Busy Mum

Mum woke up early on Wednesday morning. She knew she was in for a big day.

Today mum had to do a lot. First she had to go grocery shopping, then she had to go to Parkside primary school to help Lucy's class with the reading. Then she had to get her hair appointment (which was the only time during the day she'd get to sit down.) After picking up Will and Lucy from school mum had to take Lucy home to get changed for ballet. While she did that mum had to take Will to his football practice. Then she'd come home and take Lucy to Ballet, and stay to watch. Half-way through the lesson mum had to go pick up Will and take him straight to his clarinet lesson, then get back in time to pick up Lucy. When all that was done she had to cook tea for the family, which was another problem because no one seemed to like the same thing.

Mum was ready to face the day. She had laid out Lucy and Will's clothes for the day, even Lucy's leotard and tights. She had set out the cereal boxes and her shopping list on the bench. She got dressed and ready straight away and went to wake up the kids, which was quite a task.

Mum went in and opened the curtains, and shook the 2 sleepy heads.

"Wake up, guys! We have a busy day ahead of us!"

Will moaned and held on tight to his duvet. Lucy didn't even wake up.

"Come on, Poodle!" mum said, pulling away the duvet. Lucy woke up too late to pull the duvet back over her, so she got up and started to get dressed. Will refused to budge.

"Will, I won't say it again." Mum warned. Will and Lucy didn't like it when mum yelled in the morning. Will yawned and climbed down the ladder, nearly falling and flopping onto the carpet.

"I'm so tired!" Will moaned in a mumble.

"You'll be awake after breakfast." Mum said.

But they weren't awake after breakfast. Will nearly dropped his head in the cereal bowl. But mum was still getting ready for her busy day. She did Lucy's hair, made the sandwiches and waited for

the kids to get ready.

"Hurry up! We'll be late!" Mum called upstairs. Will was in the bathroom and Lucy had decided to watch T.V. instead of brushing her teeth.

"Lucy, are you ready?" Mum asked.

Lucy wasn't listening.


"Huh?" Lucy said. "In a minute." She didn't know what she had to do in a minute.

"Will!" Mum called.

"Coming!" Will shouted. 5 minutes later he hadn't come down.

"Will, Lucy need to brush her teeth! Hurry up! We should have left by now!" Mum yelled. Will came down 2 minutes later and Lucy ran upstairs to do a quick brush.

"What were you doing, Will?" Mum asked.

Will was practicing his smile. If he smiled in just the right way, usually mum forgave him. He tried it now, but either he smiled wonky or she hadn't looked.


He stopped smiling. "Not much."

Lucy came running down the stairs. "Finished!"

"That wasn't a very good job, Lucy. Oh, we're late! Let's go!"

They all piled into the car and mum drove them to school. They got stopped at all the lights and at the last lot they heard the first bell.

"Mum, we'll get in trouble!" Lucy whined.

"No, you won't. It'll be fine." Mum reassured, but the lights weren't budging and mum was getting frustrated.

Finally they changed and mum drove at top speed, but there were no parking spots left. Mum had to park far away from the school, and she watched as Will and Lucy ran into the school, with their school bas flopping behind them.

Mum sighed and reversed out to go straight to the shopping centre. By the time she got there it had started to shower.

Mum was inside the shopping centre, tired already and wet. She got to the market and reached into her pocket.

"Shoot!" She said. "I forgot the shopping list!"

Mum got home with all the wrong stuff. She checked her list. Lucy had asked for more pickles in her sandwich, but mum bought cucumber. Will asked for peanut butter spread for breakfast, but mum bought vegemite. Dad had asked for some mushrooms, but mum bought bean shoots. And mum completely forgot to buy bread! How could she forget the bread?

"Looks like fruit for lunch tomorrow." Mum sighed.

She looked at the clock. It was 11 o'clock.

Mum was late for Lucy's reading class!

Mum grabbed her keys and raced outside, jumping into the car and racing back to the school, yet again stopped by all the lights.

When mum walked into Lucy's classroom, they were already reading. The teacher looked up and smiled, and beckoned her to sit over in the corner.

One at a time mum read to the kids in Lucy's class. She read "Buzz! Said the bee" to Ellie, "I hate my bow" to Gilly, and "We just moved!" to Lucy.

When Mum finished and went home, grabbed a banana for lunch and went to her hairdresser's, "Supercuts." She had a friend there called Phyllis who always cut her hair. She knew just how mum liked it.

Mum drove to Supercuts 10 minutes late. Phyllis wasn't there. She must've been sick, mum thought. Another lady was doing someone's hair. Mum sat there for another 20 minutes before she got her hair cut.

"Hey darling, I'm Mary." Mary greeted. "You have an appointment for 1 o'clock? Oh my, that was half an hour ago! Let's get you seated."

Mum sat in the chair.

"So, what are you after today, darl?" Mary asked, taking mums hair out.

Mum didn't know if Mary could do what mum wanted. She explained it to her that she wanted a trim and redye, and tried to explain how to do it.

"Okay darl, just sit back."

45 minutes later mum's hair was done. It wasn't what mum wanted. It was VERY red and a tad too short, and mum didn't like it at all. But she had to make do.

"That'll be $120, darl." Mary said. Mum handed over the money and looked back at the mirror. Would the kids recognise her?

"See you later, darl." Mary waved goodbye.

Mum looked at the clock in the car. It was 5 to 3. Mum had to pick up Will and Lucy. She definitely wasn't going to get a good spot.

Mum was stopped at the lights when she heard the school bell. By the time she crossed over she could see Will and Lucy looking around for her, but there was no room to park. Mum drove past them so they could see, and parked up further.

Will and Lucy walked after the car and hopped in when it stopped, and stared at mum.

"… You look nice, mum." Lucy said, not to be rude.

"Is that the new phase?" Will asked.

"No. Phyllis didn't do my hair today. Mary did it. And she did it all wrong." Mum whined. She started sounding like Lucy.

"At least she wasn't late." Will said. "… much."

Mum said nothing all the way home. When they arrived Lucy ran in to get changed and Will ran to get his footy gear. Mum had laid it out this morning.

Will came back half dressed in footy gear and jumped in the car.

Meanwhile Lucy was getting changed into her ballet outfit.

Mum parked near the oval and said goodbye to Will, and was about to reverse out when one of the mums came up to her. Mum rolled down the window. It was Teresa Green. She was the most talkative mum and would never stop going on.

"Hi! How are you? How's the family? Wow! I like your hair, did you do it yourself?"

Back at home Lucy was dressed and ready to go. First she practiced her dancing in the living room. Then she sat on the couch looking at the clock. Mum was late… again!

"Sorry Teresa, but I have to go pick up-" Mum tried for the fifth time.

"Lucy! How is Lucy going? Is she still doing Ballet?" Teresa asked.

"Well actually, I was about to go and take her there-"

"Yes, Gilly was thinking of starting ballet. Is it good there?"

Mum was stuck. Eventually she revved up the engine and yelled "Gotta run!" and drove away, leaving Teresa to run to another mum and gossip.

"Mum, we're gonna be late!!" Lucy cried. "What were you doing?"

Mum walked in looking tired, and said, "Come on, before we're any later!"

By the time they got to Lucy's ballet class, they had started. Mum sat down with the other mums and sighed. Finally I get to sit down, she thought.

Mum was so tired, she completely forgot about Will's clarinet lesson. When Will's football game finished, Will was the only one left, sitting on the field and picking up the grass. Mum was late again.

Mum looked up at the clock. Oh no! Mum got up and left, without realising that dance class finished in 10 minutes.

When mum got there, Will did not look happy. He was tired and muddy and when mum parked the car he hopped in and said nothing.

"I'm sorry, Will…" Mum said.

"You've been very late today." Will mumbled.

"I know. Let's take you home."

Mum drove Will home and was about to flop on the couch when she saw the time. "Lucy!" She said, and rushed out the door again, leaving Will there on his own.

When mum got there, Lucy was sitting in the building with the dance teacher. She looked cross.

"Lucy! I'm sorry for being late." Mum said when she opened the door. "Thanks for looking after her."

"Oh, no worries!" Miss Paula said.

"Let's go home, Poodle." Mum said nicely, but Lucy looked tired and angry.

When Lucy got home, dad still wasn't home. Will said he called and said he was stuck in traffic and would be late.

Mum went up to her room. Will and Lucy watched T.V. until they were peckish.

"Mum, I'm hungry!!" Will called out.

"What's for tea, mum?" Lucy shouted.

There was no reply.

Will and Lucy went up the stairs and saw that mum was asleep in bed.

"What do we do, Will? Mum's too tired to cook tea." Lucy asked, walking back down the stairs.

"I dunno."

"Mum looked very tired, didn't she Will? I think she had a rotten day."

"Me too." Said Will, after thinking about this. He was mad at mum before, but he knew how grumpy he got when he had a rotten day.

"Maybe we should cook dinner for her?" Lucy asked.

"What would we cook?" Will asked.

They went to the kitchen and looked in the fridge.

"There's some ham here." Will said.

"And lots of eggs." Lucy added.

"Maybe we could make omelettes for mum?" Will asked.

Lucy nodded and smiled. She loved omelettes. Will didn't fancy them too much, but it was the only thing he could think of.

Will sprayed the pan and turned the stove on. He was very careful and put the handle facing the bench, like he had been taught to. Lucy cracked the eggs and Will chopped up the ham. They both helped mix it together and flip it.

They poured mum some glasses of wine, like they did on mothers day, and Lucy went out and picked and yellow flower and put it in a cup.

"That's a weed, Lucy." Will told her.

"Weed's are green. This is a flower!" Lucy defended.

Will sighed and said it would do, and they took their dinner up to mum's room.

They turned on the light and mum sat up. She was only half asleep, or she must've smelt the omelette Lucy burnt earlier. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the tray placed in front of her.

"Dinner is served!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Let's eat!" Will said.

"What's all this?" Mum asked.

"We knew how tired you were after your rotten day." Lucy started.

"So we cooked you dinner!" Will added, with omelette in his gob.

"Oh, you shouldn't have! Thank you!" Mum said. They all dug in to the omelettes. Mum said it felt like breakfast.

Dad came in, tired and hungry. He could smell eggs, and followed the smell. When he walked into his room, he found Lucy and Will scoffing their faces and mum smelling the weed Lucy picked.

At first dad was welcomed by the family. He smiled and sat down on the bed too. Then he turned to mum and said "What happened to your hair?"