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Summary: The team make a pact to help the two people everyone knows should be together but are just too stubborn to see it. Jibbs.

A Pact

Chapter Three

Gibbs had just left for coffee, and it felt so normal, as if nothing had changed. But Tony still felt a little odd at his old desk and unsure in his new role. But it wasn't about to stop him trying to fulfil the Pact he'd started with the others for this time. They'd said when Gibbs came back; they'd start working together to bring him and the Director back together. Now Gibbs was back. So Tony knew it had to be full steam ahead if they had any chance of succeeding. Especially as he knew, if he left as well, as part of him wanted to, the Pact would never be fulfilled. With that thought, Tony abandoned the work he had been doing and gave a quick glance around the room, not wanting to repeat a mistake (especially not with Gibbs instead of Jenny this time). Then he leant over his desk and picked up his phone, dialling a number he obviously knew quite well, barely looking at the numbers as he held the phone to his ear. McGee and Ziva both noticed what he was doing and looked up, sharing a frown at his odd behaviour.

"Hi, Cynthia? Yeah, it's Tony. Listen, I need a favour. What agency delivered the flowers in our lovely Madam Director's office?" There was a few seconds of silence as Tony listened and the others frowned some more, and then a grin spread across the senior field agent's face. "No agency? Hand delivered? By whom?" Another pause as he looked up and flashed a smile at the other two, knowing he would have good news for them as soon as he got off the phone. "You're kidding? They were in her office when you got here this morning? Well, who has a key? Cynthia her security are not delivering bouquets of orchids in the middle of the night – she definitely didn't buy them herself, there was a card. OK, thanks anyway Cynthia. I'll make it up to you." The smile on his face as he put the phone back in the receiver was too huge for his face almost, and was rapidly becoming a smirk as he took in the incredulous looks on his colleagues' faces.

"What was all that about?" Ziva ventured first, motioning with her hand at the phone. There was that smirk again.

"Just checking a hunch, Zi-va." Tony replied, appearing to go back to work, sparing her only a short flash of his smile. She narrowed her eyes and thought she recognised the symptoms he was exhibiting. There was only one subject that made Tony grin like that and she knew that phone call had given him another reason to grin about it.

"What hunch?" McGee called from his desk, looking completely mystified as a knowing look passed over Ziva's face and Tony gave him a pitying glance. How was he supposed to know what they were talking about? He hadn't yet caught onto the way they could talk about something without actually saying what it was. Sometimes Tony wondered if he ever would.

"About who sent the Director flowers, Probie." Tony answered, not really answering the question, meaning of course that it became a matter for discussion, which was exactly what Tony had intended of course. Ziva resigned herself to lending an ear to the talk and gave up on working the task Gibbs had set her for a few minutes. They had at least another five minutes before he got back.

"Maybe it was her boyfriend. I heard she was seeing a doctor." McGee offered, leaning back in chair, also resigned to talking it out with the others, knowing the Pact they'd all agreed to was finally coming into play and in some way, they were all looking forward to it. They wanted happiness for both people involved. Tony shook his head, a smug smile saying he'd already considered and discarded that idea, and Ziva thought privately it was great to see him so easy. He'd been a bit on edge since Gibbs came back.

"Over last week. He's been posted abroad. Although I have a feeling it was more to do with a certain person returning and claiming her time more than him being away." Tony wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and McGee rolled his eyes but Ziva gave him a sharply questioning look, plainly asking how he knew that. Even she hadn't known about that yet. He saw it and shrugged, rolling his head back. "I may have overheard a bit of conversation and bribed Cynthia for the rest." Tony admitted, not looking at all ashamed, which he probably wasn't. Though Ziva would be having serious words that girl, to warn her about letting DiNozzo get hold of information before her. "Besides, her boyfriend would not pick the lock to her office or make his own key just to deliver her some flowers without being seen." Tony announced, satisfied when both the others' faces looked suitably surprised at this little piece of information.

"The lock was picked?" McGee queried, turning his chair to face Tony, while still making sure his work for Gibbs was still up on the screen, so he could get back to it if the boss did decide to make an early appearance. DiNozzo also turned his chair sideways and leant back, putting his feet up on the desk and nodding.

"Well, no one else has a key but her, Cynthia and her security detail so that leaves the two possibilities I mentioned." Tony answered, meeting McGee's gaze with a self-satisfied smile again. Ziva was moving a post-it from one side of her desk to the other when a thought occurred to her and she spoke it in a conversational tone, before her brain caught up with the implications.

"I bet Gibbs has a key." She could have head-slapped herself as soon as the words left her mouth. That was the whole point. And Tony had just made her say instead of him. She flipped her head up surprisingly fast and glared at the said Agent, as his smirk threatened to make all his muscles strain.

"Exactly, Miss David." Tony congratulated and she glared even more, her fingers stretching towards the paperclip box she always kept on her desk threateningly. His exultant expression barely flickered, even as his eyes dropped quickly towards the box and back up to the slight smirk on her face as she opened it and took one out, spinning it between her fingers.

"No, Tony, not again. Don't you remember how mad the Director was last time we got caught?" McGee intruded on the moment and their attention flashed away from each other and towards him. Tony recovered his bravado, even as the memory made him squirm a little. She really had been terrifying that day. But he remembered how Abby had squealed when he'd revealed their plan to her, and how happy Gibbs had seemed around her before he left, unless they were fighting, in which case, the chemistry was even more obvious. That was what he wanted for the Boss. And he may not have much more time to achieve it, if he took the Director up on that promotion.

"I'll risk it." Tony told the old Probie, the smirk not quite as prominent now but still there. It just made McGee roll his eyes again and he almost went back to work. Then he had a thought.

"Well, if you're right Tony, all we'd need is to see that card. At least then we know what kind of basis we've got to work with for this Pact." Tim said quietly, his eyes making a sweep over the area outside the bullpen, wishing more than anything that Gibbs was not anywhere in the near vicinity. Otherwise they would all be dead. Or worse. But when he saw the look in Tony's eye after he said it, he felt just like Ziva had. Ready to Gibbs-slap himself. He'd walked right into that one.

"Got it in one Probie." Tony replied, that mischievous gleam they knew so well in his eyes. Ziva shook her head – he never learned to keep his nose or any other extension of his face out of everyone else's business. McGee followed her movement and did the same, turning away from Tony's eager eyes, knowing he would not be able to ignore him if the other man could find his eyes.

"Tony, you can't possible be thinking of-" Ziva started with an incredulous expression, overlaid with disbelief. But Tony turned his head to her and grinned in a way that told her that was exactly what he was thinking. "Breaking into the Director's office?" She finished, making clear she thought he was nuts with just a flash of her expression at him and McGee. Tony raised his arms and looked at them both as if asking what was the big deal.

"Tony, she has security for a reason. And Gibbs'll be back any minute, you know he'll catch us."

"Already, McScaredy, you can be lookout for the Director. If you see her coming towards her office while I'm still in there, delay her. Got it? Ok, Ziva, can you call Abby? Ask her to call the Director down to her lab and keep her there for as long as she can. I don't want to get caught looking at that card again." He muttered, and though the other two shared another look about that, he did not elaborate. What could he have said? That he was thinking of leaving? That this could be one of the last times he could joke with them about this? No. He got up and went around the desk to wait by the stairs until he saw the Director leave in response to Abby's summons. But Ziva stopped him just before he could leave the awkward situation he'd created.

"What do I do?"

"Keep a watch for Gibbs."

"Why do you get to check the card?"

"Because I'm the only one that can get past Cynthia. Just make sure he doesn't catch on, if he turns up while I'm still gone, say I've gone to the head or something, be creative. Just make sure he doesn't think I'm doing what I'm actually doing." Tony told her, urgently; knowing they probably didn't have much time. Just as he turned to head for the stairs, he saw Jenny glide across the catwalk, flicking a gaze at their square before she called the elevator and stepped inside. He checked his watch, guessing he probably had about seven minutes until she caught on Abby was rambling about nothing.

The other two team members did what they'd been told, habits like that were hard to break and they were curious to see what was on that card, despite themselves. It would give them something if Gibbs had sent them. Ziva barely contained a wince at the thought of the squeal Abs would release on hearing it was from him. Luckily, this was the one time Gibbs did not turn up at the wrong moment. He was conveniently absent until after Tony returned five minutes later. The subtle assured air he had as he descended the stairs and his smirk, though not as obvious as before, was nonetheless still very much present. Ziva guessed before he'd even told them he'd been right. Gibbs had sent her the flowers. Which only made the Israeli even more curious as to what Gibbs could say with flowers that he couldn't say in person.

"What did it say?" Ziva asked as Tony once more took up a relaxed position behind his desk, self-gratification seeping from his every pore.

"All he said was 'Thanks' but it was him." DiNozzo confirmed, a happy smile settling in his expression. Ziva contemplated that news as McGee sat at his desk, surprise evident in his posture. Hadn't he said Tony was usually right about these things? Well, maybe he hadn't truly believed that. However, it was the smile on Tony's face just then that set Ziva thinking. It wasn't smug or sneering, it was a truly happy smile, as if he was honestly happy for both Gibbs and Jenny, that there was still some friendliness at the very least between them. It made their task a little less daunting.

"You're glad he gave her flowers, yes?" Ziva ventured, wondering if he would talk about it.

"Yeah, Ziva, it means he's human under there somewhere." Tony replied honestly, before turning to his computer and starting to type. That made Ziva smile.