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I have a secret that I should of told the Cullens, my "father" knew about it, but he never talk about it, but sometimes I think that it is going to catch up to me soon. I cold almost feel it. I think that they are noticing it to, or just think that I am hanging out with Jacob more and more, but that is not true. You see I am adopted; Sarah and Billy Black are my real parents. I don't remember why they had given me up to Charlie and Renée when I was young, but I don't regret it, that was until I heard the legends about the Quileute Tribe, about werewolves, Billy thought that it might be important to learn about this stuff, seeing as I am his flesh and blood and Charlie and Renée's. When Charlie and Renée divorced I was sent with Renée, as much to Billy's Discomfort, he didn't want his youngest daughter to be living in a city, with lots of people, but when I was 16 I decided to move back to fork to live with Charlie and be closer to Billy. I've been back to Forks many times, but the worst memory I have of coming back to Forks was to go to my Mothers funeral, I think I was four at the time. Do I didn't know nothing, only that a lot of people where sad, which made me sad. Well right now the Cullens are getting worried about me because they think I have been hanging out with the wolves more and more, Jacob doesn't know that I am his sister, which also makes it harder for me every time he says that he Loves me, but he doesn't recognize it as brotherly love, that the only way I feel about him. And then there is Edward, I could see the look in Billy's eyes every time he sees me with Edward, or when I mention Edward, His youngest daughter dating a Vampire.

"Bella, are you in there?" I heard Edward's voice asked; I snapped out of my memories and looked at him.

"What… oh now I am I am just remembering some things about my past," I said.

"Care to enlighten me?" he asked smiling the crooked grin I had fell in love with so many times.

"Hmm… I don't think you could handle it," I said, looking away.

"What do you think I couldn't handle, I handled the situation knowing that you knew what my whole family was, mostly because of your best friend." He said mockingly talking about Jacob; sometimes I hated it when he teased my brother.

"Edward you know I don't like when you tease Jacob." I said.

"I know Bella." He said kissing me, he had a confused look on his face, when his hand toughed mine, it felt colder then it had ever been, even when I had a fever.

"Bella are you alright?" he asked concern, I knew what was happening even though it should of happened to me.

"Yeah, can I use your phone?" I asked, I need to call Billy, this shouldn't be happening to me, I should have only been past down to Jacob, not me. Rachel didn't get this, Rebecca didn't get this, but why me.

"Sure, here you go." Edward said, as I was dialling, Alice burst through the room.

"Bella, I can't see your future anymore." She said, almost scared. But I shushed her and the other line picked up.

"Hello?" Great Billy picked up.

"Billy, I said softly.

"Bella, what is it?" he asked, he knew I only called him if it was an emergency.

"It is happening; I thought it would only go to Jacob not me?" I said in the phone, Both Alice and Edward were looking at me funny.

"What do you have so far?" he asked.

"My Temperature is a lot warmer then normal and Alice can't see me in her vision." I said, I really didn't want thins but it was going to happen not matter what, I looked at the two vampire who where in the room with me, they started to put the pieces together. And then I admitted, "I'm scared."

"Shhh... Bella calm down, I will send Sam and Leah over, Sam because he is the Alpha and Leah because she is the other girl, just meet them outside." Billy said I nodded.

"Bye Dad," I said and Alice and Edward gasped.

"Bye Bella, Your mother would have been proud." He said, I nodded even through he couldn't see me and then hung up.

"Bella?" Edward asked. I nodded.

"It is true, Billy is my biological father, and Jacob is my brother." I said.

"But how?" he asked.

"Charlie and Renée adopted me from them, I don't know why they gave me up, but it must for some reason, they always kept contact with me." I said as I could feel my temperature rising a bit more. "I got to go." I said. I could feel my body adjusting to the temperature rise; I started having a thin sheet of sweat on my forehead. "I got to go; they are going to be waiting for me." I said as I headed down stairs.

"Why are there two werewolves outside our house?" Emmett asked, I just past by him and walked over to Sam and Leah, Sam was human and Leah was wolf.

"Come on Bella." Sam said, but I already started trembling, I should feel every bone in my body rattle, I dropped on my hands and knees as the shakes got worst, I felt really hot right now, everything was becoming black as I tried to stay conscious but when a jolt of pain, just coursed through my body, I couldn't take it anymore and blacked out, then I could hear faint voices in my head.

Bella, why is Bella here? - Seth

What is going on, why is the leach lover a wolf, - Paul

Wow, that must have been painful, ­- Quil

Good she is a wolf now, - Sam

Finally I am not the only girl in the pack, - Leah

Bella are you ok? – Jacob

I tried to get up but just ended up falling on my stomach, replaying the transformation in my head, I opened my eyes, and then I smelt them, they didn't use to smell like that, but it still irked my nose. I started to whimper. And then I was surrounded by most of the pack.

Bella, why is she a wolf, she is not related to any one from the pack. Jacob said. I shook my head replaying every memory from my childhood; Then Jacob started backing away, the other wolves gasped. Only Sam knew this, No, no, Rachel told me you died, so did Rebecca, Billy said nothing about another sibling. He would have told me.

Billy didn't want you to know about me, I don't know why, but now you know why I have been coming over, and then the phone calls, the gifts and everything else. Jacob then ran away, I tried following him, but Sam stopped me.

Bella, you have to calm down, if you want to change back, you have to relax. Sam said, but I couldn't help it, I just freaked out my brother, by telling him I was sister.

Oh he will handle it; I think he is going to talk to Billy. Leah said I nodded.

Now just think of being clam and maybe you will be lucky and change as fast as Jacob did, Sam said, I nodded lying down. I started to think of some thing calming, like the was Edward plays the piano, is a couple of second I was lying on the ground naked, I gasped then his my self by curling in a ball, I felt a blanket over me in a matter of seconds I thanked them and then wrapped the blanket around me.

"Sam says that you are like Jacob, you did Phase back quick like him." Edward said, reading his mind, I couldn't look at him know I didn't tell them what I might be, what I could turn into. I didn't want to look at then in the eyes knowing what I might see, distrust, hurt, and then Edward's eyes, now that I was a wolf and he was vampire. I couldn't handle all this, and then I phased back to a wolf and ran away from the Cullens and the other wolves.