Chapter 28 – Bonus Chapter Renewing the vows

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Chapter 28 – Bonus Chapter Renewing the vows

It's been many years since Ichigo and Rukia made the move to Soul Society. It had been ten years in fact. Taro was now twenty-five, and he and his twenty-three year old sister Aijou had graduated form the Shinigami academy with honors. Aijou had been placed in the fourth division and was the new third seat replacing the former third seat

Iemura Yasochika, much to his displeasure. Taro had been recruited into eleventh, and after his rejection of the invitation was drug kicking and screaming by Zaraki. Taro moved up the ranks and is now the fourth seat, and he sends his days avoiding Zaraki. Ichigo and Rukia had been married twenty-five years. In fact today was there anniversary and they were celebrating it in the most romantic way possible. Everyone had gathered, from just about every corner of Soul Society, and converged at Byakuya's estate. Orihime, Ishida, and Chad even came from the real world to see Ichigo and Rukia renew their vows. The gardens were decorated with streamers and bows, chars were set out amidst the flowers. Ichigo was wearing a tuxedo. And after much battling Rukia mad managed to force herself in her wedding dress, the same one she worse back when they got married. Rukia looked in a mirror. Her breast had grown and looked as if they would pop out of her dress any second. Rukia didn't mind all that much she was more focused on the sound of stretching fabric that had been coming from her hips when she put the dress on. Her hips had expanded a bit from the birth of her and Ichigo's two children. Rukia's sighed in relief that she had manage to keep her fit and tiny waistline. The music played. Rukia walked towards Ichigo. She was taking many small short breaths out of the fear of falling out of her dress. Ichigo was shocked to see Rukia fit into her old dress. If you wanna call it fitting into. It looked more like a women's desperation to prove she was still just as young and pretty as she used to be. Rukia made it up to her loving husband and smiled.

"Can you breath?" Ichigo whispered.

"Yes." Rukia said glaring at Ichigo for a moment. Yamamoto looked at the two and nodded. Ichigo and Rukia took each other's hands and smiled.

"We have gathered here today to celebrate the continued marriage of Kurosaki Ichigo, and Kurosaki Rukia." Ichigo and Rukia glanced into the crowd, then at Yamamoto as he continued to speak, "When you first joined hands and hearts 25 years ago, you did not know where life would take you. You promised to love, honor and cherish one another through all things. Life has surely brought you both wonderful blessings and difficult tribulations. Therefore, you have fulfilled your promise. And the Sprit King is smiling! So, as you come here today to reaffirm your wedding vows and as you reflect back over all the years as husband and wife, do you now reaffirm the vows you took 25 years ago? If so, repeat after me." Yamamoto's gaze fell onto Rukia, "Kuchiki Rukia, do you continue to take Kurosaki Ichigo, as your husband, to have and to hold in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live." Yamamoto asked.

"I do" Rukia said sweetly staring deeply into Ichigo's eyes, which seemed to have grown softer and kinder with the years. While his hair had become a mix of gray and orange, but Rukia still saw the fifteen-year-old Ichigo she fell in love with, and married.

"Kurosaki Ichigo," Yamamoto continued, "do you continue to take Kuchiki Rukia, as your wife, to have and to hold in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live."

"I do" Ichigo said sweetly, Placing brand new wedding ring on Rukia's finger. He smiled and looked into Rukia's stunning violet eyes. Other than her figure Rukia had hardly changed sense the day he meet her. While Ichigo was looking his age, Rukia retained the appearance of a twenty year old.

"You may kiss your wife, and give hope to another twenty-five years, of love and companionship." Yamamoto finished. Ichigo swept Rukia off the ground and into his arms like princess, he kissed her deeply, Rukia's arms were wrapped tightly around Ichigo's neck she kissed him deeply and passionately back. The crowed roared and cheered. They moved to the reception, Ichigo ad his arms wrapped around Rukia her back was pressed into his chest and he kissed her neck. He hadn't taken his hands of her sense he swept her off her feet, and he had no intention of letting go of her any time soon.

"Congratulations Kurosaki." Ishida congratulated walking over to them holding Orihime's hand. He and Orihime had officially gotten married about nine and a half years ago. And next to then were there seven-year-old daughter Ishida Aiko, and their four-year-old son Ishida Daichi.

"Inoue, there adorable!" Rukia cheered looking at Ishida and Orihime's adorable children.

"Thanks Kuchiki-san, but I can't take all the credit, Uryu helped." Orihime said with a giggle.

"I wish I could have been there when you were pregnant and when you had them!" Rukia whined regretfully.

"Ichigo." A voice called out from behind Ichigo. Ichigo looked over his shoulder.

"Zaraki…" Ichigo said nervously.

"You or Kuchiki seen that boy of yours?" he asked.

"No, we haven't seem him for a while." Rukia replied. Zaraki shrugged and walked away.

"Thanks mom and dad!" Taro said peeking his he'd from under a table. He pulled his head back under and the tablecloth continuing to hide form Zaraki.

"Why dose everyone keep calling me Kuchiki? I haven't gone by or even used Kuchiki in years!" Rukia sighed.

"I don't know, but I do think it's about time to head in." Ichigo said with a grin sweeping Rukia off the ground and into his arms.

"Ichigo!" Rukia squealed, "why are you just standing there?" she asked slyly. With Rukia's in his arms Ichigo flash stepped into the estate and to there room. Rukia sat across Ichigo's lap her fingers softly up his chest, she blew softly on his neck and in his ear. Ichigo caressed Rukia's silk cheeks. Rukia unbuttoned Ichigo's shirt and softly caressed his chest, and tugged at his ear lobe with her soft pink lips. Ichigo pulled down Rukia's zipper and gently ran his hands down her sides. Rukia caressed her husband's abs, her hands slid under his pants, her hands caressing in muscular inner thighs. Ichigo worked Rukia's gown off kissing her neck, shoulder, collar, and bosom. Rukia laid back in their futon, and pulled Ichigo over her. She kissed his neck and caressed his cheeks. Ichigo began to fiddle with the clasp on Rukia's shorts, pulling them down. Ichigo traced the edges of Rukia's panties, sliding his hand under them. Rukia unfastened Ichigo's pants and started to pull them down. Once Rukia's panties were off Ichigo took off his shirt, Ichigo traced the front clasp oh Rukia's bra, he pinched the clasp, freeing Rukia's tiny chest. Ichigo gently kissed Rukia's bosom and worked his way back up to her collar, then her shoulder. Rukia kissed Ichigo's lips, deeply and passionately, her hands ran up and down Ichigo's firm chest Ichigo stoked her cheek as he began his way in, her warmth surrounded him, and a tiny groan escaped Rukia's soft pink lips. The sound of a young man screaming begins to come into range. The screaming get louder and louder, then Ichigo and Rukia's door is broken down as Taro runs into there room shrieking, Zaraki close behind him. Ichigo and Rukia shot up, Rukia pulling the blanket over her exposed body. They speed out threw the back door of the room Taro's screams faded.

"There you are Kuchiki-san!" Orihime said cheerfully walking into the room with Ishida.

"Oi! Ichigo Rukia, what are you two doing?" Renji asked coming into the room.

"Why god? Why!" Ichigo begged whimpering staring up at the ceiling.

"Kurosaki, so disgraceful, do you no care who watches theses unspeakable acts of yours?" Byakuya asked ashamed and annoyed.

"Rukia-Chan! I brought the pregnancy test you wanted." Hanataro said cheerfully holding out the test.

"Why god!" Rukia cried staring up at the ceiling.

"Pregnancy test! Rukia you aren't!" Byakuya asked worried. Ichigo and Rukia fell back and buried their faces in there pillows. Their muffled screams were barely heard by the growing crowd in there room.

"Mama, I'm hungry!" Aiko whiled pulling on Orihime's sleeve.

"dad what's going on?" Daichi asked looking up at Ishida.

"really now Kurosaki, you couldn't wait?" Ishida sighed.

And here is were, the story ends. Ichigo and Rukia, eternally battling for a moment together, and sometimes battling each other. There friends and family, never seeing to understand the concept of knocking. Thank you for reading my Fan Fiction.


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