The Revenge: A Dawna Parody (Operation Revenge)

A/N: This story refused to not be written. I got so tired of Iggy's new character in my Dawna universe interrupting my Fax moments that I finally decided to give him a good smack down. Obviously this is all blowout of proportion, it's a parody. But it sure helped with my frustration!

Chapter One: A Call to Arms

"I say we just throw him off a cliff."

Max stopped dead in her tracks in the hallway, her shocked eyes turning toward the doorway she'd just passed. The voices were continuing, Max snuck closer. To her surprise, she realized it was Iggy's lab.

"That's not nearly humiliating enough." Fang countered. That was one voice Max could easily decipher.

"I don't necessarily want to humiliate him, Fang. Though that would be a great bonus. I vote we just do him in and be done with it. He's driving me insane." Nudge said angrily Max's brain was going a mile a minute, trying to decipher why Fang and Nudge seemed to be plotting the untimely demise of a random someone.

Max heard a scrapping sound, and then footsteps as Fang walked to the other side of the room. "You scare me sometimes, Nudge." He said.

"You guys are all lucky," Gasman piped up. "At least you don't have to work with him!"

"Still, we don't have to stoop as low as murder, public humiliation would be more effective anyhow. Besides, if Max found out we'd killed him, she'd lock us in a federal prison herself." Fang said.

"It'd still be worth it." Nudge muttered, just barely loud enough for Max to hear.

"Why don't we just have Cannon freeze time around him for a few hundred years?" Gazzy asked, pouting from the sounds of it.

"Or have Angel expose him to some rare strain of fatal virus."

"Nudge, what did I just say about murder? And Gazzy, we're aiming for humiliation here. Nobody'll be around in five hundred years to see his reaction." Fan said. Max could tell he was growing irritable.

"Hey, it's not like you have any brilliant suggestions!" Nudge said, slumping back against a wall.

"I was all for stringing him up by his ankles off the Eifel Tower till you decided to go all homicidal on me and cut the rope while his wings were tied." Fang replied.

"I like the idea of sticking him on a NASA space shuttle stuck in orbit." Gazzy said, an evil smile on his face.

"But then we'd have to send someone up with him to fly the thing and we wouldn't want to trap a pilot up there with him for who knows how long." Fang said, dismissing his theory.

Max broke into a wide smile despite herself. Amateurs. She thought through her grin, then stepped though the doorway. "Hi." She said.

The looks of frozen shock/fear/panic swept over the three. It gave a whole new meaning to the 'deer in the headlight's' look. Gazzy and Nudge had begun to edge toward the back entrance in case a run for their lives became desperatly essential.

Fang recovered first, his well honed mask quickly concealing any other emotion. "Max, hey." It wasn't his best come back.

"Nudge, Fang I've been looking for you everywhere. Why'd you turn your radios off? You do remember that we had a meeting with the heads of the Department of Defense half an hour ago, right?" Max said smirking.

Seeing an out, Nudge took another step toward the door. "Oh, I'm so sorry Max. We must have lost track of time. Of course we'll get right to it, won't we Fang? In fact, why don't we get going right this…"

"Yeah, let's go then." Fans agreed, also moving towards the door as Max's stare hardened. Gazzy gave them both a death glare of utter hatred as they attempted to leave him to face Max's wrath alone.

Of course Gazzy need not have worried, as Max cut short their escape. "What on Earth could be so important that you forgot that the President of the United States of America was coming down for a visit?" It was moments like these that reminded Max why she loved her job.

"Uh… We just…" Nudge stammered, feeling about for a plausible answer.

It was Gazzy that finally said something. "We were discussing various strategies to combat Itex!"

"Really?" Max said, obviously not buying it. "Since when do we want to humiliate Itex rather than destroy it?"

"… Uh, well if no one ever believed in Itex, then there would be no war!" Fang said. Max's smile widened. That was pretty pitiful.

"Uh huh." Max said. If her smile got any wider her face was going to crack.

A second later, Nudge turned to Fang. "Let's…" She said, motioning to the exit.

"Yeah. Jet." Fang said following her towards the hall.

"I'll come!" Gazzy added, hurrying after them.

"Not so fast!" Max yelled. The other three stopped in their tracks and turned guiltily to face her. "What were you really talking about?" She asked though she was pretty sure she already knew the answer. Complaints had been reaching her office nearly daily for a month now.

"Iggy." Nudge finally muttered, confirming Max's suspicions.

"I am appalled at you three!" Max shouted, looking each of them scoldingly in the eye. "I'd expect you to have more maturity then to resort to miss using a fellow avian's power just to get petty revenge or hanging Iggy off of a national landmark!"Nudge and Fang concurrently hung their heads. Gazzy had crossed his arms over his chest, trying to appear as small as possible. Yeah, Max loved this job.

"He deserves something MUCH more sinister then that!" Max said, smile still fixed in place. The figures each jumped simultaneously, life threatening lecture surprisingly avoided.

"Really?" Nudge asked hesitantly, as if Max was going to turn around a bite her if she said the wrong thing.

"No freaking duh! Iggy's been a pain in my side for way to long. It's time he was taught a good lesson." Fang was smiling with her now. And Nudge leaned forward eagerly.

"A non-life threatening lesson." Max amended.

"So… you got a plan?" Gazzy asked.

Max nodded. "You better believe it."