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Chapter 5

Never Give Up! Cause I Will Be With You

"You know what? Hannah, we owe you really big." Angie shamefully said.

"You bet you are." She grumbled said. As Tigress has finally tied the last bandage of her daughter's left arm, Hannah let out a cried of pain, and so did her baby brother, Jade, who got tied the last bandage from Po, who was also terribly at medical skills.

"Ouch! Easy there, Mommy." Azure complained of Viper's medical as she helped her to add some medicine-wine on Azure and Lilly's forehead.

"Hold still, or it will leave a mark on your forehead forever." Crane seriously said and the twin vipers were stunned by their father.

"This is bad." Po said, glancing at the door every now and then. "This is so very bad. Mantis's totally going to kill us."

"Oh, no he's not." Monkey said.

This seemed to relax Po for a brief moment. Then, Monkey added quickly, "He's going to destroy us." Po whimpered at this last statement.

"Calm down, Po. I'm sure Mantis will understand what we had done." Crane comforted Po, and he relief a while.

Within a second, Tai Lung has smacked Crane's head and said, "Who are you kidding? Mantis is definitely going to kill us, we're so D.E.A.D, dead." He spelled.

"I shouldn't get involved of this in the first place." Ian regretfully said.

"Well, it's too late to regret, my friend." Jackie added as he patted Ian's back.

"Man, you are definitely having no idea how scary when he mad. It's almost like…like…get Godfather Tai Lung mad on you." Jade said.

"Hey!" Tai Lung snarled at Jade angrily.

"No offence." He added quickly.

Then, Mantis came out and he looked strangely calm, which gave them creeps. In fact, they had never seen him so mad like that before. Po could recognize the dark look in his eyes when they met at the first day of training talked about his size.

"So, ur, you're-" Mantis quickly cut in Po's speech.

"You all not only told the children to look after me of not letting me escape, but also have seen my own privacy!!" he yelled.

"But, Mantis, we were just trying to help." Viper defended.

"Oh yeah, like without any encouragement when I'm upset!" he added.

"Look, it's not what it looks li-'' a firework has interjected.

They all have gone to the window and saw a group of people underneath the building was holding up a music concert. And the best part was, Jump5 and A*Teens were there, too! (A/N: I love them so much, not a huge fans of them, but I love their songs!!)

"Holy Macaw!! Is that Jump5 and A*Teens?" Hawk asked.

"You'd bet! We have gotta go down!!" Wing suggested as they all knew what he meant.

"Yea, Mantis, there is nothing better than hearing some relaxing and rocking music to entertainment your mind!" Jack said as he and Jackie both caught Mantis and ran towards to the concert, and so as the rest.

The Music Concert

"Come on, Sapphire. I mean, you need a break!" suggested Julie as she pulled her butterfly friend by force.

"Julie, this is not the best time, you know that." She said.

"Look," she said, "If what you said was true, that you and that Praying Mantis are meant to be together, then it will be appear a miracle soon, or maybe not too soon."

"…I guess a break wouldn't hurt." She sighed as admitted.

"That's my girl! Come on, there's some spare seats." She pointed at the empty seats and both sat down and enjoyed the show.

Back at the kung fu masters and the allies, Jack and Jackie both hurt badly because of Mantis's uncontrollable rage, they have finally found some empty seats and quickly sat down before some others got it.

"Man, this is the best seats." Angie commented.

"Shhh, the concert begins!" David shushed her and enjoyed the show.

After the Jump5 and A*Teens had finished their 'Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride' and 'Can't Falling in Love With You', the crowds cheered and didn't want them to leave but they knew they had to.

"Okay, thank you, Jump5 and A*Teens!" the host thanked the band and they began to leave, the fans were still shouting their names and band's name wildly.

Then the host spoke loud on his microphone, "Alright, folks!! It's time for our two lucky guests, right here, right now, to sing our new song!! Now, check underneath your seat and see if there is a mini-microphone there. If there is, don't be shy just SING!!!" he shouted and so as the crowd checked their seats.

"Dang, I'm not it." someone grumbled.

And someone also said, "Darn it."

"Aw man, I wonder whoever gets hit." Hannah said as she was unhappy of not being it.

However, while the crowds were busying on their seats, Mantis saw his friends were also checked under their seats, too, he slipped his eyes underneath his seat, and there was a mini-microphone in front of his sight.

He scanned the area, and definitely sure that it was underneath his seat, 'You've got to be kidding me.' Mantis thought desperately, grunted and cursed softly to the God.

Meanwhile, Sapphire and her friends were also looked underneath their seats, her friends found nothing, instead Sapphire have got it.

"Oh my god, Sapphire. You're it!" Julie the spider beamed at her friend.

"But I don't want…" the host from the stage has interjected Sapphire's speech.

"TIME'S UP, folks! Now the gang will play the music and whoever two who gets the mini-microphones, sing it loud!" he shouted and he gave the band a signal as they started to play. Although, Mantis still was not in mood as he won't pick up the microphone up until the end of the concert and then he just needed to sit back and ignore the environment.

(A/N: 'I Will Be With You', sung by Sarah Brightman & Chris Thompson, also the theme song of the 10 anniversary of Pokemon Movie.)

Julie urged Sapphire to sing as she knew she was a pretty good singer, Sapphire sighed as she has no choice but wore on the mini-microphone and started to raise her voice.

Sapphire: Leave and let me go

You're not meant for me, I know

Carry on, carry on, and I'll stay strong

The voice has hit Mantis hardly as he quickly stood up, he then scanned the crowd to search the owner of the voice. "Sapphire…" he whispered, he wouldn't get that wrong as he was very sure that the voice was actually Sapphire's.

Viper weirdly asked, "Mantis, what's wrong?"

However, Mantis has no time to answer her question as he quickly changed his mind. He ran underneath his seat in rush and quickly grabbed the mini-microphone before the music solo stopped.

When his friends saw that he was wearing a mini-microphone, they were shocked as they had never heard his singing, who knows how his voice is. Mantis took a deep breathe and began to sing.

Mantis: Leave and let me go

I will think of you, I know

But carry on, carry on, and I'll stay strong

To their surprisingly, he sang well, or should they say, great! Furthermore, Sapphire has recognized the voice as she knew that it was Mantis for sure, and then she jumped on the ground and so as Mantis, which started to look for him as they continued their singing while they were searching.

Together: Someone else will keep you warm from now on

Someone else will keep you safe from the storm

But I'll be with you wherever you go

Mantis: And you will never be alone

He had run underneath everyone's seat. Sapphire has flown in the mid-air.

Sapphire: I'm going where the wind blows

Mantis: Going where the lost ones go

Sapphire: I will be with you

The crowd has cheered wildly of the lucky couple's singing, and so did the gang.

Mantis: I'm losing the love I found

Crying without a sound

Where have you gone?

Sapphire: I will be with you


You were my fool for love

Sent me from high above

You were the one

Sapphire: I will be with you

Together: I'm going where the wind blows

Going where the lost ones go

When Sapphire landed on the ground, stage light has shined on her, and also shined on Mantis who suddenly came out from the crowd's seats appeared on a path. The two looked to each other with joy and surprised as they walked closer and closer.

Soon, Sapphire's hands placed on Mantis's pincers, their eyes have locked and they couldn't help but blushed. Then, Mantis has soon done something that he hasn't been done in many years, he flew.

The gang was gasped and shocked, all thought that this could the weirdest thing that ever happened on them.

Sapphire grinned as they have finally landed on the stage and so as the spotlight shined on them, the crowd cheered wildly and they continued to sing, eye to eye.

"I remember now." She whispered to Mantis and he was eye-widened.

Sapphire: Leave and let me go

Don't look back just let me know

Together: Carry on, carry on, you must stay strong

Nothing ever looks the same in the light

Nothing ever seems to quite turn out right

When you realize that you have been loved

Mantis: You will never be alone

Sapphire: I'm going where the wind blows

Mantis: Going where the lost ones go

Sapphire: I will be with you

Mantis: I'm losing the love I found

Crying without a sound

Where have you gone?

Sapphire: I will be with you

Mantis: You were my fool for love

Sent me from high above

You were the one

Sapphire: I will be with you

Together: I'm going where the wind blows

Going where the lost ones go

Sapphire: Leave and let me go

Baby I can't come along

Together: Carry on, carry on, you must stay strong

When the song ended, the crowds went wild and cheered for more, "Encore! Encore!" repeated words over and over again.

Mantis's anger has saddened settle down, in fact, he had never felt any happier, especially that someone who beside him. In addition, he thought that he was enjoying singing, too. Then, he turned to his long lost best friend, "Sap…Sapphire?" he asked again and hoped he won't be mistaken.

The next thing he knew, was the butterfly was pressing her lips against his. He was shocked at first, but then he started enjoy it as he relaxed himself. And then, he assaulted as he tripped up Sapphire's legs up and kissed more passionately in front of the crowds.

The kung fu masters watched their fellow master of Mantis-style in awestruck and astounded, but also felt a little joy for him.

"As I said before, Mantis has finally found himself a girlfriend!" Seth recalled.

David and Lucy both smacked his back head, again, "OUCH! Why!?" he cried.

"Nothing. Just for fun." The two replied in unison.

Mantis then walked through the crowds and greeted to his friends and family, "Hey guys!" he joyfully waved his pincers.

"Looks like the rage have worn off." Hannah added and they unison in agreed.

"Hey guys! This is Sapphire, which I think that's unnecessary to say." He said as he gave each of his friends a frown.

"Hi, I'm Sapphire." Sapphire excitedly introduced Mantis's friends.

"Nice to meet you. It's so great to meet you in person." Shifu said as they all spotted that Mantis and Sapphire each arm have the same gun shot mark on it. And they all knew one thing, that this world was full of accident and miracle…

The End

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