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" Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru LEARN!"

Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru were walking upstairs in the Sunset Shrine towards Kagome's room. Mrs. Hirgurashi had sent them both to her room until Kagome came back from school. Their producer needed to film another episode of "Inu-Yasha" before tommorrow and had sent the fastest people, which just happened to be Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru, to fetch Kagome. However, when they got there, Kagome wasn't to be found. Her mother explained that she was at school and then had shooed them both upstairs so she could do some house work. Unfortunately, demons don't attend school and had no idea idea it was a school day, so they had to wait for Kagome. Inu-Yasha had thought of going into her "school" or whatever she called it, and fetch her, but then the thought of her saying "sit" stopped him in his tracks.

As soon as Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru entered Kagome's room, he tripped over a HUMONGOUS pile of books near her door, send him and Seshomaru to the floor with a loud THUD.

Inu-Yasha: Dammit! That hurt!

Sesshomaru: Well, maybe if you weren't such a klutzy hanyou, you wouldn't have fell!

Sesshomaru had landed on top of Inu-Yasha and... ( Inu-Yasha" ..And flattened me with his incrediable weight! *snickers* Sesshomaru:"Maybe I shouldn't have had those extra sugar doughnuts Jaken served me. I ALWAYS control my weight....I must kill Jaken for that...... Bel-chan" *sweatdrop* um, can we continue the fic? Thank you. )....was laying on top of him.

Inu-Yasha: Will you get off of me?!!!

Sesshomaru who was already up, said" I'm already up!(AN: duh! )"

Inu-Yasha: Grr...Why in the hell does Kagome have so many "spell: books laying around here anyway?!!!!

Inu-Yasha picks up the pile of books he and Sesshomaru tripped ( Sess: Me trip over ?!! It was that dumb hanyou's fault! )over and dropped them somewhere out of the way.


Inu-Yasha turned around top find he "placed" the pile of books on top of Sesshomaru's tail, which just happened to be there at the same time.

Sesshomaru: My tail! My tail! My beautiful, delicate, soft, snow white, fluffy, tail!!!!My poor tail!!!

Sesshomaru sobs even louder as he tries to pull his tail out from under the pile of books, to no avail, then cries about his tail at a even higher volume.

Inu-Yasha who is currently covering his sensitive ears from the wails says,"All right already! I'll move the books if you just shut your girly mouth up!!!!"

After Sesshomaru stops sobbing, Inu-Yasha moves the books and sets them in a safer place as Sesshomaru tends to his limp and flattened tail. A thought strikes Sesshomaru's mind.

Seeshomaru's tail magically heals( Bel-chan: I had to heal it, or Sess-chan in the other room would kill me ) and Sesshomaru is standing up facing Inu- Yasha.

Sesshomaru: Wait a minute! GIRLY MOUTH?!!!!! Prepare to die brother dear!!!!! * Sesshomaru lunges at Inu-Yasha* POISON CL---

Mrs. Hirgurashi:" BEHAVE UP THERE!!!"

Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru stop what there doing and say: YES MA'AM!

Sesshomaru sits down calmly.

Sesshomaru: You are one lucky bastard

Inu-Yasha proud of himself says: Well duh! I'm am one of the main characters of this fic!

Inu-Yasha takes a look at the books to his right. " Why does she have so many?!" Sesshomaru lifts his shoulders then lets them fall. Sesshomaru picks up a book labeled " SCIENCE AND CHEMISTRY"

Sesshomaru: " I wonder what's in these books"

Sesshomaru flips open the book and reads from the glossary." Potential energy, energy stored....Kinetic energy, moving energy... Work=1/2 mass x height squared..... What the hell is this junk?!!!!

Inu-Yasha:" I dunno...let'see, this book is called..Advanced Al...Alge...Advanced Algerbra....Hmm... I heard Kagome says something called " Math" that was hard for her...."

Inu-Yasha flips open the book to the middle and reads aloud from the book." 2x + 5 = 20 - x.....What kind of spell is this?" Inu-Yasha keeps reading the page then falls over with swirly eyes @.@" Too many...whattis called? oh yeah, equations....." Inu-Yasha zones out for a bit while Sesshomaru was reading about 'Newtons and Newtons 3 laws' interestedly and then closes the book. " Oi , brother dear, it seems from what I read, you have a VERY minature sized brain from the lack of...what is it called?Oh yeah, KNOWLEDGE."

Inu-Yasha pops back up to sitting position." Oh yeah? Sez who?" Sesshomaru ignores him and picks up another book labeled HISTORY. Sesshomaru flips to a page with a paper stick (AN: A bookmark for you reader who don't know) and reads about a paragraph then his jaw drops and says" What the hell?! I'll kill the fucking bastard!" Inu-Yasha looks over from a book he was looking at called" THE WORLD ATLAS" because he thought pictures were less confusing then 'equations'. Inu-Yasha reads that paragraph Sesshomaru was reading.

".....also known as the great demon lord of the western lands, Lord SISSYMARU, was finally conquered by the emperor, Hosajin. Lord SISSYMARU was attempting to conquer Hosaji's Eastern lands when the (human) slayed the evil demon in DEMON LEGENDS....."

Inu-Yasha looks up from the book blankly and asks" Hey, isn't that Hosaji guy the prince in training in the East?" Sesshomaru was still mad and plotting aloud, " He will die!!!Kukuku.....Now how? WIll he want to taste my poison claws? Or maybe I could use a Katana.....Yes, a Katana is proper." Sesshomaur gets out of the trance goes somewhere in the shadows to sharpen his Katana all the while laughing stupidly.

Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru continue reading Kagome's spell books, with the exception that every 30 min, Sesshomaru got up and went to the shadowed corner to sharpen his Katana because he believed that , quote,"it was getting dull",unquote, until Kagome got home. Kagome got home about 4:30pm and came through the kitchen back door.

Kagom:" I'm home!"

Mrs. Higurashi:" Yes dear. Oh, also Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru came earlier and there in your room waiting for you."

Kagome,"Okay, Thanks mom!"

Kagome rushes upstairs and opens her door. Kagome's mouth dropped to the floor. Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru somehow got some bussiness suits and intelligent glasses and were reciting things they read from the "spell" books mentally to each other. Kagome somehow dragged herself to check Inu- Yasha and Sesshomaru's temperture then fainted away from the shock.

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So, how did you like it? I got the idea when I was luging the same freaking heavy books to class and back home. I practically broke my back! But anywho, Inu-Yasha and Sesshoma-

Sesshomaru,"Why is it always "Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru" couldn't it be "Sesshomaru and Inu-Yasha"?! I am also older too! what's wrong with you?

Bel-chan."Well, you showed up second in the manga AND anime! It's not my fault! Anyway, if it makes you happy..

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