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Chapter 1: Beginning /B

It was a beautiful day in Sinnoh and Ash, Brock and Dawn stop for a lunch break in field near a lake.
"So Brock, what's for dinner?" asked Ash.
"My famous stew is for dinner today," replied Brock.
"So, where's our next stop anyway?" Dawn asked.
"Erm… not sure," was Ash's reply.
Then Ash, Brock and Dawn heard a rustling in the bushes. "Who's there?" Ash asked as he stood.
Then a mysterious person wearing a cape and hat to cover his face appeared out of the bushes and said, "Ash Ketchum, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!"
"Think I'll pass thanks."
"You'll pass?" the mysterious person said kinda shocked.
"Yes, I'm not in the mood for battling right now."
"And why not?"
"Cus I'm hungry."
"Hey, why don't you join us for dinner and battle with Ash after?" Brock asked.
"Sure, if you don't mind of cause."
"Nah, we don't mind at all," Brock said.
"Ok, then thanks." The mysterious person replied. "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my name's Jim."
"Hi, I'm Ash"
"My name's Dawn."
"And I'm Brock, nice to meet ya."
"And this is my buddy, Pikachu," Ash said.
Pikapi (hello).
"Nice to meet you all," said Jim. "So Ash, is a 1V1 Pokemon battle ok with you?"
A few minutes later
"Dinner is ready," Brock shouted.
"Great!" everyone else shouted.
During Lunch
"WOW! Brock, you sure are a great cook!" shouted Jim.
"Thank you."
After Lunch
"So Ash, how about our battle?"
"I'll serve as referee," said Brock, "everyone ready? Then call out your Pokemon!"
Dawn and Pikachu sat on a nearby log.
"Great, Glaceon! Let's go!" shouted Jim.
"A Glaceon huh? Then Staravia! I CHOOSE YOU!"
"Huh? But flying types are weak against ice types" shouted Dawn.
Pika (That's right).
"Oh? I totally forgot." Was Ash's reply.
"BEGIN!" yelled Brock.
"Ok, we'll start, Glaceon, use Icy wind!"
"Staravia, dodge!" Staravia dodged the attack. "Now use Aerial Ace!"
"Glaceon dodge it!" but it was too late, Glaceon got hit.
"Yes, now use Tackle Staravia."
"Perfect, use Icy Wind!" Staravia got blown back by the Icy Wind. "Now use Ice Fang!"
"Staravia, dodge it!" Staravia still weakened from the Icy Wind, couldn't do anything to prevent the Ice Fang.
"Staravia is unable to battle, Glaceon wins, the victory goes to Jim!"
"Way to go Glaceon! You were great! You deserve a rest" said Jim returning his Pokemon.
"Staravia, you were great too, return."
"Nice battle Ash."
"Yeah, congratulations."
They then shook hands.
"Well, I guess I should get going now, see ya later everyone!" Jim shouted as he ran off.
"Bye! See ya soon!" Ash, Brock and Dawn shouted to him while waving.
Pika! (Bye!)

6 hours later

"Well… there's a Pokemon centre just up ahead, we should go rest there for tonight." Brock told everyone.
"Alright! Let's go guys!" shouted Dawn while running off to the Pokemon centre.
"Let's go," was Ash's reply.
They arrived at the Pokemon centre and… B I think you know what happens next /B Brock ran to Nurse Joy, "Nurse Joy! Maybe later we could…" but then he was stopped with a Poison Jab from his Croagunk, and he pulled him away, while Ash and Dawn was laughing slightly.
"We'd like a room for 3 please," Dawn asked Nurse Joy.
"Of course, your room is number 27, here is your key, it's on the third floor up the elevator and to the right."
"Thank you" Ash and Dawn said at once.
3 hours later (10:00pm) everyone was asleep, except…
"Why can't I win anymore?" Ash asked himself quietly so he wouldn't wake the others. "It's not like I'm not trying, it's just that…" he then walked over to the balcony.

Meanwhile, in Johto that day at 8:37pm, May just lost another contest…
"Listen to me May, you gotta snap out of it." Drew shouted at her.
"I can't."
"You have to! Ash is gone, forget about him, he doesn't like you, he hates you, why else would he leave you like this when you need him most? Why isn't he here if he truly likes you? You have to forget about him and concentrate on the present, not staying in the past, you have to train, you're a lot better than…"
"Shut up!" was all May could say as she ran off to her room at the Pokemon centre and locked the door crying her eyes out.
"Wow, you've really done it now." Harley said to Drew.
"Yeah, well what do you know?"
"Don't give me that attitude!"
"What will you do about it?"

10 minutes later (9:49pm)

"We should stop arguing," Harley said to Drew.
"Yeah, let's stop."

Another 10 minutes later

May has stopped crying and is walking over to the balcony…
May stopped crying, her eyes were a deep red around her natural sapphire eyes. Tears were still rolling down her cheeks as she slowly made her way onto the balcony. Her bright smile was nowhere to be found, and the hair that came out from underneath her bandanna was limp and lifeless.

She looked out to see the crescent moon coming over the mountains in the horizon peering over the clouds. The stars shone down from the heavens, as May got out something from her fanny pack.

It was half of a ribbon.

But to the co-ordinator from Hoenn it shon brighter than the moon.

She looked over to the distance, past the mountains, and past the vast oceans seperating her from the person that held the other half, and hoped that he was holding his half, and feeling the same way.

But unknown to her.

He was.

As they whispered to each other, across the continents and the oceans, through a bond between them that would not be broken as long as they both held on. Not to the ribbon, but to each other.

"I will see you again."

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