Okay, so I realize a lot of people might find this a bit sick or whatever, but I've never really seen this Brooke/Whitey combo done sexually before, so thought I might try it out. Brooke is awesome with anyone – Sophia Bush is such a hottie, number one my list of anyone, on any day!!

So this is my first entry in FanFiction... let me know what you think - comments would be awesome - greatly appreciated them, short or long :

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Tree Hill's student council president speeches had been given yesterday, and this morning the winner was to be announced.

It was either going to stay with Erica Marsh – the snotty, principal suck-up – or Brooke Davis – captain of the Ravens' cheerleading squad and former wild party girl.

"Miss Davis, may I see you in my office," Coach Whitey Durham said with a smile as he saw Brooke walking through the school hallway.

"Sure, coach," Brooke replied, returning the smile.

As they made their way to Whitey's office, Brooke looked around for any guys in the shower and locker rooms. It was always fun going to the coach's office because it meant walking through where the basketball boys showed off their bodies – but to her dismay, the rooms were empty.

"Miss Davis," Whitey began as they entered his office, standing beside his table. "It seems you're quite popular in polls," he finished, with an upwards inflection and wry smile.

"The way the votes are going, you're going to be the new student council president of Tree Hill High." Brooke could only smile, so happy that in Brooke Davis style she was overwhelmed and speechless.

"However," Whitey continued, a concerned look now swarming his face. "I'm concerned you don't have the capabilities to perform what's asked of you. And Erica Marsh does." He paused. "Now—"

"--Coach," Brooke interrupted. "I believe I'm ready for this," Brooke defended herself.

Whitey hesitated for a moment, before making a proposition. "Okay, Miss Davis, I'll consider it. If you receive the majority vote, I'll announce youas the new student council president, but you have to do something for me."

"Yay!" Brooke squealed out excitedly, clapping and jumping. After settling down, but still unable to keep the huge smile off her face, she asked; "So, what did you want, coach?" Brooke asked lightly, not thinking much of it.

Whitey grinned as began taking off his belt and untucking his shirt. Brooke gasped as she got the general idea of what was going on.

"Now I want you to close that door, turn around like a good little girl and pull those pants of yours down," Whitey chuckled.