A/N: Why I am deciding to taint the awesomeness that is Edge with the lameness of Maria, I don't know. I think someone requested something like this. Anyways, if all else fails, I shall remind myself that Maria has a kick ass theme song, and only that shall make me tolerate writing this.

Love and fear are funny things. They are usually never connected in the same thought, unless the thought is that of being opposite. But if they are such polar opposites, then how come they both have the same physical effect on people?

Love makes your heart beat fast. Love makes you shake. Love makes your palms sweat.

Fear makes your heart beat fast. Fear makes you shake. Fear makes your palms sweat.

Weddings are supposed to be filled with love, not fear. But if that is the case, then how come so many people get cold feet? Fear? Love?

They are one in the same. Two sides of the same coin. Batman and Joker.

But then, there's the emotion. Love makes you feel good. Fear, not so much. But both make you want to throw up all of your insides.

And if that is all true, then can someone really be afraid of falling in love?

Adam Copeland was about to find out.