! I told-" she inhaled slowly, sipping at the nasty cheap beer again, "I told Eva that I got this feeling that Johnny might not forgive me for what I've done, and then… Well, then I don't think I could stay around here… I'd have to move. I told Eva to get a car, just in case… So I'd be with some one who would be able to keep me from being stupid or too depressed…" she admitted.

"Because it would hurt her to not be with you, then look around and see things that would remind her of you. And that would just kill her. She might even become suicidal… I mean, you two just got back together, right? Could you imagine if you suddenly broke it off with her again, no promises or chances of getting back together again, and she was stuck seeing things that screamed to her about your guys' relationship?" Eva explained carefully.

"We won't let him!" Vance told her, "Never!"

Peanut nodded, "Yeah! No way! You belong here- and he... he wouldn't do that to you!"

"What I do?" Johnny asked, "Is- did I..." he pushed his fingers through his hair, "I'll never call it off again! She's gonna have to chase me away if she ever wants to break up! Why would you think that?! What I do to set this off?"

Eva shook his head, "Like I said, it's just a feeling and I worry for her. She's practically the only family I got, Johnny."

Sally sighed, "Stay away from Gary Smith was Johnny's only rule for me. And I've broken it real bad…"

"Eva, believe me, I'd do anything to keep her!" he said, "She- she's my life, Eva! My life!"

Peanut touched her arm, "Johnny never followed rules real good- I don't think.. he'll mind.."

Sally smiled sadly, "Your words are sweet and all… But they don't make this feeling go away, Peanut. Now. I'm gonna get back to Johnny before Eva molests him…" and she walked out of the kitchen, two beers in hand.

Eva nodded, "That's good to know, Johnny."

Sally lightly bonked Eva in the head, "Not tryin' t'steal my man, are you, Cuz?" she joked, squeezing between the two men.

Eva snorted, "Course not… I'll just leave you two love birds alone." Eva stood, then pointed to Johnny, "Remember what I said." and walked away to bother Hal and maybe Vance.

Johnny looked at her- he was pale. Eva had rocked him to the core- break up with Sally?! Never! He felt nervous as his arm slid around her waist and he tired to shake it off.

Sally shook her head, "Eva is such a weirdo… Oh! Here, Johnny. Got you one of these shit in a bottle beers." she said, handing him the unopened one.

He smiled and took it. "Thanks" he said relaxing and kissing her.

"You're welcome." she smiled, taking a sip of hers before snuggling into his arms for the comfort she desperately needed. She was so unfocussed that should couldn't pick up on Johnny's absolute shock and awe at Eva's words.

Johnny held her tight- he didn't even care for the beer aside form a few sips when she handed it to him. He was thinking- his head rested on top of hers, just wishing he could focus on what was happening. How he could stop this from going downhill.

Although neither knew it, both had the same thoughts; How to stop an inevitable end, a mess, a run of bad luck… And both couldn't deny the feeling of impending doom.

"I love you, Johnny." Sally said, intertwining her fingers with his where his hand rested around her.

He gripped her fingers almost desperately, "I love you too- so much." he said kissing the top of her head and tightening his grip a bit.

She smiled faintly, "You sound as if we're parting ways?" she muttered absentmindedly.

"...uhm... God, well, I hope not!" he forced a smile and kissed her again, this time cocking his head to the side and kissing her neck.

Sally chuckled lightly, then sighed lightly, "I don't know what I'd do if you were pulled from my life, Johnny… I-I'd just die…"

"Damn, me too!" he said slowly, "I'd die.." he said.

She turned to rest her head and shoulders in his lap, "Promise me we'll always be together?"

"Always…" he said softly kissing her lips, "I swear- promise."

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