Title: Mine

Disclaimer: don't own them, I'm just having a little fun

Rating: M or NC-17 whatever you call it

Warnings: sex between guys

Characters/Pairings: GaouxMarco

Beta: galeaya

Summary: The Dinosaurs start on the spring tournament after the Christmas Bowl and one night after practice things start getting interesting

Note: Sorry I took so long to post this all.


As the door slowly shut, he still heard breathing over the creak of the hinges. Gaou gritted his teeth to stop from yelling at his sister. He appreciated that she wanted to cheer him up, but right now, he really didn't want to even try. Marco was still probably on his date with that damned woman. But it was Marco's choice; he just wished this was something that could have been won by strength alone.

As he watched Gaou's broad back, Marco couldn't think of anything to say, so he walked over and laid one hand on his arm.

Slim but calloused and strong hands touched his arm. Definitely none of his family's; these were Marco's hands. He looked up and saw Marco staring back. "Hello," his voice came out awkward, so he waited for Marco to stay something.

When it seemed like Gaou wasn't going to say anything else, he hesitantly said, "So I went to dinner with Maria and -"

"Let me guess, it's that she wants to go out with you. Did you say yes?"

Marco frowned at the interruption before comprehension entered his eyes. Slightly amused, he asked, "Are you jealous of her? Is that why you were distancing yourself?"

Gaou didn't see why he was so amused about this. "I know you like her, Marco, I was giving you room to feel free to leave."

Marco sat down beside him and ran his fingers through Gaou's mane, untangling knots of black hair when he found them. "And when did I say I wanted space lately, hmm? All last week I figured that you weren't interested anymore, and then I get a call telling me you think I'm cheating on you! But I'm not. Me and Maria, it would never work, and I don't want it to anymore. But I want this, me and you, to work. I'm yours as long as you'll have me."

Gaou felt triumph well up in him and wrapped his arms around Marco's smaller frame to pull the smaller man on top of him. "Then you're going to be mine forever."

Marco smiled. "I could deal with that."

The kiss was sudden and desperate; Gaou smashed his mouth against Marco's, as if afraid that if he didn't do this now then he'd never get another chance. Marco's tongue ran in a placating manner across his feverishly thrusting one. Gaou pushed him to lie on his back as they kept kissing. When the kiss was broken, Gaou warned Marco, "This is your last chance to leave. After this I'm not letting you go."

Marco glared back. "Stop thinking I want to back out. All I want is you, and I'm going to prove that, I'd say."

He saw the same glint of determination in Marco's eyes that appeared when he was playing football – but it was coupled with something warm and soft. He grinned savagely; this, this was his Marco. "Very well then."

He kissed him again, this time confident that he would be able to do this a hundred times more and not grow tired of the way Marco's tongue fought his but later on gave way to become submissive.

He fondled the crotch of Marco's pants, making the smaller man tense. For a split second, Gaou thought that he had misread Marco and would have to back off again. But then Marco surged up into the contact and let out a moan.

When he regained some control over himself, Marco reached a hand for Gaou's pants as well, but Gaou pulled it away and shook his head. It'd be over to quickly if he allowed that to happen. "No, I want to see you."

Marco muttered, "There's nothing that you haven't seen before in the changing rooms or shower."

They both knew it wasn't the same thing, but Gaou let it slide. "Fine, then I want to touch you. I want to feel every inch of you against me."

He punctuated his statement by nipping at Marco's neck and making him shudder. Gaou looked at the shirt Marco was wearing in contemplation before asking, "Is this one of your favorite shirts?"

Marco blinked, why was he asking something like that now? "No."

"Good." The fabric spilt like spider web as he tore it open, buttons ricocheting off the floor with tiny clattering noises. Marco gasped but then helped Gaou by shrugging it off his arms.

Gaou kept staring at him, and Marco looked away to stare at the eyes of Gaou's helmet across the room. "Could you not stare so much?"

"Impossible. Not when you look like this and you're mine."

Marco blushed faintly, and Gaou rolled his eyes before kissing him again. Their tongues battled before Marco's was overwhelmed by the sheer force of the attack. He felt so powerless, but for once he liked the feeling, because he knew Gaou wouldn't hurt him.

He took off the pants slowly after the rush of the shirt. If there was one thing he wanted to remember about this part it was the way Marco's black pinstriped pants slid off his thin hips to be followed by his boxers. He really could not understand why Marco was blushing so severely. Marco had perfect, pale, muscled legs between which was an erection, proudly demanding more attention. Gaou wrapped his fist around it, and Marco's hips bucked in surprise. Gaou used his other hand to hold down them down effortlessly as he stroked him.

Marco tried to stifle his moans, but it was hard when he was like this. He fisted his hands in the sheets to stop himself from clawing at Gaou's back. He felt like he was being over run and bit the brown sugar shoulder to get Gaou's attention. "Come on, Gaou, I want to touch you too."

Gaou nodded and lay beside Marco, arms at his sides waiting to see what he would do. Clever fingers descended onto his skin, using their knowledge of the human body as a base and then experimenting. Marco's breaths came faster as he thumbed Gaou's nipples and twisted them when Gaou moaned. Marco's eyes were totally focused on him, watching his every move and reaction with a spine-tingling intensity that rivaled even his concentration during his quarterback spy. His hands wandered even as he began licking and sucking his way down Gaou's body.

Gaou's nerves quivered as Marco's tongue dipped beneath the waistline of his pants before moving back up to trace a line up his stomach. Gaou's hands itched to grab the head that housed that teasing tongue and drag it lower and feel that wet heat around him. He tried to control himself longer, but couldn't take anymore and rolled them over. "I want you now."

Marco purred in agreement as Gaou gently twisted one of his nipples with a hand, the other reaching for the massage oil he sometimes used when his muscles hurt. He slathered his hands with it and trailed his fingers down the thinner body, past his cock and balls with only the slightest teasing touch that made Marco moan nonetheless, to circle around the tight ring of muscle before carefully pressing in.

The finger felt weird, not bad, but like it wasn't supposed to be in him. The finger slowly pumped in and out, getting him used to the sensation. Gaou crooked his finger suddenly, and white-hot pleasure shot up Marco's spine, making him mewl.

If he had been able to form coherent thought, Marco would have realized that Gaou had hit his prostate, but all that was going though his mind was 'Oh fuck so good more more oh god!'

Gaou stilled his fingers when Marco keened and his hips bucked wildly. He wasn't sure if he had just done something wrong and was just about to pull out his fingers when Marco panted at him, "Gaou, do whatever you just did again!"

Gaou complied and watched in fascination at the way Marco was writhing, composure totally lost now. He added another finger and grinned, looking like a feral and untamed animal. Gaou was excited at how eagerly Marco accepted it, with only a slight gasp of surprise. He scissored his fingers gently. Every stifled sound that exited Marco Gaou felt travel straight to his groin. His eyes swept over the lithe body under his hands, legs splayed wantonly, eyes glazing with lust, finally willing.

He added the third finger, and Marco grunted as he adjusted to the larger invasion. Gaou groaned; he wanted to be inside this heat that was burning and pulling at his fingers.

Finally, he felt that Marco was ready and withdrew his fingers. A slight whine came from his throat at the loss of sensation. Gaou applied the lube to his own member and spread the pale thighs wider to settle between them.

Marco stared at Gaou with a slight panic building up in his chest. There was no way that thing was going to fit in him. Gaou saw this and said, "Trust me," as he caressed the soft skin beneath his hands.

Marco nodded slightly. "I do."

"If you want to stop here that's fine. There will be other nights."

"No, I'm ready." It wouldn't be fair, and it wasn't like he wasn't strong enough for it. He began focusing on relaxing is muscles like he would before a tackle. "Just do it, I want you to."

Gaou kissed Marco and murmured, "Thank you."

Gaou lined himself up and thrust in slowly, until he was fully seated in him. He paused to wait for Marco to adjust.

Marco's teeth latched onto one broad shoulder as his nails gouged into Gaou's back trying to deal with the pain. Even with preparation, it still hurt. Gaou felt monstrous inside him, stretching him till he thought he would break wide open, but slowly the pain was ebbing to a reasonable level.

Gaou fought against his carnal instincts that told him to thrust into the warm heat. He had waited this long for this, he could, he would wait just a little while longer until Marco was ready. Muscles shivered around his dick, and he groaned at the feeling. He nuzzled Marco neck as he stroked the others flagging erection, trying to make the adjustment easier. Finally the tremors slowed, and Marco nodded shakily. "I'd say you can move now."

He started the pace slow, trying different angles to find the spot that had made Marco howl and beg so nicely before.

Finally, he got lucky and hit it, making Marco keen as the pleasure forced away the pain.

Marco's pulse was like wild fire under his lips as he bit down, claiming him, drinking in the moans that Marco tried to stifle without success.

Gaou made sure to keep a tight rein on his strength; he didn't want to hurt him. But the way Marco was clinging and moaning wasn't making it any easier.

Marco could tell by the way Gaou's arms were quivering that he was trying to not lose control. But damn it, he wasn't made of glass! He voiced his protest, "St-ah-stop holding back!"

Gaou almost chuckled. "The one time I control myself you tell me to stop. You really do send mixed signals."

"Please!" The desperate want in his voice and the way his hips bucked to strengthen the plea made Gaou moan before he said, "Just remember you asked for it."

The next thrust of his hips slammed hard into Marco's body, driving the breath from him as he opened his mouth to gasp. The pace sped out as they rocked against one another. Gaou could feel Marco's unattended arousal, throbbing and begging with tears of precum, against his stomach. One of Gaou's hands stopped kneading Marco's ass to wrap around it, and Marco let out a strained moan with the little air left in his lungs as his back arched. The doubled sensation was becoming too much for him. He didn't know if he should thrust his hips down to be filled more or thrust up into those hot, hot hands.

He was trembling at the edge, and clung to Gaou as if he was his last support against being shaken apart. Gaou was close as well; he could tell by the way he was panting and the way his thrusts were becoming more and more desperate. And finally he came, muscles spasming as he helplessly howled Gaou's name. Gaou roared and thrust one last time as the muscles around his cock squeezed him tightly, pulling him over the edge right behind Marco. His hips jerked as he spilled himself into Marco, marking his insides. Finally spent, Gaou settled down next to Marco's prone figure, making sure not the crush him. He stroked Marco's hair for a minute before saying quietly, "You're mine."

Marco's reply was sleepy sounding as he let the hands roam through his hair for once. "I'm yours. And you're mine."

He cuddled closer to Gaou and drifted off to sleep, sated and protected in the large arms of the other. Gaou smiled gently down at him before he tightened his hold protectively, and then he too slipped off to sleep.

In the living room Kagome looked up at her parents with an innocent smile. "It sounds like their tickle fight's over. Can I go in now Mom?"

Mrs. Gaou looked up from her book. "No sweetie, I'm sure they're both very tired now."


Her father spoke up, "Listen to your mother. Now go to bed."

Kagome kissed her parents goodnight and hurried off. He adjusted his glasses and smiled. "It's about time honestly."

And ze happy squishy end