You are the great Maximum Ride.

I took another deep breath. I could do this, right? It's what I was made for. Saving the world.

I gave myself a little mini-pep talk.

Her we were, me and my amazing flock, at the last and final standing Itex. I was so close…we were so close.

"Max," Fang whispered. "I have to talk to you."
"Can it wait?" I pleaded. "We're right here!"
"This is important!" he insisted.

"Fang, please can it wait?" I asked one last time.

He sighed. "Fine."
I looked back towards the building. "Are you guys ready?"
"Ready!" Nudge exclaimed.

"All set!" Angel informed me.

"Let's blow this sucker up!" Iggy and Gazzy exclaimed in unison.

I grinned. "Let's make sure it's clear of experiments first," I suggested. They all nodded, and we silently ran to the back of the building.

I was fourteen years old, and I was about to save the world.

"Over here!" Angel called. We all looked at her, and she was pointing to an air vent. I nodded, and everyone started climbing through.

I was pumped. Adrenaline was rushing through me, and I was ready for anything.

I didn't even realize when we were there.

"Max, quit dreaming about Fang and come on!" Iggy hissed.

I scowled and rolled my eyes. "Shut up." I climbed out of the air vent, and we all followed Angel. She knew where to go to look for them.

We walked into the Experiment Holding Room. I know that's what it was because that's what was on the door.

I scanned the room, and I saw nothing. No cages. Nothing.

Then, something caught my eye in the farthest corner. There was a cage. I ran over to it, and I focused on whatever was inside.

It was a guy. He had blonde hair, and brown eyes. He was really hot. He looked up at me, and I smiled slightly.

"We're here to get you out of here," I explained softly.

He smiled. "I figured someone as pretty as you couldn't work for this horrible place." I smiled and I unhitched the cage door.

"So, what did they do to you?" I asked gently.

"They gave me wings," he said simply. "They're a dark gray color."
I smiled. "Well, come with us. We're getting you out."
"Thanks," he said quietly. I nodded, and I turned to face the Flock.

Everyone was just staring at him. Fang looked…evil. He looked like he did when he was fighting Ari.

"Let's go," I said nervously.