The music was loud and the smoke thick, but you were pretty sure that that was Cabbage Patch. He had his body pressing some brunette chick against the wall and was too busy kissing the girl to notice your steady approach. Suddenly your hand reached out and pulled Dan away from the girl, striking out in a quick hard punch. "What the hell, man?!" You smirked your signature smirk and lashed out again viciously.

"That was for my sister's broken heart." Cabbage Patch started retaliating and soon you had a bloodied nose and sore jaw, but you just kept punching the idiot, each time coming up with a new reason.

Because Serena's face was so lonely the day after he dumped her.

Because Serena's cheeks were tear streaked when he walked straight past.

Because he broke her spirit.

Because it was his fault her blue orbs were bloodshot.

Because he made her cry the same way her father did.

Because she'd lost her appetite when he'd ended things.

Because he caused her so much pain.

Because he should have loved her better.

Because he didn't see how great she was.

Because he didn't believe she was worth it all.

Because he had broken Serena in a way you hadn't known since you were seven and she'd called with tears thick in her voice.

Because he'd left her with no one to run to but you.

With one last punch at Cabbage Patch's nose, you watched as he fell to the floor and stared at you like you were crazy, and maybe he was right, because you'd just beat up Brooklyn in a sleazy bar to defend Serena's honour.

You opened the door with a slightly swollen eye but were glad to find the blood around your nose had dried. However you were not expecting to find the reason for your bloodied knuckles curled on your couch, staring out the window. Slowly she turned around and her blue eyes widened drastically as she took in your appearance. "Crap. Chuck, what happened?" You smirked, which was actually quite painful, and retorted sarcastically.

"Gee, sis, I never knew you cared." Pushing you gently onto the couch she ran for the first aid kit and handed you a glass of scotch. Getting to work on softly wiping away your blood from your face, she looked up at you through concerned eyes and you knew that it had been worth it. You didn't realise you were staring until she cleared her throat.

"What? Why are you staring at me?" She demanded, pulling you back into reality.

"Just imagining you in a nurse costume. I think I have one lying around somewhere, want me to find it for you?"

"You're a pig."

"Ouch. Really got me there."

You wake up with the bright sunlight streaming through your windowpanes, and Serena's hair whispering across your shirt. Your knuckles scream in agony, your nose a dull throb, and your face feels bloated; best guess, you look like crap. But your eyes sidle over to the blonde sleeping with her knees clutched tight to her chest, black bags still evident, and figure far too thin. She's asleep, a victory in itself, and you soon realise the reason your knuckles are in such immense pain relates to the strength in which Serena is clutching your tender hand. You wonder if it was worth it; if turning Cabbage-Patch's face into a punching bag was a good idea. The pressure on your hand slackens and you glance over to find Serena watching you groggily, with a diminutive smile in place. In the slight curve of Serena's lips you discover your answer; of course it was.

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