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Chapter 1

Unfold the Memory

At Night

After finished Po's famous dishes, everyone was starting to discuss the next step of the next clue. But strangely, Mantis said that he was not in mood as he asked Shifu to return his room for have a rest. Normally, he would crack some jokes or teasing on some couples, but he somehow was upset of something, the others had never seen he upset like that before.

"Hey, do you have any idea what's wrong with Mantis?" Angie asked.

"If I don't have a short memory lost, I say he was totally normal this morning." Jackie added and they nodded.

Then, something has hit Crane and Monkey's head, "Wait a minute." Crane whispered as everyone stared at him.

"What?" Viper asked.

"I remembered that I and Monkey have seen him this afternoon, he was nothing wrong by that time." Crane explained.

"We didn't greet him back there, but instead of follow him." Monkey added.

""Follow him?" they asked.

Crane nodded slightly, "We spotted him at an abandoned palace, and he somehow known that place before." He said.

"What makes you say that?" Lucy asked.

"Because we saw him opened a secret door, which it could go through the palace, with our own eyes." Monkey claimed, and there was a gasp.

Shifu seemed to be calm as he spoke, "Continue, please." The two masters nodded.

"We sneaked him as he didn't notice us. Until, he stopped in a room, and it looked like a…ur…um…a music room." Crane unsurely said.

"A music room? I didn't know Mantis has an interest on music, plus, he never sings." Po interjected.

"Why's that?" Jack curiously asked.

"Because whenever we participated any music competition, he'd never join us, not even a single song or dance." Tigress explained.

"Well yeah, was." Monkey said.

"Huh?" they were confused in unison.

"He was singing back there!" Crane and Monkey said in unison.

They were shocked as their jaws dropped, especially Po and Hannah, the two masters continued, "When we peeked on him, he stood in front of a desk and he placed his scythed-claws on it gently, and then he began humming, but sadly." Crane spoke on the last word.

"But then, something happened." Monkey said as they pay attention on their speech, "Suddenly, a female was singing from somewhere in the palace, Mantis's faced turned into shock as he seemed to recognise whose voice was, he then leaped so fast in a direction, we tried to catch up with him but he was too fast, even faster than me, he then leaded into a ball-room but when he approached it, we all saw a butterfly below the balcony." Monkey said in excited.

"A butterfly? Looks like Mantis have finally found himself a girlfriend." Seth started to snickering, but then he got smacked his back head by David and Lucy. "What!?" Seth asked innocently.

"Can't you be serious sometime?" Lucy hissed him and David spoke nothing but glaring at him.

"Anyway, where were we, ah yes! Mantis then shouted a name, probably that girl's name, but she looked like never seen him before, Mantis then chased her on impulse, and then she flew away from him, like a wind. And that might be the source of his now situation." Crane said softly.

However, the others were still in disbelief until they heard a whimpering, and it came from Mantis's room. Tigress gave her son a sign, and Jade nodded as he placed his paws on the floor. He closed his eyes and started to concentrating use his Earth Dragon power to sense the ground, he could see through the ground even his eyes shut.

"Son, what do you see?" Po asked and Tigress shushed her husband.

Jade then sensed through Mantis's room, and felt a few drops of water fell and the trembling of the insect shook the floor, the young panda then spoke softly, "Uncle Mantis is…crying?" he frowned even he couldn't believe his words.

And neither do the others, especially the kung fu masters and the future Dragon Warriors, because neither of them nor the villagers seen his tears before, and even though they saw this before, he would never crying for no reason.

"Cr…Crying?" Tai Lung got stammered in disbelief.

Hannah then got a hit, "Hey, remember what Uncle Mantis said before that he was born in this country when we were on boat?" she asked as everybody's eyes all snapped.

"Now that you mention it, yea, he did tell us that he born in an old Indian village of USA." Dustin stated as he caressed his chin.

"Perhaps I can use the Memory Crystal that Prince Diao gave us to see through Uncle Mantis's memory." Azure suggested.

"Isn't that illegal to see someone's privacy? Like someone see your privacy diary without your permission." Ian asked.

"We are going to help, right? So, we are going to do this." Lilly said as she held tight the crystal.

"She really does have a point." Jack commented.

"Now, you're ready?" Hannah said as she placed her left paw on her little brother's shoulder, "Jade, keep in touch on Uncle Mantis and make sure he don't fly, I need connect your power and we're counting on you." She requested and he nodded firmly.

"Then, let's do this. For Mantis." Crane said and Lilly held up the crystal as it started to glow. Something came put of the crystal and surrounded them into a giant, dark bubble. Inside the bubble, they couldn't see Jade from outside but they saw some flashback instead.

"Looks like this is Mantis's memory." Po said in strangely calm, usually he will scream in excitement by watching one of his favourite kung fu warriors past.

"But what are we suppose to do? There're too many of them!" Viper said.

"Find the most important memory and there might be have an answer of our problem." Shifu ordered, and then it flashed them back in a memory...


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Next Chapter: An Old Indian Bug Village


"Argh, we're the size of a bug!" Po exclaimed.

"We're in his memory and his world, it's obvious." Tai Lung stated.

"Hey, I think...that's Mantis over there." Viper said as he saw a young Mantis with a small leaf hanged on his side head from a long distance.