The first time Owen died, the last thing he saw was Tosh's anguished face and her eyes, pleading for him to stay with her. To stay alive. So, it somehow seems fitting that the second time he dies the last thing he hears is Tosh's voice. Choking out his name between hitched breaths.

It doesn't hurt, what happens to him. It's unpleasant, but that's more from knowing he's decomposing. No one really wants to be conscious for that. But he can't feel it, and he has no nerve endings so it doesn't hurt. Doesn't even tickle.

He can feel the end approaching. "Tosh, it's okay. Honestly. Just take care of yourself, love."

The last thought Owen has is that regrets are terrible things. But then he just lets them go.

Lets everything go. And then there is nothing.

Tosh has gone numb, and if she was thinking clearly, she'd know that it was a bad sign. But she's not thinking clearly. Owen had been murmuring reassurances to her but now there was silence. No gasps, no howls of pain or anger. She used to like silence. She doesn't anymore.

She can hear the door open, followed by Jack's light footfalls. There's no strength left to call out. Not even to cry. Jack starts yelling her name and then it's confusion as he, Ianto, Captain John and Gwen all come running into the autopsy room. There's a small moment of hope, but that's dashed as soon as she remembers that Owen is dead. She has nothing left to hope for now. It died along with him.

Jack gently gathers her in his arms, trying to reassure her that all will be well. It won't be. She can tell that much from the false cheer Gwen infuses in her voice. All of her remaining strength goes into letting them know that Owen is gone. Gone and her unable to save him. If there was any portion of her heart still intact, it would break.

Gwen works on her and she can see both Ianto and John hovering in the periphery, worried. Jack's arms are warm and he smiles down at her in his dashing way. There are worse ways to die, she decides.

All the noise, the clattering, fades into the background, becomes a buzz. A new voice comes to the forefront.

"Come on, Tosh. Time to go."

It's Owen. Owen has come for her after all.

She can feel herself smiling. It might not be so scary if he's with her.

"It's time, darling. Let go."

The darkness envelops her and on the other side he waits, hand out, so they can continue the journey together.