Disclaimer: This story contains adult material and themes

Anguis in herba

A Snake in the Grass

"This should be an interesting week," I said softly as I stepped off the transporter pad. Three armed Tal Shiar guards watched us with impassive faces. Their black hair, cut perfectly in the manner that Romulans were so famous for, only added to the crispness of their appearance.

I walked on and glanced at the female Ensign beside me. "Their uniforms are aesthetically pleasing and they spark a certain trepidation. I find myself admiring the design."

"I did not just hear that," she snapped. Karla shot me a dirty look and strode ahead of me.

"We are allies, so it is only logical to find favorable traits in them," I stated. I followed her into a wide hallway. Passengers from our ship mingled with each other as they made their way towards the banquet room at the end of the hall. It was interesting to see Starfleet officers and important Romulan delegates deeply engrossed in amiable conversation. How things change…Our bright white tunics were a stark contrast to the dull greys and browns of the Romulans.

I made my way towards the banquet room, weaving around people as they lingered. I will give the cocktail party an hour of face time, and then I can be free of it and stay on our ship for the duration of the conference.

As I entered the banquet hall, I caught Senator Cretak's eye. She gave me a curt nod before turning to a broad faced Romulan male. I actually admired the woman. I enjoyed the times in Captain Sisko's war room when she was present. Her passion and freedom of emotion was something that I had always envied…

A sea of blue glimmered over the nearest table. Romulan Ale… I quickly turned away from it and walked to the buffet table. I reached out my left hand to pick at a tray of green crackers. My breath skipped and I felt as though something were pulling at my face, drawing my eyes upward. I glanced up.

I felt my heart stop.

He was standing in the middle of the party, talking to Dr. Bashir.

"It can't be," I breathed. I felt my face burn and I moved away. Never, not even in a millennium, did I ever expect to see his face again. I could almost smell him now…his distinct aroma of exotic spice that I now knew to be Romulan Ale…

"It can't be," I whispered again. I slithered into a corner and hid within the shadows, ignoring the stern gaze that the nearest Tal Shiar guard was throwing my way. "What is he doing here?"

Or better yet, who was he? I closed my eyes…It had been three years and four weeks. I remembered the date because…It was the week of my Pon Farr….

"You are curious for a Vulcan, T'Arath. You do not hold the same pretentious and falsified self grandeur that your species so worships, though, you still manage to be reserved nonetheless. I actually find myself not repulsed by your mere presence. I demand an explanation," the Romulan looked down at me. His dark eyes seemed as impenetrable as any Vulcan I knew, but his face was different. It was hardened with traces of passion set against his lips and around his eyes.

"How observant," I said. Truth be told, I had no idea what he was talking about. I was as rational and clear minded any other Vulcan. My arm ached where his counter part had grabbed me and I could still feel the dull pain thudding in my hip from the rough manner in which he had thrown me against the wall.

"You are not getting the disruptor I stowed away," I said. "At least, not until you promise me and Ensign Johnson that you will stick to your side of the compound. We have already assured you that we will stick to ours. Johnson is working on-"

"I do not wish to hear of your nonsense. This is an ancient Romulan base. You are my prisoners. You will answer my question, T'Arath. One way or the other…" He lifted a finger and pressed it against my chin. "Don't make it painful for yourself."

I shifted my head and pushed his finger away from me. "I-" I frowned. There wasn't much I could refute. He had shown us proof of his bold claim that the hidden bunker was indeed an old Romulan base, and when I had cried out to split sides, his counterpart had slammed me against the wall. Jerk.

"Well…?" He arched an eyebrow, and in the dim lighting, he actually looked handsome. I felt myself drawn to him. He had pulled me from the others since I was of higher rank than Johnson. We were standing in what used to be officer's quarters. There was a double bed with plain grey sheets, a table in one corner, and a wall locker set into the far wall. It was simple and sleek, just like his uniform.

"I do not know what you are referring to. I am as logical and sound as any other of my race. Though, at times, I do allow myself to slip…There are certain times where I feel that the inner passion of my people should surface. We are fools to deny what lies within us."

"Interesting. You say that as though you are Romulan. You should defect and embrace what you hide away in your foolish Vulcan notions of self absorbed abstinence. Romulus might even welcome you. We are always seeking to-"

"Exploit the weakness of others…yes, I'm very well aware of the fact."

"I will forget you said that, considering your condition."

"My condition?" I folded my arms and cocked my head. His mouth twitched, and for a moment, I thought he was going to smirk.

"Think really hard, Vulcan. Don't make me regret my compliment."

I frowned and pulled at my tunic. I had broken out into a hot sweat and my clothes were sticking to my back, making me more uncomfortable than I already was. I gasped. The realization hit me with a sudden ferociousness. I had not noticed before because of the crash, the storm, and then running for cover only to find four Romulans waiting for us.

"Very good," he purred. "I am going to assist you. Mostly for my benefit, but you will get enjoyment out of it." I felt myself blush at his words. His finger returned to my chin, only, this time, he was touching it softly.

He neared me and set his lips over mine. I felt pulled into him. My arms were instantly crawling around his neck. His lips were hard and forceful. He slid his hands underneath my tunic and grazed my skin with his fingers. I felt my want tingling between my legs.

"Yes," I moaned, breaking apart from his strong embrace. He forced his mouth over mine again and kissed me savagely. His left hand slid down my front as I dug my fingers into his black hair. His fingers danced along the zipper to my trousers, tugging it until finally unzipping it.

His hand felt cold as he slid his fingers down the grey undergarments beneath my trousers. I drew a sharp breath at the sudden sensation. The blood boiling within me felt as though it had congregated between my legs, burning with anticipation as his fingers wiggled their way around, dancing along every part of me, carefully avoiding where I found myself wanting his touch most.

His face drew near and his lips hovered over my cheek. Koval's hot breath brushed the very pores of my skin. His tongue flickered out for a brief second, tantalizing my cheek with its smoothness. With a sudden jerk, he spun me around and pressed me against the nearest wall so that I was facing it.

I felt him behind me, closing in on me. His want throbbed against my body as he ran his hands down the front of my tunic. He allowed his fingers to crawl up and down, stopping at my breasts until finally resting at my collar.

His breath wafted against my ear.

"T'Arath," he said. A shiver ran down my spine at the manner in which he said my name. It wasn't sweet and nor was it romantic…if anything, the forceful way was…domineering. He closed his fists around the course cloth of my tunic and pulled. The fabric was no match for a sex crazed Romulan. It tore apart with a loud, sudden rip. Koval threw it off of me and proceeded to do the same with my brassiere.

My breasts fell from it and he grabbed them, bringing his mouth to my neck. He nibbled along it, kissing and licking it as he grazed his fingers over my chest. One of his hands fell away. He promptly thrust it down my trousers and undergarments.

I felt him press himself against me. A soft moan escaped my lips. The throes of the Pon Farr were here and I was but a slave to my lustful desires. Koval's fingers tapped my most inner parts.

He soothed me, sliding his index finger over the luscious mound between my legs. I trembled from the tingling sensation and fell back into him. He pinched it, rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger.

"Koval," I whimpered. I had never felt anything like it…my mind was a blurry haze. He massaged it and caressed it with his expert fingers. I reared my head back, letting it fall into his chest. He kissed the nape of my neck.

He thrust his fingers inside of me. I moaned yet again. My legs were wobbling and were it not for him holding me in place, I would have fallen over from the sheer ecstasy of it. Deeper his fingers went and harder they thrust. I felt myself explode around them as they continued their exotic dance inside of me.

Koval laughed.

He let go of me, letting me crumble to the floor in a messy heap of moans. I writhed and lifted my hands towards him. He grabbed a thick tuft of my hair and pulled me up. Koval forced me forward, towards the long, marble table at the other end of the room.

He pushed me over it, so that my bare chest pressed against it. I shivered from the sudden chill. He bent over me.

"This is going to be a pleasurable few weeks, T'Arath," he murmured. "You will find that we Romulans are quite passionate."

He pushed himself inside of me. His large, hard member penetrated where his fingers had been earlier. I arched my back and grabbed onto the sides of the table for support. He pushed and thrust, deep and hard. I felt my entire body wanting more.

He leaned over as he continued. His breath was harder now, and every so often he'd drop his hand to caress the side of my cheek. My eyes rolled inward as I let him have his way. I howled his name and threw my head up. Deeper…harder…I was wet all over him.

He slid his left arm underneath my body and flipped me over so that I was on my back. He grunted at the motion and flung himself into me, harder than before. I wrapped my legs around him, and the grey tunic he was still wearing.

"Oh, Romulan," I found myself panting. "Oh, my—" He expelled himself inside of me and I exploded over him once again. I was howling and writhing on the table, begging him for more.

He lifted me into his arms and we proceeded to the bed…

It was a wild week filled with half crazed throes of insanity and love making. He played master while I had played his happy little slave. The things he spoke of were wicked in the eyes of the Federation, yet I indulged myself, taking in his xenophobic slander and sinister humor while sipping on his blue liquor…I had buried that week as a secret and had not looked back on it since.

He never once hurt me or Ensign Johnson. As fate would have it, both the Romulan and Federation rescue ships arrived at the same time and I never again saw Koval.

"And what makes a Vulcan blush?" I blinked and glanced over to my left. Senator Cretak was standing before me with two glasses of Romulan ale, one of which, she held out to me. I took it and hesitated before lifting it to my lips. The aroma was strong…

"Who caught your eye?"

"Senator, this is not the time for girlish whims," I said quietly. "It's the ale…"

"You lie." She said, smiling as she took a sip from her glass. Her eyes looked down at me from the clear rim of the glass.

"The Romulan over…there, who is-" I looked out at the floor again. Koval was no where in sight. I suppressed a sigh and supposed it was for the best. I didn't know what I'd do if I had to face him…I had literally been his…sexual plaything and had allowed myself to let him rule me.

I hoped he was of no importance. There were lucky Ensigns at the conference who had won seats on our ship as rewards for good behavior…certainly the Romulans had similar rewards for their low ranks. After all, this was the conference of a lifetime. The Romulans were finally our allies: the feat was monumental. Please don't be anyone important, Koval.

"A Romulan," she smirked. "As if I expected less of you," she tipped her glass to me. "Do enjoy yourself," she excused herself and moved over to another Romulan senator in beige robes. As soon as my hour is up, I am going back to the ship and not returning. There is no way I can ever face Koval again without feeling shame…The things I had laughed at, the sex, the cruel manner in which I had joked with him about Klingons, Cardassians…It was shameful.

I glanced at the time. My lustful musings had only killed several minutes. I frowned and cast several quick glances around the room. Koval's straight frame was not among the crowds of humans and Romulans. I should just leave now while I can. I can always claim that the ale is making me ill.

I finished off the ale that Cretak had handed me and set the empty glass down at the nearest table.

"There you are," Karla's high pitched voice brought me out of my miserable musings and I looked at her. "It was only a joke!"

"Oh, about the uniforms?" I frowned. She emitted a nervous laugh and started running her fingers down the front of her white and grey tunic. I looked away, trying to ignore her. I knew what she was doing alright. Karla wasn't the best conversationalist that the Federation had to offer. She had been known to annoy even the staunchest of Vulcans. And here she was, resorting to me only because she was bored.

"So have you tried Romulan Ale yet?" she asked. "I still haven't. I don't have the guts."

"No…" I said. "I was not holding a glass of it just before you walked over here…"

"Why, T'Arath, was that a joke?" She laughed. She reminded me of a Terran dog. Once she latched on, it was over. I grabbed another glass of blue ale. Where was Doctor Bashir when I needed him? It was no secret that she had taken a liking to him. I took a hefty swig from the glass and looked at her.

"I am not trying it! No way!"

"I saw Doctor Bashir over there," I said. "Next to the food. He was talking to a beautiful Romulan woman. I cannot help but admire the astute manner in which Romulans keep their hair so perfectly symmetrical. As a doctor, I'm sure he can appreciate such things."

"What?" she blinked. "He was talking to a…a Romulan?"

"Yes. He was," I nodded. "Over there." I waved my hand.

"I-excuse me, Lieutenant."

"I hope she pisses off the Tal Shiar. That would make my day," I muttered, taking another drink from my glass. In fact, I wouldn't exactly be against witnessing a Tal Shiar interrogation session involving her and pliers. At that thought, I gasped and down at the bright blue of the Romulan ale swimming at the bottom of my glass.

"No, I can't be thinking like that…" I winced at the ale. It had brought out the worst in me before, with Koval, and it was quickly bringing it out now. I reared my head back and finished it off in several quick gulps. The vile thoughts that had just crossed into my mind were unsettling and I did not ever want to go that route again. I handed the empty glass to the Romulan behind the counter and weaved my way back towards the transporter pad.

The hallway was empty. It was evident that everyone was either congregating at the banquet or waiting in the lecture hall for Doctor Bashir's lecture. Either way, I was glad for the quiet.

I slowed my pace and lingered, taking my time. The ship wouldn't be much quieter than the banquet hall. The excitement of our two powers finally working together was strong. No amount of "being on duty" could take away from that.

Three days had passed since our arrival on Romulus and I had successfully avoided having to leave the ship since the first night. Whatever and whoever Koval was, I'd never know.

"Oh, Lieutenant, there you are." I looked up from the helm and swiveled in my chair. Commander Stonn was striding towards me. His face was creased with lines of disappointment. "There is another cocktail party tonight and it's your turn to go down there. You, Irving, Samson, and Trak have been avoiding going down there. I don't know why, but believe you me, I'm going to find out! Now, get changed and be at the transporter room in a half hour."

So, someone noticed my ploys at skipping out on the dinners and social gatherings…Well, at least I hadn't been the only one avoiding it. With any luck, Koval was avoiding it too. Hopefully, I wouldn't have to ever face him again.

A half hour later, I was back on the Romulan transporter pad, looking into the faces of the Tal Shiar guards watching over us. I frowned and glanced at Ensign Trak's thick face. He was scowling and folding his arms. I stepped forward, into the empty hallway.

The hall was less crowded than it had been three nights before. I glanced around to see if I could find Senator Cretek. When I could not find her, I quickly made my way into the far end of the room. A hallway that I had not noticed before adjoined the banquet room. I stole several glances behind me before creeping into it.

It was empty, devoid of even Tal Shiar guards. Perfect. I hurried into it, going as deep down the dimly lit passage as I dared to go. It would be a boring night, standing around in a dark hallway, but it was far better than ever facing him…

Closed rooms lined the hall. Were they the lecture halls? I wondered. I hadn't exactly familiarized myself with the map that Starfleet intelligence had provided our ship. I hadn't expected that I'd need to. I was now regretting that decision.

"This hall is for Romulans only. There is no lecture tonight," The voice was sharp and distinct with a slight slithering ring to it.

His voice.

He was standing behind me, blocking the path back into the banquet hall. There was no way out of this without him recognizing me…He'd either see me as I turned, or if I lingered here without answering long enough, he'd force me to turn around. I knew him well…he loved control and loved believing the fact that Romulans were the most powerful race of all.

"Koval," I whispered. I felt myself grow cold. I could feel beads of sweat dripping down the length of my back.

I turned.

And stared into his handsome face. His eyes flashed for a brief moment, but were quickly replaced by his public mask of apathy. How many other women had seen his true face? I couldn't help but wonder. Surely he was what humans called, "a womanizer."

"Arath," he said curtly. I swallowed and felt as though the back of my throat was cinching shut. That was what he called me when he'd…pin my arms above my head and kiss me—he took out the T.

"What are you doing at this conference?" I whispered. I felt numb, ridiculous even.

"I am the Chairman of the Tal Shiar." His eyes flickered and he moved his hands behind his back. The Chairman of the Tal Shiar!? I had…with the Chairman of the Tal Shiar!? I fought hard not to gasp or show my surprise.

"Surprised, my pet?" He shifted and moved his hand. "This way."

"Of-of-course-I'm-shocked," I stammered as I followed him. He walked farther down the hallway. I felt my nerves tremble with fear and shame. "I-you-look. It would be logical to just forget about-all of-that…the past."

"I never forget." He led me into a private room. A solitary metal chair sat in front of a large desk. Two armed guards stood on either side of the door. Koval released them with a slight wave of his gloved hand.

He faced me and drew near. I could feel the warmth of his breath bearing down on my face. I cast my eyes to the floor. I couldn't do it. I did not have the guts to look at him.

"Getting you here was most tiresome, but obviously, it is going to be worth it."

"What?" I shot my head up and looked at him. His face was still impassive.

"Do you honestly think that I had just let it go at that? Do you honestly believe that I'd never keep tabs on you? I've been watching you from the moment your rescue team's transporter beams carried you away. Pets like you don't come often."

"I'm not your pet, Koval," I said. "I never was. I was just playing-"

"Do not interrupt me again." He put his fingers to my chin and slid them down, around my neck. He held them there in a firm grasp. "You belong to me now."

"Koval," I whimpered. "Please be rational. My ship—my captain will wonder where I am—"

"Don't be foolish. You know who I am." His eyes flashed again, more darkly than the last time.

"You took care of that..." I rasped. "What, a transporter accident?"

"It is of no concern." He lowered his face to mine and penetrated my open mouth with a deep kiss.