Hide and Seek


We were back at the Volturi Castle, they had grown on me over the years, and they too had welcomed me to their ranks. Today we decided to see how good Demetri's tracking really was. While m y new family distracted him, I took off into another direction before turning wolf and running as far as I can before taking off the low cliff I had jumped off many times. I plunged into the sea and swam to a cave that I had noticed the other day while swimming with my love.

I crawled to the little space and changed back to my normal human self. I started rock climbing to the high cliff and changed back to my wolf self placing my head in my paws listening to the waves crash against the rocks and the cliffs. I closed my eyes for a couple minutes, the waves were lulling me to sleep and it wasn't long before I was out.


I was listening to my master drone on and one about something that I was not interested in. there a glint in his eyes and I did not know what to make of it. I was just about to place all my wait on one leg and lean to the left when he asked my about my bells.

"Demetri, where you're your wolf girl, Bella?" he asked. Looking around and listening for the faint heartbeat that was still present where ever my love is. I started to get worried when all I heard was the shuffling of the feet of other vampires. Gianna was now a vampire and was still working as the receptionist so her heartbeat was no longer present. I started to worry.

"Aro, where is my mate?" I asked, worriedly that he did something or said something that would make my love run away. Aro gave a soft chuckled before smiling with that glint in his eyes.

"Why don't you track her?" he said smiling. I looked over at the other brothers who were looking away, but I could see the faint lift of the corner of their mouths. I sighed and walked out.

"You know you will never get tired of playing Hide and Seek." Aro said as the door slowly closed.

I took an unnecessary deep breath and waited for a tug in my mind to set me on the course.

I followed it out of the castle, across the yard, and to the cliff. Taking a whiff I could smell the remains of my mate scents where.

I launched myself off the cliff and into the water and followed the pull to the edge of a cliff. I started to panic when there was no opening. I dove below to see if there was anything there, an opening or if my love was under the water. I was surprised to see a small opening that could fit human. I swan there and realized that it was a cave. I swan to the top and noticed that the water was just a couple feet from my sleeping mate. I gave my self a smile before climbing out of the water and climbing the rest of the way to my sleeping mate.

She must have heard me because her ears twitched before opening her eyes. I gave her a smile and dug my hands into her fur. She shuffled over and placed her head in my lap. I closed my eyes and started patting her hair. It started to get less dense and soft before she was lying in my arms naked. I took off my wet cloak and covered her body before placing a soft kiss her mouth before letting her rest her head on here.

"I think we are stuck here for a while." She said smiling up at me. Her eyes were still closed.

"Looks like that." I said.

She rubbed herself into my lap before opening one eye, "Happy anniversary." She said leaning up to give me a kiss.

"Happy Anniversary love." I replied.

Today was the day that we had gotten together, officially, not married, even thought that anniversary was coming up, this was the day we were finally free to be together, that everyone accepted us. I kissed her one more time before sitting back and letting her sleep with the waves as her lullaby.

Happy 25 anniversary, my love.

Well here you go, took long, but here is one, one-shot of 25 years later.

Just to clear things up and not confuse people, since Bella is around vampires all the time, she has stayed with her wolf shape not aging. If you haven't gotten it, Bella and Demetri are married, I will write the one-shot sooner or later.

I hope you liked it. Even thought it is short and quick. Also, I am sorry for any mistakes, I have a tendency to do that a lot, also the time takes into affect as well seeing as it is way past my bed time. But if I want my 65% to be an 80%, in english, I must finish the work, even if it means studying over the book the Chrysalids for hours until I finish all the Questions, vocab and Extras.

Enjoy the one-shot. :)