"I got it! I got it!" Roarey (pronounced like Rory) called. Chomper had tossed a pinecone to him for a game the two sharpteeth were playing against two more of their friends. "Not yet you guys," simultaneously called Myra and Rita, two little girl sharpteeth. Rory was heading for the goal, but Myra pounced him and the pinecone fell. "Hah! My turn," laughed Rita who quickly grabbed it her mouth and ran toward the opposite team's goal.

"It's not over yet," Chomper laughed, and went to tackle Rita, but she gave him a look that he couldn't resist: she gave him a very fancy smile, and Chomper stopped running with a blush on his face. Just as he stopped, Rita crossed the goal. "We won!" called Myra, and she and Rita did a high-5.

"That's the same thing every time Chomper," Rory said slightly annoyed. "She justs has to smile at you and you'll do eveything she wants." "It's not my fault," replied Chomper. "You know I think she's...cute," he whispered to Rory. "Maybe if our teams were bigger someone would'nt be able to fall for her looks." Chomper sighed at that comment.

After spending several months in the Great Valley, the grownups decided Chomper was getting slightly bigger and that he should leave. Chomper obliged, and reuniteed with his parents at the exit. The thing Chomper missed most was his friends. He had lots in the GV, but he knew when he got older he probably wouldn't be able to see them again. It was hard to find friends in the MB, due to Redclaw always causes separation of sharpteeth herds. He did meet Rory, a fastbiter when they tried hunting the same prey unkowningly at the same time, and Myra, a girl fastbiter Rory likes, and then there was Rita...

Rita was a t-rex who lost her parents when a big longneck tried to kill her to prevent another sharptooth from growing up. He parents tried to save her, and payed the price. She managed to escape and met Chomper's parents. They adopted her, and chomper liked her. But he never thought of her as a sister, always someting more..

Rita came up to Chomper. "You aren't as tough as you look," she laughed, still bragging of her victory. "That's OK' Chomper replied. "I can always outhunt you," he laughed. " I just wish there were more sharpteeth are age around, our games would be funner if there were more friends to play them with." "You can't help that," Rita replied. "With Redclaw and all the other big meanies after all.." Rita walked off. "I'm heading home." "Tell mom and dad I'll get my own dinner, I want to spend some time to myself." "OK!" she replied running off.

Chomper walked over to a spot he found one day that hardly anyone knew about. It was a small cave with a weird shaped and colored rock in it. He was tired, so he lent up against the stone. "Man, I wish I had more sharpteeth friends," he said tired, as he fell asleep, not realizing the stone behind him began to glow...

That's the prolouge, what do you guys think? (I hope people will accept the fact that I want the gang to remain as sharpteeth, I don't want my story to be a repat of The Lonenly JKourney, if that's OK with you guys.)

(Ahead of time, just so you know, it's NOT going to be a dream sequence.)