Title: Protector of Ancient Greece

Genre: Romance, humor, family

Rating: T for language, violence, and perverted humor

Pairing: JesseXJaden (LOTS of Fluff)

Full Summary: Jesse was taken from his home on Mt. Olympus as an infant and forced to live among the humans. He then learns that he must become a true hero to return to his home. But with the evil God of Death, Giese Trapper, and the boy Jesse secretly has a crush on, Jaden Yuki, running around, this might not be as easy as it was said to be.

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NOTES: Yubel appears like Jesse did when he was possessed not as a monster like in the series just so you know. So Yubel looks just like Yubel-Jesse.

Italic- Thoughts

Bold- A god's true anger voice (When a god is angry)

Chapter Nine: For the One They Love

"DAMMIT!! WE WERE SO CLOSE!!!" Giese roared in rage at the fact that his plan had failed so horribly, shooting fire all around. Syrus and Hassleberry ducked the flames, staring at their master in shock at what he was doing. Giese was fuming while sitting in his throne.

"I can't believe this! All because our little Jaden had to go all noble and surrender his life to save that brat!" Giese roared. Suddenly, the castle started trembling, and then Jesse burst into the castle, using Cerberus as a chariot to get in.

"Where's Jaden?!" Jesse growled in a horrifying voice. Giese scooted back into his throne and laughed nervously. Jesse leaped down and grabbed the front of Giese's shirt. "Let. Him. Go. Now!!" Jesse growled in a terrifying voice. Giese pulled away from the bluenette.

"Follow me, then..." he said before bringing Jesse to the area where the pool of souls were. As they saw the pool, Jesse scanned the souls with his eyes, and then gasped as he saw Jaden laying under the surface, his eyes closed as if in peaceful sleep.

"Jaden!" Jesse cried out before reaching for the soul. As he touched the water, he felt it burn him, and he yanked his hand back with a gasp of pain. Giese laughed, and then Jesse glanced around before glaring at Giese. "You like making deals. Take me in Jaden's place!"

"The son of my hated rival floating forever in a river of death? Hmm... Is there a downside to this?" Giese thought outloud. Finally he laughed. "Fine, you go in, get him out, Jaden goes, you stay. Got it?" he said. Jesse nodded before diving into the pool. "Oh, by the way! You'll be dead long before! That's not a problem right?"


Jesse floated among the many spirits, thrashing them free from his body. Since he was alive, the spirits craved his light. Jesse snapped them away and then found Jaden floating in a tangle of spirits. Since Jaden was newly dead, he still held some light. And the spirits wanted it.

Jesse broke free and then swam towards Jaden, feeling weaker with each second. Little did he know that the Fates were raising the scissors towards his strong of life. Once they cut it, Jesse would be dead, along with Jaden. The bluenette weakly reached for his lover. As their hands touched, the Fates cut Jesse's thread....

But nothing happened!

"What's the matter with these scissors!?" Aster hollered in rage. Zane's eyes widened in shock. The thread wouldn't cut! That meant that Jesse was in immortal! Giese shuddered as Jesse pulled himself from the pool, his body glowing with a godly light.

"T-that's impossible! You can't be alive, you'd have to be..." Giese whispered in terror as Jesse rose from the pool, holding Jaden's translucent spirit in his arms.

"A god?" Syrus whispered in shock. Giese roared out in rage as Jesse slowly started going towards the exit, his eyes focused forward. Nothing mattered to him except for Jaden. The bluenette glanced down at Jaden's spirit, which was sleeping in his arms.

"Jesse, stop! You can't do this! You can't-" Before Giese could finish, Jesse shot his fist out and smashed it into the god's face. Giese shook his head before laughing lightly. "Okay, well, I deserved that. Jess, can't we talk about this first? Jaden, talk to him!" Giese pleaded to the brunette's spirt. Jesse grit his teeth, finally having enough.

Without much effort, Jesse punched Giese into the pool of the dead. As the bluenette started leaving, Giese hollered as the spirits started trying to devour him. Syrus stared down at Giese and smiled as Hassleberry walked up shuddering.

"He'll be mad when he gets out of there!" he shouted. Syrus smiled happily.

"You mean, if he gets out," he smiled. Hassleberry smirked down at the pool of death, where Giese was being dragged under the water. They both then left the castle of death, following after Jesse, who was simply leaving with Jaden's soul in his arms.


Jim sat by Jaden's lifeless body, staring at him while allowing his tears to slowly face. The pale corpse before him was just a sad reminder that Jesse might not ever return again. Jim suddenly glanced up when he heard gravel crunching, and then he glanced over and saw Jesse.

"Jesse!" he gasped when he saw that the bluenette was surrounded in a godly light. Jesse smiled at Jim before he gently kneeled by Jaden's pale body. He stared at the spirit in his arms before smiling and then he laid Jaden's spirit down over his body. The two fused, and Jaden's skin slowly got its color back.

Jaden's eyes slowly opened, and he gasped lightly. Jesse felt his heart skip a beat in happiness as he saw Jaden wake up. Jim gasped in happiness, and Sapphire held his breath in shock, afraid to ruin the moment. Jaden smiled up at Jesse.

"J-Jesse... H-how did you..." Jaden spoke, trying to figure out how Jesse had saved him. Jesse chuckled before reaching down and cupping Jaden's cheek with his glowing hand and then he smiled at the brunette.

"People do crazy things... for the one they love..." the bluenette whispered. Jaden gasped and then reached up to embrace Jesse tightly. Sapphire and Jim whooped as Jesse picked up Jaden and smiled at him, and suddenly, the four friends found themselves inside the clouds by a gate, surrounded by cheering gods.

"Jesse, we are so proud of you..." Haou said as he stepped before his son and then embraced him. Jesse laughed lightly and hugged his 'mother' back before smiling at Yubel, who cheered and then embraced his son for the first time ever.

"Fine work, my boy! You're a true hero! You were willing to risk your life for this young boy, and so, you can finally come home," the bluenette god smiled before pointing at Jaden. The brunette blushed and then started walking away with a sad look.

"So long, Jesse. You'll make one heck of a god," Jaden whispered before he started walking away.


Jesse saw that Jaden was walking away, and he lowered his head slowly. "Mom... Dad... I've been waiting for this day for my whole life. But...." Jesse then strode over and grabbed Jaden's hand before staring into his eyes. "A life... without Jaden, would feel empty. I should be on earth with him. I finally know where I belong..." Jesse whispered.

Jaden blushed at the words that Jesse had said to him. Jesse smiled warmly before kissing Jaden on the lips. Jaden gasped and then moaned into the kiss. Haou smiled sadly and then nodded before pointing to Olympus.

"The gates are open to you two forever. Come back whenever you feel it is needed," he smiled warmly. Yubel nodded as well, and everyone started cheering. Jesse was a great hero, as well as a god, and everyone on earth was happy.

It couldn't get better than this!


"I'm'a shout it from the mountain tops!"

"A star is born!"

"It's a time for pulling out the stops!"

"A star is born!"

"Honey, hit it with a hallelu…

"That kid came sailing through

So sing the song

And blow your horn!

A star is born!"

"He's a hero who can please the crowd!"

"A star is born!"

"Come on everybody shout it out loud!"

"A star is born!

"Just remember in the darkest hour

Within your heart's the power

For making you

A hero too!

So don't lose hope when you're forlorn!"

Jaden, Jesse, Sapphire, and Jim all stared up at the skies, where the gods had just picked out a constellation for Jesse. One man pointed to it with a smile and then he said with a greatly pleased voice, "That's Jim's boy!" Jim shed a few tears as his dream came true. He started sobbing out of happiness, and his friends embraced him while laughing.

"Just keep your eyes

Up on the skies!

Every night a star is

Right in sight a star is

Burning bright

A star is born!"


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