Chapter Seven

Isabella hadn't got much sleep last night. She had been thinking about Louise. She couldn't believe that the man who was looking after her was Louise's father. Through all the years with Louise by her side she had never thought to ask what had happened to Louise's family. Louise had lived with Dr Cooper, the most experienced doctor on the island until he had died two years previously and she had taken over his position and now cared for his patients.

She wasn't sure whether or not to tell Jack about this, on one hand she felt that he deserved to know that his daughter was alright and he could go and see her, but maybe she didn't want to see him. There had to be a reason for her leaving in the first place.

At the breakfast table, she was sat there, still in deep thought. There was an awkward silence before the phone rang loudly, causing Isabella to jump. Jack stared at the telephone for a minute before walking over to it slowly and picking it up. Isabella could only hear one side of the conversation.

"Yeah, I know her."


"She knows?"

"I can't."

There was a long silence before he muttered "Fine" and hung up the phone. He looked at her in complete silence before sitting down without a word.

"What's wrong?" She finally asked, moving her chair. There was now a tense atmosphere in the room as if part of Jack had suddenly changed, as if it weren't Jack in the room with her anymore.

"Come on," he said to her, standing up, "Let's go to the market." She wasn't sure what to do, she really didn't want to go to the market with him. In a way she no longer trusted him.
"I said come on!" He said, a little louder this time.

"No," she whispered, "I don't want to." He moved towards her and she instantly got up, moving away from him. Jack let out a small growl and picked up a knife from the table.

"Get here!" He yelled, tears streaming down his face. Isabella found herself crying too, the man that she had trusted had gone against her and was now trying to harm her.

"What did I do?" She screamed in fear, looking around for some way to escape now. She wished Conor were there, he had always protected her and never let harm come to her.

"You knew her! You knew my daughter!" He screamed in her face, his face now as red as a tomato. All the worries that Isabella had had last night came rushing back and she began to sweat, feeling scared and depressed. "And if I don't give you to them, they're gonna kill her!" Them. At first Isabella wondered who that could be but then the events of the previous days came back to her and she remembered the men. The men who had Conor and could easily kill him too if she wasn't careful. She stopped moving away from him.

"Fine, take me to them."

"John, this is it," Tom said as they hid on the corner. There were still a lot of police officers but they soon departed through various police cars, leaving only the police motorbikes behind. John stepped out from the corner.

"Get back here idiot," Tom said, "Anyone could see you, we're going round the back." The two of them ran around the back as quietly as they could. They didn't want to attract attention but didn't want to miss anything either. "There," John said, pointing to the bikes. There was a police officer about to board one of the bikes and he had a small bag on.

"What about him?" Tom asked, thinking that he was just an ordinary police officer, perhaps a little young.

"He's the one they've trusted with the evidence. He'll have the nice, and, best of all, he's only 17." A small smirk came across Tom's face and the two men ran towards the young police officer.

"Detective John?" He asked before looking at Tom, "And this is?"

"My name is Robert Kennedy, I'm Detective John's assistant." It killed Tom inside to say that, he would never stoop to the level of becoming John's assistant.

"Well, Simon, I need that evidence," John said, holding his hand out. Simon mounted the bike.

"No can do I'm afraid," he said, "I've been told not to give it to anyone." He started the engine and the motorbike began to move slowly. Tom and John weren't going to give in though, they both nodded to each other and jumped on the nearest motorbikes. Simon was getting away so they had to hurry. They had had practise with motorbikes since they had been in a motorbike gang a few years ago.

"Get rid of that evidence no matter what," Tom said and John nodded before they sped after the escaping motorbike. Simon looked back and saw the crazed men after him and knew instantly what they were after. Of course, he had the advantage that he knew the streets. However, he had no idea of the extent that Tom had studied the map of the island in order to prepare for this mission. He made a sharp turn and drove down a side street.

Simon had never been in a chase before and found this extremely exciting. This was what he had been looking forward to from the day he joined the police force. He sped through the fields around the island and slowed down to cross over the small wooden bridge that crossed the river.


Simon's body fell off the bike, straight into the river, instantly being carried away by the current. Blood poured out of his body.

"Was it necessary Tom?"

"Yeah, we couldn't let him escape. He put his gun away as his phone rang.


"We've found her. I'll bring her to the island at ten, tonight, be there."

"We got rid of the evidence," John smiled as they entered their hideout.

"Yeah, we did." Tom said. There was a long pause as they entered and Tom instantly panicked, running around the house.

"The kid, he's gone."